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May 01

May 01

Sack it to Me – The Quest for Crownage Edition

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

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Greetings LBP’ers. Today on Sack it to Me, our SackBoys can walk like Egyptians. Media Molecules gives us the sweet lowdown on the recent Creator Pack, and we see how the a little fox’s struggle for an LBP Crown goes bad. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Quest for the Crown
This LBP “Fanamation” by Sarah Miscavage shows little fox’s search for an LBP Crown will make some of you laugh. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sarah has a crown waiting for her in her future.

Creator Pack Video by Media Molecule
Some people were confused about how to access the new Creator Pack content once it was installed, so MM made a video showing the sweet in-game tutorials made for the new objects (The Infinite-Life Checkpoint tutorial is just ruthless!). Remember that Creator Pack 1 can be downloaded for FREE from the in-game store right now! Once downloaded, you can play the following levels by going to the LittleBigStore and finding the creator pack queen icon.

DLC Round-Up
If you wanted to get a blast from the past, the Egyptian Mini-Pack ($2.99) just released for all of you LittleBigPyramid builders out there with costumes and stickers based on Egyptian myth.

LittleBigPlanet Egyptian Mini-Pack

Don’t forget Kai, Nariko and Stickers in the Heavenly Sword Mini-Pack ($2.99).

LittleBigPlanet Heavenly Sword LittleBigPlanet Kai 2

“Hey Mark…I got Nariko already and I’m not really a into Egyptian myth ever since those “The Mummy” flicks. What do dig are characters from Norse Mythology?”

You don’t say! Well my friends, good things to come.


Great weekend to all!

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robertf224 said:

May 1st, 12:31 pm


smokey_vols said:

May 1st, 12:32 pm

That Egyptian pack is just awsome lol :)

SPOPS said:

May 1st, 12:44 pm

<3 LBP… I want some more level packs though.

SolidusDave said:

May 1st, 12:47 pm

Can’t you give the Nariko-Preorder-People the Heavenly Sword pack for free / make it the same download-file?
I want Kai really bad, but I won’t buy the whole pack as I have Nariko already. I’m not very happy about this decision and I now regret falling for this preorder-nonsense.

Also, you made it sound like the preorder-stuff won’t be available later as DLC.
I would have then bought the game for a cheaper price + US-Version.
That’s my second “rant”. The LBP-costumes are already a bit overpriced (MGS4-pack = good), but you have to pay the same price in € with the PAL-Version (3$ = 3€, not cool :( )

keep it up, tough I still wait for online-editor, scores and image-import via HDD :>

Vex_Doppel said:

May 1st, 1:02 pm

Whatever happened to the Golf contest?
Is the winner picked by hearts? Mine actually counts your swings but its difficult so it didn’t do so hot. Three people can play it though.

Jenovah said:

May 1st, 1:09 pm

Do you guys have anymore plans for level packs like the MGS one? That was my favorite and I especially like the added trophies and stuff :)

Anubis80 said:

May 1st, 1:11 pm

I only run around in my Anubis costume now! haha

Korbei83 said:

May 1st, 1:12 pm

Oh that hit my weak spot for massive lolz!

xkappax said:

May 1st, 1:14 pm

Sara Miscavage!? Wait! I’m the one who’s named like that! Holy moly! You guys made my day by putting my video up there! Thank you so much! ^_^

    Mark Valledor's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 1st, 2:48 pm

    Great job Sara! (Mark had to split today)
    You made the folks at Mm giggle. For that (and all the hard work you put into the vid) you deserve some luv back. Check your inbox in the days ahead, you might see something shiny that will fit nicely on Sackboy\’s head.

KazeEternal said:

May 1st, 1:14 pm

I have to agree with SolidusDave, this whole DLC thing when paired up with those of us who preordered and jumped through hoops for Nariko and Kratos or in some cases both are now getting shafted. Makes me feel as though I should have just waited to get the game when it was selling used for 30 dollars as opposed to getting kicked in the balls by media molecule who helped supply these incentives in the first place.

