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May 06

May 06

Qore Episode 12 – Featuring Batman: Arkham Asylum, DiRT 2, Ghostbusters and Euphoria

Kevin Furuichi's Avatar Posted by Executive Producer, PlayStation Network

If you’re interested in busting the Joker, busting a tire, busting ghosts or busting a tackle, we’ve got you covered this month! We’re also excited to announce that Qore annual subscribers are invited to the upcoming UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves multiplayer Beta (see details below).

Enter the Asylum
Arkham Asylum. It’s the place where Batman’s most psychotic foes are kept under lock and key…at least, until the Joker takes control. Developer Rocksteady Games brings us inside the Gotham City landmark—the location of their upcoming game.

Who You Gonna Call?
It may have been twenty years since the Ghostbusters last strapped on their proton packs, but the films have not been forgotten. Audrey Cleo catches up with Dan Aykroyd about his contributions as writer and voice actor in the new game that’s revitalized the beloved franchise.

Take a Spin
Veronica Belmont also visits Codemasters in the UK for an early look at the next iteration in its DiRT rally racing series evolving the gameplay with improved handling and new stadium events.

Natural Co-Motion
Euphoria, developed to create extremely realistic character AI and animation in upcoming games such as Backbreaker, will change the way you play– foregoing canned animation for real-time interaction. We take a close look at this new technology.

Everyone who downloads Qore this month will receive an exclusive inFAMOUS PS3 “Good Karma” theme that, like the game’s main character, evolves over time. New Qore subscribers will also receive High Velocity Bowling as our way of saying thanks.

Great News for Subscribers!
All existing Qore subscribers will also receive a special voucher via e-mail allowing them to join the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves multiplayer Beta on June 3. Everyone who becomes a new Qore subscriber on or before May 15 will also receive the Beta invitation.

This Beta is just one of the many benefits offered to Qore subscribers during this inaugural year. And, as a reminder for our June 2008 subscribers, you still have one more episode coming your way after May’s Episode 12 to complete your 13-episode subscription.

Look for Qore Episode 12 available tomorrow, Thursday May 7.

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vanace said:

May 7th, 4:14 am

and whats about european?


GameFace_06 said:

May 7th, 5:53 am

Thanks Darnell0216 thats good to know.

EL_Hintern said:

May 7th, 7:43 am

Please give us more DIRT 2!!!!!

Gallu01 said:

May 7th, 7:55 am

Hi, I’m an european gamer. Is the uncharted2 beta invite also for european qore subscribers?

NoobianGod said:

May 7th, 8:13 am

A beta entry! Not that is the kind of thing I like to see for the annual subscribers! Thanks Qore! Looks like some great content this time around too.

How about a Qore T-shirt in Home for subscribers as well? It is just a thought Kevin.

A little slow to start this year, but you guys are picking up steam and I’ll be happy to renew when it comes around.

jedi_webslinger said:

May 7th, 9:03 am

U2 beta awesome. A ghostbusters demo would have been sweet also.

Can i make a suggestion for the free games with subscriptions, can u have a choice with 3-4 games, i already have many of the games they are offering. My subscription will end soon. Just a suggestion

lior6057 said:

May 7th, 9:41 am

good :]

morris1129 said:

May 7th, 1:17 pm

Darnell0216 Thanks for the info

MAzing87 said:

May 7th, 1:40 pm

Like a previous poster said, thank you guys for letting us in on the Uncharted MP. I am not excited about inFamous at all. Maybe I will in the future, but I was a bit disappointed that I had to buy that game to join the Uncharted beta, up until now.

I feel better about being an annual subscriber and will renew because of this one reason alone.

CaptnStryker said:

May 7th, 2:12 pm

Sorry for the redundant question but, I’m not a subscriber yet.. but If I decide to subscribe will I get a voucher for High Velocity Bowling ? and the Beta Code access ?
as long as I subscribe before the 5/15

    Kevin Furuichi's Avatar

    Kevin Furuichi said:

    May 7th, 11:23 pm

    Yes, new subs get HVB and the beta invite if you subscribe by the 15th.

borkish said:

May 7th, 2:26 pm

i have a couple of questions about qore. First i am a new subscriber and i waiting for the may episode. second it says you will get your own qore section on playstation store where you can download games and demos. So where is that section? Finaly i wonder do i have to pay for the previous episodes, it says they cost 2,99 dollars but i am a subscriber now and i did not think thank you have to pay for old episodes. I will be very pleased if anyone can explain all this for me.

