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May 04

May 04

MAG – Your Questions Answered (+ Live Chat Announcement!)

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We know you’ve got questions about MAG.

When we asked you what you wanted to know about a rather large list of our upcoming, exclusive games, questions for developer Zipper Interactive far outweighed the rest. That’s why the following Q&A video lasts a whopping 12 minutes (!)

But know that I had to have a light hand on the editor; any shots cut are readers’ queries going unanswered – and where’s the fun in that? First up, Zipper VP Michael Gutmann gives us the overview, before Lead Designer Andy Beaudoin breaks down the gameplay in detail.

OK, even with all of those questions deftly addressed by Zipper, I’m wagering that you now have a few more things that you’d like to ask. That’s why the team will be joining us LIVE on the Blog this Wednesday at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern for a chat. Please join us!

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I_am_rushin said:

May 5th, 7:02 am

Will M.A.G. feature any type of split-screen whether online or offline?

vectorman88 said:

May 5th, 7:20 am

This Game is going to be MASSIVE! (and great!)

Jeigh said:

May 5th, 7:33 am

Yep, no longer does a game with only standard run-n-gunners suffice. Resistance 2 certainly set a good example there. Just wish more games would follow its example on the Co-op missions. Those are fun as hell and you never really feel cheated like you can with competitive modes. Ah, well. This actually does sound pretty cool, now that I’ve actually paid some attention to it. I’d definitely like to know if someone with no headset is going to be allowed to take the top position. That would be a serious problem.

lonewolf1994 said:

May 5th, 7:50 am


Devils_Demon said:

May 5th, 8:19 am

Looks awesome but please please please please make sure NAT3 connection also works. I can’t play Battlefield (or any EA game) because I have NAT3.
So I beg of you to make MAG NAT3 compatible.

KillerBread said:

May 5th, 8:42 am

yer im going to get this first day out and i will get my clan and friends to buy iy as well

TitusF said:

May 5th, 9:22 am

I enjoyed the Socom franchise a lot and I would be really excited to be apart of the MAG beta! Keep up the good work guys! :)


May 5th, 10:04 am

Nice, just wished it was a 3rd person shooter, like Socom. I really don’t like FPS games that much. Also, why are ppl asking about trophies? Where have you ppl been living? In a cave? All games as of JAN. 09 are trophy supported. How can you want a beta and not now what’s going on around you. Wake up guys..lol..

KingOfNexus said:

May 5th, 10:11 am

256 players is going to be amazing. I hope I manage to get in the beta, can’t wait to start playing this game.

Darkos87 said:

May 5th, 10:16 am

After hearing that interview I can see that Zipper know what they are talking about and they are very sure that this MMORPGFPS will kick some serious butt :)

ADR143 said:

May 5th, 10:24 am

cant freaking w8!!

man i wish u guys made socom /6 sux!!!!

Nynja said:

May 5th, 11:02 am

When I first heard about MAG, I was worried. After this past week of more details about the game, I’m feeling better about it.

Hopefully the control scheme will be streamlined to make gameplay as smooth as possible. If changing channels between squads and officers is a task, I’m sure it won’t be used nearly as often.

1st question; If players have to rank up to play as an OIC, does this mean the first few weeks or so we will be playing without them? I’m curious how they intend on handling that.

2nd question; Will players be able to change factions once selecting a side or is it permanent? If it is permanent, will players be able to create multiple characters?

SandstormLiam said:

May 5th, 11:35 am

This game has so much potential. I really hope I can participate in the beta, I’d love to give feedback on this game.

Bruser2727 said:

May 5th, 12:19 pm

Beta?! gimme gimme gimme!

iAmJmAn said:

May 5th, 12:24 pm

the fact that its going for a t rating, means i probly wont buy it…

iAmJmAn said:

May 5th, 12:25 pm

maybe zipper will do opposite of socom 3 and CA and make another version with blood ;)

MegadethAndy said:

May 5th, 12:37 pm

Cant wait, hope it has a good physics engine in it.

waffman11 said:

May 5th, 1:02 pm

@Nynja: (nice name)
1. I think that the OIC problem will be solved through the beta, like the best guys in the beta get the best rankings. I could be wrong but that would seem to work.
2. They addressed that in the video, once your character chooses a faction it’s permanent, but you can create multiple characters.
I’m pretty excited about this game so far, but I’m already planning to shell out some cash for the new R&C and Uncharted 2 this fall. *sigh* Time for a summer job.

joostin said:

May 5th, 1:12 pm

*drool* Need MAG…

Untraceable79 said:

May 5th, 1:16 pm

Must have!

un-discovered said:

May 5th, 1:38 pm

can’t wait for this game <3

K1LLerBreW said:

May 5th, 1:44 pm

Jeff, I read rumors that there will be a monthly fee to play MAG is this true?

Eleot88 said:

May 5th, 1:48 pm

Great interview!

Jeff! Btw can you forward the idea of broadcasting E3 Live in Home???? It would be epic :D

Im rly looking forward to Sony’s conference =)

PHANTASMN707 said:

May 5th, 2:19 pm

Hey Jeff, here’s a (few) question(s) that I’m sure a lot of us will have for the Live Chat on Wednesday.

Are the environments going to be destructible? If so, how destructible? Somewhere along the lines of Red Faction, Battlefield Bad Company, Killzone 2, or less/more?

Thanks in advance for getting these questions in.

PHANTASMN707 said:

May 5th, 2:21 pm

@ #122 K1LLerBreW

No monthly fee according to the video interview. Just gotta pony up for the game itself.

