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May 19

May 19

LittleBigPlanet “The Patch” – Family Guy’s Joe Vaux

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Assistant Director, Family Guy

I had been working with my friends Ken and Tonny over at Von Dutch and Planet Illogica for about a year. These two are looking for ways to use their skills and connections to help artists market themselves to a broader audience. Early this year I got the call from Ken to come down and meet the folks of PlayStation and design a LittleBigPlanet level. A day or two later I was sitting at the Von Dutch office in front of flat screen TV with Leo, the guy who produced LittleBigPlanet, gawking at this amazing game.

Leo led me through a basic tour of the game’s potential. I could tell it was just the tip of the iceberg. While other artists around me worked away on their levels with a PS representative, I felt like I needed some time to let what I had seen sink into my thick skull. That night I sat down with pen and paper and sketched out a schematic for what would become the Joe Vaux level. The next day I cruised over at lunch to present my drawing to Leo. He seemed inspired. Knowing I needed to get back to work, Leo took the drawing and began the construction.

A couple of weeks went by and I get and email from KG. “Have you seen your level?” he asks. Then he iChats some stills from the world I designed. My jaw hit the floor. Now I have to admit, I’m not much of a gamer. I just don’t have time between being a father, an assistant director on Family Guy and a painter. But, if I did have time I would eat this game for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What a blast to design and build your own game. Kudos to PS!

To the fans of PS and LittleBigPlanet: Don’t judge me, enjoy and bask in the ability to create and share with the magic of this fantastic game. Thanks to all the the great people at PlayStation (Katie, Ginger, Leo and Jeff) and to Ken Goldstein and Tonny S. for presenting this great opportunity. You guys Rock!!!

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Sindred said:

May 19th, 12:06 pm

Heheh, good job. I really need to finish my NOIR level.

LukaX23 said:

May 19th, 12:09 pm

Cool stuff!

PS: When is the E3 meet-up info coming? Not trying to b picky or anything. >.<

AceNet2 said:

May 19th, 12:09 pm

Awesome Joe! Love Family Guy too! Woulda liked to have seen a FG themed level. Oh wait, it would just get ‘moderated’ right? Time to fire up the LBP again!

Aggie_CEO said:

May 19th, 12:13 pm

that was a pretty hot level…..

Thrasher20 said:

May 19th, 12:20 pm

Sounds like a perfect job for me…

Delriach said:

May 19th, 12:20 pm

awesome stuff. It’s always nice to just come back to LBP whenever I want and know that there is new content waiting.

Sindred said:

May 19th, 12:22 pm

I agree Delriach. That’s why LBP will pretty much never be sold. I don’t want to not have it if some Huge new addition is added, since that game is so organic and ever changing.

XxBigP123xX said:

May 19th, 12:27 pm

So when is this going up? All i see is a level by Sarah Burke(?).

stlthriot said:

May 19th, 12:29 pm

I sure do wish there was an easier way to make levels. Like a PC editor of some sort. ;)

Oh, and we need a water effect! It’d be so fun to see if flow and build different things for it to interact with and things to float in it! :D

Darkos87 said:

May 19th, 12:34 pm

It’s definitely a hard thing to do when you are pressed for time. My level ( not the best of the bunch) took me almost 60 hours combined to get right.

Jeigh said:

May 19th, 12:35 pm

I’m not sure I really understand this ‘The Patch’ thing. Is that actual creation of the level going to be handled by developers or the people themselves. If it’s the former, that really doesn’t seem fair. Meanwhile, I’m swearing at my PS3 because “that damn bolt won’t work right!!!” (Seriously, the system is NOT perfect and after spending an hour trying to figure out why such a simple, annoying little thing wouldn’t work right I gave up.)

StalkingSilence said:

May 19th, 12:35 pm

I will be checking out the new portal, “The Patch” when it hits LBP!

StalkingSilence said:

May 19th, 12:40 pm

Was hoping the “The Patch” levels were actually created in-game by those folks. But probably better to be done by the pros. I understand celebs and artists have other priorities and will realistically never be the best at making in-game levels. So we’ll just have to see!

Vex_Doppel said:

May 19th, 12:40 pm

@Joe Vaux
I added you as a friend Joe.

I know right, I couldn’t find the level either and now I see people hitting that level like crazy. Sarah is gonna get alot of hits just from luck on that one.

BOO-Blackheart said:

May 19th, 12:41 pm

Awsome work! would be nice to see if one day they’d let up use image files as stickers so we can render levels to the fullest of the artists’ abilities!

whoelse said:

May 19th, 12:53 pm

Both Family Guy and LittleBigPlanet are legends!

Kenshin71 said:

May 19th, 1:01 pm

So The Patch levels were not actually created by the people themselves. They were just sketched on a piece of paper and handed over to the PS reps. Would prefer better exposure of some of the amazing user made levels, like a Top 5 of the Week section or something.

    Joe Vaux's Avatar

    Joe Vaux said:

    May 19th, 4:42 pm

    That seems to make a lot of sense. I bet PS will get there. I had a very limited amount of time to absorb the games potential and create something. You experienced gamers will really explore the games building power.

alessat said:

May 19th, 1:06 pm

Cool level, can’t wait till it’s up!
Btw, did that cat farted??? lol

jazzyrider said:

May 19th, 1:06 pm

Cool level – can’t wait to try it out!

joostin said:

May 19th, 1:08 pm


Careful with glue. Seems like you probably glued an object to the background or ground or even another object, then by un-gluing you probably disassembled the entire object.
Best to build things in the open air then when they work and have the proper mechanics you can save the object for future use and shrink/expand it to fit into your level. You also have to aim your glue. If you just hold ‘X’ then it will glue the entire object/material. You have to hold left,right,up,down and X to get the desired results of object-object gluing. Don’t give up!

