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Well, well, well. Here were are about a week launch, and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “This is the perfect time for an inFAMOUS live chat!” And while we’re not Hall and Oates, we do make dreams come true. Today starting at 1:00PM Pacific (4PM Eastern), our friends Nate Fox and David Meyer from Sucker Punch will electrify the Blog in live chat form. So get your last minute questions prepped because we’re T-minus 30 minutes!

UPDATE: Thanks to Nate and Dave from Sucker Punch, and thank you all for making this another great live chat. Awesome questions, amazing game. Only a few days left — hope you love it! And remember, you can view the entire chat by hitting the “Replay” button below.

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  • I’ll be there ;)

  • Bad timing for me, but I should still make it. I hope.

  • Does anyone know if Canadians will receive the Uncharted 2 beta in Infamous? Also, will it just be the first batch of games delivered to the store that has the beta?


  • I cant wait to get my questions answered

  • centrinoduo91

    LETS GO! i never get to see one live. nows my chance eh!

  • My Question Is – are the GW Blades from the pre-order only available that way, meaning if you did not pre-order you will never be able to use them.? Or will we be able to unlock them once we play through the game, or will they be a DLC down the line?


    I’m here and patiently awaiting…

  • StalkingSilence

    Cool – thanks for setting this up. Ready and waiting.

  • This better not be as bad as the laat few. Please Jeff, just let things related to the game get in. These chats are supposed to help but lately they haven’t. Lets break that streak.


    10mins to go

  • It wont be as bad due to less forward notice!

  • 8 mins to go

  • @scrappy300: That doesn’t prove the chat will be good.

  • checking out theblog and low and behold a live chat comes up. SWEET!!! can’t wait till Tuesday, Cole will be on my TV.

  • ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!! Bededoo do, beedede de de doo. dooo da dooo…

  • LegendaryWolfeh

    So then, we ask questions in the little chat box or in this comment thing? Sorry new to this ^^;

  • YES!

  • Oh, I am so hyped up for this game, so I will have loads of questions!

  • MidnightBlues

    where do I go to join this chat?

  • Questions!!!

    1. Since you can play an evil or good character, will the story branch out in a way that will affect the sequel or sequels made thereafter? or better yet, create spin-offs?

    2. Will there be small DLC? How about larger Episodic DLC, like Ratchet and Clank?

    That is all for now! Can’t wait gents!


  • i made it

  • Oh my God… I got a question in! I’ve asked questions in every single chat but this is the first time it went in! I’m pretty excited right now.

  • bigdaddyjane

    Does inFAMOUS have multiplayer or CO-OP.

  • taekw0nd0j0

    My questions are not going through.

  • @25: Get used to it. It’s always like this.

  • taekw0nd0j0

    Ah okay. Is it my computer or is it the servers? Cause it is really annoying. It says message sent, but it won’t show up in the chat box.

  • They have to let your comment get through before it shows up. It’s very difficult to get a question through.

  • taekw0nd0j0

    Okay thanks. So will it not show up or will it show up in say 15 minutes.

  • InfamousPsy21

    whats the install size?

  • “do people call you nate dogg?”

    I guess that’s a better question than the one I’ve posted a hundred freaking times.

  • i have tried to ask questions but my comments are not getting posted?


    lol totally agree…i wish my questions would be answered!

  • Why are none of my questions being asked?

  • Thank you! My question got in!

  • Home Content????

  • GotEmRunnin

    My questions don’t seem to be going through…


    they aren’t even asking questions anymore lol

  • They Suck thats why, Their game sucks, [ PROTOTYPE] FTW

  • “NATE I LOVE YOU lol”

    Really? We’re asking deep questions and then this comment sneaks in there…

  • Insane_Gamer

    This chat is totally stupid i’ve seen people ask several questions and mine has never even shown up, may i ask why? don’t my question matter?

  • Hi, i was wondering what are teh chances that you guys will be sued and fired by SCE? I mean you game sucks. So i was wondering will you guys bend over when PROTOTYPE kills your game BC its also on XBOX 360?


  • no ones questions are going threw, this is a staged *FAKE* USER Q&A, predetermined questions.

  • I’m already used to the frustration that comes with these chats. Im’ used to seeing dumb comments get through while my question goes unanswered.

  • Yea they are hiring poeple to ask lol, mine wont go through.

  • @43: The questions are not predetermined. 2 of mine have gotten through.

  • taekw0nd0j0

    How do you get them to go through? The Motorstorm chat about 2 years ago went perfectly.





    Hi i was wondering how many PS3’s will unFAMOUS Brick? ?

    Or how many people will get Aids from touching the Shapr BD edges of this Grabge game?

  • It would be nice if they stuck to posting the questions people asked and not stupid comments. I asked three different questions and haven’t seen one. How do they pick who gets to ask a question?

  • Insane_Gamer

    @46 yeah thats my point, i asked a question 3 minutes after the chat freaking started and still NOTHING

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