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Some nice milestones this Father’s Day for some Friends of the Blog (TM)…

Congratulations to Joystiq, now running for 5 years! I knew we linked to the ‘stiq a lot (just see below), but now I think I know why that is: they posted 11,000 stories last year. Damn!

Also congratulations to Xbox Live Community Manager TriXie, who welcomed an addition to the family this week. The baby already has a Twitter account, which is either madness or genius. Either way, I’m totally copying that for my progeny. Note: I’ll be participating in a PAX Panel with TriXie and others (Steven from Platform Nation, for one) this September.

OK, enjoy your Father’s Day, whether you’re a father, a son/daughter, or both.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 15, 2009)

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7 Author Replies

  • Vengeful-Chaos

    Not a bad week, I was kind of disappointed with the Konami updates, none of them were about trophies :(.

    Also what does the PAX Panel do exactly?

    • Jeff Rubenstein
      Jeff Rubenstein

      PAX features a number of speaking panels on gaming-related topics. I\’ll be on one of them.

  • first,
    tis a bunch of good articles

  • *epic fail for first

  • “son/daughter, or both.”

    You mean like Chastity Bono?

    Last day with my PS3…its been kicks. Good luck to Jeff and crew for the last 7 years of the PS3 cycle.

  • Oh my god the forces of microshaft are getting bigger by the minute… we must counterattack quickly.


    just kidding…

  • good updates

  • I spy a new Valkyria Chronicles update. Jeff, got any info on that one?

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Nothing big from Konami’s MGS4 anniversary. :(
    And when will an official release date for Demon’s Souls be set, the game’s practically done, I want it! ;_;

    Also, what happened to Fat Princess, or at least a demo of it?

  • Can we gets some more Batman: Arkham Asylum content on the Playstation Store? Maybe some more trailers or themes? All we’ve got now is the Play As the Joker trailer, and while it is an awesome trailer, I would appreciate it if we could have some more stuff. Thanks! :D

  • @1

    I hear you, they said they had announcements fans wanted to hear about, well, where are they?

    I still hope we’ll get MGS4 Trophies any time soon. Is Sony asking them hard enough? :>

  • Was great to see the community giving away the Uncharted 2 Betas for the fans and not try to extort money with them as some people did with inFamous.

    Jeff could you drop me a line? While my PS3 is away getting its yellow light fixed i’m thinking of doing a project for the fans of the blog.

  • Its really nice to see that FFVII is on top :) i bought it and ant stop playing.. i even have a midterm exam today and still haven’t studied yet :P FFVII is so awesome!
    i hope next will be FFVIII

  • #12
    oops for the mistakes i mean my midterm exam is tomorrow not today lol.. wish if u guys would add an Edit botton

  • PullusPardusUS

    Jeff Siliconera updated their article

    this one , the update is that the game is not from Grasshopper but it is a Ps3 game nontheless

  • @11 chrysus how was it extortion. Sony id what they had to do to make there game sell. any smart person selling a product would have did that.


    First off, Happy Fathers Dad to all the Sony Dads. Secondly, who won the Hamsters vs Humans in Home yesterday?


  • @14
    ‘as some people did with inFamous’
    I didn’t mention Sony, i’m all for pre-order Beta codes. I was praising the players who didn’t sell the Beta codes as some gamers did with inFamous.

  • no Sigma 2 news on the list?
    You know, after watching the trailer for Sigma 2, it made me sold my 360 so I could get a PS3.

    So I need support on this game:/

    • Jeff Rubenstein
      Jeff Rubenstein

      We\’ve talked with Tecmo, and they will be guest-posting on the blog between now and release. Of course, that\’s a window of a few months. Can\’t wait to go hands-on (again) either.

  • Happy Father’s Day Jeff.

    Can someone get me filled in with this whole Trixie thing. I really don’t get it. Is she Xbox’s version of Jeff? I’ve seen a lot of good talk between Xbox and Playstation lately, and I really like it(Kotaku’s Great Chain interview, now this). Hopefully this kills of the extreme fanboyism.All we need now is for the official Playstation forum admins to actually take away the ban on talking about other consoles. Seriously all other sites do why can’t we.

    Anyways I’ll be posting my links in the next post.

    • Jeff Rubenstein
      Jeff Rubenstein

      I\’m certainly not \”PlayStation\’s Major Nelson\” or \”PlayStation\’s TriXie\”, though I suppose there\’s a bit of crossover here and there.

      They\’re good people though. \”Love the sinner, not the sin?\” :-)

  • Yeah forgot about that Happy Fathers Day to everyone who has a father still around Peace!….

  • Hey Jeff can u let the PSN guys know that we really need some new avatars, prefably some with Solid Snake, i was listening to Podcast Beyond and they said thats there most wanted thing for PSN.

    Thanks and Happy Fathers Day to all!!!

  • @#7

    According to translations, it’s supposed to feature Edy again and I think it’s called “Edy’s Battle Challenges”. Class-specific missions are involved (Engineers saving a tank for instance and a Scouting mission where you’re supposed to spy on the enemy without being caught).

