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May 20

May 20

Noby Noby Boy Version 1.1

Keita Takahashi's Avatar Posted by Namco Bandai Games

Long time, everyone! This is Takahashi.

Finally, the updated 1.1 version is ready (available now on PSN). Honestly, debugging it was hard for multiplayer as it was a hotbed for bugs. So, if you run into a bug or two, please laugh that off. Since there are more silly updates aside from multiplay, I hope everyone has fun with the game as a whole. By looking at the number of WEBWEBBOY, however, a lot of people don’t seem to have noticed the updates. They may be playing something else and not know about them. But I do wonder when GIRL will reach Mars.

So now FARTBOY is audible. As it says names of the excreted in Japanese and English in a random manner, it’s perfect for 2 to 3-year-olds to study languages. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have it encompass entire languages, like excreting with a certain button held lets it speak a German word, etc? This feature may not mean much, but I think it’ll be fun to perfect this spec.

Also, there is a hidden function in the game called SYNCHROBOY that people might not know about; it’s not even in the manual.

I expected that people would notice by now, but I feel like revealing at least a clue as no one has picked up on it yet. By holding a certain button while getting out of a house, the number of BOY increases. This can give you a multiplayer feel even during the single player mode. Please check it out!

See you soon!

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cochese22 said:

May 20th, 1:52 pm

Hello again Keita!

I have to say I really like NOBY NOBY a lot more after the update. The music is especially great! The new, giant stretching is a lot of fun as well.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone to play multiplayer with but Synchro Boy was a nice touch that enabled me to have many boys on the screen at once.

Anyways I think the fiesta week was the best idea you guys have had yet! I am hoping that you will have another few fiesta weeks in the future so that we will be able to reach the rest of the galaxy soon. I think that maybe if we reach Pluto you guys could release a paid update for more trophies and more content outside the solar system. What do you think?

Perhaps you or someone else from team NOBY could do some interviews or promos to get more people playing the game again?

cochese22 said:

May 20th, 1:54 pm

Oh, one more thing.

There are a handful of us dedicated stretchers who are trying to keep this thing going. One guy is so dedicated that he’s built a tracker:


As you can see if we keep up this growth rate then we will hit Mars in 40 days. Please Keita, please let us have more fiesta weeks.

Hoping this dream comes true…

phinnv8 said:

May 20th, 3:47 pm

I opened Noby Boy a few minutes ago and no patch, so I guess its not out after all

sNsKid said:

May 20th, 3:53 pm

After updating NNB I decided to see if there were any other games with updates. I was surprised when I found that there were updates for Savage moon and soldner-X. The latter getting a beginner mode as well as minor updates.

jqtaxpayer said:

May 20th, 4:02 pm

Thanks for the update, Mr. Takahashi! It’s always nice to hear from you since you, as you always have something unique to say.

Is there any chance we could get some more details on Katamari Forever? I’m really eager to hear more about it!

righello said:

May 20th, 4:10 pm

Thanks, Takahashi-san! ♥♡♥♡ please keep writing and updating, -you must!! also, D.I.Y. BOY is amazing! [you could release a Katamari Damacy, or Noby Noby Book, or lunchboxes/bento, ect., to fund updates!]

Mars should be about 70+ billion meters away, but it seems so reachable now! 5+ billion has been added using less than 5% of the BOYs in the world. Please, We can reach Mars within this week if more BOYs stretch! [This is multi-player!! lol]

(side note: many people aren’t excited about Takahashi’s work because of KATAMARI DAMACY alone. in fact, many wouldn’t even buy a KATAMARI game without his direction in it. NOBY NOBY BOY is a step further than his previous work. please, try it without comparison.)

blindrocket said:

May 20th, 4:38 pm


rotothirteen said:

May 20th, 6:44 pm

So weird that this post is up like 20 days after the patch went live. :P It definitely renewed my interest in the game.

redknight4 said:

May 20th, 7:21 pm

what are the differances between the version 1.1 that released earlier this month and the new 1.1 version if it isn’t the same version then the number might need to be changed to 1.11 for the update to be downloaded by everyone that has the old 1.1

HawkEyes1 said:

May 20th, 7:48 pm


Shanzay said:

May 20th, 10:37 pm

I’m still having a lot of fun with Noby Noby Boy, so thanks for the patch! Also, I totally agree with what’s been said about the fiesta week; I’d pretty much given up on getting to Mars, but now things are different – please do more!

rotothirteen said:

May 20th, 11:35 pm


1) If by “in-game music” you mean “custom soundtracks,” that’s up to the developer because Microsoft owns a patent for the way they do it. Noby Noby Boy supports custom soundtracks.

2) The music in Noby Noby boy fits the game perfectly anyway.

3) Go away.

Thrill_Kill said:

May 21st, 2:00 am

I don’t care much for this game and I am still pissed off that Namco gave us this instead of Beautiful Katamari. What a slap in the face after our support for them all these years.

Thankfully they are giving us Katamari Forever soon to make up for the huge mistake. I bought Noby Noby Boy just to show the creator of Katamari Damashi that I respect his artistic ideas for new games. I just really wish it was Beautiful Katamari that we got instead. :(

I still can’t understand why on earth they didn’t even give us a port of Beautiful Katamari? They know we would have bought it.

Othello500 said:

May 21st, 7:28 am

I love you and the work you put out. Please write us again sometime! You seem like such a good guy.

gnoah0 said:

May 21st, 9:38 am

I *love* noby noby boy. However right now I think most of the dedicated players are playing it for the wrong reasons(including me).

Right now I typically leave my playstation on 24/7 to get the most length possible. My desire for continued success of the game makes it hard to enjoy for the reasons that (I think) you intended. Instead of using it as a game to relax I’m using it as a screensaver to get to Mars. Although I do get certain satisfaction from getting ~2 million a night.

What I would really like is the ability to program my boy. Then I could leave him to do funny things(or *watch* him do funny things) and gain length. Users could also share boy programs with other people. Think of programming a Train Train Boy(the biggest longest boy possible, giving everyone on the level a ride) or an Eaty Eaty Boy that tried to eat or shove off everything on the world.

One other thing I would like to know is how much a single session of boys uses the system. Would it be possible to run multiple boy sessions in parallel? I would love the ability to save my favorite worlds and go back to them. Or leave a boy running around in that world and go back to him and see what he’s done. (continued)

gnoah0 said:

May 21st, 9:39 am

Once I was comfortable that I could contribute to the game without worrying I wasn’t getting enough length to progress I think I would be happier playing the game as an end unto itself. Fiesta week has been good for this, but even if every week is fiesta week we still have a long way to go.

Dehshizknight said:

May 21st, 12:56 pm

Sweet! I just bought this game a few days ago and I’m loving it! Still in the middle of getting those Trophies, though. Will any future update add any more? :p

mixenitup said:

May 21st, 4:25 pm

seems like they may have fixed the autogrow trick as mine stops after so long. maybe its just me moving the stick slightly. I wanted to test it before I Rubberband’ed up my controller

Kirkpad said:

May 21st, 8:24 pm

Definitely can’t wait for the Katamari Tribute. I didn’t know about SYNCROBOY, and I thought I knew everything about NOBY.

righello said:

May 24th, 4:59 am

Congratulations! We are on MARS!

yaboiRmani said:

June 1st, 1:46 pm

can sum 1 gameshare this game with me i ahve warhawk socom and almost evry lbp add ons also have sf 2 amk2 and more plz share with i go 1st im not a scammer swear to god

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