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May 05

May 05

Patapons Invade Retail and PlayStation Home!

Chris Hinojosa-Miranda's Avatar Posted by Producer

Digital greetings peoples of the Blog! It’s a beautiful Cinco de Pata-yo and as we speak, thousands of magical keys (read: PSN vouchers) are heading towards a destination near you…ready to unlock the internet’s mighty download powers, filling your PSP with Patapon bliss.

In addition to these vouchers hitting the store shelves, on Thursday, May 7th, you will all be able to download Patapon 2 from the PlayStation Network and the Patapon 2 mass consumption can begin. Nom, nom, nom, nom…

But that’s not the only thing happening on May 7th.

We also wanted to announce really exciting Home exclusives (two actually). First: yours truly will be featured in the Home Theater, answering a few of questions posted in the forums by the Home Community.

Second: We’ve decided that this Thursday is also Home avatar makeover day…so we are giving you an exclusive Patapon 2 t-shirt (for boys and girls!). It’s definitely time for you to upgrade your Home look with something more Eyeballish and warrior like.

Patapon 2 shirt in Home white front Patapon 2 shirt in Home green frony Patapon 2 shirt in Home blue front

Patapon 2 Home T-Shirts

Now, be honest…wouldn’t you want to dress up your Home avatar with these fine threads? If so, be sure to head to the Home Mall since they will be flying off those virtual shelves. You know you will look good…in fact, tell us which shirt you think is the best. Maybe we’ll make an actual real-life one. Just hop on over to the official PlayStation Home forums to start-a-votin’ and get-a-wearin’ or just let us know on the comments.

So what else is there to do on these two days between Cinco de Pata-yo and Thursday-download-o day-o? Well, you can hop on over to the Patapon 2 website to download or make your own custom wallpaper:

Patapon 2 Wallpaper 2

Of you could just try your luck at winning a Limited Edition Lilac Purple PSP (to go with the stylish Patapon 2 logo), or some Patapon 2 toys, or a big screen tv.

Patapon 2 Prizes!

There you have it folks! Happy Cinco de Pata-yo!

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Naquiel said:

May 6th, 3:35 pm

@98 I didnt call anyone Luddities or scared of tech.

And as for facts i dont see any posted here proving that having the games as only a DD is hurting anything. All i see is ppl saying that DD is bad, well if you take the limited sony customers posting here as facts then i will leave you to your fantasy land thinking.

So if you do have hard facts to share, please post them here for all to see.

So im pretty much saying Put it up or Shut up. Im throwing the gauntlet at you to prove that the majority dont want DD games. I want to see a report with answers from all the ppl that own a psp that says that they ether want DD or umd games.

Untill then, good luck.

Naquiel said:

May 6th, 3:42 pm


What do you mean you cant play it forever.

You download the game and play it for as long as you want, when done you can back it up on a HDD (wich can technecly be backed up on a cd or dvd disk for hard storage), but can redownload from the psn for free at any time.

But you might say that the game might be taken off the psn at any time or that sony will go out of business, well unless sony going into bankrupcy anytime soon, i dont think you have to worry, and even if the game stayed as a umd do you think the game would of lasted forever. Most games now days leave the store shelves faster and never get replaced where being on the psn means you know a better place to find older games.

so i ask you this what do you mean you wont be able to play a download forever?

PurpleGoldfish said:

May 6th, 4:03 pm

Not that I’m against DD, but can you prove to me that in 50 years, I will still be able to download Patapon 2 to play on my PSP (which, yes, I do intend to keep, in working condition)?

Also, list 1 type of storage device that is not prone to *any* type of corruption. If you can find one, you may have proven your point that DD is the only way to go.

The anti-DD crowd just wants a choice. Having a digital copy is fine, we just want a physical copy. If it gets messed up in any way, it’s something we did to it ourselves, then that’s our problem. We just want a choice is all it comes down to.

darthlego said:

May 6th, 4:59 pm

I have all of my DD stuff backed up on three computers and two flash draves, so I am pretty sure I will still be able to play it even if Sony goes out of business.

darthmilo77 said:

May 6th, 5:51 pm


Perhaps you haven’t heard, but the in-store copies are still going to be downloads.


