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May 27

May 27

Killzone 2 Patch 1.27 Details

TJ Consunji's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager

Even though the game has been out in stores for a while, Guerrilla remains committed to keeping Killzone 2 one of the strongest multiplayer experiences for PLAYSTATION 3. This week sees the release of Patch 1.27, which introduces a number of tweaks based on direct feedback from the Killzone community. We sat down with Eric Boltjes, Guerrilla’s Lead Multiplayer Designer, to walk us through the most important changes and the reasons for their implementation.

First of all, Eric, can you run us through the highlights of Patch 1.27?

Sure! Most importantly, we’ve added functionality to make the process of finding and playing with friends much easier, tweaked the Skirmish Mode to keep it interesting for players with lower-bandwidth network connections, introduced a new ‘High Precision’ option to the controller configuration menu, and improved the overall balance of the game. There’s also a host of smaller changes as well, but I’ll save that for the change log.

Let’s start with the first one: finding and playing with friends. How has that been changed?

We’ve examined how party systems work and added similar functionality to our game where possible. The ‘Join Friend’ option has been changed so that the player can automatically join a friend’s faction and squad – even if faction balancing is on. In addition, squads and their factions are now persistent over multiple games, so friends can keep playing together continuously.

Killzone 2 Patch 1.27 Join Game

You said the Skirmish Mode been tweaked – can you explain?

Well, we’ve decided to unlock all the badges in Skirmish Mode. Considering that the game has been out for a while, and that many players have already reached the rank of General, we believe this is a nice way for players with lower-bandwidth network connections to experience the full range of weapons and abilities available in the Warzone.

Control-wise, what exactly does the new ‘High Precision’ option do?

When this option is switched on, it makes the analog sticks more responsive to small movements. Turned off, the controls behave exactly as they did before the patch. It’s not a radical overhaul of the control system, so the layout and the ‘weight’ of the controls remain the same.

Still, a lot of us here at Guerrilla really enjoy the new High Precision option, so we’ve decided to switch it on by default for new players. Existing Killzone 2 players will have the option turned off by default after patching – we wouldn’t want to force a sudden change to the controls on you!

Killzone 2 Patch 1.27 - high precision

How have you improved the overall balance of the game?

For starters, Patch 1.27 allows players to switch factions manually if the factions are unbalanced. If the factions consist of, say, 13 players versus 11 players, a player from the largest faction can manually switch over to make it an even 12 versus 12. Switching in the other direction is not allowed, so players from the smaller team can’t defect to the larger team if the battle doesn’t go their way. Players who switch over retain all their points, but squad affiliations will of course be lost.

Furthermore, we’ve removed the temporary invulnerability awarded to players who spawn at a spawn point other than the base camp. The players will still be safe at their own base camp, but custom-placed or mission-based spawn points do not yield temporary invulnerability anymore. This will hopefully give opposing players already at this location a fair chance.

Finally, we’ve made a couple of changes to the Badge abilities. The Assault Badge, for instance, was deemed too powerful by many players – so we tweaked down its Armor ability from 100 hit points to 50 hit points. The Tactician Badge’s secondary ability (to request air support from a Sentry Bot) has also been tweaked to make the Sentry Bot more useful. It can aim more accurately now, and its health is a little higher as well. To make it even more useful, we’ve reduced the way automated turrets target them, so they’re not shot down as fast. It should certainly make the Air Support Specialist ribbon easier to obtain!

Thank you for your time, Eric!

Thank you, and thanks to all the Killzone 2 fans out there! We hope this patch demonstrates our continued support and dedication to Killzone 2. Stay tuned for more downloadable content and more tweaks coming in the near future!

Eric Boltjes

Eric Boltjes, Lead Multiplayer Designer, Guerrilla Games

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gizaster said:

May 28th, 10:22 am

I’ll be playing tonight.

digitalpowershot said:

May 28th, 1:22 pm

where is the patch? There is no patch online yet… :-(

AngelMayLaugh said:

May 28th, 2:40 pm

Keep me from disconnecting! Screw everything else. I Love Killzone 2 to death, but I’m disconnecting all the time and my network is fine.

hxczuner said:

May 28th, 2:43 pm

I just checked and it’s not up yet; what the eff….not trying to sound greedy but I’m really excited about this

sevenlives said:

May 28th, 2:44 pm

ANXIOUS!! Does it have anything to do with Europe’s timezone? Maybe they’re getting it first?

jws420 said:

