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Apr 30

Apr 30

The Battlefield Like You Have Never Seen Before!

Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar Posted by Associate Producer for Battlefield

This is Gordon Van Dyke, Producer on the online multiplayer, first-person-shooter title, Battlefield 1943. This downloadable title for the PSN will take you back to the WWII Pacific Theater in a way never before seen, this June on the PLAYSTATION 3 for only $15! You’ll enjoy three amazing locations with Iwo Jima, Wake Island, and Guadalcanal letting you pilot and drive a variety of airplanes, tanks, and transport vehicles to help you win the battle.

Battlefield 1943

Today is a really exciting day, first it’s Walpurgis Night here in Sweden celebrating the start of summer’s approach with bonfires, yes I said bonfires, and this is done all over the country. It is quite the sight to see from atop the DICE studio. Another really exciting thing for me today is the release of the Battlefield 1943 trailer for the first time on PSN (later today) and seeing it in full glory on my PS3.

Now before you watch the video, imagine with me flying your Corsair airplane over the tropical Wake Island engaged in a dogfight with a Japanese Zero, you take him down and notice your squad mate’s tank about to be flanked by the enemy in another tank. You quickly bank to the left, swoop down, and drop two bombs perfectly on the enemy, saving your friend and helping him capture a critical control point.

Battlefield 1943 Battlefield 1943

After watching the video, I’m sure you will have a lot of questions about the game so instead of guessing, fire away! I’ll be around for as long as I can to answer them in the comment section. Thanks for taking the time to read this, now write your questions or just give a shout out! :-)

I can beat up Ashton, follow me on Twitter.

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Aerfox said:

April 30th, 10:52 am

Sad to see no flamethrower in the game. I would’ve imagined since there would be one since it is set in the Pacific Theater. Nevertheless I will enjoy running around with katana in hand.

If new weapons are added in future content, will you be able to make a flamethrower available, for me please?

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    April 30th, 10:57 am

    I\’ll try, but fire is a very expensive effect. If we can do it and do it really good you can bet we might put it in. :-)

kdiep said:

April 30th, 10:53 am

I might get smacked for asking this but any chance we’ll get Sixaxis controls for air planes? I think it would work really well. Especially if the pace is the same as BF1942.

Also thanks for all the replies, you’re breaking records!

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    April 30th, 10:59 am

    No Sixaxis for flights, but could be worth looking into for the future. Thanks for the feedback. :-)

    I wonder if will send me a medal or something, what do you think, should they? ;-D

Aerfox said:

April 30th, 10:58 am

Thanks Gordon, I would very much have fun burning people out of trees and in the building.

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    April 30th, 12:24 pm

    LOL, should I be worried about you? ;-)

ryanc08 said:

April 30th, 11:00 am

Wow sounds awesome, definite day one purchase

kalel52 said:

April 30th, 11:04 am

If this is based on Battlefield Bad Company Engine, will the EA server connection problems be fixed? Also will there be a better Party system to join and communicate with friends online?

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    April 30th, 11:15 am

    We have worked on making server performance better from BC1.
    Yes, the Squad and VoIP system is vastly improved.

Eatbanana said:

April 30th, 11:05 am

Please, Please release BF1943 in the stores for the PS3! ( No credit card, No Prepaid cards ). Want to play this really. + Why no offline? What if the game servers will go offline in 5 years or so ? + Will there come maps with the germans and italians? :).

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    April 30th, 11:17 am

    If we can we will, but not at this point will it be in stores. Hopefully we have a better game for you in 5 years. :-)
    Maybe ;-)

Bigrhyno said:

April 30th, 11:05 am

Wow, the amount of responses you have posted is incredible. Where can I contact your boss and tell him/her to give you a raise.

Eatbanana said:

April 30th, 11:05 am

And I mean in The Netherlands.

ryanc08 said:

April 30th, 11:05 am

One last thing Gordon, I love how your answering peoples questions about the game. Most devs just do like 5 replies, you have 77. I appreciate that.