    Kevin Furuichi's Avatar

    Kevin Furuichi said:

    May 7th, 11:26 pm

    You should be able to DL the May ep today. The special section of the Store is actually only accessible through the Qore DL center.

    As for back issues, like a regular print magazine, we don\’t provide you access to previous episodes. Your new subscription runs for the next 13 months.

    Hope that helps. And, welcome to Qore!

Roeh said:

May 7th, 2:31 pm

Hello. I have a quick question. I’m strongly considering purchasing the PSN Qore subscription. I hopped on the PSN store just a short while ago, though for the life of me, I’m not seeing episode 12. Is there some browser cache on the PS3 or something that needs to be cleared, or has Sony just not had the chance to post the content in my region yet? FYI, I’m in the U.S. (midwest region). Thanks guys

    Kevin Furuichi's Avatar

    Kevin Furuichi said:

    May 7th, 11:28 pm

    Hmmm, it should be visible in PlayStation Store in both the New Releases and Media section. The store usually publishes in the afternoon West Coast time. Hope you check back tonight!

DeTrOiTgAnGsTa said:

May 7th, 5:09 pm

I Truley am dissapointed with Qore Latley last month wasnt any good and I Truley had hopes for this month but no demo no good downloads just a beta for next month what about May I Truley hope because of E3 in june They really do something speical

YoungHustla561 said:

May 7th, 5:27 pm

As a qore subscriber, i think i’ll renew it at the end of the year. The resistance 2 BETA, and now the uncharted 2 BETA, is worth enough to renew. Not to mention all the free psn games.

LordRaoh said:

May 7th, 6:32 pm

I plan to renew my Qore subscription. But I hope there will be support for the Blu Ray remote in the future. I like to watch Qore and videos while i’m on the exercise bike and holding a game controller is.. well just wrong..

I’m also really liking Pulse. Pulse should get promotion on network tv or cable tv.

silly question cause i know the geniuses at sony marketing have thought about promoting Pulse and Qore during all Sony Pictures Movie showings in the movies during the trailers? right? maybe a ps3 in someone’s home in a movie?

you know like Michael Bay loves Blu Ray, maybe Sony and Michael Bay can can work on a blu ray/ps3/qore/pulse strategy.. michael bay exclusive commentary on qore/pulse?

damn it sony open some new york offices so i can apply for a job. LOL

TheManda said:

May 7th, 7:24 pm

Just a quick comment about episode 12 (and the rest of Qore as well, I suppose): Why are the interviews so short? You guys advertised the huge interview with Dan Aykroyd, and yet his segment was about 2 minutes long with the entire Ghostbusters video being about 5 minutes long. Did you guys really go all the way over there to ask 5 or 6 quick questions? If you’re already there, why not ask more questions?

Each interview in this episode is 5 minutes long, (I didn’t watch the Dirt video, I admit) and this has been the norm for a while now. Why can’t we have more thorough interviews? You already have them in front of you. Ask some more questions. Any questions!

Having said that, I still like Qore, and will most likely renew my subscription. But I honestly think many people would appreciate more comprehensive interviews instead of 5 question segments. Thanks for reading.

    Kevin Furuichi's Avatar

    Kevin Furuichi said:

    May 7th, 11:37 pm

    The Manda,

    Thanks for the questions. Audrey was supposed to get :30 minutes with Dan, but he was running late and could spend :10 minutes with us. (We just assumed he was on his way for a tee time with Bill Murray.) He was great ans we were just honored that he recognized the importance of making time for the PlayStation Qore audience.

    Thanks for the constructive comments. We hear you and look to include more in the future.

