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May 25

May 25

PixelJunk 1-4: Drumroll Please …

Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar Posted by President and Executive Producer, Q-Games Ltd.

Hey PixelJunk fans,

A couple of weeks ago we unveiled PixelJunk 1-4 in trailer form to the masses and had a HUGE response! I suppose we deserved it because we simultaneously launched our naming contest for the game as well. For those who missed it we decided to let you, the fans, have a go at naming our game for us. It all began to snowball as news sites picked up on the competition and our servers crashed a couple of times from the load!

In just one week we got over 100,000 visitors to and 10,000 people offered up ideas for a name based on the trailer. Even though the trailer’s resolution left a lot to be desired, we got a ridiculous amount of praise… and the team’s ego has been inflated a bit, which is a good thing, because now we’ll have to work extra specially hard to live up to everyone’s expectations! :-)

Anyway, we are now proud to announce that the name of the game has been picked! It will be called PixelJunk Shooter. Andy, the artist behind the style of the game, has knocked up a stunning logo that emphasizes the liquid element really well, as you can see below!

PJ Shooter Logo

The lucky winner, picked from a hat of about 8 other people who voted for the same name, is Mario Paquet from Canada! We chose the name because: 1) it’s simple, 2) it describes the main thing you do in the game, and 3) it makes a great logo!

The other runner-up names were:

  • PixelJunk Depths – Thomas Ella
  • PixelJunk Atlantis – Takuhiro Hara
  • PixelJunk Caves – Chi Lo
  • PixelJunk Blaster – Edward Stumpfel
  • PixelJunk S.O.S! – Derrick Kross

Other people voted for these names of course, but the above runners-up were picked out of a hat for each name in turn, so congratulations! T-shirts will be winging their way to you.

The most popular name suggested by a long shot was PixelJunk Elements, but we decided that it didn’t capture the shooting side of the game well enough and at the worst people might think it was a game about the weather. “Depths” almost became the chosen name but our producer at Sony Santa Monica, Deborah Mars, sounded like she had a lisp when she said it, so we dropped that one early on. We needed to choose a name everyone can enunciate. ;-)

Thanks for the incredible response and vibe we got from everyone. We are going to make this game a smash hit! If you manage to get into E3 next week you’ll be able to play a newer demo than the one shown in the video which has a number of cool new things in it… including co-op play!

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D-Squad3 said:

May 25th, 10:09 pm


That’s exactly what they’re trying to do. >_>

Jeigh said:

May 25th, 10:27 pm

Are you f-… -_-

I shouldn’t have even bothered- this entire thing was a waste of the time of everyone involved. So disappointed.

JpaQ said:

May 25th, 10:29 pm

When i think about as an english speaking person, i don’t like it, mainly because i think its too simple (like racer, unlike Eden).

But when i try to think it about as a non-english speaking person, the title starts to feel exotic and kool sounding. Like the word “aero”, which just means air.

In the end, all i care about is the 1st part of the title: PixelJunk

Webby_ said:

May 25th, 10:33 pm

I like it, really i do. It is what pixeljunk stands for. Creative art games that have hardcore gameplay, are 2d (in the days of realistic 3d) and a simple name that covers the basic.

The3DGalaxian said:

May 25th, 10:51 pm

I actually think PixelJunk 1-4 is better than that. So dull. It was actually funny when I saw it say drumroll please and to see just that.

Depths, Elements, Blaster were all better and those were just on the list and in the comments.

I thought the PJ games were about being creative and unique.

Letters2Kay said:

May 25th, 10:54 pm

Booo, that name sucks. :P

DragonNutz said:

May 25th, 11:02 pm

Now that I’ve had a while to think about it…

I think Dylan got it right when he said that the video didn’t portray what we were voting for very well.

It was short, not even long enough to be a demo, and we judged it not knowing what the full game would entail.

So after a demo play, I might think about buying it…

But I have a lot more games in mind (can’t get them all with my budget) before I even make that decision.