GrandTheftNiko said:

April 30th, 11:06 am

is there plans to release more levels from bf1942, like the african theatre, theres lots of other good levels

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    April 30th, 11:32 am

    Not right now, but keep your fingers crossed for me! I would work on it in a heart beat!

kdiep said:

April 30th, 11:09 am

Hell yes you should get a medal or maybe a trophy :P

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    April 30th, 11:33 am

    Hell yeah, Sony, this is to you! I want a Platinum Trophy for my Dev Replies! ;-D

diare33 said:

April 30th, 11:10 am

yes, they should or maybe a trophy…

you have earned a trophy. highest number of replies on the blog ever


RoPass said:

April 30th, 11:16 am

I must say this is looking amazing, can’t wait. My only issue with BF: BC was the click and hold the left analog to run. After 6 hours of play starts to hurt my hand.

Is the run the same as BF: BC? I want to play more :)

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    April 30th, 11:34 am

    Nope, it is one click and then stops sprinting after you let back on the stick or click an action.

Eatbanana said:

April 30th, 11:25 am

It’s unfair, the ones without a Credit Card and the PSN cards only in the US, we can’t buy anything from the store.

Eatbanana said:

April 30th, 11:25 am

+ a very big money loss! :D

Cody_L said:

April 30th, 11:29 am

Gordon, if you’re still around I have a question.

Will BF1943 have any Home integration, like game launching?
If not, might it be added in a later update?

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    April 30th, 11:35 am

    Not at Launch, but maybe later, maybe!

Shakh said:

April 30th, 11:35 am

Props for all the replies Gordon, it’s great to see the efforts even if you are trying to sell your stuff.

GameFace_06 said:

April 30th, 11:46 am

How much mb or gb will the game be?

BigPoppaB said:

April 30th, 11:51 am

will there be a demo?

I dont buy PSN games unless i can try them out first. looks great though

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    April 30th, 12:23 pm

    You\’ll get a Trial version.

I_am_rushin said:

April 30th, 11:55 am

When can we expect the demo?


valicvlast said:

April 30th, 12:02 pm

Are the controls the same as BF BC?

Also, can the controls be customized?

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    April 30th, 12:23 pm

    There will be more options than in BFBC1

GameFace_06 said:

April 30th, 12:02 pm


he said “Play the trial and if you like it then buy it, but try it first and hopefully it is what you’re looking for” so yes.

FuzzyYeti said:

April 30th, 12:03 pm

Its probably too late now, but Hey Gordon! As many have pointed out already, thanks for sticking around to answer some questions. I’ve been a HUGE fan of the battlefield series and have logged in well over 400+ hours on Battlefield 2 alone.

Anyhoo, my question is will there be any interesting ranking system or customizable options for your character?

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    April 30th, 12:24 pm

    Lots of Ranks, a full online stats, and skill based Leaderboards.

Thrasher20 said:

April 30th, 12:09 pm

Congrats guys, first day buy :)

Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

Gordon Van Dyke said:

April 30th, 12:26 pm

90 comments for the night! Going home and will try and answer some comments in a few days if I can. Thanks everyone for the questions and taking interest in my Blog! :-D

gta_4 said:

April 30th, 12:28 pm

has the grainy picture from bfbc been improved?

cell989 said:

April 30th, 12:28 pm

wwoohhhooo!!!!!! thats a lot of replies. This guy really knows what “customer service” is all about.


April 30th, 12:31 pm

Unfortunate for me it is online multiplayer only. Not for me.

But thank you for bringing another fine looking game to the PS3 anyway and good luck with your sales.

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

April 30th, 12:40 pm

Hey Gordon,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to us here, kinda rare to have this kind of attention here on the blog.

Question, are you guys planning to support Home with a Battlefied Home Space and TShirts for your avatars and stuff like that?

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    May 2nd, 10:57 pm

    We are looking into how we can support Home and the best options for us, but no solid plan at this point.

SalMoriarty said:

April 30th, 12:41 pm


Thanks for the feedback on Heroes. Dude, you’re a trooper, you’ve been at this all day. Keep up the great work.

gor1llap1mp said:

April 30th, 12:47 pm

5.1, custom soundtracks, rumble? BTW, Battlefield Bad Company has got to be one of the funniest games in recent memory, last I remember was Gex Enter The Gecko. DICE is one of my top favorite developers!