To be honest future media molecule pre-order bonus’ are going to be looked upon dis favorably by the PS Fanbase. It’s like getting a gift from a friend and then realizing that the gift he/she gave you is actually the gift you gave them last year that had never been unwrapped. Not the best analogy, but the feeling is about the same. So why should we go through the trouble?

JKC31 said:

May 1st, 1:20 pm

Good job with the toon.

Ti_dus said:

May 1st, 1:31 pm

I think everyone is just sick of these packs. We’d love to see LEVEL packs like MGS one. That was something.

FoolKiller79 said:

May 1st, 1:35 pm

So, uh, how can I get Kai without paying for a Nariko outfit that I already have?

I have only preordered twice ever. The first time (GT5:P) I got shafted by Best Buy not having the game to me for days past launch and now this. I think I am done with preorders.

Tezasaurus said:

May 1st, 1:37 pm

More MGS-style level packs, plz.

thaSLAB said:

May 1st, 1:45 pm

LOL, poor Sack Boy…

twooh said:

May 1st, 1:48 pm

LBP is cool. But damn, you guys sure do milk the DLC. I haven’t bought any of it.

Letters2Kay said:

May 1st, 1:53 pm

Thanks, guys. Just voted for MM and LBP in the “Golden Joystick” awards as PS3 GOTY, GOTY, and UK developer of the year. Also voted Sony Publisher OTY thanks to great 1st party software like LBP…

Can’t wait for the Mezco toy line! I’m checking Amazon daily for preorders. Amazon got my vote for best retailer thanks to their excellent prices and free shipping.

Vote @:

InfinityDevil said:

May 1st, 2:02 pm

As long as they don’t put the Astronaut costume out too cheaply we’ve still got something to hold over our non-launch brethren.

Here’s a hint if you want more free stuff: tell all your PS3 owning friends who don’t have it yet to buy it.

juanpipe said:

May 1st, 2:08 pm

I still want an Uncharted level pack! Hope you’re working on it Mm, also some network problems.

By the way play my level, “The History of LittleBigPlanet”:

Andrefpvs said:

May 1st, 2:17 pm

Well done Sara, I watched your video a few days ago and it was actually quite enjoyable. Volver a Comenzar is such a catchy song, heh?

Lucreto said:

May 1st, 2:20 pm

Any word of the Final Fantasy VII Pack?

I have a feeling it will appear the week Advent Children is released which happens to be the day of Sonys E3 conference.

Anubis80 said:

May 1st, 2:22 pm

@21 Lucreto

If you go to the LBP forum site you would have heard that Sephiroth or FFVII content has no release date and might never see the light of day. It killed all of us to hear this after they showed us Sephiroth.

nickert0n said:

May 1st, 2:22 pm

Thank you very much for posting this,

Also I have a couple questions to ask (I’m hooping that one of you kind MM/PS staff could help answer.)

1. Will the PSP version of LBP enhance any of the PS3’s version or vice versa?
2. I gather that since this is creator pack 1 that more will follow, could you confirm this?
3. How does it feel to have created an absolute 1 of a kind masterpiece that I, my Wife, and Kids truly value?

    Mark Valledor's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 1st, 2:53 pm

    1) More info on LBP PSP to come but I wouldn\’t be surprised to see some interactivity between both games.

    2) As far as I know this should be the first of future Creator Packs to come.

    3) It feels great to be part of this great title and feels even better it\’s a game that can involve the entire family like yours.

H3llMafia said:

May 1st, 2:43 pm

What happen to the weekly free costume?

Lucreto said:

May 1st, 3:00 pm

@22 Anubis80

Thanks I haven’t been on the site for a while.

Sad to here that the timing would have been excellent.

liketoski said:

May 1st, 3:02 pm

When will the Final Fantasy VII pack come?

katsuo7171 said:

May 1st, 3:03 pm

Great Job MM. Are you guys currently looking for an entry-level programmer? I’m always available, I’ll fly there in second. :)

@24 most likely they will still come MM is great at delivering free stuff.

Midgetguy said:

May 1st, 3:06 pm

That was a very good video!

