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May 25

May 25

PixelJunk 1-4: Drumroll Please …

Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar Posted by President and Executive Producer, Q-Games Ltd.

Hey PixelJunk fans,

A couple of weeks ago we unveiled PixelJunk 1-4 in trailer form to the masses and had a HUGE response! I suppose we deserved it because we simultaneously launched our naming contest for the game as well. For those who missed it we decided to let you, the fans, have a go at naming our game for us. It all began to snowball as news sites picked up on the competition and our servers crashed a couple of times from the load!

In just one week we got over 100,000 visitors to and 10,000 people offered up ideas for a name based on the trailer. Even though the trailer’s resolution left a lot to be desired, we got a ridiculous amount of praise… and the team’s ego has been inflated a bit, which is a good thing, because now we’ll have to work extra specially hard to live up to everyone’s expectations! :-)

Anyway, we are now proud to announce that the name of the game has been picked! It will be called PixelJunk Shooter. Andy, the artist behind the style of the game, has knocked up a stunning logo that emphasizes the liquid element really well, as you can see below!

PJ Shooter Logo

The lucky winner, picked from a hat of about 8 other people who voted for the same name, is Mario Paquet from Canada! We chose the name because: 1) it’s simple, 2) it describes the main thing you do in the game, and 3) it makes a great logo!

The other runner-up names were:

  • PixelJunk Depths – Thomas Ella
  • PixelJunk Atlantis – Takuhiro Hara
  • PixelJunk Caves – Chi Lo
  • PixelJunk Blaster – Edward Stumpfel
  • PixelJunk S.O.S! – Derrick Kross

Other people voted for these names of course, but the above runners-up were picked out of a hat for each name in turn, so congratulations! T-shirts will be winging their way to you.

The most popular name suggested by a long shot was PixelJunk Elements, but we decided that it didn’t capture the shooting side of the game well enough and at the worst people might think it was a game about the weather. “Depths” almost became the chosen name but our producer at Sony Santa Monica, Deborah Mars, sounded like she had a lisp when she said it, so we dropped that one early on. We needed to choose a name everyone can enunciate. ;-)

Thanks for the incredible response and vibe we got from everyone. We are going to make this game a smash hit! If you manage to get into E3 next week you’ll be able to play a newer demo than the one shown in the video which has a number of cool new things in it… including co-op play!

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adolson said:

May 25th, 12:39 pm

I am one of the other 8 people! Too bad I didn’t win.

TacticsPrecise said:

May 25th, 12:40 pm

Well the masses have spoken. The great PixelJunk crew can keep making games, but we will no longer allow them to decide how to name them.

From now PJ 1-5 and beyond, after getting a bunch of suggestions from us they must be required to have a 32-name tournament that WE vote on, similar to the NCAA B-ball tournament.

We choose our favorite five names, and the top 16 go to the next round (one week later). Then we pick our top four from the 16, and the top 8 go to the next round.

Next we pick our favorite three from the top 8, and the top four will move on. From the top four, we pick our favorite two names, and the top two will go to the final round.

From the last two, whichever one gets the most votes, THAT will be the name of PixelJunk 1-5.

Sorry Q-Games…. your naming privileges have been revoked.

Jenovah said:

May 25th, 12:40 pm

I think the name fits the brand an all, but I’m scratching my head at why you guys had a contest to come up with such an obvious simple choice.

Enigma777 said:

May 25th, 12:42 pm

the name is meh, but I’ll buy it anyways… This game looks awesome!

Darkfire said:

May 25th, 12:43 pm

Eh really?
Why pick the most bland unimaginative title?
Big slap in the face to everyone who sent in decent names.

I see nothing wrong with elements, which is what I voted for. Has a pixeljunk sound to it.

Plus I’d look more into a game with an interesting title not just shooter.

BlooodyCow said:

May 25th, 12:43 pm

@52 TacticsPrecise
Wow, that would be sweet. I hope the look at your post and take note on their next “naming” contest because the name they choose for this game isn’t setting well with the fans.

D-Squad3 said:

May 25th, 12:44 pm

This is full of fail and they could’ve done this on their own. Why did they even have a contest when the result was gonna be something so simple? I wish I can remember the ones I suggested but it was a while ago but I bet you they were a lot better than “Shooter”.

gunm14 said:

May 25th, 12:45 pm

It’s a testament to the quality of the PixelJunk series that people are still willing to get the game despite the, uh…lackluster title. I think you could call it Pixel Junk Poopoo and people will still get it. :)

D-Squad3 said:

May 25th, 12:46 pm

I’m betting they chose that horrible name is because they think it would get people’s attention because so many people like “shooters” these days. >_> This is ridiculous.

