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May 11

May 11

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Demo, iPhone Application Now Available – Exclusive PS3 Content!

Bianca Harzbecker's Avatar Posted by Activision

X-Men Origins: Wolverine iPhone APP

Hey everyone! If you’ve yet to check out X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the PS3 demo is now available via the PlayStation Network, so download it today!

And, a new iPhone Application has released for X-Men Origins: Wolverine The Game, and for PS3 owners, there’s plenty reason to get excited.

On every PS3 Back of Box, shoppers will notice a 3-slash ‘icon’ beside the game description. Using the new iPhone App, entitled “Feral Sense,” users can utilize a new photo recognition technology to snap a photo of the icon to unlock 3D screenshots, trailers, wallpapers and more exclusive content directly on their iPhones.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Back of Box

Not only that, PlayStation.Blog is the exclusive home to another of the Wolverine App’s unlockable icons. Once you’ve downloaded the “Feral Sense” App from the iTunes Store, click the icon you see below and then capture the icon. You will gain instant access to even more content, compliments of PlayStation.Blog!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine icon

Click here to visit, where you can learn more on how the application works, as well as gain access to all 5 iPhone icons for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine “Feral Sense” iPhone Application.

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SilentW23 said:

May 11th, 2:22 pm


skynidas said:

May 11th, 2:22 pm

That box thing is pretty cool!

Zhi13 said:

May 11th, 2:24 pm

Nice i dont have an iphone but i have a touch
but this is nice
the movie rockeD!

InFaMoUs1- said:

May 11th, 2:24 pm

Why does the OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION BLOG have a story about the iPhone? Last time I checked Sony Portable device was the PSP.

    Bianca Harzbecker's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    May 11th, 2:27 pm

    This isn\’t a gaming application, but a way for those that have both a PS3 and an iPhone (and a love of Wolverine) to take advantage of the technology.


May 11th, 2:26 pm

best xmen movie to date!

Ackers11 said:

May 11th, 2:27 pm

Couldnt i just take a picture whilst in the shop without buying the game….?

TerryVSL said:

May 11th, 2:28 pm


‘teh iPhone!!!’

I’m sure all the emo retards are jumping up and down and tinkling their panties over this news.

Maybe if we ask nicely some of the resident iPhone losers will post links to their ‘unboxing’ youtube videos!

smokey_vols said:

May 11th, 2:28 pm


It’s really a story about the content you can unlock, you just need the iPhone/iPod Touch to unlock it.

Enigma777 said:

May 11th, 2:30 pm

Slow day, huh?

MikoNeko said:

May 11th, 2:31 pm

I’m not sure the higher-ups at Sony will approve of this cross-brand marketing when they hear about it, especially since Apple is trying to make a foray into the portable gaming venue.

Heads are going to roll, I’ll bet.

InFaMoUs1- said:

May 11th, 2:32 pm


Still I dont know why it’s on the PlayStation Blog. Activision should promote their iPhone app some where else. I don’t think it’s appropriate.

RaymondBel said:

May 11th, 2:32 pm

This blog post is a little late on the demo. I already played it this weekend. Very nice demo but a little short. We should have been able to play a full level. I liked what he does with the helicopter pilot.

TheHater2 said:

May 11th, 2:32 pm

what about the google phone?

ADR143 said:

May 11th, 2:32 pm

daym nice box

NickDude said:

May 11th, 2:33 pm

I love my iPhone. Dang, sony. You sure missed an oppourtunity there.

bball230 said:

May 11th, 2:35 pm

LOL OMFG! last i checked Sony was trying to beat apple:

“Apple’s iTunes Store uses its own proprietary DRM called FairPlay. I think this gives Sony a chance to provide something that Apple can’t. And we have to move ahead and grab that opportunity before Apple begins to provide support for other hardware and blocks us out.” -howard stringer

JUST KIDDING, this is actaully pretty useful news to anyone who has one.. however, many people would think Sony would have their own platform that can run these types of app *cough* *cough* PSP2 or just a better psp.

Vengeful-Chaos said:

May 11th, 2:36 pm

If only the PSP could do something like this.

SPOPS said:

May 11th, 2:36 pm

Sony and Apple working together??? Could this lead to some new and interesting things in the future?

Makes me very excited as I love both companies :)

cell989 said:

May 11th, 2:39 pm

The iphone and the PS3 are my fav tech gadgets

Neil said:

May 11th, 2:39 pm

wait wut?

Axecution said:

May 11th, 2:40 pm

@17 i wish…

InFaMoUs1- said:

May 11th, 2:40 pm


If only the PSP could atleast have an instant messaging app at the most I’d be happy.

DragonNutz said:

May 11th, 2:41 pm

I feel the same as InFaMoUs1 and TerryVSL.

I smell money. And weak advertising. I mean screenshots and trailers? Come on…

liketoski said:

May 11th, 2:45 pm

Speaking of the PSP, the next one better have dual analogue! everyone who reads this speak out! We want dual analogue! And perhaps a flash memory like the iPhone uses! Speak out or we might not get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KwietStorm said:

May 11th, 2:45 pm

I can’t stand the iPhone, but it’s cool to see the relationship with different technology being used in such ways as this.

