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May 13

May 13

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Game Update and Free DLC

David Bull's Avatar Posted by Global Brand Manager, SIEA

Hey all you, Motorstormers!

Hope you’re having fun ripping it up in the jungle on Pacific Rift because starting this Thursday, May 14th, we’ll be sending a downloadable vehicle livery pack your way every week for the next eight weeks exclusively via PlayStation Store. Each pack features new paint jobs for three vehicles, and the full set will give MotorStorm: Pacific Rift players a cutting-edge new look for every single vehicle class in the game: Mudpluggers, Quad Bikes, Monster Trucks, Rally Cars and more. Each new livery has been designed by one of Evolution’s top studio artists and the result is a collection of some of the craziest and out-there vehicle sprays ever seen in a racing game!

And to top it off, all these liveries are FREE!

Additionally, Game Update #2 was just released, and provides a number of useful fixes and updates for MotorStorm Pacific Rift. These include:

  • Sugar Rush short-cut removed – The short-cut to the left of the “keep right” arrows going into the sugar field was not intentionally included and has been removed
  • Sugar Rush respawn point fixed – Crashing at a certain point on the track no longer respawns the vehicle in a generous position
  • Inclusion of Microbadges

Actually, wanted to focus on these new Microbadges as these are very cool ways of giving each player a distinct identity when online in MotorStorm Pacific Rift. Microbadges are in-game displayable ‘medals’ which let you flaunt your proudest personal accomplishments and your off-road racing prowess to every other racer online.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift - Microbadges MotorStorm Pacific Rift - Microbadges

Microbadges go beyond the usual Trophies that MotorStorm Pacific Rift already awards; the idea is that they should be dedicated to things you’d want other players to know about while you’re racing online. Here are some examples:

  • Gold Festival – Completed Pacific Rift Festival with all Gold medals
  • Immortal – Win an Online Ranked race without wrecking
  • Flame and Fortune – 20 Boost explosion wins
  • Time Attack Master – Record an impressive Time Attack time on any Leaderboard
  • Supreme Victor – Win any Online or Offline race by a margin of 15 seconds

Microbadges are displayed beneath each Online ID, and players can display up to three badges from the get-go. Three more badge slots (there are six slots total) can be earned by working up the online ranks, and players can unlock 40 microbadges total. Players can choose which badges to show off and highlight what they’ve achieved in the game. Microbadges will also provide retroactive credit, so if you’ve already put in the hours, you’ll be reaping the rewards.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift - ATV

Last but not least, we wanted to give you a heads up on the photo contest we highlighted earlier.

Well we have finally gotten our winners, and they will be officially announced later this week on the official MotorStorm VIP site: Keep an eye out to see if you are one of the lucky winners!

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JordanBlack68 said:

May 13th, 9:32 am

Free DLC rocks, more companies should do this!

Microshock said:

May 13th, 9:35 am

Awesome job guys, maybe i’ll even pick the game up one day, free DLC is always good PR

Darkos87 said:

May 13th, 9:35 am

maybe you guys could make an update to make the ai difficulty less maddening… sucked all the fun out of the game for me :(

TakiFuGu said:

May 13th, 9:36 am

Can we expect to see more DLC for MotorStorm: PR? I bought this game on the promise that it would support like the first MotorStorm. So far, you guys haven’t been doing a very good job. No new vehicles nor tracks.

    David Bull's Avatar

    David Bull said:

    May 13th, 11:32 am

    Stay tuned, TakiFuGu. We\’ll have more info on that coming soon.

TakiFuGu said:

May 13th, 9:37 am

would be*

Grinchy said:

May 13th, 9:39 am

Wow, this game is so awesome. Seeing support like this always goes to show you which companies really care about the fans!

MGSTigerFox said:

May 13th, 9:39 am

You guys are doing this thing right. I appreciate all of your hard work into this series. MotorStorm is still one of the best racing games out there, on any console! Thank you very much for FREE DLC – any DLC is awesome as long as it enhances and brings more to an already great game!

Thrasher20 said:

May 13th, 9:39 am

Free is always welcome in PS Blog :)

toology01 said:

May 13th, 9:41 am

I appreciate the free vehicles paint jobs. However I have to admit when I saw the letters DLC in the title of this post I got really excited for something more substantial, MORE TRACKS. Ive been wondering when some DLC was coming for this game seeing as how its been out for like 7+ months now?