ZCFlayer said:

May 25th, 12:47 pm

Shooter? That name is an embarrassment. I’m disappointed in such a generic, boring name. Oh well, let’s hope the game itself is not quite so lame.

hife said:

May 25th, 12:48 pm

Awww, “Elements” might not capture the shooter side of it, but “Shooter” doesn’t capture anything BUT the shooter side of it. It looks like so much more than just a shooter. I’ll still play it though!

jiggles said:

May 25th, 12:50 pm

So the guys who made PixelJunk 1-4 think the name PixelJunk Shooter best suits the game, but everyone who’s seen a minute or two of footage are telling them they’re wrong.

Riddle me this, internet, if “Shooter” was such an obvious choice, why did only 8 people of 10,000 entries actually put it in?

Yeah, I know, it sucks that they didn’t use your “superior” (mostly pretentious) entries. Have a tissue.

ShadowOfEden said:

May 25th, 12:51 pm

Not a fan of the name. I think it misses most of the features of the game. Oh well, the game looks amazing.

My entry was PixelJunk Earth. Not awesome either.

KonfusedKat said:

May 25th, 12:51 pm

Don’t worry Q Games.. These people are just mad that they didn’t come up with it. I find it so hilariously simple that it just works. After all, the first one was called PJ Racer (or was it racing?). Congrats to the winners.

KonfusedKat said:

May 25th, 12:52 pm

Mine was PixelJunk: Marathon.

TacticsPrecise said:

May 25th, 12:52 pm


Because it is a dumb name for a great title, that’s why no more than eight suggested it. And of those people who suggested it, my guess is that half of them are under seven years of age.

gunm14 said:

May 25th, 12:53 pm

I also agree that the title will make it hard for them to create another game with shooting elements.

onipar said:

May 25th, 12:54 pm

Not to be negative about it, but I was really expecting a creative name, given the whole contest.

You gave the reason that “Shooter… describes the main thing you do in the game.” And yet the names “Monsters” and “Eden” don’t even come close to that particular goal.

Sorry if that sound like sour grapes, but it was just something I thought of when reading the post.

Still looking forward to the game though :-)

Selech said:

May 25th, 12:54 pm

Damn.. I was one of the 8 others!
So, don’t the rest of us get anything?
– I mean, the runner-ups get a t-shirt :)

SonicKaos said:

May 25th, 12:54 pm

Wow… I’m sure the game will be cool, but could you have picked a lamer title for the game?

It’s pretty much the most bland generic name ever.

Unknown_Hero said:

May 25th, 12:55 pm

You have got to be kidding? Racers, Monsters, now Shooters?
you guys are terrible with names…great with games…

MaskedJackal said:

May 25th, 12:55 pm

I do not like the name, but the game looks so good that it doesn’t even matter.

gunm14 said:

May 25th, 12:56 pm

@jiggles I believe most people avoided the name “Shooter” because it didn’t sound “creative” enough.

SoFRESH200 said:

May 25th, 12:56 pm

@ 62

The point of the contest was to come up with something imaginative and creative. I’m sorry but Shooter is very generic which is why only 8 people of 10,000 chose it. They should have went with elements which was the overwhelming vote from their fans.

BigPoppaB said:

May 25th, 12:57 pm

pretty lame choice… Pixel Junk Blaster sounds a lot better.

Whatever, PJE has given me more enjoyment/playtime than half of my full price games… so yeah, im likely buying this.

coolasj19 said:

May 25th, 12:57 pm

wow even MAG’s ( Massive Action Game )name is better. this is just horrible.

Demadred said:

May 25th, 12:58 pm

elements sounds better to me IMO

Jack-Bauer-89 said:

May 25th, 12:59 pm

its not a ring to it but it doesnt make you think like PixelJunk Eden does.

nevertheless im just a sore looser, Congrats to the the winner :)

Luillin said:

May 25th, 12:59 pm

I loove the logo, but I think Depths was pretty good too!!!!

Any way like you say, the name need to be catchy and easy to pronunciate! So well job choosing that one.

CrashSpyro said:

May 25th, 1:00 pm

I like how everybody bashes the name so that they can say that their name was so much better and that it should have won the contest.

DustyBlue said:

May 25th, 1:01 pm

PixelJunk Shooter? That name is terrible. Your reasons suck too, I’m afraid…

1) It’s simple | So were many other, more relevant, creative, BETTER submissions!
2) It describes the main thing you do in the game | Is this game going to be a shoot-em’-up? No. Shooting is, indeed, an aspect to the game. But there is more emphasis on WHAT YOU DO with your shooting.
3) It makes a great logo! | ANY of the submissions could have been made into that logo! That logo isn’t something you can only do with the title “Shooter”.

