Live from E3: Sony Press Conference

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Here we are: The Main Event. Starting at 11am (Pacific, 7pm BST), we’ll be live blogging the PlayStation E3 Press Conference right here in this space. The questions, the predictions, the rumors – all will be answered soon!

To make things quicker (and to prevent you from having to refresh the page), we’ll be using CoverItLive, just like our live chats with developers. However, unlike those chats, we’re turning off the comments pane to keep things focused on the course of events. Of course, we value your feedback – and so please use the comments area below, like with any other blog post.

Set your timer – we’ll be starting up soon!

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5 Author Replies

  • BiezulbubBill69

    Nice! I can’t wait to see what Sony has in store for us today!!!

  • Can’t wait!

  • Looking forward to it!

  • I was hoping PS.BLog would have a live video feed arranged! Microsoft did and it was amazing!

  • Awesome, GO SONY!

  • Excalibur-king

    I’m so excited right now i think i’m about to cry.

  • I wanna see some new games.

  • SONY i hope you start giving a crap about your customers because in europe we have hardly anything on home, and also it is hardly updated. plus i am EXTREMELY dissapointed that you didnt take action to keep MGS exclusive. now people will be able to play it on XBOX and it will cause the ps3 to lose sales because the XBOX is cheaper


    Gonna be watchin it live on G4 tech tv and in Home and on here while on the other ps3 looking for free stuff codes. SONY ROCKS!!! E3

  • I hope SONY pulls through for us. No MGS exclusive so they need another thing we can talk about.

  • There isn’t any way it can be worse than what is currently going on…

  • snowboardzombie

    Swwweeeett. Hope no one notices i’m streaming this in my office.

  • Good luck guys, make us proud!

  • i hope they put facebook integration in. or they actually show the UI of it

  • Knock em dead Sony!!!

  • ballisticzOne

    hope you guys have something good to announce, since you lost Metal Gear exclusivity.

  • Watching the Nintendo one now, waiting for Sony’s. Both Microsoft and Nintendo have been pretty solid this year.

    Last year Microsoft’s was so-so and Nintendo’s was terrible, Sony really ran away with it. This year they’ll have to step it up a notch to repeat.

  • Can’t wait. Show us some awesome stuff Sony. You guys rock, and I hope you guys rule E3 :)

  • Will you be twittering as well?

  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    sony answer this rumor for me will their be a firmware release this week a major one i keep hearin in game voice i want that

  • Go, Sony!!! Make Microsoft and Nintendo cry by your awesomeness.

  • poweredbyzen

    just left the podium – boring! gimme the good stuff! pffft!

  • Go Sony!!! Make me jizz my pants. :P

  • You’d think of all places, the would have a live video feed… Eh, I don’t exactly have time for that today, unfortunately. It’s a shame, too, ’cause this is a major cultural event for gamers such as myself. Don’t leave out a thing, Jeff. :)

  • I just watched the Nintendo conference. Pretty cool games but BORING as hell!!!! Go Sony!


  • huntsvilleon

    You can watch it on GameSpot’s website, it works really well.

  • TheGuardianFID

    Sweet, knockem dead guys!!! :D

  • sony dominate M$ and ninnytendo.. forget the psp, focus on the ps3

  • Zombie__Assassin

    Really getting tired of hearing about MGS being a stolen exclusive. It hasn’t been an exclusive for years. There has been versions on other consoles before.

  • I’m surprised I’m saying this but Nintendos conference wasn’t too bad. They actually have some things that sound interesting for once.

    Now it’s all up to Sony to blow my mind. Don’t let us down.

  • eesh just finished watching the nintendo conferenc…time for sony to bring the real games. =P

  • @30 are u kidding me. i just finish watching the nintendo press conference and to me it was pretty bad,boring and stupid at the same time. so sony should DO much much better ;0)

  • oops sry wrong number it was @25

  • thebrocknation

    Please Sony, you better ‘bring it.’

  • hope we have more exclusives

  • poweredbyzen

    i’m gonna go meditate under a tree… ohm.

  • blackmoses11

    I’m a little bit scared…..I have faith though.

  • poweredbyzen

    by the way, if anyone hasn’t thought about it – how ’bout a free E3 t-shirt for the attendees at the podium?! word!

  • I have faith in Sony. I hope they announce way to convert UMD games for the PSP go…


    36 minutes to go

  • Both Microsoft and Nintendo’s press conference was solid this year. Sony is going to have to work for this win.

  • People! Will Home send the press conference live? Does anybody know? The video is so small at all the other places.

  • You guys do know you can just view it live on Gamespot? I just got done watching the Nintendo one that had pretty good quality for being a live stream and I’m on DSL =)

  • I can’t wait to see what goodies are in store for next year.

  • cleversignin

    [x] G4 tv live coverage
    [x] interwebs tabbed to game sites
    [x] cold beer
    [x] adult diapers so I don’t need to get up

    yeah, I am ready for this.

  • plz don’t spend too much time on the PSP Go…

    I want PS3 megatons!!!

  • I’m gonna be really disappinted if Sony don’t deliver… :(

  • Genki-Rocket

    Well… after watching MS… where they only have 2 exclusive games this year so far (odst and alan wake) and nintendo’s snooz-a-thon just now…

    E3 is currently sony’s to win.

    But please, no one-arm push ups and beltching this year… that was the pits last time.

    Guys… don’t let me down (PLEASE!)

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake or suicide for me.

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