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Jun 24

Jun 24

Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? Available Exclusively via PlayStation Store

Nao Zook's Avatar Posted by

PR/Marketing Coordinator, NIS America, Inc

Hello everyone,

This is Nao from NIS America, Inc. Today, I’d like to share some exciting news about “Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!” for PSP with all of you.

NIS America has decided to release Badman exclusively on the PlayStation Network on July 16, 2009. The reason we’re going this direction is because the demo version of Badman on PSN was so surprisingly well received, and we thought Badman would be the perfect title to test the waters of this download-only release opportunity on PSN. Badman is a relatively small title in terms of download size, and with a PSN release we can provide this title to our fans for only $19.99. We hope that you all are happy with this decision :-)

After the launch of the Badman demo, I noticed that some people were a little confused and struggled with the gameplay. Badman has very simple rules, but it is still very challenging. The first couple of stages will be easy to beat, but it gets tougher as you go forward. So, NIS America has created a strategy sharing forum. You can download a dungeon designer program, and then create your perfect dungeon! (To download the dungeon designer program, simply click on “CREATE A DUNGEON MAP” on the right-hand side of the forum page.)

There are some strategies up already, so please visit the dungeon forum if you need some help from fellow Badman fans! Here is one dungeon I created just for fun. It doesn’t help with the strategy, but I just wanted to show how you can make your own dungeon!


When you create the dungeon map, you can export it to a JPG file and save it to your computer. Then e-mail it to badman@nisamerica.com or simply click “SUBMIT A DUNGEON MAP” on the right-hand side of the forum page. Don’t forget to share your strategies and tips!

I hope you guys can connect and help each other kick those heroes’ butts!! :-p

We’ve also come up with some gameplay footage clips, which can be found on the official Badman website. There is only 1 gameplay clip available so far, but more are on their way!

Here is the first stage clip…

Lastly, the cool people over at PluggnPlay.com are holding a contest for Badman. And they have a pretty nice prize, so I hope you guys can check them out and enter the contest to earn an awesome prize!


These are OMNOM figures, and just one example of the prizes they are offering. These are made from Pixel Blocks. So cute, right?

I hope you all have fun with the contest!

Thank you for reading my post! I’d really love to reply to all of you. But realistically, I cannot do that. But I will try to reply as much as I can, and as soon as I can! So, please don’t get mad/frustrated/filled with hate if I don’t reply right away… :)

Have a great day!

Best regards,
Nao Zook

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lofiweapwn said:

July 9th, 4:33 pm

I think I’m wondering what a lot of people are wondering: How much will Badman cost us?

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’d be ok with a price ranging anywhere from free to $9.99.

Anything above that I don’t think I’d buy it.

Don’t get me wrong, this game is sooooooooo tight, but I’m not gonna spend over $10 for it.

And is the release date still 7-14-09?

Ready and waiting for reply [and thanks if you do],

official weapwnoffate [kinda]

lofiweapwn said:

July 9th, 4:35 pm

Oh wait……. I obviously cant read…….

So $19.99 eh?

…….. Any possible way I could talk you down to, say……. Half that?

JAN181991 said:

July 10th, 9:46 am

I’m going to buy this game I’m a big fan of NIS games also because i enjoy this game

JCman11 said:

July 11th, 8:48 pm

The game is really cool. U know they also have funny sayings in the game like lets say stage 1 where u have to fight the guy named Shota. If u go to the almanac & read Shotas description it says something like Everybody hugs him touches him & draws pictures they dont let him see. Its funny to me

o0oi01o10oi0o said:

July 16th, 9:51 am

k it’s july 16 now ‘ve been looking forward to this day for quite awhile so that i can play holy invasion…you know the rest, i waited and then when i woke up this morning and went on my psn the game wasn’t there has it released yet or is it just me? please i really want to know i really really really really really really reaaly really wan to play this game so help?

antmen13 said:

July 16th, 1:21 pm

I could’nt wait for Badman to come out (especialy since the demo was purely awesome) but when I checked on the PSN this morning… I coud’nt find it! Does it have anything to do with the fact that I live in Quebec (french Canada)?

antmen13 said:

July 16th, 1:24 pm

P.S.o0oi01o10oi0o, I feel your pain lol

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