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May 12

May 12

inFAMOUS – Your Questions Answered (#2)

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Clearly, you’re excited about inFAMOUS. The reaction to yesterday’s Sucker Punch Q&A has been quite good, and there’s more where that came from. In today’s interview, Sucker Punch co-founder and Development Director Chris Zimmerman talks game length, amount of missions, and why you should bother to explore the living city they’ve created.

If, even after two days of Q&As, you *still* have questions about inFAMOUS… that’s OK. We’re working on setting up a time for the devs at Sucker Punch to join us for a live chat. Stay tuned for details.

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TerryVSL said:

May 12th, 6:04 pm

“Will there be a pregame demo out soon like week before release and when?”

The demo hits PSN on the 21st – next Thursday.

Raptors138 said:

May 12th, 6:06 pm

Wait rated T for teen?

I remember seeing the rating as M. Plus there was a good amount of language in the demo. Am I missing something? Did they just change it?

Kittonwy said:

May 12th, 6:11 pm

BUY INFAMOUS!!!111!!!>:|

spunnups said:

May 12th, 6:11 pm

I was LOL’ing when the guy kept leaning over and reading your card. Another good interview Jeff, keep em comin.

TerribleGlory said:

May 12th, 6:11 pm

I’ve already pre-ordered infamous so i’m guaranteed my copy. haha

Coheno said:

May 12th, 6:13 pm

Already pe-ordered the special edition! Looking foreward to this game SO badly…

But yeah, probably am gonna try and complete this as good and later as evil, just to experience the difference…but which to start off with!?

thegriefer said:

May 12th, 6:14 pm

I preordered this game i cant wait for the 26th.

Mistah_Murkle said:

May 12th, 6:15 pm

hey jeff, we (arsenal) are not playing the worst football of our lives. Its because silvestre cant defend to save his life. We haven’t been able to defend since gallas was injured. Oh, and on topic, Infamous looks amazing, ive preordered from and i get a beta code as a bonus.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    May 13th, 12:01 am

    In the decade I\’ve been supporting the team, I can\’t remember a worse 4-match stretch of football. Can you?

SilverPR said:

May 12th, 6:17 pm

Jeff…. Anything you guys are gonna post later in the days to come about the game besides the May 21st Demo?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    May 13th, 12:02 am

    Well, working on that live chat…

waffman11 said:

May 12th, 6:19 pm

@32: I’d just reccommend getting the demo when it releases, a week before the game releases. Reviews are all subject to the opinion of the reviewer. Once again, can’t wait for the game, but why such a short interiew? It’s only half the length of the other interviews, so did you run out of questions or did you not have a lot of time?
“Thunder Flop!”

heatseeker said:

May 12th, 6:20 pm

i love sucker punch!

XgargunoX said:

May 12th, 6:21 pm

he didnt really answer the 2nd question…can u play the game once being evil and then play it again and use the powers u unlocked the first time so you can have all of them at the beginning and be awesome?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    May 13th, 12:03 am

    The answer is no – and having played through the game, you acquire powers in a logical sense.

xero93 said:

May 12th, 6:26 pm

Can’t wait! Looks like it will live up to the hype, doesn’t it?

Going to preorder ASAP- just not sure where. Should I go for the early demo, or the bonus weapon…
Maybe the weapon, if it’s not to cheap and broken.

MariusElijah said:

May 12th, 6:29 pm

Instant purchase

Also when will we hear info for Heavy Rain?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    May 13th, 12:03 am

    We\’ll have your questions answered in a video in late May.


May 12th, 6:30 pm


Will this game support Custom Soundtracks? I hope you can answer.


smokey_vols said:

May 12th, 6:36 pm

I have this preordered at Amazon and Gamestop just so I can get all the bonus items.

SilverPR said:

May 12th, 6:37 pm

Oh Heavy Rain…. I hope you put a date on that one when E3 goes up.

Kren420 said:

May 12th, 6:41 pm

o wow thanks for using my question jeff :) too bad the answer was no

BlazednSleepy said:

May 12th, 6:53 pm

haha zimmerman is soo buzzed.

i cannot freakin wait for this game!!

ign 9.2!

another PS3 quality exclusive.

Dehshizknight said:

May 12th, 6:54 pm

OMG, the waiting is seriously getting to me now… The two biggest games that the waits were seriously bugging me were in MGS4 and LittleBigPlanet.

mckg123456789 said:

May 12th, 6:59 pm

hey i know this is out of the subject but can you guys in the psb do this with cross edge, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    May 13th, 12:04 am

    I\’ve been speaking with NIS, and if they can find some time in the crazy buildup to E3, they\’ll be posting here on Cross Edge.

ADR143 said:

May 12th, 7:01 pm


AceNet2 said:

May 12th, 7:05 pm

Great interview Jeff! They got some real cut-ups over at SP! Already pre-ordered Mr. Zimmerman, don’t worry.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    May 13th, 12:04 am

    They are an interesting bunch, yes :-)

jBat17 said:

May 12th, 7:09 pm

no, there is no new game plus mode here. if you start a new game, you begin from scratch.

luizcab said:

May 12th, 7:11 pm

Just want to congratulate you guys, everybody knows that mastering a new platform is no easy task. With inFAMOUS looking so good now, we can only wait for the next instalment of the game. And that’s a request, we want to see what you guys will be able to do in the next game.


