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Jun 27

Jun 27

Nathan Drake Heading to Hollywood

Evan Wells's Avatar Posted by Co-President, Naughty Dog


News in Hollywood travels fast!

I am happy to confirm that it is indeed true, Sony Computer Entertainment has signed a deal with Columbia Pictures for a movie adaptation of Uncharted: Drake‚Äôs Fortune and it will be produced by Avi Arad, Charles Roven, Ari Arad and Alex Gartner. We have been working with Avi and the folks and Columbia for quite some time and look forward to sharing additional details on the film in the short future. Obviously we designed the game to be a cinematic experience and we too can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

So, who do you think should play Nathan Drake?

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toology01 said:

June 27th, 11:53 pm

Um…….Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. No! Not really! Be more of a generic romantic comedy than a good flick.

The guy who plays the lead in Burn Notice would be kind of cool. Jeffrey Donovan

Although a slimmed up Bruce Cambpell would be some serious awesome too, he’s got that kind of sly humor.

OmegaArchetype said:

June 27th, 11:59 pm

Either Nolan North or Nathan Fillion.

I hope it’s good and they don’t ruin the adaptation.

I think they should just get the voice actors to reprise their roles for the movie. They all look like their virtual counterparts anyways. The voices are already there as well.

JoeDuke4 said:

June 27th, 11:59 pm



Tr3p1dat10n said:

June 28th, 12:12 am

Different Voice=no sale for me. It makes a HUGE difference. Make it happen please :)

Yoshalosh said:

June 28th, 12:15 am

1.nolan north
2.nathan fillion
3.collin farrel

trustter said:

June 28th, 12:16 am

Nolan North should do that job easily.

loserpride619 said:

June 28th, 12:28 am

they should just let nolan north play him..

AKGermany said:

June 28th, 12:33 am

Nathan Fillion or David Boreanaz would both fit the part. I’d love it, if they gave Nolan North consideration as well though. The voice is a big part of Drake’s personality.

SPOPS said:

June 28th, 12:34 am

Nolan North is the only person who should play Nathan Drake. The same goes for Emily Rose to play Elena Fisher. Both of them look almost identical to the in game character. They are both actors not just Voice Over people. I have seen the behind the scenes stuff with the mo cap suits.

If you guys get anyone besides them I think it will turn me off from the movie. People are very attached to these characters. And hearing different voices than what is in the game will turn gamers away. I know I would be one of those people.

Kiddie said:

June 28th, 12:34 am

Nathan Fillion would be my second choice…

Everybody knows that Joe Flanigan (John Sheppard) from Stargate Atlantis is the true Nathan Drake!

Cypherhawk said:

June 28th, 12:42 am

Nathan Fillion should do it! please! he was born for this!…

Ryuuchi10 said:

June 28th, 12:44 am

I believe Nolan North and Elena Fisher should take on the role of the characters themselves. They look so much like the characters that I think it would be so awesome to see the voice actors see them on the silver screen. If voice actors played as their characters in the Uncharted film, it would be the best video game adaptation film ever!

Fareo said:

June 28th, 12:55 am

no Nolan North .. no care … the man IS nathan drake

roseofmayix said:

June 28th, 12:56 am

Ugh. I’m woefully disappointed to see that this is true. I guess our only hope is to pray that the movie never actually becomes anything.

If it does actually happen, I don’t want to see Nathan Fillon in the role. He’s too old and a terrible actor. See his work on Buffy. His accent is also kind of heavy. As Drake, I think he’d come off as dull, boring and hard to understand.

It would probably be best if Drake was Nolan North, but I can’t see him staring in a big screen movie. He’s not a physically attractive lead character (receeding hairline), not in the best shape of his life (still wouldn’t be up to par if he was made to workout.)

Other definite Nos

David Boreanaz
Christian Bale
Bradley Cooper

Drake needs to be played by a young actor. Prefably someone we all have never heard of.

Scubafinch said:

June 28th, 12:57 am

@40 Great idea for Bruce Campbell as Sully! Nathan Fillion gets my vote for Nathan Drake. Don’t get me wrong, I thing Nolan North’s voice acting is fantastic, but if the movie is to succeed, you need a bankable name.

Fareo said:

June 28th, 1:07 am


i disagree, Uncharted is so cinematic as it is, it already feels like a moive all the Mocap and voice action is done at the same time so when drake ducks behind the barrel thats Nolan North ducking down and saying “oh crap” at the same time, you wanna know how good he would be as Drake? just play the game hes literally acting out each cut scene.

if hollywood cheeses this up and gets someone like nathan fillion sure they will have a name to go on but its a name in a videogame moive which we have seen before. throw some one they dont know in there and make a summer movie and people will be intrigued? whats this? never heard of this or them? it could go both ways but the bottom line is the reason why Uncharted is getting a movie deal is becasue of how well nolan portrayed nathan in the game.. the made deserves the right to play the part he created.

Lirion said:

June 28th, 1:16 am

Nathan Fillion or Nolan North should play Drake, nobody else.

megs1120 said:

June 28th, 1:23 am

Aaaaahhh please don’t let this suck!

Darkos87 said:

June 28th, 1:26 am

Evan Why dont you just make some cutscenes and slap it together, It will be better than any live action movie.

Fantazyer said:

June 28th, 1:27 am

Gotta be Nathan Fillion. He looks, talks and acts like Drake.

DTS_MAN said:

June 28th, 1:31 am

well it should be brendon fraser…but then its too mummy like…..still he would be great!!!