Actual, successful trolling requires finesse. Just saying “DDs>UMDs ok im right no more arguing or its whining” isn’t trolling, it’s just losing an internet argument.


Not only that, but you can’t lend it to a friend, trade it in for cash or store credit, or resell it on eBay and garage sales.

darthmilo77 said:

May 6th, 6:37 pm


“So im pretty much saying Put it up or Shut up. Im throwing the gauntlet at you to prove that the majority dont want DD games. I want to see a report with answers from all the ppl that own a psp that says that they ether want DD or umd games.”

Nice of you to switch the burden of proof. When someone contends that the paradigm should shift, the responsibility falls on them to show why. If Sony started with DD-only on this game, then released UMD copies a few months later, we could have actual meaningful data regarding preference for either format for the exact same game, and people who like hard copies could have their hard copies. Everyone wins.

Naquiel said:

May 6th, 9:52 pm


I can say that any game or data is very hard to hold onto for 50+ years but can be done in the right conditions. But i was mostly proving a point that saying they wanted a game to last forever is crazy. Most ppl buy games to play them for a certain amout of time then they toss them to the side and ether pass them to friends or resel them. But in this case times change and games companies think of games as digital entertaiment.

But i know no game lasts forever, but when Poopoo said that a DD copy to the memory sticks wont last as long as a umd just pretty much said he was grasping for straws.

But as for having a choice, well in the future when umds no longer exist, then i guess they will have to change their mind, its just sony is showing them what will be coming if they like it or not.

As in the game is a interactive movie. You buy the game, you play it for entertainment, when done you store it for later enjoyment or toss it for something better.

Naquiel said:

May 6th, 9:56 pm


He started by saying he had proof that more ppl dont want DD games, and all i said was show me plain and simple. I dont have to go look for the proof when he claims he has proof. This is why most ppl say Put up or Shut up, No screenshot means it didnt happen!!!!

Poopookakabumbum said:

May 7th, 10:23 am

Obvious troll is obvious.

triple_lei said:

May 7th, 10:50 am

No kidding.

Have you seen this troll who ALWAYS posts “When’s the disc version coming?” Even for small PSN downloadable releases like Puzzle Quest: Galactrix? What a joke.

Relevant: Look up “The Original Call for Help / TechTV Blooper” on YouTube! If it were digital, it wouldn’t have happened…

triple_lei said:

May 7th, 12:20 pm

Oh man, I just took a look at post 100. Lawl!

“You can’t play a download forever?” Okay, I’ll play your paranoid conspiracy game:

You won’t be able to play UMDs forever. If your UMD drive breaks, you’re screwed!

kawaiigamr said:

May 7th, 3:13 pm

so where in the PShome mall are the shirts all i c is killzone and tekken appearal its pissing me off

darthmilo77 said:

May 7th, 4:57 pm

I don’t think they’re implemented yet. Are they? All I found was a free inFamous/Uncharted shirt, which was actually pretty cool.

Shadow_Raskolnik said:

May 7th, 9:16 pm

This would have been a better experiment if Sony released it as both DD and UMD. Too bad they have their heads shoved so far up their asses that they can’t see that.

I am also disgusted with Sony’s ignorance of peoples complaints while they are answering other trivial posts. If Sony really cared about their customer base they would also answer those posts regardless, all this so far proves is that Chris and everyone else there are too cowardly to answer legitimate questions posed by a concernec fanbase.

I am also one of those people who would prefer to see DD be an option along with the UMD.

Naquiel said:

May 7th, 9:32 pm

What complaint, all i have seen for months was ppl asking for more DD games, and now we get them we get ppl complaining to put them on umd.

And as for sony answering…what would you like them to say? Sorry? We were wrong? I dont think so. They said this was a test. You ether download the game or not.

But im not to cowardly to answer. You complain to much. They said it was a test, and left it at that, no ifs ands or buts, its a test. You can complain all you want till your blue in the face it wont change things. Live with it or dont get it. Now if you really really want to play it, then get it and download it.

Took me 13 mins to download it. And it didnt kill me to do it.

darthmilo77 said:

May 7th, 9:48 pm


Perhaps you didn’t understand. People did want more DD games, but that in no way implies they wanted them at the expense of UMDs. I would love to see more PSN titles available for download. That doesn’t mean that I would oppose a UMD release for a full-length sequel.