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    May 2nd, 10:59 pm

    Yes, no, & yes. I loved our Snake trailer for BFBC1 and I\’m a huge MGS fan. I even got to meet Kojima and he said he also thought our spoof was funny. :-D

ian-edward said:

April 30th, 1:04 pm

Just in case you decide to come back Gordon…

If the game sells well, will you at DICE continue to support it with patches, dlc, tournaments possibly, and new trophies?

One of the more important aspects of a game to me nowadays is continued support, that really shows a developer cares. I understand that if the game does not sell well it does not make sense to continue support, but since I believe it will, I would hope we see some of the stuff above! Especially trophies, I like dlc trophies, maybe this could be the first PSN only platinum eh? :p

Also, when BFBC2 and Heroes approach release, will this game be left in the dust? I always wondered why BFBC1 never got patched so the plat was possible.

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    May 2nd, 11:02 pm

    This isn\’t a full game, but we won\’t leave it in the dust. BFBC1 had 2 updates that added a new gamemode, 8 maps, and fixes that I produced, so not sure why you think it never got patched.

coolasj19 said:

April 30th, 1:27 pm

hello gordon i was wondering if you could set up your own dedicated server without yourself playing as for clanmates and such?
also it was a tragic event for me and many others when the servers for the Battlefield: Bad Company servers got shut down. i glady wouldve paid upwards to 10$ just for that one map and mode because it was so immersive. sadly i didnt have the money. any chance of putting it up again or making a game with the same concept?
will there be any modes added later on?
and finally exactly how long does it take to get into a random game on average? for example Resistance 2 will take only 45 seconds for me to get to a battle but Metal Gear ONline will take 5 minutes. time from XMB to match is an important factor for many of my friends. including me. see you online. i hope i can randomly traverse into a developers game to see some REAL teamwork.

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    May 2nd, 11:05 pm

    Not sure I completely follow your questions, but I\’ll give it a shot.

    Yes, you can create a private match to complete with other teams.

    BFBC1 servers are still up. BF2MC servers will not be put back up.

    It is very quick to get into a public match, I\’d guess no more than 45 seconds from launching the game.

phinnv8 said:

April 30th, 1:34 pm

To Gordon Van Dyk:

Bad Company is an amazing game, but it has a lot of bugs that were never fixed. Occasional sound glitches, poorly working mics, and squad invites that sometimes don’t work.

Will these things be addressed in BF1943?

Looking forward to buying it either way honestly.

Also to Sony: ADD CROSS GAME VOICE CHAT so mics that don’t work in games is no longer a major issue PLEASE

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    May 2nd, 11:06 pm

    We have addressed many known issues. :-)

mclaren777 said:

April 30th, 1:47 pm

I’m sure there was a (financial) reason for it, but from a consumer’s perspective, disabling the online aspect of the BF:BC demo seemed rather foolish, especially given that people who got new consoles for Christmas weren’t able to sample multiplayer. So can you please leave one or two BF1943 demo servers running until the new year?

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    May 2nd, 11:07 pm

    BF1943 does not have a demo like BFBC1\’s. We have a trial version and it uses the same servers as our retail game.

CrimsonFox13 said:

April 30th, 1:48 pm

Oh my god! I can’t believe all the posts this guy has made! It’s outstanding! If I’m ever a game developer, I’d do the same thing. You’ve inspired me, man, really interacting with the fans, boosts my respect of DICE up even more.

I have a few questions, my most important one:

Will there be dogfight servers, planes only like in Warhawk? If not, is it possible to disable weapons and choose the name of your private server? Because I’d like to put “Planes Only!” for one. x3

How is the gunfights? Is it like BF:BC? I didn’t like that too much, to be honest, hip firing seemed a bit too inaccurate and damage wasn’t as great, and for some reason it seemed impossible to kill three people in a short period.

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    May 2nd, 11:11 pm

    Thanks man, I try and treat others how I\’d like to be treated. I\’m a normal guy like everyone else who happens to make video games. :-)

    You can create private matches and with you friends make your own rules, but not enforce them with options. These are dedicated servers too, not that peer2peer hosting like other games.

