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Apr 19

Apr 19

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Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

As this post hits, Chris and I will be on the way down to LA, where SCEA will be allowing some media outlets a sneak peek at some of the games we’ll be showing at E3, including:

So, as we’re prone to do, we’d like to turn over our coverage plans to you, the reader. What questions should we ask the developers and producers of these games? Please jot them down in the comments area below, and we’ll report back like we did with God of War III recently.

The best questions will focus on gameplay, graphics, and other game-related topics, as opposed to logistics (like release date) which you’re going to find out anyway. Please, get creative with your questions!

In the meantime, here are the stories that caught our eye this week, please feel free to share your own.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of April 13, 2009)

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Zoibie said:

April 19th, 4:51 pm

Uncharted 2:

Are there going to be more puzzle in Uncharted 2? If so, will it just be a seperate gameplay element or will it be mixed in with stealth in some way?

dUb_420i said:

April 19th, 4:55 pm

all i want to know is: WHEN IS WHITE KNIGHT CHRONICLES COMING STATESIDE??!! sorry for the caps, but it was released in japan back in december, and still no release date for the US. this is the game i look forward to taking up all of my time until FFXIII heads our way…

stef_wil said:

April 19th, 5:12 pm

about WKC, will it be released with all the available DLC that has already came out?

onisat said:

April 19th, 5:15 pm

for white knight chronicles will there be any extra content when it come to the U.S.

CRevolver7 said:

April 19th, 5:23 pm

The only questions I can think of are…..

White Knight Chronicles:
-Will any new content be on the US/EU version that wasn’t in the Japanese disc?

Heavy Rain:
-I would simply like to hear more about the “you don’t really GAME-OVER system,”…where even if the character dies, you keep going on.

Uncharted 2:
-the setup you have going (on what I’ve seen)…makes Co-op look like a possibility….so how bout it?
-the weapons for Uncharted 1 were awesome….yet uncreative. They were all real world style weapons….but I’d LOVE to see some Jak and Daxter craziness to the arsenal.
-on that note….since The Lost Frontier has FINALLY (even if it’s just a PSP game)…. does this help segway into a NEW Jak and Daxter game on the PS3?!?!

Arctic Edge:
-what will be new in this game that we haven’t seen on the PS3 iterations?

Rasuke said:

April 19th, 5:23 pm

Will WKC bring in updates to the game’s mechanics (kinda like how square does when they finally release games to other territories), and add other nonessentials like trophies?


April 19th, 5:25 pm

For “Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier”:

I’d like to know exactly how much direction High Impact Games is getting from Naughty Dog. I’ve had a lot of doubts about this game and I want to ensure that I’m getting into a quality “Jak and Daxter” experience.

Malik7866 said:

April 19th, 5:33 pm

1) other than the single player campaign, what else will uncharted 2 offer for replay value and to compete against other tps on the Market?

2) with F.U.E.L being released later this year, Motorstorm will finally have a real competitor. What new additions will there be to keep the next Motorstorm ahead of it’s competition?

3) every console has an exclusive beat’em up and with Tekken having gone multi platform this is where Sony fall behind. Will Sony be doing anything about this gap and if so, how soon can we expect to see something?

5) considering the current or previous marketing company or department done such a horrible job ( no excuses since I’m sure they were qualified), can I be hired to do a better job for a smaller fee? What I lack in qualification I make up for in commonsense :)

7) when will we see hybrid BRs? It would be awesome to buy the Ghostbusters game as a hybrid BR and to get Ghostbusters 1 on the same disc!

8) when will we get a better and stable ps3 browser?

9) will we be seeing 3d games by the end of this year as demo’d at the 09CES?

Ermmm I think that’s all for now :p sorry for the barrage off questions. I blame the caffein!

Ehahneli-13 said:

April 19th, 5:35 pm

Wow! I thought last year was tough, with all the games available on the PS3 and PSP, but it seems this year is going to be worse. Of course that is from the perspective of my wallet, not the eager gamer who can’t wait to play all these great games. Looking forward to Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2, but I am VERY happy to finally be hearing something about a US release for WKC. I hope it comes out before the holiday rush.

Gump_ said:

April 19th, 5:35 pm

I can’t wait for White Knight Chronicles…I need a good RPG.

thepatriots said:

April 19th, 5:36 pm

Naughty Dog: What are some of the things you are doing to extend the single player experience and give Uncharted 2 more longevity? Any plans for DLC? Always thought it would be cool to see Drake in a Santa costume or have an Indiana Jones look.

Quantic Dream (sp?):Do you see Heavy Rain as a franchise or a one title piece? More screen shots please.

