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May 15

May 15

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – New Single-Player Video

Arne Meyer's Avatar Posted by Director of Communications, Naughty Dog

Hey PS.Blog readers –

In case you missed it, yesterday Gametrailers TV ran an exclusive clip of the first official Uncharted 2: Among Thieves single player footage featuring Drake scrambling through a war-torn Nepalese city in search of his new partner, Chloe. Check it out below:

Now if that gameplay footage wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, IGN just posted more than five minutes of this single player video and new story details! See even more of Drake in action as he encounters the enemies in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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NeonReaver said:

May 16th, 10:29 am

I was going to get this game until multi announcement was made. Now I’m not going to get this and I’m getting Arkham Asylum instead.

Stinkinmushroom said:

May 16th, 10:30 am

Congrats, you just won the internet with the 5min vid

SabbathRider said:

May 16th, 10:34 am

Not getting a game because their adding features is outrageous. Clearly, from the footage we have seen so far this game looks gorgeous and is going to be a blast to play. Keep it up Naughty Dog.

I can’t wait!

GGCAN said:

May 16th, 10:48 am

Thanks Arne.

Wow….tha video of 5 minutes of gameplay was amazing !

FFObsessed said:

May 16th, 11:07 am

I would like to purchase a Collector’s Edition for this game.

Thank you.

nas2344 said:

May 16th, 11:12 am

yeah this game blew me right away i cant believe what i saw! amazing job!

xesf said:

May 16th, 11:39 am

Congratulations Naughty Dog, I can’t imagine the effort you’re putting into this game. Simply amazing.

Uncharted was my first PS3 game and I’ll surely get Uncharted 2 at day 1 indeed. Count on me.

Btw, will the Beta be available in Europe?! Or only at America?!

jper007 said:

May 16th, 11:42 am

I was wondering if there was going to be split screen, like multiplayer on the same consol. Thanks a lot. This game looks amazing, im really excited for it.

Poopookakabumbum said:

May 16th, 11:44 am


He’s not getting the game because features are being added, he’s not getting the game for the same reason I’m not.

The existing features are being gimped in favour of the new ones.

That’s just unacceptable.

HighLuxury said:

May 16th, 11:45 am


pretty interesting how you know that before-hand even when the has yet to go through critics and a pending release.

Thats some poor judgement there buddy.

Ti_dus said:

May 16th, 12:36 pm

This looks just impossible :)

Poopookakabumbum said:

May 16th, 12:47 pm


Don’t call me buddy, guy.

And it isn’t poor judgment, it’s FACT.

xshane said:

May 16th, 12:58 pm

Looks amazing!

Can’t wait to play the beta..

Andorski said:

May 16th, 1:02 pm

Claiming that multiplayer will affect the quality of the single player campaign is such a moot point. Using the same logic that time, man power, and finances are limted resources, can can also say that the single player campaign will be worse if Naughty Dog releases Uncharted 2 this year rather then next year… or even the year after that.

No matter how good a game can be, there will always be something that can be improved upon. Unfortunately, there will also be people whining about how those improvements were not implemented. So I say chill, enjoy the game when it is released, and realize that Naughty Dog will be around the listen to feedback and improve their franchse. And if they don’t, SCEA is filled with talented development teams that can fill that gaming void.

Deathalo said:

May 16th, 1:22 pm

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I can’t get past the fact that this has got to be one of the greatest looking games I have ever seen in my life. I’m amazed at how you pulled off such an amazing looking game in such a short time, you have an unbelievably amazing team. The game play looks to be even better than the first too. I am a big fan of Uncharted, I had a great time getting platinum on the first game and I can’t wait to do the same on the second. This is definitely GOY material and you guys should really think about releasing your game engine for other PS3 devs, it’s the best I’ve seen for consoles, blows UE3 away. Thank you for doing such great work, keep it up.

poisonedsodapop said:

May 16th, 1:25 pm

I finally got around to watching those. Looks absolutely amazing. I REALLY have to pick up the first one now.

Poopookakabumbum said:

May 16th, 2:25 pm


Adding multi-player to a single player game is not improving it, it’s *breaking* it.

WU-Tang4Ever said:

May 16th, 2:38 pm

I am hoping single player isn’t compromised when you add multiplayer. So far single player looks great!

Andorski said:

May 16th, 3:03 pm


What has been shown so far that hints at a game mechanic being “broken”?

xiked said:

May 16th, 3:15 pm

INSANE! KZ2 floored everything but know Uncharted 2 has gone crazy and floored everything. PS3 exclusive are great! Every game sets a new standard to this generation. INSANE!

CartBlanche said:

May 16th, 3:25 pm

This gameplay snippet is much more impressive than the one shown as part of GameTrailers the other night. Now just make sure the public know about the game.

NeonReaver said:

May 16th, 3:27 pm

I haven’t been watching the singleplayer stuff, but in ever game that I’ve played that’s had single and multi the singleplayer has always suffered and from MY experience it will most likely be the same here, so that’s why even though I loved the first I will be skipping the second and others that are released.

CartBlanche said:

May 16th, 3:33 pm

@151 : If you think Arkham Asylum will be good, then U1 and U2 just won’t be your cup of tea, or will go over your head. You like comic related games over pulp. So I’m guessing this year your game library includes Hulk, and you’ll also be getting Prototype. I’m guessing most U1 and U2 fans aren’t into that kind of game either.
Best to save your money on this one and avoid disappointment.

