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Apr 23

Apr 23

BioShock 2 Unveiled – Submit Your Questions!

Chris Morell's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

BioShock 2 black logo

Let’s just take a second to reflect on how great it is that BioShock 2 is releasing simultaneously on the PLAYSTATION 3 this time around…OK, enough daydreaming about the underwater city of Rapture, because we’re here to tell you just how amazing BioShock 2 is already looking, underlined by a drill-wielding Big Daddy of a main character. Hunting the Big Sisters and utilizing Plasmids to unload a host of destruction, the return of Rapture brings a whole new world of experiences.

We listened last week as a some of the team behind the BioShock series talked about how this sequel came about and how this time around, you can take you Big Daddy outside the indoor confirms of Rapture and explore the surrounding sea. You now have the ability to Harvest or Adopt a Little Sister, and that dynamic will be an important driving force in the game and the incessant hunt for Adam.

And in a few weeks, Jeff and I will hop over to publisher 2K Games for a video interview with some of the brains behind the game. Of course, we’ll need your questions to make that happen. So drop your burning inquiries as comments, and we’ll make sure to get the goods in the very near future.

BioShock 2 Screenshot 3 - Flame On!

BioShock 2 Screenshot 2 - Menace BioShock 2 Screenshot 1- Shipwreck

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TheInfectedBy590 said:

April 23rd, 12:14 pm

My question is…. When can I play it?! :D

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Chris Morell said:

    April 23rd, 1:13 pm

    Good question…I wish I had an answer =P

commedieu said:

April 23rd, 12:15 pm

Will the PS3 version be a technical inferior port of the 360 code? Last time it was claimed to be equal but as the shipped $60.00 title showed, it wasn’t.

In other words, will ps3 owners pay the same price for an inferior product again?

Emadeowa said:

April 23rd, 12:19 pm

awesome news can’t wait for BioShock 2…I thought it was on par if not better looking in some spots….


April 23rd, 12:20 pm

@2, exactly how I feel that is why I did not purchase it, the training wheels are off it is time that these multi-platform games start showing the true capabilities of the ps3, technically, disc space alone no port or multi plat. game should be the same, or look the same for that matter, with all that space and technology ps3 games should look and play exactly the same if not better, just an opinion!!

Anti-Steven said:

April 23rd, 12:21 pm

About how much of the sequel is played in areas not available in the original?

Borkil said:

April 23rd, 12:23 pm

i’ve heard a rumor about multiplayer, is this true? if so how is multiplayer going to be implemented into the new game?

Neil said:

April 23rd, 12:23 pm

Looks like Bioshock 1.

BabeBro said:

April 23rd, 12:24 pm

I loved the first one! Okay here are some questions from me:

1) Will there be PlayStation HOME integration for Bioshock 2?

2) Will there be online co-op or some sort of online play?

3) Will the PS3’s version of the game have exclusive features and how have you taken advantage of the system this time around as opposed to the first game?

4) How many new plasmids will you add to the new game?

UNCyrus said:

April 23rd, 12:25 pm

Which system is leading development on this title?

Are textures going to be an issue in the sequel as well?

EvDeval said:

April 23rd, 12:25 pm

Will there be any non-splicer enemies?

improperlyaged said:

April 23rd, 12:27 pm

please no dlc just give the FULL ,FINISHED product upfront. gamers are tired of being [DELETED] by dlc. u guys made this system delayed and overpriced solely due to blu-ray because it was the “future of gaming.” prove it and use all the friggin space on the disk and give ur supporters content. we give u money its only fair. if the same game can fit on a regular dvd u guys are defnitely leaving a lot of space empty. use it.

Stoffinator said:

April 23rd, 12:28 pm

Will this game run equally on the PS3 as it will on the 360?

In other words, will we be shunted this time?

improperlyaged said:

April 23rd, 12:30 pm

oh yeah will this be a port of the xbox version or is the ps3 the lead console?

loucetios said:

April 23rd, 12:31 pm

How Much of the City is New, meaning how much of the city will we explore that we haven’t seen in the first game?

improperlyaged said:

April 23rd, 12:31 pm

funny how i made two commments prior and only the one complaining about the ridiculous dlc practice needs to be moderated the second one already went through. hmmmmm…isnt that interesting?

Thrasher20 said:

April 23rd, 12:31 pm

Will there be any CO-OP mode or multiplayer?

TheHater2 said:

April 23rd, 12:31 pm

So are PS3 owners getting the inferior version again for $60?

