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Jun 26

Jun 26

PlayStation Eye Chat: Shatter for PSN

Chris Morell's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

Man, somehow we missed the incredibly cool upcoming PSN game, Shatter, at E3. Thankfully, the kind folks at developer Sidhe agreed to participate in the PSB’s first-ever video interview using the PlayStation Eye. And considering the company resides down in New Zealand (insert generic Flight of the Conchords quip here), it’s just about the only way to get them talking in-person.

Shatter is like Arkanoid on steroids…and we mean that in the most positive way. Here, Managing Director Mario Wynands talks about the game’s slick graphics, power-ups and unique push/pull gameplay that makes this PSN game the real deal.

And what do you think of the PS3 Video Chat format via the Eye? Drop a comment and let us know…it could be a great way to conduct interviews with folks from across the globe.

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jqtaxpayer said:

June 26th, 4:10 pm

Shatter? Doesn’t that sounds a little too close to [DELETED]? I don’t know, pardon my French, but it’s not the name I would’ve picked, folks…

DTXSFC said:

June 26th, 4:17 pm

I think it’s a great idea to keep the Playstation Eye format. Anyway you gotta represent!

pscoolman said:

June 26th, 4:19 pm

Loved the PS Eye idea its looks really cool and you guys should do all of your interviews like this you know so then you wont have to make all these arrangements for a meeting place for a face to face interview. And Jeff one question, will you guys plan to make the rumored Playstation Cloud soon

Thanks in Advance!!
Loved the PS Eye idea

katsuo7171 said:

June 26th, 4:32 pm

lol pause it at 6:27 chris was about to fall asleep. :P

Anyways I like the idea of the video chat over the PS eye. Is there anyway that you can randomly select people with PS eye’s on the blog to also sit in and ask questions? You know like G4?

Overall good, but Chris’ Audio was harder to hear.

StargamerX said:

June 26th, 4:44 pm

Cool interview. You guys seem to be adding a lot of cool features to the Blog.

*A feature I would like to see is PlayStation Blog integration on the XMB!

StargamerX said:

June 26th, 4:45 pm

Cool interview. It seems you guys are adding a lot of cool features.

*A feature I would like to see is PlayStation Blog integration into the XMB!

DoomnY said:

June 26th, 4:47 pm

Can someone write word from movie, time 1:24? I don’t know this word and what does it mean. Cannot find in dictionary.

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Mario Wynands said:

    June 26th, 5:51 pm

    I said \”Breakout\” and \”Arkanoid\” around that time which are the example retro games the dev team played as kids which Shatter was inspired by.

Delriach said:

June 26th, 4:47 pm

I notice I page 2, there is a “Add Reply” button under every single comment…. O_o

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    June 26th, 10:29 pm

    Yeah, there\’s been some weirdness since we\’ve switched over to the new server system. Hopefully this\’ll be fixed by Monday.


June 26th, 4:54 pm

Hmmm on the second page, it says “Add Reply”…i doubt we are suppose to be able to do this. lol

Also sorry if someone already said this.


June 26th, 4:56 pm


I noticed the same thing 108


June 26th, 4:57 pm

why aren’t my comments showing up??? :(

Blackxino said:

June 26th, 5:01 pm

give us a keyword for the Playstation Cloud!

“The keyword is in the method”

PHI_aXiom said:

June 26th, 5:09 pm

Voice Chat is a very nice chat
I thought it was funny how he was wearing an official PlayStation blue tooth advertisement?

mastrofallz said:

June 26th, 5:11 pm

I wish we can add replys. :(

mastrofallz said:

June 26th, 5:11 pm


JPMCH said:

June 26th, 5:21 pm

Well I don’t know where do I can ask this, but can someone tell me when is the Zombie Apocalypse Release Date?

The1stMJC said:

June 26th, 5:25 pm

Gotta do all interviews like this it is great to see and it shows the power of the PS3.
Sadly there are some people that either don’t know it can do that or never use it.

oh and Shatter has been on my radar since e3. can’t wait it looks like it can become my new gaming drug

freakzilla149 said:

June 26th, 5:41 pm

This would be a great way for the EU blog to get interviews with US devs.