Sony could at least explain the reasoning behind the decision or answer the many logical problems brought up, but it looks like they’ve got that covered with smug fanboys who tell everyone who doesn’t already agree to shut up then declare themselves the victor. When someone has a point, it’s not idle complaining.

Naquiel said:

May 7th, 10:15 pm

Then answer me this, If sony desided today to drop the umd and go all DD would you change?

Im talking straight out if they just said that they would no longer put games on umd, what would you do?

Naquiel said:

May 7th, 10:18 pm


So since your posting here complaining that the games are not on umd, does that make you a smug fanboy to? See i can tell you to shut up, but your posting your opinion just like i am. I just happen to post a different point of view you dont like to hear.

Get use to it.

Naquiel said:

May 7th, 10:27 pm

Look ppl complaining for more DD games means they want DD games, and i know many of those ppl know that if the get DD games it means they would not get a umd. See ppl will not buy both a DD and a umd version of the game, it will be ether one or the other. Both versions of the game are the same, its just one is on a disk and the other is on a memory stick.

So far they only said patapon 2 is a test and will be only DD, i dont see them announcing any other game as DD, But i think another game developer announced a DD only game for testing.

But if the majority of the ppl want the games as downloads and show it in sales, the downloading frenzy will be hard to stop.

darthmilo77 said:

May 7th, 10:32 pm

Of course I’d change. I’d get a larger memory stick and get the games. This may not have occurred to you, but observing potential problems for people who don’t have the same resources as yourself is still a valid reason to object to a policy. I have wifi, a PC with the right cable, and a PS3. I rarely trade in or sell any of my games. I don’t have to worry about DD. The argument is for those who do.

“See i can tell you to shut up, but your posting your opinion just like i am.”

The difference is, you have not supported any of your opinions with facts, most of said opinions said something to the effect that everyone who opposed DD-only, for whatever reason, was just whining and should move on, and not once have I told anyone to shut up or “get use to” (sic) anything. Saying “well i gess it hapened no use complaning ppl” isn’t a meaningful contribution because there is no support for your viewpoint. Explaining why you would or wouldn’t support a DD-only policy is. Do you understand the difference now? By all means, make your voice heard, but only if you have something to say.

Naquiel said:

May 7th, 10:45 pm

Yes, ppl having problems will pop up. But at what point does sony have to put their foot down and say they cant wait.

You say i have no facts, and i say you complainers have no facts, and believe me you should goto the psp general forums and see they complain more then here in this blog.

Im just saying Sony has more facts than you or me. They probably have hard numbers in front of them saying that out of all the areas they sell games, they see that a very small amout of areas are not up to snuff, as in if you live out in the sticks and have little to no internet and sales are lacking in those areas, they can deside to make the move to DD. But we dont have those numbers and sony will not share them.

Naquiel said:

May 7th, 10:55 pm

@120 continued

But the thing you have to ask is How many ppl have crappy internet…Is it a large number, is it very small? I can tell you its small, Small enough that sony can change to DD and drop the umd in around 5 years or less. Sony would not be doing what their doing if it didnt look like the numbers where in their favor.

BTW i can post facts here till your brain explodes. I can post links of goverment reports of how fast the internet is all around the US, and the sales reports from distributors (kinda easy for me since i been in the retail business for 30 years).

Look all im saying is the complaining for ppl that cant get DD games because of the lack of good internet might not be to much of a complaint.

If less than 2-3% of the ppl out there cant get DD, will sony just stop doing DD games, I dont think so. If they feel the numbers are good, im just saying dont be to sad if they drop the umd in the near future.

darthmilo77 said:

May 8th, 6:31 am

Another appeal to authority…

“I can tell you its small, Small enough that sony can change to DD and drop the umd in around 5 years or less. Sony would not be doing what their doing if it didnt look like the numbers where in their favor.”

Can you not see the circular reasoning here? Why should Sony switch to DD? Because most people have good internet. How do we know most people have good internet? Because Sony is switching to DD. If you have facts of any sort regarding this, post them by all means.