Schnacky said:

May 25th, 11:03 pm

Shooting is all you do in the game? Last time i checked dont you use water to cool lava to save something? shooting is a defensive tool not an offensive so why the heck are you picking a title that is the secondary gameplay mechanic for the game?

mgrantz said:

May 25th, 11:20 pm

The video of the game looks really cool. But I gotta agree with everyone else. Pretty disappointed that the name is so lame. I’ve read multiple name choices in the comments that are way better.

I can only guess that whoever decided does not speak English as a first language…

phinnv8 said:

May 25th, 11:38 pm

This is the worst name I’ve ever heard for a video game ever. With choices like “Pixeljunk Blaster”, and “Pixeljunk Elements” no one is gonna get excited about this name even if it does sum up the game.

p.s. Cross Game Voice Chat needed by Sony.

Locarthemanbeast said:

May 25th, 11:54 pm

I think S.O.S! Would have been sick. That a good name for a game.

sonicthemonkey said:

May 26th, 12:01 am

Guys, guys–we’re thinking about this whole naming thing all wrong! Q are actually on the forefront of modern naming trends. They’re like the “Massive Action Game” of PSN!

sNsKid said:

May 26th, 12:40 am


That’s why I’m a Pixel Junkie. ;D

enshk79 said:

May 26th, 12:44 am

Holy hell that name sucks.

Who can’t pronounce DEPTHS?! Lisp be damned.

And “Elements” is not going to remind people of the weather, wtf.

Jesus Christ, hire me please!!! I can come up with just as crappy ideas as you guys, LOL.

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dylan Cuthbert said:

    May 26th, 12:49 am

    Actually one of the main programmers of PJ Shooter is French and Depths is apparently very difficult to pronounce in French, never mind english.

NeoRaidenX said:

May 26th, 1:58 am

What happened to you Dylan, you use to be cool. Your arguments are mute. If “Shooter” really sums up the game “perfectly”, then it must be a pretty dull game. I like how companies always do this. Never will they admit they are wrong. I’m not so sure I want this anymore.

Shinra1003 said:

May 26th, 2:58 am

I don’t understand, I thought people were capable of learning how to say new words…

MakasuUS said:

May 26th, 3:04 am

Too bad with all the negative backlash this non-contest will have on the super awesome series of PJ games. I love pj games for the simplicity and gameplay mechanics but in the future please decide your names yourself, or youll end up with something like F.E.A.R Project Origin… or Pj Shooter :D

MakasuUS said:

May 26th, 3:22 am

How about PixelJunk – Game ;)

MadmanEU said:

May 26th, 3:58 am

Sorry, but “because it sums up the game” isn’t a valid excuse for this shoddy name.

Why not call every shooter out there “Shooter: The Game”? Because its lame. This is no different.

The name will never grow on anyone, just like Pixel Junk Racers never did either.

You’ve lost a large chunk of your potential consumers on this just because you couldn’t even get the name right. How can we trust you to get the game right? PJ has always over hyped (and downright lied about) the nature of their games, Eden being the most prominent in my mind. I therefore am expecting mediocrity…change my mind, I dare you.

You really should change the name. No one likes.

KatanaStrikes said:

May 26th, 4:10 am

Never give gamers the chance to name your games. Cause this is what happens.

Don’t care for the name personally but I don’t care what it’s called. It looks really good and I’m very interested in playing it.

PrinceAshitaka said:

May 26th, 4:33 am

Even MAG sounds good now when compared to PixelJunk Shooter. At least MAG is related to the game. When I watched that video of Pixel Junk 1-4 the thing that I noticed the least was the shooting part. I was more focused on the earth background, on the lava, on the water and in their interaction, and I guess that everybody else was too.

I’m a bit confused/mad that you named your game Shooter, but damn you make good games, I’ll have to buy it when it comes out! Hopefully it’ll be as good as Eden!

