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Apr 29

Apr 29

Name the Next PixelJunk Game!

Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar Posted by President and Executive Producer, Q-Games Ltd.

Big big news today! We are releasing the first screenshots and video of the next PixelJunk game! For those of you who have been following my page on Facebook which has been slowly teasing you since last week, this is the day you’ve all been waiting for!

And… to top it all we are also launching a naming competition! Yes, you heard it right, instead of choosing the name ourselves for PixelJunk 1-4 we would like YOU to name the game for us. This is for those real PixelJunk fans out there, because your name will go into the credits of the game and be immortalized for all eternity (or for a few years at least).

Anyway, first things first, go to the site and look at the concept art, watch the work-in-progress video, and think up a name:

It’s looking pretty nice so far we think. We’ve implemented a fluid simulation sandbox with lots of different fluids and interactions and it’s simply a lot of fun to play just by itself, but on top of that we have a really cool “thrust” based game where you can shoot at monsters and carry stuff around to solve the puzzles in each area. The goal is to save the survivors, but what are they survivors of? As you delve deeper into the caverns you’ll learn more about what their predicament is – yes, this time there will be a bit of a story; which is a first in the PixelJunk series so far.

Oh, and we’ll give out free t-shirts to the winner of the naming contest and also to the five runners up, so definitely submit an idea no matter how silly you think it might be, we might just use it. We will pick the winner from a hat containing the names of all the people who submitted the same idea, so send your ideas in by May 11th, which is the closing date for the competition. We will then choose 5 runner up ideas and do the same thing for each one. We’ll then design a logo for the name and announce the winner a few weeks afterwards.

Good luck!

“SCEA Is Not Responsible For Nor Is A Sponsor Of This Contest.”

Add Your Own

bany_rock said:

April 29th, 10:45 am

PixelJunk: elemental

Draicus said:

April 29th, 10:45 am

PixelJunk: Go-Ahead-and-Give-Us-All-of-the-Independent-Game-Awards

StalkingSilence said:

April 29th, 10:49 am

PixelJunk SwineFlu
(making way for the inevitable PixelJunk SwineFlu Encore!)

Your marketing buzz will be done for you – everyone’s talking about Swine influenza!

Andrefpvs said:

April 29th, 10:53 am

I think I sent in a really good one, now let’s wait :)

Insyt said:

April 29th, 10:55 am

no one has named what i sent in…maybe i’ll win…no one probably thought of it…which means its probably not decent enough haha…saw good names through the posts thus far though…


Insomnia999 said:

April 29th, 10:57 am

Awesome, Day One purchase!!!

Ftwrthtx said:

April 29th, 10:58 am

PixelJunk: Battle Royal

spidersparlor said:

April 29th, 10:58 am

Submitted mine. It makes sense, and it fits perfectly.

Here’s to another contest!

rube203 said:

April 29th, 10:59 am

PixelJunk: Lava

rube203 said:

April 29th, 11:00 am

PixelJunk: Magma

Onna76_NL said:

April 29th, 11:00 am

I sent in mine, I enclosed my username so no one can steal my name :-P Probably silly anyway, but I have:

Pixeljunk Jungle.

SnoopYTimes said:

April 29th, 11:01 am

PixelJunk: Stephen Colbert

NoobianGod said:

April 29th, 11:04 am

Just made my submission! Thanks!

PixelJunk: Terra

sNsKid said:

April 29th, 11:04 am

Dylan you are far beyond awesome!! :)

Onna76_NL said:

April 29th, 11:06 am

If I may say why I think Jungle… well, the jungle is an adventure, plus a puzzle to get through. The looks, sound, elements in the game are quite familiar with the Jungle. Plus its a wilderness of wild animals.

Onna76_NL said:

April 29th, 11:07 am

Ehm creatures in this case :-P

Aero-R said:

April 29th, 11:08 am

Dylan, who’s in charge of the music this time?

I was shocked when I saw that the song samples part of the sentences on this ad:

almighty-slayer said:

April 29th, 11:08 am

Awesome. I submitted the most obvious name in the world. Oh well.

Nice one Dylan and your team, looks amazing as usual.

Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

Dylan Cuthbert said:

April 29th, 11:12 am

What an amazing response everyone!

Remember you need to post each suggestion via the form in the link in the blog. (the one that you are shown after going through the “tour”)

There have been some great suggestions so far! Some people have come up with some really original stuff!

CitizenInsane27 said:

April 29th, 11:12 am

PixelJunk Spelunk!

NukeGoBoom said:

April 29th, 11:13 am

I wanted…
Pixel Junk Spelunk
Before i understood the concept.
Also shouldnt it be 2-1 becouse its your second year of pixel-junk as a franchise?Are will it be 2-1 on the next system.

King_DX said:

April 29th, 11:14 am

PixelJunk: U.S. Navy Seals

raz_lintu said:

April 29th, 11:14 am

PixelJunk Splash
PixelJunk SplashMaster

Anubis80 said:

April 29th, 11:15 am

Name submitted. I just dont know why you guys keep listing your names here so someone else can steal them.

Tanko2ATM said:

April 29th, 11:18 am

PixelJunk ooze

cronqvist said:

April 29th, 11:20 am

Oh my god, it’s looking quite pretty. The water and lava animation are awesome.