For those of us who “get” Naughty Dog’s vision, we know a good thing when we’ve played it and U2 looks like it won’t disappoint.

macbelonwu10 said:

May 16th, 3:36 pm

Day one…but please no more videos dont spoil it for me thank you

KnaveX said:

May 16th, 4:34 pm

im glad to see it had some type of autoaim when shooting from the hip. Yipee!

LILBUDDY2000 said:

May 16th, 5:29 pm

Unreal. This game actually looks and plays better than Uncharted 1. Every game will now be compared to Uncharted 2…great job.

Poopookakabumbum said:

May 16th, 8:07 pm


What vision is there to “get”?

Gimping half your game to appease a bunch of itchy trigger inbreds who just want to shoot and swear at everything?

NeonReaver said:

May 16th, 8:35 pm

Cartblanche I am very much looking forward to Prototype, but I don’t have Hulk. I have the first Uncharted and love it, but games are expensive and I’ve thrown out money a few times before and been disappointed, so

I’m trying to watch my money more closely now. So with that I will be skipping the possible disappointment of Uncharted 2 and getting Batman: AA somewhere down the line.

MuzikDJ said:

May 16th, 8:46 pm

Game looks amazing cant wait for the beta 2 start

AceBeeDee said:

May 17th, 6:43 am

please, i beg, to make a collectors ed. the game is too good not to have one

Velzorn said:

May 17th, 9:11 am

The overall look and feel of the game from this video is amazing. Throw in the multiplayer video and the fact that there is going to be co-op missions and you now have an official day one buy from me!

Can’t wait for this game. Hopefully I can be a part of the beta testing and hopefully the game can hit this year. Great job guys.

exion said:

May 17th, 10:00 am

@Poopookakabumbum disregarding the fact that you are evidently a moron, and morons are to be ignored, here’s my take:

Nothing they’ve shown so far implies that the game is broken, in fact the footage so far looks like it blows the original out of the water.

Multiplayer does not ruin single player franchises. Case and point; Metal Gear Solid. Traditionally a single player franchise, the 3rd game(‘s expanded re-release) introduced a barebones multiplayer… it was pretty good, and the single player aspect of the game is still lauded by many as the best in the series. MGS4 and MG:PO had multiplayer in mind much earlier in their development cycles (much like Uncharted 2) and ended up delivering on both awesome multiplayer and single player.

exion said:

May 17th, 10:01 am


In the current environment of networked play, single player games don’t have much of a future… once players have finished the story what’s going to make them keep returning to the game, other than playing through again with friends or climbing online ladders? I loved Uncharted 1 but I’ve not touched it in months, MGS4 I still play. Other traditionally single player franchises are making the jump too, such as Bioshock 2, and that doesn’t look “ruined” by any stretch of the word either.

sTeLioSco said:

May 17th, 10:21 am

amazing game



Santarus said:

May 17th, 10:59 am

One word: EPIC.

This will be my GOTY.

Poopookakabumbum said:

May 17th, 12:16 pm


Make your point without hurling insults or keep your mouth shut.

You proved my point.

The multiplayer was bare bones.

It was half-assed because they spent so much time on the single player that the multi-player suffered.

One mode *always* suffers because of the other one.

remytron83 said:

May 17th, 1:00 pm

This looks about as good as MGS4 if not better.

remytron83 said:

May 17th, 1:01 pm

OK… It looks better.

tsukasa1288 said:

May 17th, 2:34 pm

gotta love how your psn id exemplifies your idiotic logic

exion said:

May 17th, 4:49 pm

no, you missed my point entirely…

MGS3 featured barebones multiplayer mostly due to hardware issues in my knowledge (I struggle to think of any truly great online games on the PS2… aside from multiplatform titles like FF11)… plus the multiplayer was made after they finished the game and wasn’t released until the subsistence rerelease. The only reason I mentioned it at all was to show that multiplayer can work on traditionally single player franchises.

MGS4’s multiplayer was made in parallel with the single player and both were excellent showing that parallel development does not always impede the final product.

if you knew the slightest thing about how games development works then you’d be able to see the many faults in your logic…

Poopookakabumbum said:

May 17th, 5:18 pm


There is not flaw in my logic.

You are simply wrong.

wasim007 said:

May 17th, 8:43 pm

definite Game of the year

iNoct said:

May 18th, 3:50 am

Just amazing!!

Netweb said:

May 18th, 5:11 am

I purchase Anual QORE sing and don’t have the beta code already.

exion said:

May 18th, 6:10 am


Look, I give up, if you’re too stubborn to admit when you’re clearly wrong then I for one cannot be arsed wasting any more time pointing out the obvious.

If you are so adamant that this game is going to be ruined thanks to the inclusion of multiplayer then don’t buy it… your absence sure as hell won’t be ruining my experience.

ShootBlood said:

May 18th, 7:32 am

Looks totally awesome! Also Multiplayer this time! Great work Naughty Dog!

Poopookakabumbum said:

May 18th, 9:39 am


A) I’m not stubborn, I’m right.
B) I’m not planning on buying it.
C) My absence won’t ruin your experience, but the gimped single-player and pointless multi-player will.

exion said:

May 18th, 10:28 am


well… when you’re right you’re right.

I’ll leave it at that.

Poopookakabumbum said:

May 18th, 11:22 am


And I am right.

I’m glad you agree.

Danouman said:

May 18th, 2:07 pm

Haha your hilarious mate.

This looks so good, actually can’t wait.

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