May 28th, 3:02 pm

Hopefully this will make my stats post to your servers correctly. I’ll play three solid games in a row with a good kdr, and then when I log on the next time my kdr has gone DOWN! I LOVE your game and really enjoy playing my only complaint is the stat posting issue I am experiencing. Hopefully this update along with large amount of server maintenance being done recently will take care of my issue. PEACE

hxczuner said:

May 28th, 3:10 pm

GG is based out of The Netherlands. If they launched it there first it wouldn’t matter. As of now, it’s after midnight there making it no longer “today”. They would’ve had a simultaneous release right? If not that isn’t fair… Fallout already let me down with dlc (even though it’s coming now)

SycoUK said:

May 28th, 3:15 pm

Someone needs to inform us since Seb is gone the baords are going crazy and every single player wants to know, you dont say its coming and say yall will update really soon then 8 hours later not update someone say something.

fatalis_ said:

May 28th, 4:33 pm

The current time at Amsterdam is 1:31. Guessing the update won’t go live for another 5 Hours or so. If you really wanted the update, you wouldn’t be begging for it xD Go play killzone for a while. You’ll know when the update comes. People will suddenly start disappearing.

hxczuner said:

May 28th, 4:40 pm

I didn’t think about the fact that when i read the article that the “tomorrow” they mentioned isn’t quite the tomorrow i had in mind. I didn’t think about where the patch was launching from

Janks01 said:

May 28th, 5:40 pm

I Like The new ability to join straight into your friends squad but they really need something similar to resistance 2,

where you can be in the lobby,
invite a friend,
then the host looks for the game while the other fumbles around in the lobby and when it finds a game it brings them both in.

SycoUK said:

May 28th, 6:03 pm

On wednesday they said it comes out tomorrow on thursday, Time is differnt where the patch comes out, but where it comes out is 8 hours ahead of us, its now friday where the patch is made US is the last people to hit midnight by far not the first, so already saying tomorow is a lie, and the store in america didnt even update yet it normally updates 6 hours ago. but no one from sony has said anything to let people know whats going on, thats kinda ridiculas.

BlingOnMyWrist said:

May 28th, 6:33 pm

Ditto #162. Where’s our fargin’ update? Finally a day off with no responsibilities and there’s no update. I even took a break from inFAMOUS to check the KZ2 and Store update. Guess I shouldn’t have. Better get back to Trophy huntin’, got 19 already!

BADABOOM420 said:

May 28th, 8:06 pm

really sony? no update/no notice/no patches?

Get your act together. If your worried about competition THAT IS WINNING right now and your so close to topping, these things are whats holding you back.

Live up to your word.

Morisato06 said:

May 28th, 8:52 pm

it is 11:51PM here in Philadelphia… and still no update. It’s about to be the 29th, and we were told it’d be here today on the 28th…

fatalis_ said:

May 28th, 8:56 pm

It’s not that big of a deal so what if it’s late who cares. GG arn’t perfect. You gotta leave a litle room for error. It happens and its nothing to get all worked up about. They said later this week. not “tomorrow i promise”. Seriously chill.

hxczuner said:

May 28th, 9:03 pm

Actually they did say tomorrow morning. They gave a specific date and they didn’t follow through. I’m not all that agitated about it not being out, it just doesn’t look good. It isn’t just GG either. The PSN update that was scheduled for today hasn’t happened. Sony completely dropped the ball

jlch777 said:

May 28th, 9:10 pm

where is the patch???

Already May 29 here in P.R.

Common SONY!!!!

fatalis_ said:

May 28th, 9:33 pm

Where u at becuz i got the update about an hour ago.

phinnv8 said:

May 28th, 9:45 pm

No patch for me either tonight, back to Bad Company.

kea83 said:

May 28th, 9:59 pm

“imajinetion | May 27th, 2009 at 10:20 am

Nice. When this week is it coming?

David Bull replied on May 27, 2009 at 10:23 am


So the 28th has passed now which is “tomorrow.” Still not here. Is it coming orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Ryusennin said:

May 29th, 7:09 am

Just so you know, no patch in Europe either.

“This week.”
Yeah, but which one?
“This one.”

sprice25 said:

May 29th, 8:06 am

Chicago, IL here…. NO patch! It’s Friday.

NJz-Greatest-420 said:

May 29th, 8:19 am

no patch WTF and its friday come on man why he lied to us OWELL i still will be playing killzone

veddermatic said:

May 29th, 10:44 am

I had this crazy idea… what if instead of saying “tomorrow” to an audience that is on a different continent, they said something like “we expect the patch to go out on 2009-05-29 19:00 GMT”.

