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Jun 25

Jun 25

PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Hi Everyone –

It’s time again for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.

Downloadable Games

Droplitz ($9.99)
Immerse yourself in this addictive puzzler that’s all about strategically twisting and connecting mismatched dials to save precious droplitz. Just making a single junction is child’s play; can you master the art of the combo or will you let your pipes runneth over? With four unique play modes, a variety of board sizes, and infinite replayability, Droplitz promises to drain all your time away.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 144 MB

PSone Classics PS3 / PSP

Mobile Light Force ($5.99)
This classic vertical scrolling shoot ’em upbrings all the best of arcade action games into your home.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 69 MB

Game Demos (free)

The BIGS 2 Demo
The BIG LEAGUES just got BIGGER! The BIGS 2 allows fans to experience heroic gameplay, legendary game modes and incredible player models. Experience a 3 inning game between the American and National League All Stars, as well as Home Run Derby Pinball in the all new Las Vegas level. The BIGS gets BIGGER 7.7.09!
File size: 562 MB

Add-on Game Content

High Velocity Bowling 60’s Surf Ball Pack ($0.99)
File size: 5.08 MB

High Velocity Bowling Tiki Polynesian Ball Pack ($0.99)
File size: 5.52 MB

LittleBigPlanet Summer Solstice Costume (free)
File size: 1.04 MB

LittleBigPlanet Artists Sitcker Pack – Jon Burgerman ($1.99)
File size: 1.04 MB

MotorStorm Pacific Rift Wombat Signature Livery Pack (free)
File size: 100 KB

Cross Edge Mystery Synth Pack (free)
File size: 111 KB

Cross Edge Mighty Rare Pack (free)
File size: 111 KB

Cross Edge Additional Dungeon 1 (free)
File size: 111 KB

Disgaea 3: Absence Of Justice Class World Command Attack Mode ($3.99)
File size: 1.23 MB

Cuboid Bundle Pack ($4.99)
File size: 100 KB

Cuboid Level Editor ($3.99)
File size: 100 KB

Cuboid Booster Pack ($2.99)
File size: 100 KB

Guitar Hero World Tour
For all song credits please visit www.guitarhero.com.

  • “Chalk Dust Torture (Live)” by Phish ($1.99)
  • “Down With Disease (Live)” by Phish ($1.99)
  • “Sample In A Jar (Live)” by Phish ($1.99)
  • Phish Live Track Pack ($5.49)

File sizes: 52 MB – 63 MB (singles), 169 MB (track pack)

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit www.RockBand.com.

  • “Little of Your Time” — Maroon 5 ($1.99)
  • “Makes Me Wonder” — Maroon 5 ($1.99)
  • “Wake Up Call” — Maroon 5 ($1.99)
  • “Maroon 5 Pack 1 ($5.49)
  • “21st Century (Digital Boy)” — Bad Religion ($1.99)
  • “The Downfall of Us All” — A Day to Remember ($1.99)
  • “The Flood” — Escape the Fate ($1.99)
  • “I Didn’t Say I Was Powerful, I Said I Was a Wizard” — Chiodos ($1.99)
  • “Reinventing Your Exit” — Underoath ($1.99)
  • Warped Tour 2009 Pack 1 ($8.49)
  • “Alive” — Pearl Jam ($1.99)
  • “Brother” — Pearl Jam ($1.99)
  • “State of Love and Trust” — Pearl Jam ($1.99)
  • Pearl Jam “Ten” Bonus Pack ($5.49)

File sizes: 21 MB – 42 MB (singles), 94 MB – 140 MB (track pack)

Game Videos (free)

inFAMOUS Commercial
File size: 23 MB (HD)

Mini Ninjas Gameplay Trailer
File size: 56 MB (HD)

Mini Ninjas Hiro Trailer
File size: 55 MB (HD)

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Handover Video
File size: 55 MB (HD)

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Hunt Video
File size: 101 MB (HD)

The Saboteur E3 Trailer
File size: 85 MB (HD)