BTW, already submitted my ideas. :D

commedieu said:

April 29th, 11:23 am

can you make me a patch for custom sound in pixel junk eden? its a great game but i really do hate the music to death and don’t want to beat it once just to unlock the option.

Sw1tched said:

April 29th, 11:23 am

Man this looks great……too bad once again you still have the hud stuck to the screen with your logo also so you can destroy everyones plasma tv…….i WOULD buy this…, a simple hud on/off you think would be a no brainer?

come on, we know it’s your game, we bought it. I don’t need reminded of it for a 2 hour game session

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dylan Cuthbert said:

    April 29th, 11:34 am

    we\’ll be playing with solutions for the burn-in – in Eden we display it pretty dark but people were still saying they had problems.

TrueStoryGuy said:

April 29th, 11:23 am

PixelJunk Hot & Cold, submitted.

VofEscaflowne said:

April 29th, 11:25 am

I put up my suggestion: PixelJunk Terrene

I wanted to explain it better in the entry field on the website but it was far too limited. The name represents the basics of Earth… caverns, lava, water, earth. All the natural elements pretty much. But terrene also stands for beings living on the land as opposed to water and from the trailer, saving these beings seems to be one of the game’s goals. So I thought PixelJunk Terrene would not only fit for the setting but also these survivors we must help :) And it’s different enough to stand out plus it actually sounds great saying it.

Poopookakabumbum said:

April 29th, 11:26 am

Pixeljunk: Finally on a disc

Sounds awfully good to me.

Sabexxs said:

April 29th, 11:32 am

buying it

zombie_56 said:

April 29th, 11:33 am

does anyone know if insomniac is making resistance3 soon?

jqtaxpayer said:

April 29th, 11:38 am

While PJ Elements seems to be the most sensical, that’s already been suggested so I submitted PJ Alchemy… y’know, manipulating the elements for the sake of producing gold or, in this case, happy-go-funtime.

Omega932000 said:

April 29th, 11:45 am

PixelJunk: Omega

datoupee said:

April 29th, 11:50 am

PixelJunk in the Trunk

Hahah.. I should submit it.

GEN-XafrX said:

April 29th, 11:53 am

I’ve tried submitting names a bunch of times.. and I always get an error…. is it just me??

Anything beeing done about this?? I really wanna help! …heh

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dylan Cuthbert said:

    April 29th, 11:55 am

    What kind of error? We are getting submissions constantly so other people seem to be getting through ok.

    Can you try another browser?

GEN-XafrX said:

April 29th, 12:02 pm

Thnx Dylan.. nevermind.. I needed to turn off a firewall I have…

I submitted 2 names… Im guessing theres no limit right?? I didn’t see any mention of there being one at least…

Hope you like them.. and the game is looking great!! Can’t wait.. to get to try this one.. I adore Eden!!! Amazing work you’re doing.. keep em coming…

TwinDad said:

April 29th, 12:11 pm

With the contest ending on May 11th. Does this mean we get the game this Summer?

I can only hope and dream. Please be gentle when crushing my dreams.

PirateThom said:

April 29th, 12:15 pm

I have submitted my idea.

I went with the one word theme (Racers, Monsters, Eden) and tried to make it match the game like the other names do.

I’m not telling you though, I’ve submitted it to the site. :P

kdiep said:

April 29th, 12:15 pm

We can submit as many names as we want or?

Letters2Kay said:

April 29th, 12:16 pm

Hey Dylan!

Say 100 people submit a title you decide to use- will you be going back and making sure to award the first submission, or will you just pick one at random? I hope you’d pick the very first one to come in…

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dylan Cuthbert said:

    April 29th, 12:19 pm

    we\’ll pick them out of a hat if there are multiple submissions for one particular name.

    @91 yes you can submit as many names as you like.

Trucidation said:

April 29th, 12:19 pm

PixelJunk: Microcosm
PixelJunk: Germ
PixelJunk: Ovule
PixelJunk: Terrene
PixelJunk: Earthbound
PixelJunk: Terrestrial

I don’t care what you call it, I’m buying it asap!

Tailsnakes said:

April 29th, 12:20 pm


PixelJunk Salvation
PixelJunk Aether

VofEscaflowne said:

April 29th, 12:24 pm

From Dylan @92:

“we’ll pick them out of a hat if there are multiple submissions for one particular name.”

But the first one to submit the chosen name will still be the one to have his or her name displayed in the game’s credits, right? Seems a bit more fair to have it be picked out of a hat for the runner up prizes but kind of a kick in the nuts if your name is the winning one but fails because it wasn’t the one that came out of the hat even if it was the first :p Of course there’s no real way of us knowing which came first.

Strange__Brew said:

April 29th, 12:26 pm

PixelJunk Cool It
PixelJunk Cool

Anubis80 said:

April 29th, 12:26 pm

So when is the release date for this game?

DonnyG said:

April 29th, 12:26 pm

PixelJunk Swine Flu

Francinium said:

April 29th, 12:28 pm

Looks awesome, you guys are my favorite developers this generation.

Sekoku said:

April 29th, 12:28 pm

Pixeljunk: Junk Harder
Pixeljunk: Junk pixels.

Oh, wait, those don’t fit this one. Maybe next game… ;)

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