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May 21

May 21

PlayStation Store Update

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VP, PlayStation Network

Hi Everyone –

It’s time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update. inFAMOUS fans, download the demo today!

PSone Classics PS3 / PSP

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six ($5.99)
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six pits you as the commander of an elite counter-terrorism squad, and you will have to plan and execute complete a variety of covert operations to take down terrorists and make the world a safer place. Assemble your team from an international pool of special operatives and select from authentic gear and weapons to help you complete your missions.
ESRB Rated T
File size: 113 MB

Ford Racing ($5.99)
Push yourself to the limit as a new driver on the Ford Racing team. Test your driving skills in 12 different Ford cars, from Mustangs to tuned high-performance race cars. Compete in single races, time trials, or start a career in Career mode and work your way up the ranks. Upgrade your car and tweak its performance and handling in the body shop.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 66 MB

Game Demos (free)

The inFAMOUS demo is set in Empire City, where a massive explosion leveled 6 square blocks, killing everyone in its path…except you!
Feel what it’s like to be granted incredible powers… how you use them is up to you. The consequences of your actions will affect you, the citizens, and the city around you.
You’ll develop and grow your powers as Cole, and eventually uncover the purpose of it all.
ESRB Rated T
File size: 1183 MB

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Demo
The Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 demo will let the user play on two holes on both the Bethpage-Black and Turnberry courses. This is intended to let them experience the new in-game features we are implementing. They will also be allowed to take part in a two hole practice round at these two courses. In Tournament Challenge they will be allowed to participate in a single challenge from this feature in order to get a preview of the mode. There will also be a number of feature preview screens that allow the player to read about the rest of the upcoming features in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 1.68 GB

Disney/Pixar UP Demo
ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE! Journey through treacherous jungles of South America, battling dangerous creatures while avoiding being captured.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 1007 MB

Add-on Game Content

LittleBigPlanet Monsters Kit ($3.99)
Download the newest level designed by Media Molecule designed to scare the Sack-sized pants off you. This latest Level Kit features a completely new level featuring tons CREATE items including 5 materials, 3 doll bits, 26 decorations, 92 stickers, a new “Horror sounds” sound object and a new interactive music track – ‘Party Ghouls’ Intl Music.
File size: 1.04 MB

LittleBigPlanet Monsters Costumes ($2.99)
Introduce all kinds of scaryness with these new Monsters Costumes for LittleBigPlanet. Download this Costume Pack and dress up as Sackula, The Bride of Sackula, Zombie and Werewolf. Plus, decorate your favorite levels with a new array of stickers.
File size: 1.04 MB

LittleBigPlanet Bride of Sackula Costume ($0.99)
Introduce all kinds of scaryness with a brand new Bride of Sackula costume for LittleBigPlanet. Download this Costume and dress up as the Bride of Sackula.
File size: 1.04 MB

LittleBigPlanet Werewolf Costume ($0.99)
Introduce all kinds of scaryness with a brand new Werewolf costume for LittleBigPlanet. Download this Costume and dress up as a Werewolf File size: 1.04 MB

LittleBigPlanet Zombie Costume ($0.99)
Introduce all kinds of scaryness with a brand new Zombie costume for LittleBigPlanet. Download this Costume and dress up as a Zombie.
File size: 1.04 MB

LittleBigPlanet Sackula Costume ($0.99)
Introduce all kinds of scaryness with a brand new Sackula costume for LittleBigPlanet. Download this Costume and dress up as Sackula.
File size: 1.04 MB

MotorStorm Pacific Rift Patriot Signature Livery Pack (free)
Make your vehicle stand out from the crowd with this exclusive MotorStorm Pacific Rift livery pack, available for a limited time only from PlayStation Store.
Reminder: to use this download, you must own MotorStorm Pacific Rift
File size: 100 KB

PAIN: Ded Baron Character ($0.99)
This is the PAIN character that fans have been asking for. Voted on by fans ages ago, Idol Minds brings this ex-pilot zombie launchee to the legions of PAIN fans out there. Even his name, Ded Baron, was decided upon by the fans.
File size: 100 KB

F.E.A.R. 2 Armored Front Map Pack ($6.99)
Continue the mechanized mayhem in this new map pack! Experience two new battlegrounds for F.E.A.R. 2’s “Armored Front” multiplayer mode.
File size: 129 MB

Guitar Hero World Tour
For all song credits please visit

  • “Disconnected” by In Flames ($1.99)
  • “Look Good In Leather” by Cody ChesnuTT ($1.99)
  • “Oh Yeah!” by Housse de Racket ($1.99)
  • European Track Pack 05 ($5.49) – Downloadable Track Pack for Guitar Hero World Tour featuring “Disconnected” by In Flames, “Look Good In Leather” by Cody ChesnuTT and “Oh Yeah!” by Housse de Racket. Please Note: Many songs are available both as singles and as part of a Track Pack, so please carefully consider your purchases before downloading.