Naquiel said:

May 8th, 9:02 am


Sure i wil give you a hint do a google search for internet connectivity goverment reports. You should get some interesting reports showing that the average for the whole US is between 768kbits-6mbits. The report that i looked at was from august of 2008. it has a interactive map to where you can focus down to the zipcode. the test to get those averages where done with ppl that had dsl, cable modems and fiberoptic.

And in that report only lets say a small amout of areas had less then 768kbits.

I know you can google this and see for yourself. So i ask again, how much of a percentage does it have to be? So if the majority can download games then sony will make the change.

Naquiel said:

May 8th, 9:31 am


Ok my link to a goverment site got taken out, ok do a search for a org site called speedmatters.

Naquiel said:

May 8th, 9:42 am


When you look at the report from the search you will see that the ppl that did the report want faster internet for the US. But what i like about the report it pretty much says the internet is good enough for downloading small psp games. And looking at the map says the majority of the US is at an average that sony would see as acceptible.

See i think most ppl complaining that the ones that cant get downloads just dont like the fact that sony wants to change. But we will have to change is sony does change, we will adapt or move on.

Naquiel said:

May 8th, 9:46 am

Also when you look at that report also think of the sales reports sony collects and the reports from their own servers on how many ppl are hooked up to the psn and are registered.

So when you get a big map that tells how sales are, along with ppl signed up with the psn and how fast the internet is in the areas, you will get a full picture of what sony is doing.

Naquiel said:

May 8th, 10:31 am

Well lets just say Patapon2 just hit sometihng good.

In its first week it just became the best psp game seller beating out GOW and crisiscore in sales

Results listed at Gamesutra.

darthmilo77 said:

May 8th, 11:23 am

Do those results account for areas with no internet at all?

It is the best-selling game at the moment. Hardly suprising…

Naquiel said:

May 8th, 2:47 pm


Well from your responce i now see your trying to ignore the fact that you just got told off.

The site information i provided shows the USA and all the results for all areas and it dows focus down to zip code and no matter where you look you will see internet is all over the USA and it is mostly at a lvl that is acceptible.

And since the game is best selling now just shows something you refuse to accknowledge and that is….you where wrong.

Naquiel said:

May 8th, 3:15 pm

@129 continued

Some of those areas that dont have info just means no one has done that test from the specific zipcode for example the zip code i live in dont even have info and i know for a fact that the city i live in geared up with fast internet from 4 different isp providers.

BaronBrain said:

May 8th, 8:50 pm


Do you work directly for Sony? Unless you do, any of your “facts” regarding internal Sony’s tests, hard numbers, internet research, etc. is nothing more than conjecture on your part. Only Sony can accurately state this own internal company policies on these pages.

You’ve dared people on several PATAPON 2 blog postings for someone… anyone… to post reasonable reasons for wanting a P2 UMD over DD. I’ve posted my own VERY detailed reasons several times now, as have others, yet you conveniently ignore them (maybe you DO work for Sony…).

You also continue to confuse requests for PATAPON 2 UMDs with PSone Classics DDs — one has NOTHING to do with the other. Where are the supposed “demands” for UMD editions of PSone Classics titles like R-TYPE DELTA or SPYRO 2 (or any other PSone title)? There aren’t any.

We’ve only requested a UMD for PATAPON 2 here… in ADDITION to simultaneous UMD/DD releases of FUTURE PSP retail titles — like MONSTER HUNTER FREEDOM UNITE — NOT of PSone Classics DD titles.

Is there any reason gamers cannot want BOTH UMDs of new PSP titles AND a DD of FINAL FANTASY VII or POLICENAUTS? (Hmmm… though a compilation UMD related titles WOULD be cool…)

[cont. @ #133]

BaronBrain said:

May 8th, 8:51 pm

[cont. from #132]

Those of us who request UMD releases say there’s easily room for simultaneous UMD & DD releases of upcoming PSP titles… that we welcome DDs for those people who want it.

However, as many fans of Digital Downloads are quick tell us — and, in many cases, try to forcibly convince us — there’s only room for DD… and if we don’t like it, “too bad”.