Alex_Assassin_08 said:

June 28th, 1:40 am

actually, scrap that.

if a movie has to be made, just shove Heavenly Sword up on the screen.

That game’s image is dead in the water, and it was practically a movie already.

Vagrant_1 said:

June 28th, 1:41 am

Nathan Fillion hands down

MalcolmHB said:

June 28th, 2:16 am

Nolan North surely, he is Nathan Drake, and Emily Rose would be amazing as Elana.

BeAkErOo said:

June 28th, 2:31 am

Most definitely Nathan Filion, the role was made for him, also he’s gaining popularity through Castle by reaching a new audience and he has a cult following from the FF days to help gain even more interest in the movie.

Do it!

norm01 said:

June 28th, 2:32 am

First of all, that Uncharted is becoming a movie is amazing.. especially considering it as pretty much a cult hit, compared to other more popular game franchises… which is NOT a knock on Uncharted!! Another cool thing about Uncharted is the fact that to me, it was a more ‘word of mouth’ game… a gamer’s game if you will. That it is becoming a film is crazy!

I agree that Nathan Fillion would make a great Nathan Drake on screen. I hope he can nail the gestures and voice that Nolan North provided in the game though. The character of Nathan has got to make it 100% onto the screen as that was one of THE driving factors behind the success of the game.

The story can and should stay intact AS IS. There is no point in Hollywood-izing it to draw in more viewers, or watering it down for the masses or children.

playnation said:

June 28th, 2:45 am

Nolan North plz
another voice wouldnt sound right.
and im sure he would love to act without being covered in little dots! :P

aygie said:

June 28th, 2:47 am

NATHAN FILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nickjd331 said:

June 28th, 2:50 am

I want Nolan, Emily, Richard, Claudia etc….

It just wouldn’t be the same without them.

my-kal_UK said:

June 28th, 2:52 am

Colin Farrel would be HUGE….. he’s an amazing actor, and he also looks and sounds the part, and he can do some amazing things with his voice, even hide that Irish accent ;) haha

footballrule said:

June 28th, 3:07 am

Finally, a movie.

Zapachna666 said:

June 28th, 3:08 am

Joe Flanigan (Lt. Col. John Sheperd – Stargate: Atlantis) would be a perfect Nathan Drake because he look exactly like him and even has the same sort of mannerisms too

Sirynx77 said:

June 28th, 3:20 am

I agree with Zapachna666, Joe Flanigan is a good choice. Nathan Fillion is also a great choice.

But, lets face it, they will give it to someone that just doesn’t match the part. So… I say they cast Zac Efron as Drake. Come on, you know they would do this. He is about to destroy a great anime/manga series called “Full Metal Panic!” so why not destroy Uncharted as well.

dayvhide said:

June 28th, 3:22 am

Nathan Fillion

enormhi said:

June 28th, 3:23 am

If Nolan North is a good actor, he sould do it!

dayvhide said:

June 28th, 3:24 am

Nathan Fillion acts just like him in firefly and serenity and just about everything else he dose

AntiFunkFidget said:

June 28th, 3:27 am

NATHAN FILLION from Firefly!!!!!

dayvhide said:

June 28th, 3:27 am

Nathan Fillion acts just like him in firefly and serenity and just about everything else he dose.

ynp7 said:

June 28th, 3:27 am

How can there be any question? Nathan Fillion is the ONLY man for this job. He’s more than proven that he can pull off the mix of serious drama and comedy required for the roll. And he not only looks the part but he’s already got the name.

Do it. Do it now!

freakzilla149 said:

June 28th, 3:39 am

Let Nolan North be Drake, if you can use some hollywood trickery to make him seem younger.

Otherwise let some other guy do the role but only lip sync and let Nolan do the voice, it would be really odd if game Drake and film Drake had two different voices.

And let Emily play elena, the two look almost identical.

Since I don’t who plays Sully I’ll just leave it to you. (as if our opinions matter)

Buddyluve said:

June 28th, 3:44 am







Buddyluve said:

June 28th, 3:46 am




badman1982 said:

June 28th, 3:46 am

I say Matt Dillon is the man for this job.

Who is this natha fillion, we want someone who is recognised in Hollywood as muc as Anglena Jolie or the movie wouldn’t be a success.

Matt Dillon is the man.

badman1982 said:

June 28th, 3:48 am

Or Colin Ferrel, he is an amazing actor.

loonytoon1982 said:

June 28th, 4:01 am

Nathan Fillion should get the role if interested.

Nolan North on the other hand is a great voice actor but has done nothing notable outside of voice work besides a few bit parts in some shows.

The last movie he was in has a 3.1 rating on IMDb. In fact it seems that was the ONLY movie he actually acted in.

loonytoon1982 said:

June 28th, 4:04 am

Nathan Fillion should be Nathan Drake.

Nolan North is a voice actor and has had no notable movie roles. In fact, the ONLY movie he starred in as an actor has a 3.1 rating on IMDb.

He might be a great voice actor but he should stick to that.

Morioka85 said:

June 28th, 4:05 am

Give Nolan a chance!! He deserves it that won’t be the same thing without his voice…

AlFighter27 said:

June 28th, 4:11 am

YES! This is gonna be great! Definitely saw this coming though, the game is just too much like a movie

Poster_Idol said:

June 28th, 4:24 am

I have to say it, Nathan Fillion. This guy is perfect for Nate!! Pleeeeeaaassse make it happen!!!!

remanutd5 said:

June 28th, 4:24 am

Nolan North or Nathan Fillion there are no other options , Nolan North is Nathan Drake already

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