RandomBeast said:

May 12th, 7:15 pm

There are some really fun people working at Sucker Punch! inFAMOUS is a day one buy for me :)

remanutd5 said:

May 12th, 7:36 pm

hey Jeff is there gonna be an inFAMOUS collectors edition ??? i would gladly buy it !!!!!

Martin_Keamy said:

May 12th, 8:23 pm

Don’t worry, Mr. Z! Pre-ordered second week in April, paid in full. :)

N30RYU said:

May 12th, 8:33 pm

Simple question…

-Multiplayer beta of Uncharted 2 included in the european version of the game?

jimmy903 said:

May 12th, 9:05 pm

Damn this game is awesome, was just playing the demo and had Cole hanging one handed from the bottom of a traffic signal shooting, zaping, blowing up and throwing cars into a small glide jump and ground bomb!


Still day one for me.

Great interviews.

Ratchet426 said:

May 12th, 9:10 pm


Great interview as always. But dude, I think it’s time that Sony hooked you up with some nice wireless, clip-on lapel mics.

I’m not saying you don’t rock with that circa 1985 old-school “Phil Donahue special”, but seriously, it’s 2009 ;-)

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    May 13th, 12:06 am

    Dude, Phil Donahue rocked.

    Actually, I have a wireless, but in my experience, I don\’t trust them around a lot of electrical equipment (interference). I\’d hate to interview and then get back home and find it unusable. The ol\’ Donahue Special has good sound pickup in loud areas.

Yoinazek said:

May 12th, 9:17 pm

I thought the co-founder was the guy from part 1…


May 12th, 9:39 pm

will it have custom music

SoopaMan2K said:

May 12th, 10:14 pm

It seems like this game is GTAIV length. I’m satified! I’m already paid in full so, all is left is Sucker Punch giving Sony the ok for a Midnight release. *Wishful thinking*

peevmyster said:

May 12th, 10:28 pm

Do you know what the instal size is going to be, if any?

Dragun619 said:

May 12th, 10:35 pm

Hey Jeff I notice the release date for FF7:Advent Children Complete blu ray comes out Coincidentally the same day as Sony’s E3 conference, June 2nd. Will there be Any FF7 related announcements be at E3? Please answer! I would certainly buy FF7 on PSN than rather pay $70 for a copy on ebay.

JL84wolf said:

May 12th, 10:39 pm

pre order now ! the demo is fun

stlthriot said:

May 12th, 10:50 pm

I noticed my question in the #1 Blog didn’t get answered so I will post it here again:

I did see a lot of pop-in of cars, people, objects and textures. Is this demo from an earlier build of the game or is this what we will be seeing in the final game?

Even if they faded in or something it would look a bit better. Don’t get me wrong, the game definitely looks great but just surprised for a PS3 exclusive I am seeing so many graphical malfunctions.

Also, the people AI and animation is a little crazy, lol. They were getting jammed and lodged into many objects without doing much to them.

I’m just really hoping this stuff won’t be in the final version of the game because it is somewhat distracting. :)


May 12th, 10:53 pm

I cannot wait for this game
It looks like it has so much depth
This is the game I want the most right now ( excluding MAG and Modern Warfare2)

joostin said:

May 12th, 11:04 pm

Zims got me at the end…


jasopan_ said:

May 13th, 12:26 am

Can’t wait for this, still wondering if i should pre-order the SE or the normal one..choices choices

kdiep said:

May 13th, 12:46 am

I finally pre-ordered. I was not going to after the bs exclusive power for preorders stuff. But as a thanks to Sucker Punch and Playstation Blog crew for these interviews I decided to preorder it (but NOT at GameStop, where the exlusive power lies.. Amazon ftw). Of course this has nothing to do with the game looking awesome :). No seriously, thanks for the interviews they’re awesome.

iyzy said:

May 13th, 1:33 am

He wants me to buy infamous so I must

TopherTide said:

May 13th, 1:43 am

@71 have you checked out the NISamerica site, some really good stuff on cross-edge there, it’s making me drool lol


xiked said:

May 13th, 2:02 am

Day 1 buy here! The demo I was able to try out is the best demo I have ever played! Collectors Edition for me!

sicknick85us said:

May 13th, 2:07 am

Jeff I try the demo and the most of the people in various forum say that the demo is too difficult for the easy level…

HugoIce said:

May 13th, 2:23 am

Jeff why was nothing asked in that interview about the Sly cooper 4 name on the demo? I think everyone that has seen that has stayed curious about it and still no reference to it whatsoever.

And i thank Mr Chris Zimmerman for awnsering our questions, but can someone plz feed that man? He seriously looks like a skeleton… Very thin and very white.. Doesnt Sucker Punch feed their nº 1 employee?..

Thanks for the good interview and the questions awnsered Chris and Jeff.

HugoIce said:

May 13th, 2:26 am

And by the way, jeff you said on awnser to #77 that there was not gonna be a collector’s Edition, when there is one already… I have it pre-ordered the Infamous Limited Edition so i know for a fact it exists.

Enigma777 said:

May 13th, 3:15 am

Buying it day one! I hope the Gigawatt blades become available through DLC cause I hate GS I will not do business with them…

HawkEyes1 said:

May 13th, 3:19 am

Demo? what demo there is no demo unless you guys are being greedy and releasing only to those who have a Qore Subscribition?..The 21st we shall see.But what I like to know is where did you people get your hands on this demo before its even out?..

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