File size: 36 MB – 42 MB (singles), 115 MB (track pack)

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Billion Dollar Babies (Live)”— Alice Cooper ($1.99)
  • “I’m Eighteen (Live)”— Alice Cooper ($1.99)
  • “Poison”— Alice Cooper ($1.99)
  • “School’s Out (Live)”— Alice Cooper ($1.99)
  • “Under My Wheels (Live)”— Alice Cooper ($1.99)
  • “Vengeance Is Mine”— Alice Cooper ($1.99)
  • “Ring of Fire”— Social Distortion ($1.99)
  • “Story of My Life”— Social Distortion ($1.99)
  • Alice Cooper Pack 01 ($9.99) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track pack: Alice Cooper Pack 01. This pack includes: “Vengeance Is Mine,” “Under My Wheels (Live),” “School’s Out (Live),” “Poison,” “I’m Eighteen (Live),” and “Billion Dollar Babies (Live)” by Alice Cooper.
  • “Liar (It Takes One to Know One)”— Taking Back Sunday ($1.99)
  • “MakeDamnSure”— Taking Back Sunday ($1.99)
  • “What’s It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?”— Taking Back Sunday ($1.99)
  • Taking Back Sunday Pack 01 ($5.49) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track pack: Taking Back Sunday Pack 01. This pack includes: “What’s It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?,” “MakeDamnSure,” and “Liar (It Takes One to Know One)” by Taking Back Sunday.

File sizes: 22 MB – 43 MB (singles), 73 MB – 204 MB (track pack)

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X – Russian Falcons Pack ($4.99)
Unleash the power of Russian aircraft, including the advanced MiG Multifunctional Frontline Fighter, the variable geometry-featured Flogger or the close air support Su-39. Master the extreme maneuvers with an experimental version of the F-18 Hornet, modified to incorporate thrust vectoring technology.
File size: 1.95 MB

Game Videos (free)

Pulse 5/21 Edition
File size: 317 (1080)

MotorStorm Pacific Rift Signature Livery Trailer
File size: 46 MB (HD) 71 MB (1080)

Fat Princess Developer Diary #1
File size: 183 MB (HD)

inFAMOUS: Technology Trailer
File size: 437 MB (1080)

inFAMOUS: Empire City Trailer
File size: 371 MB (1080)

Red Faction: Guerrilla – Art of Destruction 1 Trailer
File size: 64 MB (HD)

Red Faction: Guerrilla – Art of Destruction 2 Trailer
File size: 71 MB (HD)

Red Faction: Guerrilla – Tools of Destruction 1 Trailer
File size: 64 MB (HD)

Red Faction: Guerrilla – Tools of Destruction 2 Trailer
File size: 87 MB (HD)

Terminator Salvation – Trailer
File size: 68 MB (1080)

Virtual Tennis 2009 Court 1 Trailer
File size: 72 MB (HD)

Virtual Tennis 2009 Court 2 Trailer
File size: 68 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers

Passengers Trailer
File size: 93 MB (HD) 123 MB (1080)

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Trailer
File size: 108 MB (HD) 144 MB (1080)

Paul Blart: Mall Cop Trailer
File size: 154 MB (1080)

The Sky Crawlers Trailer
File size: 70 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes

PAIN: Ded Baron Theme (free)
File size: 2423 KB

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin MP Theme ($0.99)
File size: 7858 KB

Gangsters Theme 2 ($1.49)
File sizes: 3670 KB

Tigers ($1.49)
File size: 6557 KB

Hockey Hotties ($1.49)
File size: 5738 KB

Argyle Girls ($1.49)
File size: 6027 MB

Wallpaper (free)

Sky Crawlers Wallpaper
File size: 206 KB (SD) 1.02 MB (HD)

PlayStation Store for PSP

Game Demos (free)