Zipper: Yeah, don’t tell me there will be no MAG coverage. I am sure you are just dieing to give up some details on the ranking system and obviously show some screen shots of a heavy battle.

Sony Santa Monica Studios: What are your favorite inspiration from Greek mythology that have gone into GOWIII? Any word on online features, like a leader board?

Polyphony Digital: Yeah they are not based in California but hey I am sure you have got something to show us. I know GT fans have gotten some news through the grape vine but I would like to see a screen shot of GT5. That is all.

NightHawk17 said:

April 19th, 5:38 pm

Could you Ask Level 5 whether there will be added content for the NA release and whats the release window for WKC

infamousXX87XX said:

April 19th, 5:40 pm

I imported Demon Souls…

Cant wait for WKC..
Cant wait for Heavy Rain

emzee83 said:

April 19th, 5:40 pm

Convince Sega to bring over Yakuza 3. We need that game over here. I’m so glad more Heavy Rain is going to be shown.

vectorman88 said:

April 19th, 5:44 pm

Greetings. i have a few Questions:

Motorstorm Arctic Edge Team:
So what new things are you adding to Arctic Edge? obviously, this is a new and harshly cold environment so how are you developing that into the game?
As this translates to the PSP, what kind of features and controls will be included?
Will you include interactivity between the PSP and PS3? Thank You.

What new things will be included in this new title? Will vehicles be included?
Will you bring interactivity between the PSP and PS3? ( the previous PSP titles worked with their console brethren respectively.) i mean, it would be cool to have objectives in SOCOM FTB 3 that, if accomplished, could benefit your progress in Confrontation and vice versa. or, just like the previous titles, give you access to exclusive items like advanced armor, special weapons, or a new map.

Thank you

BlackIceJoe said:

April 19th, 5:50 pm

After Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is there any chance Naughty Dog might make a PSP version of Uncharted. I could see that game doing really well on the PSP.

Also going forward will Naughty Dog make being bringing out 1 game a year. Like Insomniac does?

For Level 5 will there be new PSP games from them after White Knight and any chance of Dark Cloud 3 and True Fantasy Live Online coming out on the PS3.

For BigBig studios for MotorStorm Arctic Edge why did you make a PS2 version too. Also does this mean there will be neither version will use the power of the system. Also any chance after these games is there plans for Pursuit Force for the PS3.

After Heavy Rain any chance of a sequel of either Omikron or Indigo Prophecy.

Also after the game Slant Six is working on do they have plans for making games other then Socom may be Colony Wars.

Also High Impact games has worked on Ratchet and Clank and now they are onto Jak and Daxter. How about Sly Cooper next?

SnowVIRUS said:

April 19th, 5:53 pm

Murilo said:

April 19th, 5:53 pm

Firstly I’d like to say that I’m really looking foward Unhcarted 2 and Heavy Rain. I really loved the first Uncharted, and Heavy Rain seems to be a unique experience.

My questions:

1) Is it true that in Heavy Rain the game doesn’t stop even if the main char dies? If so, there really is a main char?
2) Heavy Rain is going to focus gameplaywise on stealth, exploration, or action? and storywise, it’s gonna be more investigation, drama, suspense?
3) Heavy Rain will make me cry?
4) In Uncharted 2, will be there any kind of fight for Drake’s love between Elena and Chloe?
5) Is Uncharted 2 going to have the good humor the first had, or it’s gonna be all serious?
6) In Uncharted 2, will drake feel how bad is walking on the snow like slippery planes or walking slowly in soft snow?
7) Will Uncharted 2 try to make puzzles more challenge than the first? There will be any puzzle section mixed with action section?
8) In Uncharted 2, can I kill the birds?

lebron_accel said:

April 19th, 5:54 pm

Will there b an online play(co-op) for UNcharted 2?

lakaiHIGH said:

April 19th, 5:54 pm

so white knight is going to come stateside?? if so that will prevent me from paying a hefty price for importing it.

some questions that I’d like answered would be for the folks at Naughty Dog. i know that with the first Uncharted they were just beginning to scratch the surface of the PS3’s power, with their second outing how much juice are they squeezing out? will the game run at a consistent 60fps 1080p or same specs as the previous one as well? will screen tearing reappear as well (barely noticeable in the first) or have they solved that problem by becoming more familiar with the architecture?


Eric2929 said:

April 19th, 5:56 pm

BigPoppaB said:

April 19th, 6:03 pm

The only thing i care about in regards to these games is Uncharted 2 possibly having a coop or multiplayer mode.