Jarett said:

May 26th, 4:43 am

Dylan, if Q-Games wanted something THAT simple and generic, the team should have just chose the name–and your fans wouldn’t mind! The problem is, we all expected this contest to produce a creative name.
I’m not upset that my suggestion wasn’t picked but I’m annoyed that you wasted our time with this contest.
It’s a shame that this contest was a flop and has negatively affected your fans. I’m still looking forward to the game though.

SergioDaly said:

May 26th, 4:51 am

like many others i also must say that this name is weak. i enter the contest and i am disappointed that i spend time looking for a nice name and the final choose is this…
would be much nicer if was
Under World
any other of the runner up or one very original in my option like Xibalba that is an maya mythology name for “Place of Fear”

Kaorobean said:

May 26th, 5:06 am

Hah I’m a native English speaker and I still have to say “depths” slowly else I’ll slur it to gibberish.

I think the name is pretty appropriate for the game, and the logo is great!

Now we just need a release date! Q-Games, you know what to do!

onimonkii said:

May 26th, 5:21 am

Solution: PixelJunk DepShootMents

Seriously though, just PixelJunk 1-4 would have been a better name. Why even have a contest to pick something like SHOOTER?


May 26th, 5:21 am

Are you guys kidding us or something, is this a late April Fools Day joke? Pixel Junk SHOOTER, really are you sure? I really thought PJ Elementals was great. I mean shooter is just so common these days and doesn’t have UMPH to it. Just my opinion, gonna stop entering these types of contests because it just doesn’t seem to matter anyways. It’s snowing out so I MUST be dreaming all this…

ChainClutch said:

May 26th, 5:42 am

shooter is by far the least creative name for this game, sure it fits the title, but like it was mentioned before why even have a naming contest, im pretty sure someone at Q-games said “lets name this shooter” and someone else said “lets have a contest to see all the names people come up with but we’ll still name it shooter”. i love the logo though but the name should have been something more interesting like pixel junk “eden”

dimethyltryper said:

May 26th, 5:57 am

shooter, really? that was the worst name i could have imagined. shooter? how bout Pixel Junk Game next time; just totally phone it in next time. shooter…

RichieJr said:

May 26th, 6:08 am

Madman – Naming and developing a game are 2 very different things – they have no relevance to each other. If you can’t trust them to make a good game this time then go somewhere else and stop trolling – you obviously don’t like the series so far so just leave it and let the fans enjoy the game.

Kenshin71 said:

May 26th, 6:13 am

There’s already a game on PSN called Shooter, Everyday Shooter. Not only is the chosen title as it is quite boring it has already been used in a cooler, more creative way.

AGQ0105 said:

May 26th, 6:14 am

I entered contest and suggested PixelJunk Shooter…. Am I gonna get anything… LOL… I know that other guy won but…

almighty-slayer said:

May 26th, 6:19 am

Dylan, i honestly couldn’t care less if i win or not, nor could anyone else here i suspect. We’re fans of the series and would like it to have a DECENT name, that shows what the game is about rather than just one elemet of it.

Like everyone else said, what was the point in having a competition to make a creative name if you chose the most simplistic mundane, generic rubbish name ever?

Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

Dylan Cuthbert said:

May 26th, 6:37 am

Hey everyone, don’t forget that PixelJunk Shooter was one of the more popular suggestions from everyone!

We hadn’t thought of calling it PixelJunk Shooter at all (far from it in fact) before last week when we decided from all the entrants, and its sheer simplicity plus the question “well, what would the PixelJunk team do if they made a twin-stick ‘Shooter’?” are what made us decide upon it.

It’s going to be *the* PixelJunk Shooter! Look forward to it, it’s going to be great!

Chrysus said:

May 26th, 6:55 am

Wow, what a reception to the announcement.
I think this ill reception to the proposed title is because you had a naming competition. A bad metaphor but it does feel like a beauty pagent & giving first place to Susan Boyle.
However fit does fit nicely with the Pixel Junk universe. People will come to love it.