Xclusive_Dynasty said:

May 8th, 10:18 am

Cant wait for the Uncharted multiplayer beta

ZeoCrysis said:

May 8th, 12:49 pm

how do i become a Qore subscribe ?

monkey_boy13 said:

May 8th, 3:56 pm

any body else get the uncharted 2 beta code but can’t put it into the playstation yet

TheManda said:

May 8th, 4:05 pm

The beta hasn’t begun yet, so you can’t use the code. The email should tell you when it begins, and when you can use the code. Just hold onto the code (don’t delete it!), and look forward to June (whenever the beta starts). See you there!

monkey_boy13 said:

May 8th, 4:10 pm

great my exams finish in june i should be able to play it then
also qore is amazing and to subscribe u just buy a subscription off the psn store its $24.99

Pitichat_US said:

May 8th, 4:30 pm

Hi, I’ve just received your email with UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Multiplayer Beta voucher code inside.

But when I enter it on the Playstation Store Redeem Code section, here’s what I get :

The code you entered may note be correct or may no longer be valid.

Please check your entries.

I checked and re-checked the code, entered it with correct case-sensitive letters but it still won’t work.

Any info on this issue ?

Soseki said:

May 8th, 5:48 pm

I have not received a single one of the Qore vouchers in my e-mail and have been sent in circles for hours trying to get one each time there is supposed to be one. Unfortunately, I have received only one: the SOCOM beta three days before it ended. And before anyone asks, I have been an annual subscriber since Qore began. Any solutions for me, Qore?

Mid_night_24 said:

May 8th, 7:55 pm

how do i get a subscription?

krae_man said:

May 8th, 8:50 pm

@ Pitichat_US

Read your email, the beta doesn’t go live till June 3rd. You cant download it till then.


Sony’s line is: Check your spam folder and check your PSN settings to make sure you allow Sony to send your notifications.

After Qore download codes go out. Sony’s email customer service is supposed to have access to a master list all the codes and who they were sent to.

So, you’re supposed to email Sony and say “Hi, I’m so and so. My email address is *email here* and my PSN name is *PSN name* and I havn’t got my download code for *game X*

Then, what’s supposed to happen is the Sony Email rep checks the master list and if your name is on it, they give you the corresponding code.

Unfortunately, Sonys’ email customer service is disgracefully bad and the chances of you getting the issue resolved quickly is slim to none.

triple_lei said:

May 9th, 11:07 am

Any chance you could add the “in-game screenshot” function to the Qore episodes? I’d love to grab a few screens from the articles for wallpapers.

jayjoe84 said:

May 12th, 2:38 pm

Please help me,

i have subscripted and payed 27US$,

there is no email in my inbox.
Yes, its the correct mail-account.
i have changed it now to a hotmail account.
how long does this process (purchase-> Send Mail) take ? can you send me a copy of my mail to my new PSN account . Username ***@****.** ??

DatNizzle said:

May 12th, 4:39 pm

Do I need to wait until June 3 to use the beta code or can I download it now, and then it would be activated on the 3rd?

TheDrewster19 said:

May 13th, 6:17 am

how to i subscribe

alexdelangel13 said:

May 13th, 10:35 am

to be honest Uncharted 2 beta is the sole reason why i annually subscribed

borkish said:

May 14th, 12:28 pm

When are qore supposed to send teh beta code för uncharted to subscribers? I am a subscriber and have not recived any mail from the yet.

jayjoe84 said:

May 16th, 7:12 am

i havent received my email too, but it was my emailaccount fault, now i dont have a email too. The customerservice told me, that i might will get the mail later until june. but its possible, that i allready received my mail and that its lost.


*hope that i will receive my mail later*

jayjoe84 said:

May 20th, 10:46 am

i have received today my uncharted 2 beta code. THX sony

extravegant said:

May 27th, 12:04 am

can i have the beta code resent to my email??
i accidently deleted that email. please

imex99 said:

June 2nd, 6:49 pm

I’m a qore annual subscriber and haven’t received my beta code for uncharted 2. I have emailed consumer services and no response. please help!!!! Send message to my registered name, thanks

MAzing87 said:

June 3rd, 3:08 pm

I am an annual qore subscriber also, and I have not received a code either. I thought I was the only one. Half of my list of friends are in the beta, where I thought I’d be.

quirmche said:

June 3rd, 5:05 pm

Kevin I accidently deleted the email I received from Core with my Beta password< how do I get the email resent?

xDaijiro said:

June 3rd, 10:12 pm

um i never got my email and i have been on qore since day 1? what can i do about that??

khalidcedeno said:

June 4th, 12:46 pm

ive been a subscriber since day one and its june 4 and still no beta code for uncharted 2 wtf man can u help me out

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