What kind of Exclusive DLC are you guys planning for MS? We know PS3 owners are going to get shafted again by you guys.

Will the PS3 version have inferior texture compare to the PC and Xbox 360 version?

How much was MS offering you guys for time exclusive again? Base on info so far, it seems that they didn’t offer you guys enough this time around.

usjvc said:

April 23rd, 12:32 pm

I am so excited about Bioshock2! Now i have few questions:

1/ Why did you end up removing ‘SEA OF DREAMS’ ?

2/ Any plan for a BIOSHOCK PlaystationHome game space, with a huge big daddy statue in its center?

3/ Is the PS3 the lead platform?

kuff1 said:

April 23rd, 12:32 pm

I want to experience the time before and during the social collapse of Rapture. I want to see how everything went to hell like it did. Is there any plans for a prequel?

Also to the PS people. When will the Yahoo Playstation Blog Widget get fixed?!

Thrasher20 said:

April 23rd, 12:32 pm

Oh and when can I play the game? :)

nv_Los said:

April 23rd, 12:33 pm

Is there going to be any DLC?

S3NTRY93 said:

April 23rd, 12:34 pm

Will the PS3 version get shunned again? I bet 360 will have some kind of exclusive something. I mean look at Fallout 3, all the DLC coming out for it is not for PS3, utter [DELETED].

It’s not like this happens to all games, but some games go this rout and people with a PS3 get, again, shunned.

Then that exclusive content that 360 had comes to PS3 half a year later and the marketing guys post it on the blog “oOooO come buy this all new so awesome blah blah”, and expect us to buy it. Getting tiring.

ryanc08 said:

April 23rd, 12:35 pm

Is this a same day release as the 360 version?



DeforMAKulizer said:

April 23rd, 12:35 pm

How will the multiplayer be incorporated?
Do Evil/Good decisions have deeper effects in gameplay rather than just the ending?
What other new mechanics are you introducing with having the ability to play as Big Daddy?
Can you please put some more of the awesome 40’s music =D????

VenomUK said:

April 23rd, 12:35 pm

Hi, I’m looking forward to the sequel.

* What measures are you taking to maximise the quality of the game on the PlayStation 3?

* Will the PS3 version be missing any features/DLC that the 360 version has?

* Will you make use of the ‘Blu-ray Advantage’ and add extra content or movies?

* Will there be any new gameplay additions?

* Will there be any sort of online modes?

* Will we get to see more of the world?


ryanc08 said:

April 23rd, 12:36 pm


I couldn’t think of a better name for yourself other than your PSN ID. And if you felt shafted about Bioshock, dont play Fallout 3.

CartBlanche said:

April 23rd, 12:38 pm

FACT : The Unreal Engine was not built to work efficiently on the PS3, that is why 99.99% of games using Unreal Engine that are released on the PS3 are shiiite! Until Epic lead on the PS3, the story will remain the same.

Also Bioshock 2 looks just like Bioshock 1 only crunchy. Anything new this time round?

StrykerIsland said:

April 23rd, 12:39 pm

Hmmm questions, ok here goes.

1. What kind of graphical advancements can we expect to see?
2. Will there an even heavier focus on multiple pathways through the game? I’d love to see plenty of choose path A or path B scenarios, so a second playthrough would reward me with new content I didn’t see on my first play.
3. Will there still be loading sequences, or has streaming been added to make the entire game a seamless experience ala other PS3 blockbusters like Uncharted?
4. Please tell me the PS3 is lead platform, so we really see you stretch your technological muscle.
5. When might we expect to see a playable demo?
6. Will there be a big focus on HOME interaction (I hope so)?
7. Will the game be more like the first or second half of Bioshock? Meaning will it be more horror-oriented (first half) or action (latter half)? I’m hoping for the horror elements to play a larger role, I loved that aspect of the first game.

Can’t wait to play this, just recently finished the first game and adored it. :)

shad_86 said:

April 23rd, 12:40 pm

this time the history will be more deep, than the last one? can we hope to find things about rapture that we did not know?

lcmnick said:

April 23rd, 12:41 pm

Are they taking advantage of “the power of the Cell”?

Anubis80 said:

April 23rd, 12:41 pm

Yeah I have to know, will there be online in this one? I didnt buy the other one do to it didnt.

KazeEternal said:

April 23rd, 12:42 pm

Will you be giving the PS3 special attention to better utilize the systems assets like Bluray, Mandatory Hard Drive, utilizing the Cell to do things the X360 version can’t?