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Demo (also available from PS3 storefront)
In the world of Monster Hunter, you are never alone. Witness the epic struggle to hunt majestic monsters that roam the landscape. These three quests will test your skills and help train you for the upcoming invasion of monsters. Do you have what it takes to team up with your friends and become the ultimate hunter?
ESRB Rated E
File size: 189 MB

Game Videos (free)

PULSE 5/21 Edition
File size: 34 MB

PSP Themes

Argyle Girls ($1.49) (also available from PS3 storefront)
File sizes: 441 KB

Hockey Hottie ($1.49) (also available from PS3 storefront)
File sizes: 561 KB

Gangsters Themes 3 and 4 ($0.99 each) (also available from PS3 storefront)
File sizes: 446 KB – 554 KB

Add Your Own

JBruno said:

May 21st, 4:47 pm

Nice update, hungry for the inFamous demo… keep pushing and releasing more Psone classics, please.

KazeEternal said:

May 21st, 4:47 pm

Looks like the flood gate is opening PSOne titles FTW!!!

EOGamer said:

May 21st, 4:48 pm

Uh, nevermind. Now I know for a fact that R6 is not a classic.

To highlight my point of quality control being needed.;title;8

Rainbow Six 3.7 “Bad”

“The control is best described as “awkward.” The left analog stick moves your character forward, back, and from side-to-side, and the right turns your character. Your highly–trained, hardened soldier has an amusing proclivity for getting caught on doors frames. At times, you must crouch to get through a normal-sized opening – these Rainbows must be tall. At any rate, press forward – to more walking and killing! This game is simply about military men with boring guns in ugly places saving ugly people. Awkwardly. “Aesthetically bankrupt” is not an inapplicable phrase, here.”

TailsTheCat said:

May 21st, 4:48 pm

Stop crediting companies for poor/lack of support.

These updates are terrible.

LokeSTL said:

May 21st, 4:49 pm


Well spoken. I also have two PS3s in the house. The ability to play the games on both my machines is why Sony gets my money and Nintendo doesn’t. I have bought ZERO virtual console games because I refuse to buy games that I can’t play on the systems in my house once I own them no matter how inexpensive they may be.

rysamson said:

May 21st, 4:54 pm

In response to “illegal” game sharing.”

Whoever said it earlier was right: the fact that you can ‘share’ that PSN game up to about 5 or so PS3 consoles was an admitted feature with the playstation. I think even Jack Trenton acknowledged it, saying something to the effect that he/Sony wanted the games Sony had to offer to as many people’s hands as possible, so that’s why you can ‘share’ games, so long as the account that bought the game is on console.

It might not be the best practice, but it’s certainly not illegal, especially when people at Sony acknowledge it.

KazeEternal said:

May 21st, 4:58 pm

man Christina Lee knows how to rub the salt into the wound with the Terminator stuff in pulse…. Going to miss Sara Conner Chronicles :(

To bad Sony couldn’t pick it up for the PS Store exclusively. That would be epic, but my hopes lie with the Sci Fi Channel.

echogridlock said:

May 21st, 5:00 pm

@104 Xbox I believe still charges $20.00 a month subscription for their premium services. Give credit where credit is due the PS3 service is free!!!!

rgoff31 said:

May 21st, 5:01 pm

Red Faction Multiplayer Demo???????

EOGamer said:

May 21st, 5:04 pm


XBL is $50 a year, not $20 a month. Where did you get that number?

DiabloNeonX said:

May 21st, 5:04 pm


Sure PSN is free, but is that any excuse for them to suck?

Increasing delayed updates, lousy customer service, etc…

I would GLADLY pay for PSN if it meant an improved experience.

StalkingSilence said:

May 21st, 5:08 pm

5/5! Woo! I guessed the Up demo also!

KazeEternal said:

May 21st, 5:11 pm

I’m sorry where are you getting your facts?

Customer service was expedient and helpful in all avenues when concerning my PS3. Including when I had to have my PS3 replaced and in handling my issues with the PSN.

The service is also rarely down and I have to ask what they “increasing delayed updates” are? What is it that they promised us that has been delayed?

I’m seeing alot of misguided discontent.