At least you’ve learned a lesson, never try to get the community involved with making the game because they will continually moan in drones.

whatisdelicious said:

May 26th, 7:04 am

Dylan, don’t worry about trying to shape the fan reaction. At this point, there’s nothing you can do but wait for people to get used to it, just like Nintendo did with “Wii.” They just sat back and eventually everybody stopped complaining.

Ti_dus said:

May 26th, 7:05 am

That is really the worst name you, guys, could pick :D It’s so common. Not interesting at all.

Keebzerz said:

May 26th, 7:13 am

This is the worst name for any game on PSN. In fact, it sounds so much worse and less interesting than so many of the other names people came up with, it may have actually un-sold me on the game.

Scodo_Thope said:

May 26th, 7:16 am

WOW. How generic and boring.

Disappointing :(

and not just cuz I didn’t win!


Scodo_Thope said:

May 26th, 7:17 am

Even your runner ups are lame.

You guys are weirding me out!

Scodo_Thope said:

May 26th, 7:21 am

How to crush the glow of one of the most anticipated PSN games from one of the most exciting game developers……………………………………………………………………………. have a Name The Game Contest


RuthlessEd said:

May 26th, 7:23 am

Didn’t realize until right now that I was in a community of such absolute babies.


May 26th, 7:23 am

cant wait for this game… and good job making it coop!! Thats the best part about pixeljunk monsters(by the way can we get more levels for monsters)

Xoonaka said:

May 26th, 7:24 am

For the record……

I think if you’re relying on a logo to get a major portion of the game’s idea across, there’s something wrong with the title.

….and Eden doesn’t make me think about swinging around and collecting white dots.

DropD said:

May 26th, 7:26 am

when is the demo coming out?

lakaiHIGH said:

May 26th, 7:34 am

congrats to the winner and runner ups! im def jealous and wish i could score myself a pixeljunk t-shirt! Hey Dylan if you have any extra shirts lying around i’ll be glad to take one off your hands mate, i’m dying to get ahold of one and can’t find them anywhere. if you can’t give one away can you have some kind of possible contest for when ‘shooter’ comes out and three top players can get some sort of prize?


Drake1416 said:

May 26th, 8:14 am

DANGIT! I just thought of a name that might of been submitted but is way better! I should have done this!!!! Oh well, being lazy doesn’t get you anywhere.

PixelJunk Adventure

Jeigh said:

May 26th, 8:27 am

Actually, “Depths” WOULD be difficult to pronounce for a number of people- it uses what we linguists refer to as a Degenerate Syllable Formation. Fricatives (“th”) are -supposed to- come after glides (“s”) but we in English don’t really pay much mind to this rule (look up Sonority Sequencing Principle for more info). Actually the same us true of “Elements” (“ts”). Nevertheless, I still hate the name though not nearly as much as “Wii,” another thing that gamers were told would “grow on them” and clearly your opinion will not be swayed no matter how hard we try. Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson from this.

I’m still a fan of PixelJunk games and I will of course still be getting this, but under protest if that makes any sense.

Menchi said:

May 26th, 8:34 am

Dylan, with all due respect, most people aren’t complaining because of not having their name chosen, they’re complaining because the name just simply isn’t good enough.

It’s generic, it evokes nothing more than the over saturated FPS market we’re already in and it really just doesn’t give the game, something that no doubt is going to be a brilliant game, the name it deserves.

I didn’t take part in the competition, but I can fully agree with a large portion of the posters that PixelJunk Elements was a much better name.

It’s just not right to have such a creative game besmirched with such a boring, generic name.

StalkingSilence said:

May 26th, 8:34 am

Apparently you didn’t like PixelJunk Swine Flu.

dimethyltryper said:

May 26th, 8:51 am

@Dylan Cuthbert
You’re trying to justify picking a terrible name. Stop; you come off like George W. I at least expected something that hinted at the fluid mechanics. It’d be like calling Metal Gear Solid ‘Johnny Sasaki’s Toilet Humor’. Sure; it’s in there, it’s just not what it’s all about.

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