OFFTOPIC: I think it would be nice to see some info on highly anticipated multiplatform games.

starBlinky01 said:

June 26th, 5:47 pm

this was a reaaally good idea! I found the guy kinda hard to listen to though, hes really monotone. But I am sure he’s also not use to doing very many interviews.

But really sweet idea man, love to see more like this. One every week at least! Its great because it also advertises the PS3s video chat feature, which I am sure is underused.

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Mario Wynands said:

    June 26th, 5:54 pm

    Ha! Nope, I do a lot of interviews, just monotone normally I guess :)

    Laid back NZ style or something.

starBlinky01 said:

June 26th, 5:51 pm

wtf happened to my comment!?

ugh. Anyways, I forgot to talk about the game in my reply, and it looks really cool!!

Hope its $4.99, we need more $4.99 DLC on PSN.

footballrule said:

June 26th, 5:54 pm

That is good advertisment

Silent_Gig said:

June 26th, 5:54 pm

I love games like this and i also love supporting developers like you guys, so definitly a day one buy.

Any word on a UK release?

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Mario Wynands said:

    June 26th, 5:55 pm

    We haven\’t announced release dates as yet, but hope to do so soon.

    The UK release should be very close to the US release. Hopefully on the same day even.

PullusPardusUS said:

June 26th, 5:59 pm

woah i can reply now!
thanks Chris!

cnn93 said:

June 26th, 6:13 pm

how fast is the internet you got in the “blog-o-shpere”?

cause that looks like amazing!

Scrucifix said:

June 26th, 6:24 pm

Very interesting. Will pick it up when it becomes available…

NewYork214 said:

June 26th, 6:38 pm

im about 80% sold off of just this lil video interview. i love these games. i played these so much when i was young.

Lokiroo420 said:

June 26th, 6:43 pm

Glad to see the devs take the time to interact with the community, big points around these parts! Bought Gripshift back when it came out, anything new for Gripshift in the future, trophies always lead to sales.

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Mario Wynands said:

    June 26th, 6:53 pm

    We actually had a patch for GripShift ready to go last year that would have added new stuff such as different weapons, better matchmaking etc (it didn\’t have trophies though). Unfortunately, as we are not the publisher (SOE is) we were not able to push the patch out, and SOE didn\’t seem interested for some reason.

    With Shatter, we are self publishing, so we\’ll be able to add content and make improvements on our own if it makes sense to do so.

Herbyg said:

June 26th, 6:47 pm

I am loving the Eye interviews very cool.

rbanke said:

June 26th, 7:10 pm

Just wanted to say, GripShift was one my first PSN games 2 years ago and still holds a place high on my list of all time great games, so many hours out of that game :)

I’ve been following the news about Shatter and i’ll be supporting Sidhe day one.

Any chance for a 3, 2, 1, GO! in Shatter? ;)

Lokiroo420 said:

June 26th, 7:11 pm

Understandable, thanks for the reply!

rbanke said:

June 26th, 7:12 pm

Just wanted to say that GripShift was one of the first PSN games I bought 2 years ago. It still holds a high place on my all time favorite games list.

I’ve been following the news about Shatter for a bit now, and will be picking this one up day one.

Any chance for a 3, 2, 1, GO! soundbyte in Shatter? ;)

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Mario Wynands said:

    June 26th, 7:19 pm

    Heh, the 3-2-1-GO sound sample from GripShft has been the placeholder sound effect during development on the other driving games we have worked and are still working on. I think it is driving the dev teams a little crazy :)

bravo9zero said:

June 26th, 7:14 pm

When can we expect more news on the “PS cloud” feature?
A Sony hardware Dev already confirmed Its real and in development on n4g.com ;)

Plus he leaked specs of the ps3 slim.

Tommy-Cronin said:

June 26th, 7:15 pm

Is it online or split scrren or full screen 2 player, it would be crazy if it did.

LpSquall said:

June 26th, 7:15 pm

For the next video make sure to hide the menu to make it have a clean look. Watch the beginning of the clip to see what I am talking about.

Overall a great interview. Very creative.

bravo9zero said:

June 26th, 7:17 pm

When can we expect more news on the “PS cloud” feature?
A Sony hardware Dev already confirmed Its real and in development on n4g.com ;)

Plus he leaked specs of the ps3 slim.
Sounds great.

bravo9zero said:

June 26th, 7:17 pm

Why don’t my comments show up :(

VenomXv said:

June 26th, 7:21 pm

Wow, I love the idea of doing interviews via PS eye using the PS3. It really encourages people to go out and get a PS Eye. I already have brought mine with eye of judgment. Awesome interview. That game looks like a lot of fun.