It’s 50 dollars a year if you’re just getting XBL, you still have to pay for Netflix and any other service NOT included in XBL. Basically you’re stacking cost. PSN gives a far richer experience then XBL Marketplace and a frequently updated selection in purchasable and rentable movies.

triple_lei said:

May 21st, 5:13 pm

Wow, a new update already? I’m still blasting my way through R-Type Delta. And more Christina Lee too!? OMG

Trey630 said:

May 21st, 5:15 pm

Im seeing alot of Red lol. anyway nice update, definitely going to try out the infamous demo

echogridlock said:

May 21st, 5:16 pm

@110 sorry I thought that was off. Thanks, But still.

Poacher619 said:

May 21st, 5:16 pm

Bomberman…..where are you?

Dehshizknight said:

May 21st, 5:18 pm

Can’t wait to download the inFamous demo!

Berae said:

May 21st, 5:19 pm

nice update! thanks

Phasahd said:

May 21st, 5:20 pm

Kinda disappointed about the absence of the Red faction: Guerrilla multiplayer demo in the US PSN store, when it should be there. :\

Hopefully they update it soon, like, before the end of the day?

zombie_56 said:

May 21st, 5:20 pm

very nice update i’m loving the inFAMOUS demo ill definatly be buying infamous tuesday!

cell989 said:

May 21st, 5:22 pm

nice more PS1 classics, now whos buying Ford Racing???? lol we want PS1 classics, but not the crap that was left over, we want real classics.

gamestopper09 said:

May 21st, 5:25 pm

I think this is the best PS store update ever. You have Infamous demo, classic games, themes, and LBP add-ons. Wow. Thank you so much, sony!

DiabloNeonX said:

May 21st, 5:33 pm


The PSN updates have been arriving steadily later and later since the interface was updated since last April. That’s where my discontent came from.

As for the lousy customer service, I called Sony last weekend due to an issue I was having backing up and replacing my hard drive and the guy I talked to on the phone was no help at all.

I still want an answer to my previous post (#92).

There’s been very little the PS3 has been able to offer me gaming experience wise (both PSN and BD-ROM Format games). This week really is no exception. If it weren’t for the fact that I have a backwards compatible model, I probably would have sold my PS3 by now.

DiabloNeonX said:

May 21st, 5:35 pm


It’s nothing content wise that is delayed. Before the new interface, the PSN store would update around 5pm EDT (sometimes earlier), now it’s 7pm (on a good day) or later.

EOGamer said:

May 21st, 5:36 pm


Those games are not classic.

Azira013 said:

May 21st, 5:38 pm

The guy in inFamous makes Darth Sidious look like a pansy.

libregkd said:

May 21st, 5:47 pm

While the PS1 games aren’t at all classics, I think the fact that Sony has updated the PS1 for three weeks in a row for the first time is a huge step into providing weekly updates.

Even when we get some classic games like MGS and some FF people are still going to complain. Jsut change “Why no PS1 games!” to “Why did you not put up the game I wanted!”

Also, to the person who says the PS3 has no RPGs. Have you looked and the upcoming games? There are FIVE RPGs coming out this Fall, and a Fan service RPG (Cross Edge) coming out this month/June. Yeah, there are not many RPGs on teh PS3 right now, but hell we are getting alot this year.

DNA-Pel said:

May 21st, 5:53 pm

Best update of the year. With a lot of content and good demos. That’s what i’m talking about :D


Krazy_Tazmanius said:

May 21st, 5:55 pm

Sony you deserve praise! Three weeks of amazing PSN updates! Demos, PSOne Classics, Addons, let’s hope the momentum continues from here!

phinnv8 said:

May 21st, 6:00 pm

I’m pretty confused by this LBP Monsters pack, wouldn’t this be a better release in October? There should be some kind of spring/summer pack now with tropical settings and stuff

EVanHelsing said:

May 21st, 6:05 pm

I just played some of the inFAMOUS demo… The style of the intro is nice – kind of like the Dead Space Animated Comic. But I had a bit of a laugh when the game started – for “the city fell apart” and “thefts, rapes” described in the intro, there are a lot of pedestrians and taxis going about their daily business on the streets at the start of the game-play part!

But overal I just can’t feel good about playing inFAMOUS knowing that, if circumstances were different, I could be playing a demo for a PS3 Sly Cooper game right now! I’m sorry, but I’ve had my fill of sandbox games set in dark dingy cities, I personally would much prefer a new Sly Cooper game.

Also on the update, the Sky Crawlers movie looks very good.