Darksiders Story Trailer
File size: 51 MB (HD)

The BIGS 2 Legendary Catches & Big Slams
File size: 50 MB (HD)

The BIGS 2 Teaser Trailer
File size: 78 MB (HD)

PS3 Themes

Battlefield 1943 Theme (free)
File size: 3.77 MB

Elven X III Theme ($1.49)
File size: 5.95 MB

PlayStation Store for PSP

Downloadable Games

Brothers in Arms D-Day ($14.99) (also available from PS3 storefront)
On the night before D-Day, the 101st Airborne parachuted behind enemy lines in Normandy. The hopes of the free world rested upon their shoulders.
ESRB Rated M
File size: 1.05 GB

Chessmaster: The Art of Learning ($19.99) (also available from PS3 storefront)
The world’s best program for beginners and advanced players. Play the best selling chess program for the first time on PSP.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 84 MB

Driver 76 ($19.99) (also available from PS3 storefront)
Take to the streets of 1976 New York, in this action packed, Hollywood style driving game, where you can become the ultimate godfather of the street racing!
ESRB Rated M
File size: 637 MB

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ($19.99) (also available from PS3 storefront)
Based on the CGI TMNT movie, Ubisoft’s TMNT video game takes place in New York City, a city plagued with fast-moving shadows and attacks from strange creatures. Could the wealthy and mysterious Max Winters be involved? New York City needs the Turtles now more than ever but they face their most trying time both as heroes and as brothers.
ESRB Rated E10+
File size: 864 MB

Add-on Game Content

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce Pack 2 (free) (also available from PS3 storefront)
File size: 1.13 MB

Rock Band Unplugged (also available from PS3 storefront)
Build your Rock Band Unplugged library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit www.RockBand.com.

  • “Afterlife” — Avenged Sevenfold ($1.99)
  • “Dr. Feelgood”— Motley Crue ($1.99)

File sizes: 20 MB – 22 MB

PSP Themes

Elven X PSP Theme 5 ($0.99) (also available from PS3 storefront)
File size: 545 KB

Elven X PSP Theme 6 ($0.99) (also available from PS3 storefront)
File size: 661 KB

Add Your Own

Ftwrthtx said:

June 25th, 2:08 pm

Nice update. Thanks!

mysterblack said:

June 25th, 2:08 pm

They said BF 1943 was coming out June 2009.
Well it’s the end of June and no World War II
When is it coming?

SkyNet003 said:

June 25th, 2:11 pm

More Capcom PsOne titles, please?
I want Mega Man Legends 2…

Maguss said:

June 25th, 2:12 pm

No Pulse? Is Christina sick from E3??!! I hope she only lost her voice, regardless Send her my well wishes and my number ; ).

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Grace Chen said:

    June 25th, 5:58 pm

    Her voice is slowly recovering. Will send her your regards.

SkyNet003 said:

June 25th, 2:13 pm

I want Mega Man Legends 2

LokeSTL said:

June 25th, 2:13 pm


1) Thanks for the continued release of PSone classics. More RPGs please! Take a look at the Japan store for reference.

2) Why not drop the price of SSDHD like the Europe store? Do you guys really want us to create a second account instead of laying the cash down here? Drop the bundle down to $10 and I’ll bite.

3) Thanks for the Cross Edge DLC. Free! Oh yeah!

Ryuuchi10 said:

June 25th, 2:13 pm

No Fat Princes. No Fallout 3 DLC. No Marvel vs Capcom 2. Things that I want out right now but it wasn’t out for this month of June. =(

Hiorik said:

June 25th, 2:14 pm

and Final fantasy I?

Gump_ said:

June 25th, 2:17 pm

any info on Trine or Fat Princess?

rafael_martines said:

June 25th, 2:18 pm

Nothing interesting… wait for Critter Crunch, Smash Cars, Zombie Apocalypse and Marvel VS Capcom 2 (Without release date? EPIC FAIL Capcom…).


reson8er said:

June 25th, 2:20 pm

I’m shocked at your inclusion of Mobile Light Force! I applaud your choice as a shooter fan and can say that that alone makes this update worth it to me.

