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Jun 27

Jun 27

Nathan Drake Heading to Hollywood

Evan Wells's Avatar Posted by Co-President, Naughty Dog


News in Hollywood travels fast!

I am happy to confirm that it is indeed true, Sony Computer Entertainment has signed a deal with Columbia Pictures for a movie adaptation of Uncharted: Drake‚Äôs Fortune and it will be produced by Avi Arad, Charles Roven, Ari Arad and Alex Gartner. We have been working with Avi and the folks and Columbia for quite some time and look forward to sharing additional details on the film in the short future. Obviously we designed the game to be a cinematic experience and we too can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

So, who do you think should play Nathan Drake?

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wocyob said:

June 27th, 9:10 pm

Nolan North better do it… he looks like nate and sounds like nate ….durr

and im sure he will do it cuz all the charaters in the game looks like the people in real life so why not?

but if other actors plays the roles of the voice actors in the game the whole movie will be garbage “sorry to say” so do the fans a favor and keep the people who voiced it…. and i can honestly say that you will be the first to have a video game movie that doesnt suck….

good luck and please make sure hollywood doesnt blow such a masterpiece to hell

wocyob said:

June 27th, 9:12 pm

why doesnt my comment show up grrrr

wocyob said:

June 27th, 9:13 pm

Nolan North better do it… he looks like nate and sounds like nate ….durr

and im sure he will do it cuz all the charaters in the game looks like the people in real life so why not?

but if other actors plays the roles of the voice actors in the game the whole movie will be garbage “sorry to say” so do the fans a favor and keep the people who voiced it…. and i can honestly say that you will be the first to have a video game movie that doesnt suck….

good luck and please make sure hollywood doesnt blow such a masterpiece to heck

copy and paste FTW!!! changed the last word maybe this will show my comment

KALEL114 said:

June 27th, 9:14 pm

Lee Pace for Drake. Make it happen. :)

alfmac said:

June 27th, 9:15 pm

Jason Kapono.
He looks Nathan Drake but he’s a basketball player :(

So, i vote for Nolan North :)

kdiep said:

June 27th, 9:16 pm

Brad Pitt lol! I’m actually kinda serious, although to be fair I don’t know much regarding that Fillion guy or most of the other names mentioned. So I gotta say Brad Pitt since he has that mischevious side (or however you write it, too tired to look up) and could have the same hair, think he could pull off the humor quite nicely.

Maiar said:

June 27th, 9:17 pm

definitely Nathan Fillion or Nolan North. Nathan Fillion has the character down and he was excellent in Firefly. Nolan North simply because he is the voice Nathan Drake. Honestly either would be excellent. I don’t think anyone else would fill Drakes shoes.


June 27th, 9:18 pm

This is so weird, There is this guy who works at a convenience store near me. Just last week I told him he was a dead ringer for Nathan Drake. I said if they ever made a movie that he would be the best person for the job. Seriously, He looks just like Nathan.
I’ll post to my flicker tomorrow.

TrueStoryGuy said:

June 27th, 9:22 pm

Nathan Fillion for Drake all the way.

john_ecko said:

June 27th, 9:26 pm

For those that have no idea who Nathan Fillion is and has never seen him playing the character Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly/Serenity, just watch this:

Hiterhat said:

June 27th, 9:40 pm

Samuel Jackson….and there better be snakes in the treasure

adolson said:

June 27th, 9:40 pm

Nathan Fillion, obviously.

Nolan North could do it too, if he is good in front of the camera (I don’t know).

But I think you’re going to disappoint many people if Fillion doesn’t get the roll. Well, at least I will cry.

adolson said:

June 27th, 9:42 pm

Not seeing my comment.. Sorry if it shows up.

Basically, I agree with most people – Fillion, or North. Either/or. Nothing but.

Brianv2 said:

June 27th, 9:44 pm

Craig Horner should be nathan drake.

blackmajic13 said:

June 27th, 9:53 pm

Nolan North for Drake! I mean, come on, it just wouldn’t be the same without his voice. Besides, if even looks a bit like him.

dewmandew7 said:

June 27th, 9:53 pm

Makes sense. I’m excited!

willmorse said:

June 27th, 9:54 pm

Easy Choice … Nathan Fillion!!!!!!

StMerc said:

June 27th, 9:56 pm

Nolan or no one.

Strange__Brew said:

June 27th, 9:58 pm

Everyone seems to be jumping on the Nathan Fillion bandwagon , but I think the JOE FLANIGAN suggestion was the best so far in the battle of lesser known actors.

Please , NOT mathew mcconaughey.

Last resort – Evan Wells (put the man on steroids)

Avro2007 said:

June 27th, 10:06 pm

Chris Pine! I can see him pulling off a great Nathan Drake.

hideINshadows said:

June 27th, 10:11 pm

Nathan Fillion for sure. As soon as I opened and played my copy of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune I thought of Nathan Fillion.

the_solidsnake said:

June 27th, 10:12 pm

Nathan Fillion!

Daliuss said:

June 27th, 10:13 pm

The first time I played Uncharted, I thought Nathan Drake was being voiced by Nathan Fillion. They even kind of look the same! I think that casting choice should be a no brainer… get Fillion! PLEASE!

nandosupes said:

June 27th, 10:14 pm

Nathan North,and probably the right man to do it.