XgargunoX said:

May 5th, 2:23 pm

release date?


May 5th, 2:36 pm

i played bf2 for over 1500 hrs this looks to improve on that game alot… looking forward to it.
slant six suck at life.

james44121 said:

May 5th, 2:49 pm

Hey Jeff…I just have a quick question. Is there a set release date for MAG full game or for its beta. If there is for the Beta will it be open beta or will you need a code. Please reply and let me know how to get a code if I need one.


whoelse said:

May 5th, 3:26 pm


goalieman30 said:

May 5th, 4:47 pm

im exited to see how it is all done with the beta but i hav question
how will your gun class work?is it just a primary, secondary and granaede or can u customize it?
will it be on a server for no lag or will there be several or one host?
can u change your gun classm on the fly?
how will you respawn? after round? in a couple of seconds? or right away with your group?

goalieman30 said:

May 5th, 4:57 pm

will you be able to get a bunch of friends together in a party then join a game so yyour with your friends and not random ppl all the time

X0422 said:

May 5th, 5:16 pm

can’t wait


May 5th, 6:48 pm


zen127 said:

May 5th, 6:57 pm

MAG is going 2b the cats A$$


May 5th, 7:03 pm

I have a some questions.

1. Will it be possible to split a platoon to two teams. Like A and B team and choose a crew leader for team B ?

2. Will medics have limited amount of medkits or will it be limitless and will medding be timed or instant ?

3. How big will the maps be and will those be big enuff to have good use of 50,cal sniper rifles. I talk about ranges up to 1500m+ ?

lls27 said:

May 5th, 7:44 pm

I know it’s confirmed that the gm will be from a 1st person view, because u fell that will give the player the best in gm action feel. But why not have both views (1st& 3rd) as an option like u did in the Socom series. Because some players feel 3rd person gives them the best in gm feel, Just like others feel 1st give them the best. That way u offer the best of both worlds, first to those loyal hardcore Socom Fans and also to the hardcore 1st person shooter Fans. it work on Socom, why not Mag!

qja said:

May 5th, 9:38 pm


Im not joking, by far the most well engineered game ever!


for taking advantage of the ps3’s capability

Im soo happy, cant wait tilll it comes out.

:) Finally a game that actully envolves team work. To bad lots of people will complain about kill stealing.

Jerommeke said:

May 6th, 3:24 am

Will there be a monthly fee or is it buying once playing free forever :)

K1LLerBreW said:

May 6th, 9:01 am

@126 xgargunox

the release date is going to be 11/24/09 maybe subject to change but right now that’s the release date..


PB316 said:

May 6th, 9:15 am


ski2bbad said:

May 6th, 9:36 am

Great interview and some great questions too. I do hope that MAG does succeed and it turns out to be a great game. I may not get to play it however, since it is an FPS and now that I it appears that it will have a “T” rating there will most likely be a lot of screaming kids and not a whole lot of team work. I’ll wait to be proven wrong. ;-)

Sillcher2 said:

May 6th, 1:14 pm

I can’t wait for this game to come out!!! and I would especially love to take part in the beta!

eckoman1 said:

May 6th, 1:21 pm

i cant wait!
rated T=guuuuuud

K1LLerBreW said:

May 6th, 1:41 pm

The release date is 2 days before Thanksgiving, November 24th, 2009. I hope this date does not change, well at least change for the bad like changed to next year but a release date earlier would be fine :)

K1LLerBreW said:

May 6th, 1:46 pm

wow an FPS rated T, this means no really bad graphical content such as swearing, sexual innuendos, etc.. I really don’t care what the rating is, I mainly am buying the game for the online portion..

PsychoMacross said:

May 6th, 1:55 pm

I have a few questions that I’d like to ask about MAG:

1. How are experience and battle achievements earned/tracked? Do you get them immediately or do you have to play all the way until the end of the match before you can earn them?

2. Will there be any sort of CQC melee skills/abilities that the player can use? I mean, there’s a limit to what you can do with your rifle butt to the enemy but it’d definitely be nice to be able to ninja an unsuspecting sniper so that the rest of the squad can pass through relatively unmolested.

3. Again, about melee combat (assuming there is melee combat of sorts), will there be a dogtag system like what Battlefield 2142 uses? The system they have involves being able to knife-kill an opponent and in doing so, you earn his dogtags and therefore the ability to track his stats.

4. I realize that certain factions may prove to be more popular than others (I’m already leaning towards the Ravens as it is) so my question relates to how MAG intends to balance the matches when one faction has more players signing up for it. Put it this way: how would you balance a game if there are 5 more Terrorists than Counter-Terrorists?

PsychoMacross said:

May 6th, 1:56 pm

Here’s part 2 of my questions that got cut off:

5. What happens when people drop out of matches due to connection problems or some other issue? Will they be able to rejoin the match?

6. Will people be able to join a match that is currently in progress? If so, will a squad of people be able to join a match that is currently in progress?

That’s about it.

PsychoMacross said:

May 6th, 2:01 pm

I forgot to ask a more questions:

Will additional map packs and expansions be free or will people need to pay for it? If the expansions have to be paid for, will people who haven’t purchased the expansion be able to play against people who have purchased the expansion? How will the game be balanced in such a scenario?

lior6057 said:

May 7th, 9:45 am

looks awsome!

bigdaddyjane said:

May 9th, 12:57 pm

I hope that zippers SEVERS can contain 256 players.If not,the game is going to be very laggy.

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