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May 28

May 28

BUZZ! Comes to PlayStation Home

Rob Alvarez's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager

Great news BUZZ! fans!

We’re going to launch a brand new space in PlayStation Home called BUZZ! HQ, where players can chat and meet up with other trivia fans in a new lobby area or take part in a massive 64-player BUZZ! trivia showdown!

The game works by making you run around the studio on a massive BUZZ! Buzzer to answer questions, all of which are taken from the best content that you’ve created on the MyBuzzQuiz.com website.

Four colored answer buttons are laid out on the floor and you need to make sure you’re standing on the right answer when the time runs out. The winner’s decided over four rounds, and there are a number of exclusive Home prizes up for grabs for the greatest players. We are very excited to be bringing a fantastic new BUZZ! multiplayer game to Home and we know this is going to be a great social experience.

So keep an eye out for the new BUZZ! space, which will go live very soon. In the meantime, check out this virtual tour of the space and let us know what you think.

Keep on buzzing!

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Spyroluver88 said:

May 28th, 10:38 am

look like fun…catch you there:)

mclaren777 said:

May 28th, 10:50 am

I love the Buzz! franchise so I think this is really cool. Thanks for making Home so much better in 2009.

GTAce said:

May 28th, 10:53 am

Also for Europe or US only?

zombie9 said:

May 28th, 11:01 am

I just hope we can all play! That Siren home game was a joke I still have never played it to many people in line. I got better stuff to do than to wait..

RaymondBel said:

May 28th, 11:02 am

What could be very cool is games of 64 players against 64 players in the next room… until only 2 players are left.


May 28th, 11:04 am

So why did you guys decide to change the Buzz space’s format from that of what we had previously seen?

Were the changes made so more people can play? Cause its a heck lot of more people able to pay now and i think thats awesome. Good job. But i do miss the atmosphere the other space had :(

DropD said:

May 28th, 11:06 am

that looks like a lot of fun to play :-)

cell989 said:

May 28th, 11:06 am

I love Buzz my family loves to get together just to play it. I wish Buzz had multiple languages included though, some people only speak spanish after all, and they want in to the fun too.

RaymondBel said:

May 28th, 11:25 am

A spelling bee game could be fun too.

Sekoku said:

May 28th, 11:31 am

>> Say run a large tournament, and whoever wins it gets to download a game from the PS Store.

I agree. It’d give 1 vs 100/X-box Live Primetime a run for it’s money if these was an actual Home “Quiz Show” that gave out PSN money or PSN store/Home store items for free.

Of course, giving away PSN money instead of points runs into the legal gauntlet of being “online gambling,” which XBL gets around by having age restrictions/requires an XBL master account to at least be 18.

LoveStrucked said:

May 28th, 11:32 am

Hopefully this thing reaches EUROPE, not just America.
BUZZ is made in Europe and its market is in EUROPE and it became because of high sales in EUROPE and most of the casual audience that play buzz is in EUROPE so IF and IF it doesnt come out on EU – that’s just EPIC FAILURE on Sony’s Part. And I Mean F* FAIL.

mafecto said:

May 28th, 11:44 am

Sounds awesome, I personally think Home is pretty boring, but this is just what it needs to make it more than a walking simulator. Can’t wait to check it out.

mafecto said:

May 28th, 11:45 am


they could get around the $ thing by giving vouchers for PSN games or DLC, I’m thinking.

muzickmaniak said:

May 28th, 11:58 am

looks interesting, my only question is when is it coming?

alex4848 said:

May 28th, 12:05 pm

Cool, this actaully looks pretty fun. I have Buzz for PS2, and am probably getting it for my PS3 soon.

blindrocket said:

May 28th, 12:10 pm

Very nice. :D

MEsoJD said:

May 28th, 12:19 pm

This Looks Crazy Awesome

Atomika14 said:

May 28th, 12:20 pm

This looks way different than the other screenshots that were shown of the BUZZ! space awhile ago. Did something change? The other shots actually looked like a game show set…

GGCAN said:

May 28th, 12:24 pm

Thanks for the heads up Rob.

I remember they were mentioning a Buzz space in Home last year before Home opened up and I was wondering when it would finally get here.

Keep up the great work !

KINGV84 said:

May 28th, 12:26 pm

Awesome! and I want to give Sony a great applause on bringing back the classic Playstation!!! voice on the ending of the commercials. Brings back old memories, I love it.