I know us Americans are scared of 24 hour time, and can never figure out exactly GMT because of our stupid daylight savings, but it might help all us anxious KZers :)

dameondrako said:

May 29th, 12:14 pm

we need this patch today,”join clan” is really annoying and we’ve been waiting for this fix since the day we got it…..please GG we need this now.

lardski said:

May 29th, 12:28 pm

The game itself is very good but I have one suggestion. Rather than spending time expanding the maps (the fun stuff to build) why not concentrate on the infrastructure (ie. servers). The current infrastructure for this game is prone to breakdowns and it is not of the quality one would expect when purchasing a game of this quality/cost.

sprice25 said:

May 29th, 12:32 pm

supposedly the patch is being delayed… will be released
“not this week”. search the web, you’ll find it. seems like they announced it on Twitter (killzonedotcom). very unprofessional if this is the case… tell us directly on the PSB, or even in this thread! Disappointed.

AG-WarFighter said:

May 30th, 9:54 am

This too crazy KZ 2 Rules 4 life :)

RLx3 said:

May 30th, 2:13 pm

This patch is gonna be awesome, but when’s it releasing? What’s the delayed release date?

FAMILYGY3319 said:

May 30th, 5:04 pm

I sincerely appreciate how Guerilla Games has actually made adjustments to the game based on user feedback. That is a great way to gain a loyal fanbase. Keep up the good work!

Bluecube85 said:

May 30th, 11:10 pm

Believe it or not, I just purchased this game earlier today because of the announcement of this patch.

ChainClutch said:

May 31st, 6:03 pm

its sad that no official person has posted a reply here to let players know when or what happened to the patch.

Basically according to http://www.psu.com/Killzone-2-patch-127-pushed-back-News–a007402-p0.php this patch has been pushed back to a unknown date. stay tune.

darknightjin840 said:

May 31st, 11:07 pm


ncr100 said:

June 1st, 9:36 am

Yes, PSU points out according to the KillzoneDotCom user on Twitter http://twitter.com/KillzoneDotCom the patch is merely delayed, officially. Watch Twitter for more up to date information.

terbas said:

June 1st, 11:31 am

I have already earned 3 air specialist ribbons (Two in Radec Academy, one in Salamun Market) with no help from a patch. Radec seems to be the perfect map for this badge. And if you really want to earn it, it is not impossible. One tactic is selecting a long game in Radec Academy and choosing aerial support as the second ability of the engineer. Ground bots weaken enemies and aerial bots finish them. With the new patch, I will earn the rest in one or two days day I think. I look forward to precision aiming. Impatient about the new patch.

akibake said:

June 2nd, 6:49 pm

Where the heck is the update? I have been turning on Killzone 2, periodically since this was announced, and haven’t been prompted to download the patch yet. Bring on the “high precision” controls. Otherwise, I’ll probably stick to a more responsive game like Resistance or Call of Duty.

Anbu_117 said:

June 3rd, 7:47 am

I heard it got delayed so when is it coming out now because I kinda didnt like the game because of the controls but now i cant wait atfer hearing about the new control

melliflous said:

June 3rd, 9:52 am

erm. where do you go to download this patch? casue it doesnt automatically downoad when i stat playing kz online.

RinseCycle said:

June 4th, 3:01 am

Its available to download as of 20 minutes ago. The servers were down then though. Try it now. Nobody’s going to read this though. WELL. PlayStation should post a new blog post. Or.. You guys should all get twitter accounts and follow @killzonedotcom

yeah.. Its available now :)

dvlrio said:

June 5th, 12:34 am

“Furthermore, we’ve removed the temporary invulnerability awarded to players who spawn at a spawn point other than the base camp. The players will still be safe at their own base camp, but custom-placed or mission-based spawn points do not yield temporary invulnerability anymore. This will hopefully give opposing players already at this location a fair chance.” … what does that exactly mean..??

hxczuner said:

June 6th, 9:56 am

When you spawn from a spawn grenade or one of the spawn points that you can “Capture and hold” you have temp. invincibility to help stop spawn camping. They’re removing that because people are placing spawn grenades in mission areas, like capture and hold or search and destroy, and having no issue controlling the area because they are spawning and invincible

Mitt19 said:

June 8th, 3:37 pm

Help, I love the game, but I can’t play online because I am unable to get the patch 1.27. I download it perfectly fine, but then when it comes to instaling it an error occurs (80029564). I don’t know what to do and I want to play online so bad! Help please. Thank you.

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