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Jun 30

Jun 30

New MAG Developer Diary — PMCs

Jill Webber's Avatar Posted by PR Manager

We’re back with another behind-the-scenes for MAG! This week, in the third “MAG Mondays” dev diary installment, Zipper Interactive gives us an in-depth look at each of the three PMCs in the game: Raven, S.V.E.R., and Valor.

Do you associate with the high-tech, polished Raven, or are you drawn in by the traditional military style of Valor? Or perhaps you’re into the edgy, aggressive S.V.E.R.? I’ve chosen my allegiance; which private army will you join?

MAG Raven new MAG Valor newMag SVER new

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pkwest said:

July 4th, 11:13 am

Man that look sweet cant wait


July 4th, 12:13 pm


CelestialEsper said:

July 4th, 5:18 pm

I saw the E3 footage and was not impressed, but I have to say, I can absolutely tell they’ve worked up the graphics engine of this game significantly. It looks amazing–far better than the footage at E3. Great work, Zipper. This could be fantastic.

Keep in mind, we PS3 gamers love in-game music! Please don’t forget this!! ;P

Oh, and nYcFrEeWiLL82, you fail miserably. Nobody agrees with you.

Viper4ever02 said:

July 4th, 5:59 pm

this is looking to inspired by metal gear solid 4. especially the whole raven name.

trey4li4e17 said:

July 5th, 12:48 am

I wana be a Raven. And does anyone know what will happen when we die… will we have a Killcam like in COD 4 or just lie there for 8 secs possibly get revived like in KIllzone 2???

JRock said:

July 5th, 6:40 pm

I think MAG is going to blow people away. Bringing back the Socom style…still wondering how 256 will come into play with everything


July 6th, 8:36 am

Cant wait for the game. And the Demo, but I really want to know if there is character customization???


July 6th, 8:44 am

I do agree that Zipper giving SOCOM to slant6 was a dumb idea. And there not exactly experienced in 1st person shooters but they are one of the greatest online warfare gaming companies.Raven all the way.

Is anyone else having problems with patches cuz i am i cant play WaW online. my patches freeze up in the middle of DL. If any1 has a suggestion plz send me a PSN message.

bawishi said:

July 6th, 12:01 pm

M.A.G. is gonna be the best im totally pre-ordering this.

Go RAVEN!!!!

ninjashooter said:

July 9th, 6:50 pm

Yo S.V.E.R all the way, who wouldn’t want to look that badass lol.

Wingnut766 said:

July 10th, 7:39 am

Valor is where the teamwork will be, because of a lot of people joining Raven and S.V.E.R. I think Valor can pull together to be a real promising tactical team. Valor!

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