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Apr 21

Apr 21

Killzone 2 DLC price and trailer

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Last week we announced Killzone 2’s first downloadable map pack, “Steel & Titanium.” In case that’s not ringing a bell, take a look at this new trailer for the two-map set:

Today we can also confirm that “Steel & Titanium Pack” will be available on the PlayStation Store next week (April 30th) for $5.99.

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elrani said:

April 22nd, 12:18 am

embargo guys , do not buy it . it should be free . there is no way we need to pay another dollar for a game that we spend already 60$ , enough with all those dlc you want give us somethiing , give us for free or the online will die .

etur0 said:

April 22nd, 12:52 am

6 bucks just 4 2 maps im going 2 have 2 think about getting it now probably will get if it was under 3 bucks then yah i would get it

crazykiller666 said:

April 22nd, 12:56 am

Wow I can’t wait to download the new maps and to kick A@# first and take names later. I like the Maps that you guys are selling I that there is going to be a lot of close quarters combat is my favorite. I like the way you have to constantly be on guard because you don’t know when they will pop up and kill you. I hope we will get to see more maps like these in the future. I am going to defiantly by it.

pwnrmasta said:

April 22nd, 12:57 am


I like how everybody’s all like “OH NO, THIS SHUDDA BEEN FREE I H8 GG, THEY SUK!”

Is the price really that bad???? (I am speculating though why it’s oddly priced. LOL! 5.99?)

Either everybody here is poor, or you’re all just sick, and greedy b*stards who can’t accept that everything isn’t free.


pwnrmasta said:

April 22nd, 1:09 am


As comment #159 says:
“ok you people need to stop whining, this game is prob the best ps3 exclusive ive played. If you feel like this is a rip off dont buy it, its that sample you cant go through life expecting everything to be free like little kids. i make 6.55 an hour in 1 hour i can make enough to get this game. This game is M rated so you sould be mature enough to know how to make money and not whine. this game gets more updates than alot of games and dlc this early on is very good. the only game that compares to be better than this game online is cod4, this game could be just as good if they add prestige even then it still is awesome.”

SRSLY, those of u who don’t realize it yet, GROW UP………

Bilbo_bobbins said:

April 22nd, 2:21 am

$5.99 for 2 maps !

This is a joke right? Surely not GG/Sony?

I wont be paying that for 2 maps. If it was 4 then maybe. I personally think thats a rip off. If it came with a party system or something else then maybe, but 2 maps???!?!?!

Thats the first time GG/SOny have annoyed me. Stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Chase167 said:

April 22nd, 2:53 am

256 Bilbo_bobbins
251 etur0
212 elrani
Your all bum
what you do steal your ps3
just dont buy it
KZ2 dont yall bums

Gschrabs said:

April 22nd, 3:33 am

Have none of you heard about the tax thing that Sony put on the PSN D/L’s?

it just means that most things are gonna get/ be more expensive from now on…

Raacky said:

April 22nd, 4:13 am

258, i also read something where sony would match development costs if it stayed exclusive to psn…so maybe the downloading fees wont be so bad =\ oh yeah, you people are a buncha whiners by the way, they’re not free quit crying about it

VinTheDean said:

April 22nd, 5:14 am

@259 That was for more PSN Exclusive Games not DLC.

kensharp said:

April 22nd, 6:16 am

I’m slightly miffed at the price point, yet still, a day one purchase for me.

Royce825 said:

April 22nd, 6:19 am

hahaha all the cry babys expecting free stuff… i would pay 10$ for this.. look at it this way.. your paying for the work they did in creating the maps and your paving the way for future development in new games and dlc sooo stop the crying

StaticFox said:

April 22nd, 7:21 am

I just don’t think it’s worth it…$6 in order to play on 2 new maps? I might be more willing if they were more unique… not just the same old Helghast stuff…

I still feel like they announced a long time ago that the first map pack they released would be very soon and free….

oh well….if it turns out to be worth it, I’ll just split it between 3 people and end up paying $2 for it..

collision236 said:

April 22nd, 7:28 am

It seems a little over priced just for 2 maps. Didn’t Haze get like 7 maps for $10?

StaticFox said:

April 22nd, 7:31 am

And how can people be saying that they expected to pay $10?!

You’re willing to pay 1/6th the price of the actual game, for 2 maps!? What the heck is wrong with you? Frick, just from KZ2’s standpoint, your $65 (with tax) got you 8 maps…plus the actual game itself…trophies galore….and now you’re willing to pay 1/6th the price of that so that you can play 2 “new” maps?