DoomnY said:

June 26th, 7:22 pm

@Mario Wynands
I ment the word between 1:24 and 1:25. Something like “siomra”?. I am not english native man so don’t know so many words. Don’t even know what does it mean.

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Mario Wynands said:

    June 26th, 7:35 pm

    I think you mean \”genre\”? That means the class, group, or style of game.

VenomXv said:

June 26th, 7:23 pm

Defintely the best and most convenient way to conduct interviews.

starBlinky01 said:

June 26th, 7:24 pm

Since we are talking about GripShift now.. I must say, I liked the game, it was quite fun. But my issue with it was the levels only lasted about 20-30 seconds or so, then the menus and loading screens took about 45 seconds each time you beat a level. So for every 5 minutes of gameplay, you had to wait 10 minutes of menus and loading. Thats what killed the game for me.

If you ever make another one, please fix the loading issues.

Just had to get that off my chest.

Cant wait to play your newest game.

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Mario Wynands said:

    June 26th, 7:38 pm

    Yeah, we didn\’t discover that problem until after release. I\’m guessing you have a 20GB PS3 unit? The drives on those were quite slow, a lot slower than the 60GB PS3 units and development PS3 units.

    We did a quick turnaround patch which reduced the loading times quite a bit on 20GB PS3 models, so if you never grabbed that check it out. It doesn\’t completely solve the problem, but it makes it a lot better.

Lokiroo420 said:

June 26th, 7:32 pm

Jeff you might want to address or tell everyone to stop posting twice, it is taking the blog a minute or two to show comments, although they do eventually show up.

eaglefan129 said:

June 26th, 7:44 pm

Can you guys do this with us?

eaglefan129 said:

June 26th, 7:46 pm

Can you guys do this with us? Somehow you got this on the internet is there tech at Sony or wherever this might be?

eaglefan129 said:

June 26th, 7:46 pm

sorry sorry where is the edit thing?

Jeigh said:

June 26th, 8:43 pm

@ Mario
Whoa, you guys went through all the trouble of creating a patch and they didn’t want to bother implementing it? You must have been pissed. (I wanted to elongate the ‘i’ in that last word, but English is terrible in terms of intonation in writing.)

The game looks damn good. Also, consider this post 100,000 votes for “Aye” on in-game music. Not that I’m going to immediately skip over the game’s music: 90 minutes of soundtrack is impressive, especially consider that it’s a downloadable title.

Hope to hear from you guys again soon. :)

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Mario Wynands said:

    June 26th, 8:51 pm

    Yeah, we weren\’t very happy about it. We had a few guys work on the patch on our own dime for over a month to fix up, add, and improve a number of things. Disappointed we couldn\’t get it out there.

    We\’ll be releasing new media soon, so you\’ll get to hear more of that soundtrack in the near future.

ChrisTiffer said:

June 26th, 9:26 pm

Much prefer the immediacy and personality of this PS Eye chat (and seeing as you guys are PS3, it defeintely makes sense to promote its functionality!) to reading an interview.

zyxses said:

June 26th, 9:38 pm

Looks like a lot of fun. Just the sort of thing I like playing. Those sneaky Kiwis? ;)

Image how cool it would be to watch each other play using the Eye? Hint, hint! -_-

zyxses said:

June 26th, 9:40 pm

My comment didn’t show up?

bobloblaw06 said:

June 26th, 9:42 pm

Now this is how people should do things, nice new ideas(eyetoy interviews) and someone who actually replies to posts

Good job to all

Sarges24 said:

June 26th, 9:57 pm

Absolutely F’n BRILLIANT!!

I’ve been hoping for an Arkanoid type game. I used to love the version with the shiny blocks. :D But this TOPS that Hundred Fold! I’m absolutely sold and can’t wait to see this title release… Compelling price? $5 I call it a steal, $10 I’m sold. Just hope it has some substance and that they don’t want to keep feeding us $5 add-on packs. ;)

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Mario Wynands said:

    June 26th, 10:05 pm

    Well, it certainly won\’t be over $10, so it sounds like we have at least 1 sale :)

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