DTS_MAN said:

May 19th, 1:09 pm


IrishHater said:

May 19th, 1:16 pm

Got to love to create aspect of this game. I was a pre-order buyer of LBP, but let my nephew take the game…. He has not given it back yet, so yea i am crying about it… thought this might be a good spot to release a nice cry (lol)

CEK111 said:

May 19th, 1:16 pm



wedgehog said:

May 19th, 1:17 pm

Love the comment on “the art of object-object gluing”.

rocketdn said:

May 19th, 1:20 pm

nice, can’t wait to play it.

Vengeful-Chaos said:

May 19th, 1:21 pm

Hello Joe, I just wanted to say your painting is phenomenal. I really loved “protect your head” and of course “stewart”. I wish I had the skills to be able to paint like that.

TRIX_BOL said:

May 19th, 1:26 pm

Joe, I am glad to hear that you also liked it as we do.

It’s an awesome game which catches any person’s attention just by trying it. I imagine how you reacted as soon you watched all you could do in LittleBigPlanet. :)

However I hope to see a *future* LBP custom character (add-on) inspired by you. lol

Letters2Kay said:

May 19th, 1:37 pm

You lost me at “assistant director on Family Guy.”


joostin said:

May 19th, 1:42 pm

@ wedgehog

Thanks! ;)

Jeigh said:

May 19th, 1:54 pm

@ joostin (20)

Oh, believe me- if it were that simple, I would’ve have no trouble. I actually did some pretty complex stuff, but little things like that just drove me mad to no end. Actually did a pretty cool level using fire, but never published it because it was actually going to be a three part ‘story’ thing I never finished.

mckg123456789 said:

May 19th, 1:56 pm


BigPoppaB said:

May 19th, 2:15 pm

i guess any update is better than no update?

liketoski said:

May 19th, 2:22 pm

Announce the PSP2 already!

DJ_DTM said:

May 19th, 2:43 pm

Just played the level.. I must admit Sarah was an odd name, Honestly I don’t know how that level gets a spotlight.. and seriously thats the best Joe Vaux and a PS rep could do?? I feel stupid for working as hard as I do when I create an LBP level. That was one star- poor at best. sorry

    Joe Vaux's Avatar

    Joe Vaux said:

    May 19th, 4:43 pm

    Why so serious? Lighten up and enjoy the Game.

saunderswan said:

May 19th, 3:16 pm

Family Guy rock am goin to visit Joehio thats next to petoria.

So can we ask FG questions? not that i have any just wondered?

Ztnepres said:

May 19th, 3:46 pm

we need events for lbp. is there anyway to put more players instead of just 4? cus a lbp marathon would be insane. lbp olympics doing hurdles or swimming by doing quick arm motions would put this game to a whole new level

Joe Vaux's Avatar

Joe Vaux said:

May 19th, 4:19 pm

You guys have been pretty nice to this amateur. Thank you.
Remember: It’s better to have played and lost than not to have played at all.

DJ_DTM said:

May 19th, 4:35 pm

I knew something was wrong with the level posted under that name. It’s gone now but I’m sure it was NOT from your mind. unless you are a slow learning 10 year old girl.

snoopypup248 said:

May 19th, 5:03 pm

Guys, yall have to understand that he didn’t have time to pick up the game and learn all the controls. Thank you for the time you gave MediaMolecule, Joe Vaux. I think your level is awesome. :D

DJ_DTM said:

May 19th, 5:12 pm

The level is not out yet, I doubt the real Joe Vaux would have licenced to use X Games in Aspen as his theme for such a short level and I quite seriously doubt the PS programmer would do such a bad job putting his ideas together.
Can’t wait to see the real deal.

jipmg said:

May 19th, 5:24 pm

That was so cool, I will enjoy playing it, its so cool how you guys have fun with little big planet, it truley has a limitless amount of potential. Thats what I love about LBP, if I get bored 1 month, I see a load of levels the next month

MidnightBlues said:

May 19th, 9:55 pm

my comment was deleted

Loco said:

May 19th, 10:19 pm

well, my friend had my copy, i just got it back, i can’t wait to try you’re level Joe!

Thank you and Thanks for family guy(I watch it every Sunday)

mizar_mh said:

May 19th, 10:45 pm

so when will we get to play this level? just been searching the community with text ‘lbporiginals’ and get no results found. the video looks great.

CinderShadow said:

May 20th, 2:12 am

Well, from the video, it looks pretty cool. No matter what, though, I always respect those who give things a go. It encouraged me to go find that level, in order to play it, myself. I liked the bit with the floating boat, and seagulls near the sun, best. :) Very creative.

Phuquit said:

May 20th, 4:23 am

as useful as a chocolate teapot

KillerBread said:

May 20th, 8:32 am

can you tell me if you are going to make a patch for 4 friends to create a game because me and my friends still love this game and we all want to make a game with each other.

Grind_Axis said:

May 20th, 9:08 am

It’s cool that you found time to create something for LBP within your busy schedule. I’ll go ahead and play it.

katsuo7171 said:

May 20th, 6:31 pm

Wow you are a very good painter! Also the gaming community is packed of immature d-bags don’t worry about them.

barnaclejoe said:

May 24th, 2:42 pm

Really cool you took the time to work on a Littlebigplanet level. Clearly the other work in your portfolio has created unrealistic expectations among some of the gamers on this blog, but in any case, I think it was a cool level, and most of all, I think its awesome you gave your time to an absolutely RAD game like LittleBigPlanet.

Keep up the good work.

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