BlooodyCow said:

May 11th, 2:46 pm

Will there be something similar for the Google Phone? I don’t own a iPhone because it doesn’t work with T-Mobile

Oh and Jeff why is my other accounts banned? I don’t attack other users and insult them. I don’t spam or link to inappropriate articles of pictures. I felt that I was banned for no other reason than voice my opinion at Capcom and the way they tread their consumers this generation. And my other account was also banned even though I never posted with that account on the Playstation Blog. What is going on. When I try to post the name of my accounts that was banned, my comments don’t show up.

InFaMoUs1- said:

May 11th, 2:47 pm


yeah I actually found it quite disrespectful to promote an iPhone app on the PlayStation blog when PSP is trying to redeem itself in the main stream again with it’s amazing line up of games this year. I love my PSP and to see this in all places here it left a bad taste in my mouth.

katsuo7171 said:

May 11th, 2:49 pm

What exactly do I type in to find this app? Cause I’m at the app store and I typed in X-men Origins Feral senses, and there was no results. Any help will be appreciated.

    Bianca Harzbecker's Avatar

    Bianca Harzbecker said:

    May 11th, 2:52 pm

    If you search the term, \”Feral Sense,\” the Wolverine application should pop up as the sole result. It\’s a free download and you can snap the icon in the blog right off your monitor to unlock content. Let us know if any more questions!

Ftwrthtx said:

May 11th, 2:50 pm

That’s pretty cool, but I don’t have an iPhone. Why not give us some PSP content instead. :-)

angelcoma said:

May 11th, 2:50 pm

I agree they should have given a bit more than just a trailer and screenshots.

But either way, if I had a iPhone and the game I would do it, why not? Free is free.

depward said:

May 11th, 2:51 pm

Man… some people..

sombaki said:

May 11th, 2:57 pm

I’ll never understand marketing and the ideas they come up with…

Scrucifix said:

May 11th, 3:00 pm

When are we gonna get a PSN App for iphone?

heatseeker said:

May 11th, 3:01 pm

apple working with sony? cool!


May 11th, 3:02 pm

Why not have an application that works with my PSEYE instead? You know…since Cybercode type things are a SONY invention in the first place?

iTunes? I know it is popular but I’d rather stick Wolverine’s blades under my eyelids before using that software.

DeathroW22 said:

May 11th, 3:02 pm

bball230, some of sony’s biggest competitors in some areas are also some of their best partners in others.

I’ll be downloading this laterz

KingSmashy said:

May 11th, 3:03 pm

Want to get all of the unlocks in 5 seconds?
Go to the flicker photo of the App main page. Then just use the iPhone to takes pics of the icons. DONE!

Thrasher20 said:

May 11th, 3:11 pm

Kick ass if you tell me…

katsuo7171 said:

May 11th, 3:12 pm

Is this only for Iphone? Cause I typed in “Feral Sense” in my Itouch and still no matches…

Letters2Kay said:

May 11th, 3:15 pm

I downloaded the demo on Thursday, played it through once on Saturday, and bought the game on Sunday. It’s violent and extremely bloody- everything a Wolverine game should be. I was very impressed…

Thanks for the demo! :)

Andronicus said:

May 11th, 3:16 pm

pretty damn cool

InFaMoUs1- said:

May 11th, 3:17 pm


Seems if you have to take a picture, I would believe the extra’s are only for the iPhone knowing that the iPod Touch doesn’t have a built in camera.

KingSmashy said:

May 11th, 3:18 pm

@ Thrasher20

Checkout the Flicker link in the right hand column of this page. DL it and zoom it up with whatever viewer software you have. Then use the iPhone app to capture the icons directly off of the enlarged photo. Piece-O-Cake!

Milereb said:

May 11th, 3:22 pm

Wolverine was a great play, but after getting my platinum just now. I’m done for now if you don’t mind. But thumbs up for the team nonetheless.

GAM3R_16 said:

May 11th, 3:23 pm

That is the Awesome! hope we see more stuff like this!

gema11981 said:

May 11th, 3:23 pm

This is awesome ! I have both PS3 and an IPhone !! But i would really like to see a location free app for the iphone ! Thanks it is great to see the iphone and ps3 work together ! LOCATION FREE APP PLEASE !

Fluidshine said:

May 11th, 3:25 pm

My favorite gaming console has teamed up with my favorite franchise and my favorite computer corporation! This is like a dream come true! Too bad I don’t have an iphone or the game…=( heh

katsuo7171 said:

May 11th, 3:29 pm

Thanks Infamous1 I was thinking that it should automatically be on the Itunes store for all touch devices from apple. :)

videogameguy said:

May 11th, 3:33 pm

I have to take a picture of the box? Thats stupid beyond belief because ipod touch users like me are screwed over.

ssmcp137 said:

May 11th, 3:40 pm

could this mean that sony and apple are teaming up to take down microsoft lol

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