    Our weapons are completely different than BFBC1 and I\’m positive you\’ll feel the difference.

Ramsfan17 said:

April 30th, 1:54 pm

DICE YALL R BETTER THEN MODERN WARFARE PEOPLE I LOVE THE DESTRUCTION I CAN JUST BUST DOWN A HOUSE A KILL AN ENEMY ITS SO GREAT I CANT WAIT AND I CANT WAIT FOR THE BAD COMPABY 2 COMING ALSO LATER THIS YEAR ITS GON ROCK DICE MORE DESTRUCTION PLEASE I WANT TO BE ALE TO DESTROY EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    May 2nd, 11:12 pm

    More destruction in BF1943 and way more destruction in BFBC2.

NeoUltima said:

April 30th, 2:03 pm

Damn $15…wow really can’t turn this down for that price.

spacefox00 said:

April 30th, 2:10 pm

I really cannot wait for this game Gordon. I’ve kept up with it ever since it was announced, and I really cannot wait to get my hands on it.

I do have a question though, the game will have Trophies/Achivements, but will it also have in-game trophies/patches/etc? Im hoping it does, but I also hope they’re not so impossible to get as BFBC’s patches and wildcards. And if there are in-game trophies, will one of the Trophies/Achievements be to get all of the in-game trophies?

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    May 2nd, 11:13 pm

    There will be both and in this game we call the harder to get ones Postcards and the easy ones stamps. You\’ll also have all your stats online.

juanpipe said:

April 30th, 3:14 pm

Wow, I can’t believe it! You’re the only person in the Blog that answers three pages of questions. I’ll try to get the game, because it’s not easy in Colombia, we don’t get the PSN cards. I was introduced with BF:BC and I can’t wait for this.

By the way, can I add you for BF:BC2 or this one? Also, kudos for supposedely getting 40 players in Bad Company 2! I read it in a thread of the game’s site. You tell me if it’s true, if you want.


April 30th, 3:42 pm

What perspective is the game angle, 1st person,Shoulder view, 3rd person or a different view?

Irishmandkg said:

April 30th, 4:32 pm

I know it releases in June, but any specific day?

spacefox00 said:

April 30th, 4:42 pm

@141, it’s a Battlefield game. It’s an FPS…..

@142, no specific day yet.

Delriach said:

April 30th, 5:11 pm

Wow, that’s a lot of replies. For a second there I thought John D. from Capcom came in here, lol.

Looking forward to trying this out.

madhi19 said:

April 30th, 5:36 pm

Can we expect a map pack with classic maps from BF2 and BF Vietnam maps coming later. I must have clocked around 200 hours just on Strike at Karkand and Kubra Dam. lolll

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    May 2nd, 11:21 pm

    Any map packs would stick with BF1943\’s WWII era.

SourceII said:

April 30th, 5:56 pm

On PC platform, will BF1943 use DirectX 10 or DirectX 11 effects?


April 30th, 6:36 pm

I just got the beta for battlefield heroes. Yah should bring it to psn, it would be really successful on here. Also, when are yah not doin WW2 again? I’ll wait till you have another game based on our current era. And, I’m not talkin another bad company, I’m talkin another full fledged game, like BF2. Or, a new, next gen BF2. Yah gotta take Call of duty Modern warfare out.

lenigod said:

April 30th, 6:59 pm

not interested
Battlefield games are great, this one looks pretty to, but im just not interested

Axecution said:

April 30th, 7:48 pm

A couple technical questions-

What is the audio codec used? Dolby Digital, or PCM? Please say its uncompressed PCM!

2.1, 5.1, or 7.1?

…actually, thats it. xD I hated Battlefield Bad Company’s audio. It just bugged me for some reason… sounded lossy. :/

Resolver1 said:

April 30th, 8:21 pm

Prone, it better be in this game or you’re not staying true to the series especially when this game is a remake to the original.

    Gordon Van Dyke's Avatar

    Gordon Van Dyke said:

    May 2nd, 11:23 pm

    Prone is not in and it is not a remake. this game was inspired by BF1942 is all.

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