Anyway any chance will be seeing some new tracks or perhaps whole new festival around E3 time? Or without confirming something your not supposed to what kind of time frame are we looking at to wait for some more substantial DLC?

    David Bull's Avatar

    David Bull said:

    May 13th, 11:34 am

    Hey toology01,
    Stay tuned to the PS Blog this summer. We\’ll have some more MotorStorm goodies to share with you soon. :)

TakiFuGu said:

May 13th, 9:41 am

Here’s to hoping that you guys really stick to the free upcoming DLC as promised.

/rate post 5 stars

typikal82 said:

May 13th, 9:43 am


direkt57 said:

May 13th, 9:45 am

sweet! i needed a reason to pick this game up again.

Skater_Ricky said:

May 13th, 9:48 am

I cant Wait to see all the New Paint Jobs there going to be for the game :D

Thank you.. I been Working on my Trophy List :D

Korbei83 said:

May 13th, 9:49 am

I’d really like to see the price come down on MS:PR just a little bit. I liked Motorstorm and have always meant to pick up Pacific Rift, I just keep getting deterred by seeing it at $70+ CDN. If the price isn’t slashed soon I’m getting it used.

rustyboy said:

May 13th, 9:52 am

GREAT some free DLC, following Burnout with free DLC. Only problem is I completed the game with al Gold medals. Today played a match online and my Save file corrupted now i have lost everything. The 40 Hours+ i put into the game is now for nothing.

adolson said:

May 13th, 9:52 am

This game is priced at $28.83 or so at WalMart…

I’d gladly buy it if it supported my Logitech Driving Force GT wheel.

Vengeful-Chaos said:

May 13th, 9:53 am

Nice avatar and last name.

    David Bull's Avatar

    David Bull said:

    May 13th, 11:35 am

    Haha, thanks!

Germz said:

May 13th, 9:54 am

I like free! Is this for all region versions?

    David Bull's Avatar

    David Bull said:

    May 13th, 11:35 am

    Why yes it is.

Kenshin71 said:

May 13th, 9:56 am

What would boost the appeal of this game 1000% would be the addition of a a livery editor so that players could customise their own paint jobs. It’s available in other racing games and would add great value to what I feel has been a poorly marketed and under appreciated game.

HongoXIII said:

May 13th, 9:59 am

I still need this game. The free DLC news is pushing me closer to purchasing it

Ftwrthtx said:

May 13th, 10:02 am

My favorite word in the dictionary is the word ‘FREE’. Nice price point :-)

Salem13 said:

May 13th, 10:05 am

Thank you sooo much for this update!

I can’t believe any gaming company would release free DLC like this one. This is great news and thank you for all the effort you put into it. I can’t wait to check it out!

inveigle said:

May 13th, 10:08 am

Awesome news! Thank you so much!

jBat17 said:

May 13th, 10:10 am

best off-road racer, IMO

GGCAN said:

May 13th, 10:10 am

Thanks David.

Just downloaded the new update last night and I’ve got to say the game play seems better and quicker than before.

Sure love the free DLC that’s coming our way.

Keep up the good work.

MS Pacific Rift is a great game for those of you that haven’t purchased it yet.

    David Bull's Avatar

    David Bull said:

    May 13th, 11:37 am

    …and Kudos to Evolution Studios for making it!

ykiki5 said:

May 13th, 10:20 am

Gotta love “FREE”. Thanks!

Ghost_Shrimp said:

May 13th, 10:25 am

Awesome, glad to see this great game getting some support. I hope you guys release a weekend festival expansion or something soon.

Also those badges are a very cool idea.

norm01 said:

May 13th, 10:26 am

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is one of THE funnest and certainly one of the most underrated games that came out last holiday season. I strongly recommend picking it up if you haven’t already. It’s got everything that a PS3 owner would want in a game: trophies, in-game custom music soundtracks, great graphics, sound and multiplayer and a real extensive single player gameplay experience. On a separate note for me personally, I’m a bit bummed out since my PS3 got the YLOD that I can’t play this right now!! :|

    David Bull's Avatar

    David Bull said:

    May 13th, 11:38 am

    Great praise from a true gamer. Listen to norm01, people… he\’s on to something.

    12-player online multiplayer and 4-player split screen action? Where does the fun stop?

Watchmann said:

May 13th, 10:39 am

Good decision to provide skins as free DLC. It’s a low cost way of supporting the title, can look quite cool and is generally appreciated by fans.