Fabolous1earth said:

May 21st, 6:05 pm

Whats the font color and layout of the page??????????

Hayato510 said:

May 21st, 6:05 pm

I need to know when we gonna get the Cuboid DLC… im waiting on that and hopefully we get it next week on the 28th… i mean we got all the other ones like the MagicBall and Majong too. :p

koo_kid said:

May 21st, 6:08 pm

inFamous demo!
Great day to be PlayStation owner!

CloudStorm87 said:

May 21st, 6:17 pm

Finally I got to taste the game I’ve been looking forward to for nearly 2 years. Really enjoyed the inFAMOUS demo. It cemented my faith in the game which I had already preordered a month ago. Can’t wait to explore the entire Empire City next week!

Also, keep bringing more PS1 titles for god’s sake! We need Final Fantasies. FF VII and IX are two of my most favourite in the series.

knifenkill4 said:

May 21st, 6:18 pm

whats up with the red text and where is the red faction multiplayer demo because i just looked in the demos section and its no there and its 9:16pm
the store got updated around 6:00pm

Nath_gamer said:

May 21st, 6:21 pm

still no worms :(

mixenitup said:

May 21st, 6:24 pm

@132 LOL sly cooper is not in dark environments? Just colorful characters. Sly cooper is part sandbox for many portions of the game as well. I give kudos to them for trying something new. One you are a one trick pony your work becomes stagnant and repetitive very quickly for both devs and gamers.

mixenitup said:

May 21st, 6:24 pm

Errr “When you are a one trick pony”

Netweb said:

May 21st, 6:29 pm


XechaTigs said:

May 21st, 6:39 pm


I’ve played the InFamous demo all the way through five times now, and I’m loving it. I’m definitely buying this game!

Nice job SuckerPunch!

krae_man said:

May 21st, 6:42 pm

Hey Sony, Its called “PSone Classics” not “PSone Shovelware that can be found on eBay for $1”.

Oh and it looks like you’re planning to Stream your E3 Press confrence inside Home. The way you plan on doing it is horrible. Who in their right mind wants to watch the press confrence in a common area with 10,000 other people constantly texting and dancing?

If you gave us all Free Bravias for our Home Space and let us invite friends to our Personal Space and watch it that way, that would be awesome.

The way you are planning on doing it is going to be a giant cluster@#$%.

thearcticsea said:

May 21st, 6:43 pm

FYI professional bloggers, it’s “Virtua” tennis, not “Virtual”.

Learn to Sega.

EOGamer said:

May 21st, 7:01 pm


I think branding people as “Why didn’t you put up the game i want” is unfair. With games like Bowling, R6, and Ford Racing, it isn’t about them outting up games I and a few others don’t want. It’s about putting up games NO ONE could possibly want. These games…. are REALLY BAD. I mean, terrible. Not games that aged poorly either, games that were poor from the word go. It’s just not logical for grabage like that to get greenlighted for release in the first place.

EOGamer said:

May 21st, 7:03 pm


It’s a widely accepted alternative. I know a few people who still call a certain fighting game Virtual Fighter as well. It’s close enough.

Korbei83 said:

May 21st, 7:16 pm


I doubt Sony chooses the PSone classics to put up other than those published by SCEA (Speaking of which, Final Fantasy VII was published by SCEA, maybe someone should figure that out)

Anyway, if developers of crappy old games want to put their PS1 crap up for sale and will pay the associated bandwidth fees, why wouldn’t they put it up?

What stores do you frequent that sell only amazing merchandise with absolutely nothing that doesn’t interest you?

PSN is a business. It is a retail outlet. It’s not Sam’s Club and you’re NOT a member.

krae_man said:

May 21st, 7:21 pm


We are all PSN members:p

Bad analogy.

Sony does have the final say if PSone games go up or not. That’s the whole reason we got squat for 2 and a half years.

This is like Sony. We beg them for PSone games for over 2 years then they give us crap on purpose so they can say “You complain when we dont give you PSone Games, and you complain when we DO give you PSone games”

katsuo7171 said:

May 21st, 7:31 pm

So we’re not getting a reply to the red faction demo not being up…… Nice job guys. Always missing out on the good stuff. Gta IV lost and the damned FF XIII. Keep giving em up Sony see what happens.

Tjoeb123 said:

May 21st, 7:33 pm

I think you guys left out Ford Racing and Rainbow Six as the PSOne Classics.

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