Xi: The Secret is Out!

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The mystery behind Xi has finally been revealed. Today, for the first time, all visitors to PlayStation Home can discover the full truth about Xi, Jess and the alpha zones beneath our virtual world.

All the Xi spaces will stay live for a few weeks yet, so if you want to finish off any of the games and puzzles – or if you’ve never experienced Xi before – you still have a chance to play and explore.

When you’ve had your fill of mini-game goodness, you can go to the Xi Hub and face the story’s dramatic conclusion. Just make sure you’ve got everything you want out of the game, because once you’ve seen the ending, there’s no going back.

And if you already know how the story ends, no spoilers please! Some of us are still trying to collect those last few butterflies first…

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  • I dont think anybody gave any real attention to this.

  • StupidityTries

    Bruce Willis is a ghost…

  • VofEscaflowne

    Now please fix the keypad at the top of the stairs :p

  • theinfamousjaywe

    Oh my…gotta hurry and finish this!

  • @1

    I did…;_;

  • It was revealed that Xi is a letter from the Greek alphabet.

  • I can’t wait till this Xi stuff is over with this way the home developers can focus on actually improving home and adding more things to it. I’m still waiting for a trophy room.

  • the ending was interesting for me, Kudos to you Sony, this was a great addition to HOME.

  • @acmilanboy, you’re definitely wrong. Just flat out wrong.

  • nDreams did a fantastic job of creating new and innovative experiences within HOME. Some of the mini-games really surprised me, that it was even possible to do stuff like that within HOME. With the limited amount of game launching support at the current time, Xi gave HOME a purpose for me, and through the game, I made a ton of new friends. Great job, nDreams and Sony! Looking forward to the next adventure! (and more game launching ;)

  • I can’t wait to see where nDreams takes this concept! Here’s hoping that all the mini-games remain at the end as well…

  • Farewell XI, it was a fun journey.

  • I hate HOME !!!!!!!!!!

  • Well, then I think it’s too late for me, I tried a couple of times but I never understand what I supposed to do (+_+)U

  • Wow.. I didn’t know this would go away.. :( so I have a few weeks.. few means 3 right lol

  • lol to late to me i dindt even started

  • Xi was the best thing to ever happen to home it brought everyone together and entertained us with education! If you did the puzzles you know more than when u first started. We need more things like this and it was free! Please keep them comming often!

  • I agree that it was a great addition.. It shouldn’t be taken down.. maybe it goes away after we end it, but all the new people jumping into HOME will never see what was added with Xi.. if the spaces are gone, right??

  • Why do you guys make stuff and then make it so it’s taken down real quick?

    Shouldn’t happen

  • I agree that taking it down is really a shame. Such a great addition to Home… gone :(

  • I hope you spend more time now fixing the picture frame sine each time I try to use it, the thing locks up my PS3 and forces a hard reset. Also I can’t believe I had to pay for this, I could understand if I wanted bigger sizes but not for a plain size frame. And for $3 and it doesn’t work, how much will a tv cost me? $10?

  • NJz-Greatest-420

    am TOTALLY confused about this for real what is this “ix” saw couple weeks ago only thing i know its for ps home thats it but WHAT does it do? i dont know i guess am dumb but can someone tell me or help me comprehend this

  • dropping Xi is completely stupid.

  • MilenkoSlayer

    TheVoid777 – Well put ;)

    I would like to say DIDO his post. He said everything I was going 2 say.

    Congrats and keep it up nDreams, I would like to see more from you guys soon.

  • off topic but i need a new ps3…i want 120gb but i also want 4 usb ports…does the 120gb have 4 or just 2?? any one know??

  • NJz-Greatest-420

    just 2 usb ports bud… but u can get one at enay they probably have some new ones their that have 4 usb ports

  • NJz-Greatest-420

    lol EBAY

  • …why delete it?

