Meet the Women of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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Near the end of yesterday’s Nolan North interview, a number of people dropped in to give Mr. Nathan Drake some good-natured ribbing. I had a chance to speak with Emily Rose and Claudia Black, aka Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazier, co-stars of the upcoming Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Both will certainly *sound* familiar, but if you’re wondering where you’ve seen them before, both Claudia and Emily have pretty extensive TV resum├ęs. That makes it all the more impressive when they talk about how much they’ve enjoyed their time making Uncharted 2.

Personally, I really couldn’t get over how everyone in the cast resembles their in-game counterparts. It made talking to them feel like I was talking to the characters. Hope you enjoyed.

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14 Author Replies

  • almighty-slayer

    Also, to add: Very well doen for the interview Jeff. Some great questions in there. And yes, good one Chris for zooming in and getting Jeff’s ugly mug out of the shot :p I joke

    But yes, we need more stuff like this. This is what this blog should be all about.

    Well done lads

  • Fullmetal156

    jeff anything on new avatars gimme something man……ps nice interviews lol

  • blackflame91693

    great interview! it was funny when they started raosting you and guys in general.

  • Great work again Jeff.

    …And, why didn’t you invite me to the interview! lol.

  • U2! Can’t wait!

    Hope to see more interviews with Drake’s leading ladies ;)

  • Great Interview. And it’s nice to see how much goes into this game, and how many people who care about it take part.

  • It has already been said, but you’re a lucky man Jeff! Thanks for this it was Really cool to see these interviews.

  • Wait.. there was an interview?

    I just stared for 3 minutes.

  • boricuacookie

    Great interview Jeff, one of your best! keep up the good work!

  • LordDhampire

    to bad the brunette is older, I bet she was a hotty back in her day to, she’s not bad now her voice is hotter than the blondes but the blond is more attractive

  • Any chance Simon Templemann is doing V/O work in this game again?

    Amy Henig has been thankfully tethered to his work since the Legacy of Kain days. Amy is awesome at her job.

  • the blond and the brunette have names y’know.
    emily and claudia

  • EmperorKorea

    in my country, people would go crazy for emily. claudia…not so much.

    this game will be a great success!

  • CloudStorm87

    That was a fantastic interview. It’s so nice to get to know the people behind the characters that we love so much. I’m really glad Elena is back and Emily is just superb. When Chloe’s character was revealed, I was excited by the fact alone that Claudia Black would be playing her, who I loved as a huge fan of Farscape and Stargate SG-1. All these actors really bring their characters to life and make them even more likable to see them so passionate about it in real life, which one of the things I love about Uncharted so much.

  • Excalibur_III

    Who does the voice of Victor Sullivan?

  • Hey, it’s Aeryn Sun! :) I don’t think I would’ve managed to stay on topic like that with Claudia Black in the room, lol. Great interview, Jeff.

  • ThanatosDMC

    HAHAHAHA! Great interview. More relaxed.

  • oh my when she said spunk.

    Good interview

  • o_o I think I’m in love

  • redshoepaul

    Both girls are so beautiful!

  • Whoa Emily is too fine! I couldn’t stop staring..!

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