Strange__Brew said:

June 27th, 10:17 pm

Joe Flanigan > Nathan Fillion

Ahmed13 said:

June 27th, 10:19 pm

aaron eckhart… hes funny… cool and a good actor

LUGIEZ said:

June 27th, 10:25 pm

Bruce Willis or Sean Connery? if not, then Shia Lebeouf..
Shia would be real funny when needed for Nathan’s character. And he’s already proved he can go up against machines and weird creatures from Indiana Jones, why not Drake’s Fortune?

Tezasaurus said:

June 27th, 10:38 pm

Nathan Fillion or bust. Also, give Emily Rose Elena’s part, she was great in Jericho.

Kxpuc said:

June 27th, 10:44 pm

If Nathan Fillion isn’t the #1 through 5 choice for playing Nathan Drake I don’t know if i’m going to watch it and buy the Blu-ray of it. there’s very little actors (and it’ll be so wrong for a COMPLETELY no name actor to play Mr. Half Tuck)

SnakeCellXx said:

June 27th, 10:47 pm

Honestly, i think Jeffery Donovan should play Nathan Drake and Bruce Campbell should play Sully.. Their relationship in Burn Notice is just like Sam and Michael from the show..

Muggles said:

June 27th, 10:52 pm

Come on! It’s so obvious! The only choice is Nolan North! And if you need a young Drake, it has to be Nathan Kress from iCarly. The resemblance is uncanny and his name is even Nathan! But it has to be Nolan for adult Drake.

Shchenok said:

June 27th, 10:55 pm

Please, it would just be perfect!

Strange__Brew said:

June 27th, 10:58 pm

Jeffrey Donovan , thats’s a good suggestion too.

recon_unleashed said:

June 27th, 11:22 pm

iexil yea it was a joke…

Rhez said:

June 27th, 11:24 pm

What about Gerard Butler?

cdefomn said:

June 27th, 11:27 pm

Martin lawrence should play drake for sure

Gullerback said:

June 27th, 11:27 pm

Nolan North… duh. He IS a live screen actor

wolverine81 said:

June 27th, 11:29 pm

Nolan North hands down! He should definately get the gig as well as the other voice actors.

FPlus said:

June 27th, 11:34 pm

Why would u let a great actor go to waste ?? NN is Drake… just needs to grow his hair abit longer & gel i upward… DONT Get Ryan Renolds his too cocky..

spiceweasel said:

June 27th, 11:40 pm

I just want to lend my support to Nolan North for the movie. This guy’s been crucial in creating Drake and he’s been behind the games from day one. He’s put the work in and shown his talent and he’s the right choice for the movie.

Of course, he not “bankable” enough for a blockbuster and that’s sad. Give him his big break! Or get Nathan Fillion.

Just please don’t use Matthew Maconaughey!

VenomXv said:

June 27th, 11:43 pm

WHoa, it’s official now. I always thought it was just a rumor. What an awesome idea. I really hope they take there time with it.

Oh yeah, anyone BUT Christan Bale. Please, don’t ruin it by putting him as Drake.

Nathan Fillion isn’t bad but Nolan North would be awesome.

Boldizzle said:

June 27th, 11:44 pm

I agreet that Emily Rose(Elena Fisher voice actor) should be Elena Fisher in the movie, she’s amazing.

Nathan Fillion would be a good Drake, he delivers his punch lines really well on Firefly/Serenity. He’d definitely be good as Nathan Drake.

Bahamut44-4 said:

June 27th, 11:45 pm

Seriously, it has to be Nathan Fillion.

He has the style, looks, charm, voice. He’d pull it off and then some. Just make it happen Sony, Columbia, whoever.

griever666usa said:

June 27th, 11:49 pm

Nolan North baby!!!!

MegadethAndy said:

June 27th, 11:50 pm

The original cast should play their respective parts.
If you want to be the first good movie to game, then ya had better try something different to what has been done so far.

Otherwise, Jackie Chan for Drake lol

AJD_L3G3ND said:

June 27th, 11:50 pm

Nathan Fillion needs to be Drake in this movie. That’s the only way it will be any good. Also Emily Rose can be Elena Fisher in the movie since she is already is in game and she really looks like Elena Fisher.

Revariance said:

June 27th, 11:51 pm


Couldn’t agree more. If I saw either of them cast in the lead role I would weep.

But I’d love to see an up-and-comer play Nate, but when push comes to shove I think Nolan North really could pull it off nicely if he buckled down to look the part. Also it would be the kind of fan-service most video game movie tie-ins just don’t get.

wocyob said:

June 27th, 11:51 pm

sorry for my extra comments… guess it took longer to show up

Revariance said:

June 27th, 11:52 pm


Yes, the people have spoken. The undeniably gorgeous and talented Emily Rose must play Elena. End of discussion.

JoE5005 said:

June 27th, 11:53 pm

Am I the only crazy one who thinks Tom Cruise could pull off a great Nathan Drake. I know all the controversy around the guy, but I seriously think he is the best match. Just his cocky style and he kind of looks the part. It would work well.

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