King0fHearts2007 said:

May 28th, 12:27 pm

Thank you Sony looks good.

Thrasher20 said:

May 28th, 12:27 pm

Will check it out :)

motor78 said:

May 28th, 12:59 pm


Torgo said:

May 28th, 1:01 pm

OK, That is BADASS!!!!!

I’m in!

justintimeROA said:

May 28th, 1:15 pm

Great news! Now add game launching as well.

dinkin-flicka said:

May 28th, 1:18 pm

Great idea! Can’t wait to play but just one question…

How are you going to stop the copycats who just follow the crowd to the correct answers?

Not a big deal though. It’ll still be fun.

GTAce said:

May 28th, 1:18 pm

Sooo… can someone please answer if this is US only? Seriously.

TRIX_BOL said:

May 28th, 1:18 pm

Great! Thank you Rob, for making it official.

It looks awesome by the way..

macbelonwu10 said:

May 28th, 1:21 pm

I find HOME so complicated to use, it doest have anything to do with your gamercard like your avatar. The only way to see yr avatar is by going into HOME please Sony give us Skype and make it only compatible with the official headset or the eyetoy and make The ps3 UI better and easier to use.

Shrewder said:

May 28th, 1:40 pm

Buzz! is a great title and bringing it’s gameplay over to the HOME space is a fantastic idea.


Half-Mafia said:

May 28th, 1:52 pm

Really cool idea. ill check it out soon.

QCVic said:

May 28th, 2:04 pm

Hmmm sounds very familiar…..


Just kidding. I’m sure you guys had this on you mind for awhile. I’m glad to see Buzz come to Home.

Conrad_Max said:

May 28th, 2:13 pm

It looks as if this space will be awesome. Makes me tired just thinking of all of the running, but I know it will be fun. It reminds me of Musical Chairs.

Thank you, Mr. Alvarez, for this wonderful news.I wish I had been in the beta. It look fun. I am looking forward to getting the BUZZ!

mckg123456789 said:

May 28th, 2:25 pm

I AM SO THERE! lol ill give this a shot!

ADR143 said:

May 28th, 2:36 pm

going to check it out

The1UknowBest said:

May 28th, 2:38 pm

WOW that looks hot!!cant wait to see it, then if is a success you should putting other games like Buzz on there and Home wont be as plain

lowhonor said:

May 28th, 2:39 pm

looks like a great idea but when people start crowding around one answer dont you think pretty much everyone else will follow?

The1UknowBest said:

May 28th, 2:40 pm


Berae said:

May 28th, 3:08 pm

good news thanks!

T_To510 said:

May 28th, 3:10 pm


Poacher619 said:

May 28th, 3:21 pm

Do many people have Buzz? I’ve been in the online lobby a few times and no one ever joins. I guess this will be a good spot to meet some fellow Buzz owners.

Gump_ said:

May 28th, 3:59 pm

Sooo, how soon is very soon?

Azira013 said:

May 28th, 4:30 pm

Wicked awesome.

undertaker9999 said:

May 28th, 4:53 pm

We all know that the “very soon” is next thrusday cause every 2nd thrusday they add a new space to home the other 2 thrusdays per months is just maintenance…:)

Keebzerz said:

May 28th, 5:19 pm

Where are the options to select specific round types?!?!

smokey_vols said:

May 28th, 5:55 pm

Great news.


I’m loving that i’m hearing the old “Playstation” sound at the end of all the new PS videos, keep it!

midnightshade said:

May 28th, 5:55 pm

This is a great idea. I never played Buzz, or even knew what it was until I came to the psblog , this will let me try it out. Very impressive.

I am so glad that the sleeping giant that is Sony has awoken!! Brought back that classic, and I mean Classic “PlayStation…” voice at the end of the trailers and changed up the logo… It seems to me that a strong shift has been occurring over the last half of the year towards the ps3, all that is needed for mainstream success is a price cut. Thankfully I already own mine, but it would be nice if more did.

panicked_kernel said:

May 28th, 6:20 pm

This is great! The wife and I love buzz, and would love to meet more people to play it with online. Buzz could use some new game play modes, i wouldn’t mind them stealing a few from you dont know jack from back in the day!

DarKaoZ said:

May 28th, 6:37 pm

I love the idea… but won’t this make it easy to cheat? I mean, you can just go to the square that has the most people and you might get the right answer 80% of the time.

Still this is really cool.

emjayx said:

May 28th, 7:36 pm


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