The thought of playing deathmatch/capture the flag with Uncharted’s fun and fast gameplay combined with the awesome setting of uncharted (youd have to include maps from the first game)… would make this a day one buy for me. we dont have a gears of war type quality third person shooter … uncharted has all the qualities to be that game.

Without multiplayer I’ll probably wait a couple months for a price drop as no offence, but there are better value for money games coming out that time to buy an 8 hour game

Gorvi said:

April 19th, 6:09 pm

I’m just happy to see you guys didn’t forget about White Knight Chronicles, I was starting to get worried. Any word on if the online portion will be adding voice chat?

SavoyPrime said:

April 19th, 6:10 pm

Definitely can’t wait for more info on Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, and White Knight Chronicles!!!

jadjohnny said:

April 19th, 6:15 pm

White Knight Chronicles… FINALLY!

I’m on a needs of RPGs lately. I hope on E3 for a release date for the US version and for the Europe version too (for my Europeans fellow XD)

juanpipe said:

April 19th, 6:22 pm

Heavy Rain: Gameplay: Since the movement will be done like a car (trigger is the movement), in case there is a chase scene, will be you able to run by pressing the trigger completely? Also, can you turn 180º when pressing the trigger and the analog stick to the back? Hope I explained myself well.

Uncharted 2: Gameplay: When using a shield, can enemies knock the shield of too? Can you shoot when have it? Blind fire too?

White Knight Chronicles: Gameplay: Will fighting be turn-based or real-time?

mainpatrg said:

April 19th, 6:27 pm

Where’s my Gomibako?

thedarkotun1 said:

April 19th, 6:30 pm

-Any DLC plans and is there online mode for Uncharted 2?

ProSoldier14 said:

April 19th, 6:32 pm

Can we expect some online multiplayer for MotorStorm Arctic Edge? Racing against other people around the world would be awesome.

Big_D_is_da_1 said:

April 19th, 6:34 pm

How simple is it to go from story mode to online mode in WKC and will extra polish be added for the US version?

Will Uncharted 2 be longer than the original or about the same? Are there returning characters and is the story as focused on treasure hunting and puzzles?

For Jak & Daxter, will Jak have his abilities from previous games, like light eco flying ability. Or will things change like from Jak II to Jak III? Will this game sum up Jak’s adventures and when does it take place?

dulcediana said:

April 19th, 6:36 pm

well at least the asian version of Demon Souls its in full english =p but not the box and the manual I wanted to have that in english too.

remanutd5 said:

April 19th, 6:41 pm

at 126 thats already been confirmed , motorstorm arctic edge will support up to 8 players online

SarshelYam said:

April 19th, 6:48 pm

I know this isn’t on the list and perhaps it might not even be answered. Though it’s great we’re finally getting something of a confirmation that White Knight is headed stateside, can we PLEASE get multiple voice options. While I’m confident the team handling localization will assemble a great cast, it’s always nice to play it as it was intended.

On the RPG front, it was mentioned above…Demon’s Souls. I have the Asian release, full English…why WOULDN’T localization be in the bag? Licensing and ESRB qualifications aside, wouldn’t it be relatively cheap in terms of Development to simply bring it on over?

Sorry I’m being so long winded, but my final question: We saw some fantastic cross-connectivity for Resistance Retribution on the PlayStation Portable with Resistance 2 on the PlayStation 3. Will we see similar connectivity with MotorStorm Arctic Edge and the the PS3 releases?

…oops, one more…Trophy support for PSP games?

diare33 said:

April 19th, 6:57 pm

hi jeff. not releated. but i wanna ask if there is a possibilty to get some more game soundtracks on PSstore? have been playing some very cool games lately with amazing soundtracks… and i saw that there are already some soundtracks out.. will playstation be branching out on this on PSstore? been playing uncharted, amazing score, and battlefield bad company.. wouldnt mind some tracks from killzone 2.. i think its really cool that you guys are so in touch with the community so i thought i trow this idea out here … keep up the good work guys.

remanutd5 said:

April 19th, 6:58 pm

at 130 im really surprised sony hasnt taken advantage of the psp and ps3 connectivity for games like resistance retribution , i didnt even know that existed till i decided to connect my resistance retribution with resistance 2 then i found out and i was like WOW , i can play the whole game with my dualshock 3 controller lol … SWEET!!!!!!!!

LokeSTL said:

April 19th, 7:06 pm

White Knight Chronicles!!!! About damn time! Now we just need a revival of the PS3 version of The Last Remnant. Finally some RPGs! Getting Cross Edge when it releases on May 19th. Should hold me off for a while. Hope the release date of WKC is in time for Christmas.