How many hours of development do you think this was compared to the entire game? Do you think that ratio is accurate as well? Exactly. That’s why it’s overpriced…

dime5150 said:

April 22nd, 7:56 am

I can’t believe they are actually saying these are not ports of single player levels but are “based” on them. Ok so perhaps they made a few tweaks to them but they are essentially the same. To charge 5.99 for them is pretty stupid.

I won’t be buying these. This sets a bad tone for the rest of the DLC for KZ2…

Kimosabe29 said:

April 22nd, 10:36 am

Oh it is on, though I would have preferred to not have to pay 6 bucks for two maps.

Spectreman78 said:

April 22nd, 2:01 pm

* It´s dont need be free (besides L4D maps are free), but the pack would have more value. 3 maps for U$6.

LittleDark243 said:

April 22nd, 3:02 pm

$5.99 seems like a reasonable price. you cant put a price on an add-on for one of the best games on the ps3. its a better price than most stuff. like the COD W@W map pack, i could buy a whole new game for 9.99, but still 5.99 is reasonable.

and to the guy with the psone ****, wat the crap is your problem? quit living in the past.

smoke50 said:

April 22nd, 3:22 pm

I don’t care what the price is man if I like the game i’m buying the DLC for it. I’m definitely looking forward to these maps.

Arcturian said:

April 22nd, 3:37 pm

$6 for two maps? I think I’ll stick to companies that give maps (and updates a hundred times more substantial than just new maps) for free, like Valve, Epic, Criterion, and every PC game developer on the planet. Please.

lanethepain49 said:

April 22nd, 8:11 pm

DAMN i need to get a psn card now -.- ughh i wish i didn t waster my money on re5 versus

Sekoku said:

April 22nd, 8:26 pm

Ragon: You are forgetting that after 2008, Criterion has been pumping out OVERPRICED POS DLC every two weeks. $8 for five toy cars that don’t even do damage like the base-game cars is really lame.

And yeah, 2 maps for $5 is slightly overpriced. No where overpriced like CoD4’s 4 new maps for $10 that are barely played in playlists since people veto them/Killhouse only shows up in FFA.

Sony needs to start giving out free DLC for first party games and seeing if third parties (like Epic *cough*) want to take a bite at that as well. I’m sure most developers would LOVE to give DLC away for free/slightly less=value by cost. There are some developers out there that aren’t in it for the money (unless this has changed this generation).

What’s sad is I can go on XBL and download X-box 1 DLC for FREE, but X-box 360/Playstation 3? I have to be charged $.99-$20 a pop for DLC/Games. It’s sad.

P-Noozi said:

April 22nd, 9:54 pm

6 dollars for two maps? LOL.

I don’t mind the KZ2 DLC being priced. The first DLC for SOCOM better be free though.

SVARUN77 said:

April 23rd, 6:25 am

I’m no whiner, but ‘creating’ two maps based on single player campaign and selling them? It’s fine for now, I just hope you guys offer some new maps in the future, that would really be great. Great game, though. Keep up the good work.

TaNkAsHoT said:

April 23rd, 6:28 am

WTF is the big deal with the trophies…no one even looks at those…noobs…why don’t you try and raise your k/d -_- and of course its gonna be 5.99 sony and developers are always trying to nickle and dime us…nothing in the PS store is ever $5 cuz they want you to have to add an extra 5…of which youll only use $1…then since you already have $4 you’ll have to add some more money just to…UGH you get the point…

SumMischief said:

April 23rd, 8:07 am

Well I dont mind the cost added maps are always welcome. Those not willen to buy cost it cost so much I feel you coming from.

I for one is able to buy this and will hope most of my clan can as well. I dont think it cost that much. Not everyone can afford it at this time like i can maybe in time the price will drop.

TRI3NIP said:

April 23rd, 1:13 pm

WOW people are complaining about $6 bucks…Whats with you fools? $6 less then a supersized McMeal, Its $3 dollars a map, I say great price! Think of the time(teams of people) put into the maps, $6 helps keep the servers going fast and companies paid for repairs(upkeep), its a whole cycle of life and paying for our Fun/Competion/PS3. FREE NETWORK AT A COST(HIDDEN REALLY) so if your doing good like me RANKED 25000 high and want to support KILLZONE 2 then pay for the challenge to fight me on NEW MAP grounds. SEE YOU IN HELL OPPONENTS…DIE!!!