Again, thank you very much! Long live the shooter!

Hayato510 said:

June 25th, 2:20 pm

Cuboid DLC is finally here… gonna go and download it and try out the new stuff like the level editor and new stages.

MrBeatdown said:

June 25th, 2:21 pm

Early this week. Nice!

FearMonkey said:

June 25th, 2:22 pm

Can you give us more detailed information on the Cross Edge and Disgaea 3 DLC?

mywhitenoise said:

June 25th, 2:22 pm

What the hell is the hold up on Fat Princess and Marvel VS. Capcom 2?
Weren’t those supposed to come out this month? Whose genius idea was it to delay those releases during Summer while kids are on break, bored, and with no good games are out on the market?

kKrySh12 said:

June 25th, 2:22 pm

so basically nothing like last week, if anything this is worse bc last at least got mgs1..

how about you guys actually respond to us like the euro blog does? your not doing very well on interacting with the community or at least giving any information on ANYTHING listed above.

no info on trine, no info on fat princess, no info on battlefield 1943, no info on fallout 3 DLC, no info on marvel vs capcom 2.. no info on any upcoming ps1 classic games.

we realize we’re asking a lot of questions but ignoring us isnt going to help things either. just tell us what info you know or can tell us about all of this stuff and maybe we’ll start to shutup.

Big_Hawk97 said:

June 25th, 2:23 pm

Lotta stuff for the PSP. Can’t complain about that.

DeathGazer said:

June 25th, 2:23 pm

So much for Operation: Anchorage coming “Late June”

Bethesda sure loves screwing over PS3 owners.

cowboyd21 said:

June 25th, 2:23 pm

yo am just happy socom is coming with a patch soon

kKrySh12 said:

June 25th, 2:25 pm

why is it nobody responds to us on the US blog about the PSN? euro does it but not here, awesome support guys, keep it up i’m sure we’ll continue to leave happy comments!!!

just give us information on ANYTHING listed above, im not gonna bother listing it all again b/c everyone else is already doing that. just give us info and i’ll be happy, even if its saying you dont know why such and such isnt out yet or when so and so is going to be released.

talk to us!!!

DMeisterJ said:

June 25th, 2:25 pm

I remember when the PSP store was a trailer or a theme, and now it’s 4 games, 1 classic, DLC and themes, and demos on the regular. Good job getting ready for the PSPgo launch.

khuezy said:

June 25th, 2:26 pm

please :)

kKrySh12 said:

June 25th, 2:26 pm

ignore my last post

mastrofallz said:

June 25th, 2:29 pm


Oh stop b*tching. Its not like they know EVERYTHING.

ck_sfu said:

June 25th, 2:29 pm

boo …. still no fat princess

Liamario said:

June 25th, 2:31 pm

@66 If you kept up to date on the blog, you would know the answer to all those questions or would you rather a special little blog just for you

mastrofallz said:

June 25th, 2:33 pm

Wow, I think you guys need to start understanding and be a little more grateful.

1) The store is updated. FOR FREE. You arent paying $60 a year like another console that wont be named.

2) We get thousands of game trailers, commercials, demos, gameplay clips, teasers, all for free. Do you know how much bandwidth that costs?

3) You are also getting free addons, for games like Cross-Edge and Motorstorm

4) You are getting decade all games for a very low price.

5) The PSP/PSN store has a awesome varity of games and just look at the update now. 6 brand new games.

And after all of that you still continue to find SOMETHING to complain about. Where is FAT PRINCESS? WHERE IS THIS, WHERE IS THAT?

First off, you cant blame the workers at Sony for that. I’m surprised Jeff didnt say, screw it, theres to many complainers, i’m out. Sony isnt responsible for other companies actions, so lay off.

davivman said:

June 25th, 2:33 pm

Loving the Free LBP content!