Keira84 said:

April 19th, 7:11 pm

Cool idea. Here are my questions:

For Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier:
1. I really liked how Jak games occur in sandbox environments with linear sections mixed in. Will that be the general level design here? If not how will it be?
2. We know there will be aerial vehicles like the hellcat, but will there be vehicles for the land either like the zoomers in the trilogy or the buggies in Jak 3 and Jak X.
3. How is the Gunstaff similar or different from the Morphgun from Jak II and 3?

Uncharted 2
1. What new moves did you add to make the platforming deeper? I think I heard of pole-swinging, monkey bars, and freehanging rope-swinging. Are there any others.
2. Will puzzles be a bigger part of the gameplay or be tougher to figure out? Will the journal that was used in puzzles make a return?
3. Have you thought of adding a challenge mode outside of the story mode similar to Ninja Gaiden’s Mission mode or Resident Evil 4 and 5’s Mercenaries? I’d love that.

Thanks for any answers.

gmoney0505 said:

April 19th, 7:15 pm

Sony Santa Monica:
Can we see the God of War Series as a fighting cause there are more than enough characters in God of War to be a fighting game? Kratos doing all kinds of finishers like in a mortal kombat game would be a instant classic.

halfsane2000 said:

April 19th, 7:38 pm

Is white night chronicles a turn based or action jrpg cause god i can’t take or want a turn based.

Bombthroat said:

April 19th, 7:49 pm

Is Demon’s Souls coming to America?

I have been considering importing the Asian version of this game but would gladly wait for a native release if one is forthcoming.

chriscowboyd said:

April 19th, 7:52 pm

Will Uncharted 2 have custom soundtracks and allow Nate to wield melee weapons?

krae_man said:

April 19th, 7:59 pm

Why hasn’t been updated in months?

Why does Canadian PSN still not have a video store(NOTE: Reaquiring the rights to the video content in Canada and the CRTC are not valid answers as those obsticles should have been overcome by now)?

Why does SCEA make so many horrible decisions?

Will JSJ reply to my post with “Good questions”?

Midgetguy said:

April 19th, 8:01 pm

I love reading all the gaming news every sunday, and today is no execption! Thanks for all the cool articles! And I can’t wait for E3!

My most anticipated game is Heavy Rain!

ElReySientasAqui said:

April 19th, 8:03 pm

Uncharted 2
Will this game be rated M. If so, what can you now do that you couldn’t do before?

Will this game be linear or now have side missons? I would love to just treasure hunt

bamak93 said:

April 19th, 8:06 pm

White Knight Chronicles -release window. I’ve been looking forward to this since I got a PS3.

Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier -Not much on this. PSP vs. PS2, perhaps?

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves -release date? i dunno.

Ragonark said:

April 19th, 8:07 pm


Any idea or possible info coming up regarding the localization of Yakuza 3 and Demon Souls?

Ragonark said:

April 19th, 8:07 pm

Oh, Lol..I forgot to post my questions for the developers.

White Knight Chronicles:
1) Will the online portion of WKC allow us to play our music through in-game XMB? If not, is this feature something that Level 5 is looking to implement at a later time?

2) The main character in story mode has a very simple design when compared to other JRPGs, was their a particular reason why Level 5 opted for such a decision?

Heavy Rain
1) One of the key concepts that HR is bringing to the table is one where, if your character dies you continue the game without a gameover. What were the main challenges in implementing such a feature?

2) With heavy hitting exclusives like Uncharted 2, R&C Future: A Crack in Time, Infamous, Killzone 2 and possibly God of War 3 released or releasing in 2009, what are QD’s thoughts on launching their game in such a busy year for the PS3, where the competition is so thick within the PS3’s oncoming exclusive library, let alone multiplatform games?

Ragonark said:

April 19th, 8:08 pm

Uncharted 2
1) In the first game, the weapons sounds and feeling felt a little weak, is Naughty Dog making an active effort in making the guns feel/sound alittle bit beefier this time around?

2) Will the game’s story mode be longer than the original?

3) Naughty Dog has been quoted as saying that Uncharted 2 is really close to using 100% of the PS3’s potential. Can you please clearly state what you mean by that? Do you mean that there are bigger environments and more things happening on the screen now and as a result it is putting more load on the SPU usage? Or are they just referring to a graphical/aesthetic standpoint?

hope you especially ask the Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2 questions.. ;).

chriscowboyd said:

April 19th, 8:21 pm

Will Uncharted 2 have a long list of combos that you can earn throughout the game? Will this combo system have an economy involving the collection of items to trade in order to earn new combos? If not, how will Nate learn new combos?

ProwlingFox said:

April 19th, 8:28 pm

“Good questions.”

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