  • Yeah you Gamer producers need to make Socom Confrontation much easier to get in your friends rooms. There a pain in the neck to join…

  • EA’s official Site lists Lft 4 Dead 2 version for PS3:

    Next Mortal Kombat to be rated M:

    Sega looking for real life Host Club for next Yakuza:

    Target PS3 bundle includes extra controller for Father’s day weekend:

    Fat Princess won’t be out this month:

    Colbert on Project Natal:

    Sony Responds to Activision’s threat to ditch Playstation:

    Metal Gear Announcement Roundup:

    Namco Museum PSN Bound next Month:

    MAG Beta for this Summer, Possibly next Month:

    Those were my links. Great week!

  • demon’s souls!.. more demon’s souls, please.. was about to import it when atlus announced that they’re bringing it here.. hopefully soon

  • Yeah no trophies in MGS4, that just sucks.
    TRixie grats, dont raise your child with the values of your current employer

  • I was dissapointed in two things one MGS4s aniversary was lame no trophys second were the F*** is Socoms patch????(1.50)

  • almighty-slayer

    Haha, i go for “utter genius” on the BabyTrixie twitter

  • As a few people have said, no MGS4 trophy patch = fail. Massive, massive, fail.

    Seriously, is it that hard to patch in trophies? Apparently so. Konami has proven, to me at least, that they in no way, shape or form, listen to their fans. This, coupled with the fact they simply cannot announce even the slightest, most insignificant thing without announcing that they’ll announce an announcement, is so completely aggravating I want nothing to do with Konami. Nothing.

  • Jeff you are too our major nelson. The sooner you accept that the better.

  • @Ksprydad you’re giving up your PS3? yikes! We’ll miss you, man!


    is it so hard sony to make new avatars or are you guys just lazy?


    I guess Sony doesn’t really care about the Socom Fans out there anymore…..

  • Sweet! I made it onto this weeks Around the Web!

    (if you don’t know, I’m Steven from!)

    I’ll be one of the guys doing the panel with Jeff and Christa (Trixie)

  • Hey Jeff,

    While I have never met you before (the whole UF/FSU, 360/PS3 battle), think the panel should be interesting with both TriXie and Steve519. Care to share what the panel will be about, although I have a feeling that blogging about gaming will probably be one of the main points.

    Either way, Happy Father’s day to all!

    • Jeff Rubenstein
      Jeff Rubenstein

      It\’ll be about community engagement, though I\’m sure we\’ll get more specific on that closer to the actual event.

      And can we even call UF/FSU a \”battle\” anymore? Only one will be playing January 7th.

  • Pound_lb003

    This need to be there:

    And Happy Father’s day everyone! Even if you are without a father now.

    And congrats to Trixie, hopefully she reads this!

  • I dont know if you can answer this but for the psp go will it have the same input plug as the psp 2000 series, becaue i bought the componet av cable to play on my tv and will the psp go support playing on tv and will i have to buy a different cable.

  • TwiztedR3DHead

    i hope that ps3 slim thing is real if it is that means price drop woot

  • Pound_lb003

    This ofcourse is:

    Team Bondi in PS3 exclusive agreement

  • if only we got some of the awesome features like on xbox live like party chat.

    no one would ever go back to xbox again.
    but sony does not care about online like nintendo.

  • ironheart901

    I no this is off topic…but plz tell me that with the next ps3 system update that cross game chat and parties are going to be in it. PLEASE!

  • Any news on whether PS3 will get full downloadable games like XBox Live is getting in August? I mean this service is good for the consumers (more games), the publishers (more sales) and the platform (more appeal). TBH I was pretty surprised and disappointed when MS made the announcement because it’s something I’ve been advocating on the blog/forums for ages and Sony have really dropped the ball.

    • Jeff Rubenstein
      Jeff Rubenstein

      You mean like Warhawk, SOCOM Confrontation, or Burnout Paradise?

  • Don’t care about Trixie, so…

    Someone at SCEA needs to undelay the MvC2 DD release or I’m taking that someone at Sony for a ride (Jazz music here).

    Was so hyped about it dropping this Thursday and now rumors have it as “late July.”

    Come on, Sony! You know you you’ll print money this Thursday by dropping it, so why the stupid delay?


  • @41 LMFAO! That’s one hell of a line from inFamous.

  • DevilDog273

    OK, Im furious beyond words and confused as to why Americans don’t have vidzone?! WTF!!! We proubly buy more Itune songs then any other country! It dosen’t make sence. You could at least say that we will eventually get it, but now were left to dangel in the wind. Please Sony, to all that is good in heaven above. Give Us Vidzone! & why the F@$% do not all regions have a video store? Nowonder your sells aren’t that great,& damit advertise what the system does. Oh & I want voice msg and in game music. Copy then MAke new stuff if you want to win the consel war….. dumases.

  • So still nothing from Namco Bandai on Tales of Vesperia? Please keep hounding them on this game, it’s my most wanted game right now and it’ll be a day one purchase for sure!

  • BPatches701

    I have 2 things to ask:


  • Glad to see a lot of good news. Keep it up, Jeff.

    @29, You don’t need trophies to make a game good, look at call of Duty 4, it’s still fun without trophies.

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