I’m actually really tired of games that really take advantage of the PS3 and simply maintain the cross platform status-quo… this is not why I own a console.

Letters2Kay said:

April 23rd, 12:42 pm

What’s going to be included with the Collector’s Edition?

Dastan27 said:

April 23rd, 12:42 pm

Ok, so we know that the won’t be any enemyes to fight when we play underwather, but are there going to be any puzzles?

StargamerX said:

April 23rd, 12:43 pm

I personally don’t have any questions, but I like how the Blog is asking the readers for some questions to ask! Keep it up!

Invader_GIR_X said:

April 23rd, 12:44 pm

How many people do you have working on BioShock 2?

Do long does a game like this remain in a design phase before it’s pushed into production?

What do you think of some of the games coming out of the indie scene right now and do you ever have thoughts about starting your own indie company?

Thrasher20 said:

April 23rd, 12:46 pm

What inflenced you guys to make Bioshock 2?

Vengeful-Chaos said:

April 23rd, 12:46 pm

Well it looks as if my main question was asked, so will we be seeing a collectors edition? Perhaps with a big daddy that isn’t so breakable.

S3NTRY93 said:

April 23rd, 12:49 pm

@36 “What inflenced you guys to make Bioshock 2?”

The first one sold really well, had a lot of fans, logically there had to be a second one. (money money money monaaay!)

zombie9 said:

April 23rd, 12:50 pm

I just bought bioshock on PS3 ($20) And have never played it EVER(yet). But I will this weekend (saving it). But I will leave ? very soon. NO one cares (I don’t)if it’s beter on the box. The box will be dead in 2014 and PS3 will still be here FUTURE PROOF. :-)

Kenshin71 said:

April 23rd, 12:50 pm

Agree with 16. Will the PS3 version be graphically inferior again or will Take Two make an effort to put out a version on par with the other console’s this time? Is this because PS3 versions use quincunx and not 4x multi-sampling AA, giving it a blurred look or is it just poor optimization?

xMETATRONx said:

April 23rd, 12:52 pm


What exactly will be the relationship between the little sisters and you, the Big Daddy?

Once adopted, can the Little Sister harvest ADAM from Splicers?

Can you then harvest the ADAM from them? How will this affect the gameplay consequences?

AAAChampions said:

April 23rd, 12:53 pm

what will bioshock two have to show for players from the other bioshock? such as like what were they able to make much better in one aspect from like the other bioshock?

AAAChampions said:

April 23rd, 12:55 pm

and what will they have in this game that was no able to be in the other bioshock?

x3x1x said:

April 23rd, 12:56 pm

How are you keeping the combat fresh and exciting?

The videos I’ve seen look like you’ll have plasmids again, the drill, and the rivet gun. This seems like it might fall into the trap of being too similar to Bioshock 1 and turn gamers off after only a few hours.

inveigle said:

April 23rd, 12:56 pm

Will the level design be similar to the first BioShock?

TheHater2 said:

April 23rd, 12:56 pm

@24 ryanc08
I have Fallout 3, but I got it used just like Bioshock. Why should I pay $65 dollars for a game when the developers don’t care about the PS3 consumers? I got it used so they don’t get anything from it.
And don’t think I am a PS3 fanboy, I also have an xbox 360 and made these same complaints when Dead Space and Mirrors Edge got exclusive contents on the PSN store.

Tezasaurus said:

April 23rd, 12:56 pm

Are you leading on the PS3, or is it going to be a shoddy 360 port with all the hiccups that accompany porting 360 code?

Also, how many new plasmids? Tell us one? Pleeease?

FPlus said:

April 23rd, 1:02 pm

Here are my questions, that i bet will NOT be asked or answered, due to them being facts:

1.) Will BioShock 2 Be built on the same engine?
2.) Why does the Textures look lower res than the textures used in BioShock 1 ( Lack of U3 Engine )?
3.) Will the PS3 Version be better or equal to the xbox 360 Version, or will we have the lower model this time around also?
4.) Will the game be TRUE 720P – 1080p or will it be a upscale like BIOSHOCK 1?
5.) Will there be any “Ghostly Flashbacks” lie BioShock 1 had?
6.) You guys have stated that the Underwater levels will be a “Outer Heaven” for the player to relax, but will there be any Boss battles in a Underwater at some point?

7.) Can there be a CO-OP Mode, so your friends can play as the Little Sisters?

FoolKiller79 said:

April 23rd, 1:03 pm

Will the philosophy of Objectivism still play a major role in the storytelling this time around?

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