Come on, Q-Games. The title is simple, but it’s WAY too general and uncreative. That title sounds more appropriate for a shoot-em’-up, not this. Sounds like a 5-year-old came up with that.

Presskohle said:

May 25th, 1:01 pm

What a boring and generic name..let´s hope the game isn´t the same.

Moosehole said:

May 25th, 1:02 pm

Well, I have to admit I like Elements much better than Shooter, but I understand your reasons. Anyway this game is going to be awesome no matter what the name is. Hope it comes sooner rather than later.

Shin-Ra said:

May 25th, 1:03 pm

Boring name but trolls like MadmanEU should have their posting privileges taken away.

carno_US said:

May 25th, 1:04 pm

AWFUL name, all of the runner ups are 10000 times better.

Now it sounds like every single other dual stick shooter out there, if it’s supossed to be different then the name is not making me realize it.

Sorry but it’s really, really awful

RichieJr said:

May 25th, 1:05 pm

I don’t know why everyone thinks elements is such a good name, it doesn’t use all of them and it’s not based around it. Perhaps a ship that had a flamethrower, create strong winds, a badass water gun and some sort of electric bomb could warrant the name elements but it really doesn’t work with this game.

Or so I presume anyway, it’s not like any of us know more than about 30 seconds worth of this game.

Dexiro said:

May 25th, 1:05 pm

Sorry Dylan but that name is boring, unimaginative and it makes the game sound really mediocre

You say that names like elements didn’t capture the shooting aspect of the game well enough,
but shooter ONLY captures the fact that the game has a gun in it.

The fluid system is the thing that makes this game unique, the shooting is just a basic mechanic.

You should base your name on the thing that makes this game stand out from the rest.
Names like Depths and Erupt were perfect suggestions

VofEscaflowne said:

May 25th, 1:07 pm


I think the reason only 8 people out of 10,000 entries chose that title is because it IS so obvious and people thought being creative would be key to winning here. And as many people have already pointed it out, why host a contest to name a game when they come up with the most bland and generic name ever? I hope they have a contest for naming PixelJunk 1-5. I’m already a confirmed winner for naming it PixelJunk Game.

Presskohle said:

May 25th, 1:07 pm

ppbobby said:

May 25th, 1:07 pm

Cool logo, bad name..

and i REALLY REALLY fail to see the point of having a name contest if youre just going to pick something like Shooter?

You guys couldnt figure that one out yourselves? Needed the help of thousands huh?

PRetty cool.

Hope the game is good anyways. Ive only like one pixel junk game and thats monsters..everything else has been pretty weak.

CRevolver7 said:

May 25th, 1:11 pm

shooter is the least creative name you possibly could have chosen….what about “Elements” or something?

ski_bumm said:

May 25th, 1:11 pm

I still like PixelJunk Spelunk
Haha that describes the game better than ‘Shoot stuff’

shiima said:

May 25th, 1:12 pm

That’s a terrible name.

iBmR3 said:

May 25th, 1:14 pm

well i like the name.
doesnt take anything from the gameplay.

pixeljunk: “Add sweet and simple name here”
Give the team a break.

jiggles said:

May 25th, 1:16 pm

@66, 73, 74

Nah, there’s no way only 8 people said it because most thought it was too lame. You’re talking about a free (and very quick) to enter contest on the internet. Scores of people are bound to have spammed it with everything they could think of.

And anyway, that’s missing the point. If you didn’t enter it because you thought it wasn’t clever enough, that says that you didn’t win because you were trying too hard. Again, the guys who made the game thought it was the best suited out of all the entries, and they’ve obviously seen much more of the game than anyone else has, and know what it’s about better than anyone else.

It’s the simplicity of “Shooter” that makes it a nice pick. No need to confuse the punter by calling it Gaia, Terra, Elements, Opus, Gros Rouge or whatever.

My entry (PixelJunk: Rocks!) was clearly the best of the lot, mind you. Dylan must have lost it down the back of the sofa or something. :P

norm01 said:

May 25th, 1:17 pm

Hmmm. “Shooter” describes the drilling of rock, creative use of water and lava in this game? I thought you guys wanted a creative name, hence the contest? Maybe you guys are being ironic? In that case, I guess “Shooter” makes sense, but nowadays, people might equate “Shooter” with an FPS.

rc94 said:

May 25th, 1:19 pm

I think the problem with this name is that it’s a misrepresentation of the game’s depth.

It makes the game appear as if it’s just a shallow PSN release, which I know it won’t be.

PS. See what I did there?

TailsTheCat said:

May 25th, 1:19 pm

PixelJunk Drenched

infamousXX87XX said:

May 25th, 1:20 pm

I said….Pixel Junk Substance..

D-Squad3 said:

May 25th, 1:20 pm

I’m calling their next game: Pixel Junk Flier

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