Hey Capcom, are you paying attention??

alexdelangel13 said:

May 13th, 10:40 am

Free!!!!! =D amazing im tired of having to pay i mean first i had too pay for resistance 2 stuff and the the killzone 2 and even my little big planet stuff its so amazing to hear stuff is coming for free

Cutz0r said:

May 13th, 10:43 am

Kewl! Gotta start playing again, hehe :)

commedieu said:

May 13th, 10:49 am

thank you

yostane said:

May 13th, 10:57 am

I didn’t know the game before buying it in a PS3 pack. It’s a great game, on line mode is cool. Thanks for the updates.

kdiep said:

May 13th, 10:59 am

Free nice! I just got the game a month ago so I guess I got it at the right time. Just got done with Festival yesterday. Really great game. I know a bunch of people on the forums hate you but I dig you! You dig?

Wish for more modes though and/or maps.

    David Bull's Avatar

    David Bull said:

    May 13th, 11:39 am

    Check out my reply to #9

Kren420 said:

May 13th, 11:00 am

Very nice been a fan of motorstorm since i bought my 80gig motorstorm bundle PS3. Keep up the good work and ill support until the end!


May 13th, 11:01 am

Awesome, I’ve wanted to get PR but with too many games coming out I didn’t get it. Though this updates are making me wanting it. Also just started playing the original MS and it’s great

marcindpol said:

May 13th, 11:04 am

you know guys i always wanted to get this game but there is one think that is preventing me from doing so, i have heard many times that this game is very very hard and frustrating at times!, honestly i get frustrated very quickly:(…

zombie9 said:

May 13th, 11:05 am

I just got this game a couple of weeks ago and I go to say it’s now one of my funnest games. I have my friend’s who don’t even own a PS3 Are thinking about buying one after I showed them this game. Must buy for any PS3 owner! Thanks for FREE stuff Love that the most!!!! :)


May 13th, 11:10 am

Any chance we can get driving wheel support?

avi_66 said:

May 13th, 11:14 am

Wish i could play sadly i came home to India for my vacation and after i came home wen i wanted to play some motorstorm, i opened my bags to find out that the games were stolen from my baggage after it came out of the plane and before it came to me and to make it worse the games were Motorstorm:PR, Killzone 2, LBP, GTA4, Bioshock and my Quantum Of Solace Bluray. I am very sad but will be able to play again only after i come back to the US. Anyway good work guys.

w00t551 said:

May 13th, 11:20 am

Zookey said:

May 13th, 11:20 am


RemyX-1988 said:

May 13th, 11:23 am

Nice! Although I must admit that I like the original MotorStorm much better… I think it’s the controls of the vehicles in Pacific Rift… they seem… off.

Ah well, maybe I just suck at the levels ;)
An island or Monument Valley? Let’s just try!

Welcome… to MotorStorm!

Slintaii said:

May 13th, 11:24 am

Awesome! Looks like a great update. Really appreciate quality support like this. Cheers. :)

Venias said:

May 13th, 11:33 am

I cannot believe I still have not bought this wonderful game.

Andrefpvs said:

May 13th, 11:48 am

Great job guys!

Are there new Trophies coming with this update? I don’t know if Sony is still allowing free DLC to provide extra Trophies (I remember Burnout Paradise doing it, but it was a long time ago).

Either way, kudos to you!

AEREC said:

May 13th, 11:49 am

Cool…Ive been looking to get back into MS:PR online..last time a played it took a while to find a match in matchmaking…is there still a good community?

I like the microbadges idea…very cool.

Kren420 said:

May 13th, 11:53 am

My #1 most wanted addition (and the only one really) would be a free range mode, just off road at your leisure on the maps, maybe find short cuts, that kind of thing

TakiFuGu said:

May 13th, 12:00 pm

@ David Bull // Product Marketing Specialist, SCEA

Thanks for answering my first question.

Wouldn’t have been best to start rolling out the DLC for MotorStorm: PR earlier? I’m just asking, because I noticed the momentum for the game has slowed down tremendously. Though I do enjoy the game.

The leveling process is extremely annoying. I’m only missing 2 more Trophies to platinum the game. At my level, during a race if I don’t come in 1st or 3rd. The level meter barely moves. If I happen to have a bad race and come in 7th or 8th. It drops sooooo much. Its so frustrating.

Ackers11 said:

May 13th, 12:02 pm



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