And that tutorial level for the infinate lives checkpoint made me laugh!!!!


Thanks for the post!

teekomeeko said:

May 1st, 3:18 pm

That video was great.

Um…. I love LBP? Feels weird only having a four word sentence to say so I might as well add some filler to this post.

almighty-slayer said:

May 1st, 3:27 pm

Awesome work Sarah that was AWESOME :)

wocyob said:

May 1st, 3:34 pm

woot im egyptian … so that egyption pack is like a must for me haha :P

thanks MM for such an awesome game!

also when is that Final Fantasy pack going to come out…. need it ASAP

unitalfredo said:

May 1st, 4:47 pm

MM i have a Question

When the update 1.12 came out i downloaded it like at 7:00 a.m and after i downloaded it a message came out saying your save data has been corrupted, how do i fix this problem? None of my friends are experiencing this, but there has been reports and forums.Please Chuck Lacson answer my question.

Reverend_M said:

May 1st, 5:11 pm

HAHAHA, I love that toon! Great job, Sarah! And glad you got your reward :)

Thanks for another great update on things LBP-ish, guys —er, Mark :)

remanutd5 said:

May 1st, 5:29 pm

i havent gotten the egyptian mini map just yet , i think i’ll get it today

remanutd5 said:

May 1st, 5:30 pm

one thing that really intrigued me was to see a Heavenly Sword mini pack , is sony planning to continue the franchise ??? man how i wish sony make a Heavenly Sword 2 , wow that would be so amazing lol

Kren420 said:

May 1st, 8:10 pm

I love this game this definatly helped me out a little bit!

ssygrl said:

May 1st, 8:16 pm

Help, i want to know if LBP is available for my PSP? i read the 23 comment and i hope it is available. can you tell me if it is and how to get it?

xkappax said:

May 1st, 8:40 pm

Wow… I really don’t know what to say… I made that video as just something fun for my friends and I never really expected something like this! ^_^ Thank you so much!

Spartancloud said:

May 1st, 9:29 pm

Wow thanks for the video, I was wondering if the creator pack simply didn’t work but that explains it all.

Minidouglas89 said:

May 2nd, 11:41 am

alaM0000 said:

May 2nd, 3:30 pm


PlasmaGlory said:

May 2nd, 5:52 pm

Now I see why you said it would only make some of us laugh. I had to stop 30 seconds in.

BigPoppaB said:

May 2nd, 7:12 pm

can i PLEEEEEAAAAASEEEEE get a response as to why the ice element of the game was removed.

Seems really odd as the video demo with alex evans showed it, and it looked pretty polished and finished. Also, he said i was one of his favourite aspects to the game. A further crushing blow.

please reply. and if youre not at liberty to discuss,,, then just give a me a wink so i’ll stop pestering you


Zookey said:

May 2nd, 8:16 pm

Hey guys! Awesome work!

m558Y said:

May 2nd, 8:27 pm

Ya your right bigpoppaB I remember seeing that video too, but it doesn’t matter anymore. The game is still awesome

ladino46 said:

May 3rd, 12:24 am

I truly love LBP my grandkids and I play it all the time it is the best game ever to bring a family and friends together for fun and laughing so hard you cry..it is the best and the mini packs are the best each one is better then the last, have you thought of doing Harry Potter and his friends that would be out of this world..Thanks and keep up the great work you guys are doing and looking forward to PSP LBP and more mini packs..ladino46

m558Y said:

May 3rd, 11:45 am

I have an awesome suggestion for a costume pack.You should make one for Fallout 3. You can make a Brother Hood of Steel soilder costume. If anyone agrees message me on PSN. my ID is m558Y

Scourge666 said:

May 3rd, 12:02 pm

theu should do an uncharted addon

Ryuzaki_Osama said:

May 3rd, 12:17 pm

They should do a lord of the rings addon. I want to get elf ears!

Nicknack12 said:

May 4th, 5:53 pm

I think they should make an “Uncharted” costume pack as well as a lvl pack.They should also make a “Dark Knight” costume pack, I think it would be so cool to play as Batman and the Joker.

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