  • i was very intrested at first…but then i lost intrest…it was poorly implemented for the most part

  • I seriously got stuck on one of the puzzles, and just couldn’t get any further. Now that I know there’s an end, I’m going to have to go back and try to finish.

  • gus_xl, if you go to the xi forums at, there is a tutorial for those who need help.

  • @1 – acmilanboy.

    Maybe you didn’t pay attention to this, but I’ll tell you, each time I’ve been in Xi it’s always been packed with people.

    So don’t know how you can say no one paid any attention.

  • ok so what is Xi? The blog entry doesn’t tell us.

  • firstworldman

    Getting rid of Xi? But I only just started…
    Also, my partner loves it. Keep the mini-games and we’re golden, Sony.

  • @ 26 – NJz-Greatest-420

    thanx i guess ill get 80gb if that has 4…if not im gettin 120gb anyways

  • @1
    You are incorrect.

    The Home devs aren’t responcible for Xi, thats nDreams.

    As for Xi, I greatly enjoyed the experience I had during Xi and also the friends I made. The recap viedo in the Alumni Hub pays the best homage to the Xi community there can be. So many people were so enthusiastic about Xi and I’m very curious to see what nDreams will bring to the table in the future.

    Just one quick question I hope we can get a reply to. Is this the end of Xi? Or is it just the beginning of what is to come?

  • This was the dumbest thing Sony has ever done that involves a PS3 application, ever.

    Sorry but I am honest.

  • only had a chance to check it out for a little but home seems like its stepping its game up. I want uncharted 2, mag, mw2, and other game launching and home spaces.

  • to the dude looking for a ps3 with 4usbs buy one with 4 and then u can buy a 300 gb harddrive online fro 70 bucks and change out ur 80gb for a 300 wont void warranty and takes 3 mins


    So now what? Maybe you guys will finally BUILD THE SOCOM SPACE that has been promised for over a year now. Xi was interesting but hard for alot of people. Me I just went to the forums for answers. that’s how a real sleuth does it. Let someone else do all the work and then claim the credit for yourself. Yeah I’m greedy but whatcha gonna do?

  • I’ve enjoyed XI, and that includes the leadup to it where many of us were speculating on what it was.

    But please, keep the alpha zones around! There are some awesome minigames in there, and they give us a lot to play around with!

  • DeathbrinPSN

    Awww… ;( Sad to see it leave.

  • I’d love to use Home, but my 60GB is full of game installs and patches, and I actually am playing the games I have installed. Resident Evil 5 killed me, and thus, I have no idea what Xi is or was.

  • Thank you nDreams and Sony.

    Xi was truly innovative…not only from the standpoint of creating an ARG within an Alternative Reality World…but the unifying theme of teamwork and “we’re all in this together” that ran throughout Xi.

    Can’t wait to see wait your partnership will cook up next. 8)

  • I agree with what TheVoid777 said also:

    nDreams did a fantastic job of creating new and innovative experiences within HOME. Some of the mini-games really surprised me, that it was even possible to do stuff like that within HOME. With the limited amount of game launching support at the current time, Xi gave HOME a purpose for me, and through the game, I made a ton of new friends. Great job, nDreams and Sony! Looking forward to the next adventure!

    And to the people talking about Sony adding more spaces and complaining about problems with Home…nDreams has nothing to do with that. How about you pay more attention…..

  • @38 Viprdude. Guess it might have been to hard of a game for you. Maybe it’s because it involved more than just giving your character a gun and saying shoot everything… lol.

  • cleversignin

    I know I am late to the party but I will try to knock this out this weekend…ran out of HD space but I just upgraded (yay!).

    Bit off topic but I never run into anyone on Home with a trophy rank above two and most have zero trophies. Can anyone explain this?

  • Xi was one of the greatest things to happen to Home so far. I was kinda disappointed with how Home was shaping up at first, but Xi showed me the potential of what can happen with the software. I’m excited to see what nDreams brings to us in the future… and I’m excited to see Home continuing to grow. Thanks, Sony!

  • …huh??…

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