What’s with the “DD-only-or-else” mentality, folks? Do you feel THAT threatened that the UMD format — or other PSP physical media, such as the Memory Stick DUO Pro — might continue to exist and/or thrive in the future? If you’re not interested in UMDs, then it’s simple enough to ignore them and not purchase any.

But tens of millions of people STILL purchase physical media on a daily basis, depending upon it for their gaming, music, and movie (DVD/Blu-ray) entertainment — this, even though digital distribution is available for many items.


As for proving that you can still redownload PATAPON 2 from Sony’s servers in 50 years… let’s make it 20 years. Or how about 3 years… MS has already removed some X360 items from their servers, and has altered my “forever” DLC list to reflect such.

[cont. @ #134]

BaronBrain said:

May 8th, 8:51 pm

[cont. from #133]

There’s also been several PC DL services that suddenly shut down in years past. Or companies that shut down their online servers after only a couple of years (or several months).

Yet I have thousands of games, CDs, DVDs and laserdiscs that work perfectly; many are of a vintage 20 years or older.

Will you be able to redownload PATAPON 2 in 20 years? Doubtful. Nor could you copy it from elsewhere, as the DRM wouldn’t match your system, unless you plan on obtaining it illegally.

Yet my UK (or preferably, USA) UMD edition should still be working perfectly, and in any PSP system so far manufactured. In the unlikelihood the UMD fails, another copy can always be found new/used via eBay or other sources.

If my UMD drive breaks, I can have it fixed… or us my backup system… or obtain another new/used system. (SEGA still offers factory repairs for ALL their systems… and still sells some new games).

I know I’LL still be playing my © 2009 (and earlier) games in 20 years… but the question is, will you?

And that’s all I have to say on this matter.

triple_lei said:

May 9th, 12:12 am


You’re missing Patapon 2 DD & PSOne Classics equivalence completely. How does the very fact that the PSOne classics are DIGITAL, and that scores of people want them ANYWAY (despite your near-certainty that anything digital will disappear in a matter of years) go over your head? Maybe they didn’t hoard enough LDs to reach your level of nuttiness?

I’d be very interested to read more about downloaded items disappearing from your X360, seeing as how I can’t find any articles on it anywhere on the web. And the reason I’d be interested isn’t because it might dampen my faith on DD; I’d just really like to read about how the makers of the most unreliable console in history can’t get their DD straightened out either.

And please do enlighten us on all those other PC DL servers that have shut down. If I haven’t heard of it, it doesn’t count. Two-bit operations like Walmart’s MP3 service also don’t count (no surprise their MySpace clone didn’t work out either). Are you thumbing your nose at everyone who bought an Amazon Kindle too?

wuhocheung said:

May 9th, 1:34 am

I dont feel Sony NA concerning Canada’s Sales for patapon 2.

Most of the people in Canada still have internet speed below 20 mb/sec.

DD only for a famous game with all NA fans is kind of turn away alot of urban and Canadian customers.

I know that there is already a news saying that topping sales in first week.

However, I think Sony NA will do better than that if sales in both way.

Naquiel said:

May 9th, 7:23 am


I can say the same that the ppl complaining that they want umd sound just like me when it comes to “Facts”.

All im saying is Pataon2 is a test and from how it looks is doing very well. Some time in the near future sony might deside to drop umd disks, and if they do then the only way to get the games are DD. Some ppl are hooked on umd’s like cd’s where with ppl that didnt like getting music as a download. But times change.

The music and game industry is moving tward downloading content and in a few years full HD 1080p movies will follow. But companies like sony have to move with the rest of the other companies or get left behind.

Many ppl dont like to hear things they dont want to hear, but has to every now and then to make sure you know what is coming.

So like it or not if sony drops the umd, you ether have to adapt or move on.

Naquiel said:

May 9th, 7:28 am

Like here in the USA, talk to your local goverment to update your internet infrastructure. If canada wants to be with the rest of the world it will have to take the leap to get better if not then ppl like you will get mad and vote for a new canidate that will.

So look for alternatives. its been said here many times that sony will still support the umd for the next 5 years so games will be both DD and umd, its just that sony might drop the umd sooner than later, or some game developers will just not have the game on umd.

darthlego said:

May 9th, 11:18 am

Are there going to be any more Pata-Posts?

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