EmpireNO said:

June 25th, 2:33 pm

Disgaea 3 trophy patch?

jewwarrior said:

June 25th, 2:33 pm

Frikin ballsack!!! Where is my fat princess?!!?

plaztiksyke said:

June 25th, 2:34 pm

Droplitz had better have *AMAZING* HD sound and graphics for a $10 price point. I’m getting really tired of these slightly overpriced casual games that don’t even take moderate advantage of the PS3’s capabilities.

I do really like the casual games when they’re done well, but I’m sick to death of shovelware like Heavy Weapon at a $10 price point.

Canuck4Life said:

June 25th, 2:35 pm

Downloading the free LBP costume… Maroon 5 tracks… Motorstorm pack, etc.

Great update… can’t wait for Fat Princess though!

CantaloupeKing said:

June 25th, 2:35 pm

I’ve been holding out so painfully since I got a network card on tuesday, and there’s nothing I’m dying to get now. Oh well, time to buy the LBP ICO pack now.
I miss you Christina Lee. What am I to do without your more concise, more frequent, free alternative to Qore? Is Pulse going to take as long as the next Qore to come out?
I know this is a slow month, but it hurts more when I can’t check my Pulse…

mysterblack said:

June 25th, 2:36 pm

They do know EVERYTHING.
they just dont want people to get the info we want.
like BF 1943

dime5150 said:

June 25th, 2:39 pm

Sony.. HURRY up with the certification for BF 1943. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long. The one thing I want to buy….

mysterblack said:

June 25th, 2:40 pm

Same here i want Battlefield 1943 NOW!!

mocte32 said:

June 25th, 2:42 pm

well thats a gay update

mysterblack said:

June 25th, 2:42 pm

BF 1943 better come out cause there’s alot of people waiting.

Shakezula84 said:

June 25th, 2:43 pm

Hopefully the rock band unplugged dlc is fixed from the last update. And I always wonder how much money is floating behind the scenes. Ubisoft use to be all about Microsoft, but now they seem to be fully behind the playstation brand as well.

emiru69 said:

June 25th, 2:43 pm

People are not just whining, people are complaining of the poor interacting with the community of Sony Usa. Nobody answer any of the questions here, why do you have a blog then? Also the psp games are extremely expensive, meaning everyone can find the same titles for half price in UMD anywhere.

Borkil said:

June 25th, 2:43 pm

hey, are you guys going to bundle the kz2 maps together? i’d really like a 9.99 bundle of the two maps!

mastrofallz said:

June 25th, 2:47 pm


[DELETED]. I just searched “Drive 76” on Google, and guess what? IT WAS $38.99. These games are a STEAL compared to their UMD versions.

cell989 said:

June 25th, 2:47 pm

looks like there is something for everyone. From PSP games to PS classics to DLC to trailers and games. Good update, so stop hating guys

dulcediana said:

June 25th, 2:48 pm

I’m disappointed wheres my backwards compatibility download from the store?

Metellica505 said:

June 25th, 2:48 pm

Whats Trine?

Misanthrope1991 said:

June 25th, 2:49 pm

1943 comes out in July last time I checked.

I wanted Fallout 3 content, but I can wait. :)

Tridon said:

June 25th, 2:50 pm

Hey, Grace. Thanks for the early update today. Much obliged! There wasn’t really much I was interested in but I do appreciate it updating at an earlier time. It was great coming home from work and having the Playstation Store ready to roll. My only question is what happened to Marvel Vs. Capcom 2? I thought it was supposed to be released today. Or do I have my dates wrong? Thanks again!

norm01 said:

June 25th, 2:52 pm

Those asking for BF 1943 need to check with EA Dice? Asking for it at the PS Store is like asking Walmart for Uncharted 2, right nao. :P

Azerath39 said:

June 25th, 2:54 pm

Wow two weeks in a row we get C**P. I have to go with 38 on this one, if it wasn’t a chimp that picked this garbage you deffinitly threw darts at a wall with a who cares attitude.

melek956 said:

June 25th, 2:59 pm

i thought marval vs capcom was going to come out in this update.

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