TRI3NIP said:

April 23rd, 1:19 pm

P.S. I want to see someone get hit buy the middle rail line, and me too LOL

jds07 said:

April 23rd, 7:03 pm

For 5.99, it should of came with online co-op mode. Then I really would consider buying it. You have to give more than 2 maps to get $6 out of me.

MtN_Praetorian said:

April 24th, 3:51 am

I would buy this but the multiplayer is really bumming me out because it is so hard to find and band up with new friends with no party/squad system. If there was ome new functionality in the patch then this would be a sure buy but this just stinks of a money grab.

jds07 said:

April 24th, 9:46 am

To everybody that are flamming other for being too cheap buy these map, try bargain shopping every once in awhile. Compared to every other map package on the PSN, this is overpriced. We probably paying an extra buck in order earn new trophies. I wouldn’t mind paying $4-$5 dollars for these maps, but $6 is too much. That extra buck can go towards some needed necessities in life, like food and shelter, instead of wasting it on 2 maps. Some people just don’t know how far a dollar can take you. You will know once you get laid off, and can’t hardly find another job. Then, you would of wish you kept those $6. Already went down that road, and not making that same mistake. Especially the way the economy is now. You’ll never know what would happen.

WickedCobra03 said:

April 25th, 1:05 pm

A little on the expensive side. I mean I totally want to support these guys, but it is right after release, and two, you are going to be splitting an already somewhat small player base…

CMan_84 said:

April 26th, 3:10 am

It is amazing how many people complain about how $5.99 is expensive. These people probably have no problem with sepending $5.99 on a meal that lasts 15 min, but they have a problem with spending the same amount of money on something that you will have forever. Quit your whinning!!!!! The people who make these cool maps for you do not work for free. Stop being selfish, shut up, and just be happy that they are working so that they can bring out new material for you to enjoy. If I were them, I would not allow you poor whinning fools to even get the maps. You people are unbelieveable!

Ganplosive said:

April 27th, 4:29 am

I don’t recall ever having to pay for patches or maps on the PC, what justifies it on PS3 / XBOX360?

Ganplosive said:

April 27th, 4:45 am

Seriously all of you “anti-complainers” just don’t see the big picture do ya? Yeah, $6-$7 bucks isn’t much but all this content-less add-on crap adds up. Let’s assume for a second that they release I don’t know.. 3 DLC packs, each one with 2 maps at $6. You just paid $18 dollars more for 6 maps, bringing your total cost of KZ2 (within half a year, judging by the rate they’re releasing content) $78 dollars + Tax. I can easily get 2 if not 3 games each worth “a years worth of gameplay” for that amount of money. It’s not about being cheap or not, it’s about alienating your customers. Online gameplay dies because of seriously flawed business models like this.

Ganplosive said:

April 27th, 4:45 am

You’re going to tell me that the $60 dollar games that they’ve sold wasn’t enough to pay the developers? Let’s just assume they only sold 100,000 (a SERIOUSLY low number) copies just to be frugal. That’s a freaking $6,000,000 revenue stream. How much are they paying their developers? $100,000? At $6 a pop, you’re looking at $600,000 more for 2 maps. Tell me, how many full-time developers spend a full year churning out these 2 maps? You’re telling me that this game sold THAT little copies and need DLC to pay for developers? Don’t make me laugh

tgf5 said:

April 28th, 4:23 pm

Wow some of you are idiots. You think just because we have a PS3 already that we should have money to buy DLC because it’s smart to buy 2 maps for 8 bucks CDN?

You talk as if $499 bucks came outta nowhere to get that PS3. It took a while to save that money, not to mention buying games.

Then some moron talks about spending money on meal. Feeding yourself is different. Funny how people think money comes out of nowhere these days. Most people in this world work hard for money and every dollar counts. Some are probably just too young to understand and think “hey, only 7.99 for 2 maps right?” Now I wonder if every game had something like that, so you would buy all those too right?

kallaban said:

April 29th, 5:24 pm

i am willing to bet that half the people complaining will still buy this map pack. quit crying and get over it. we pay through the nose for everything else we use in life, why not for our entertainment. not to mention the 4-500 bucks we dropped on the system alone. suck it up and get a job.


April 30th, 10:28 am

how do i download the levels from Playstation Network? it isnt up there yet in the US is it?

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