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Jul 01

Jul 01

inFAMOUS Space Comes to PlayStation Home, Far Cry 2 Game Launching Support + Tons More!

Locust_Star's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Home Community Manager

inFAMOUS in PlayStation Home

Welcome back to your all-points BOLO bulletin wherein I give you, the beautiful people of the PlayStation Home community, a head’s up on what to keep your eyes open for in our next publishing update. This Thursday, you’ll see that we decided to start the 4th of July festivities a few days early – and with a serious bang – by shooting some truly explosive content your way.

Up first is the electrifying inFAMOUS game space: The Abandoned Docks of Empire City. This awesome space supports the next level of UGC (User-Generated Content) on the Home platform with its Graffiti Wall mini-game. Here, you can use our graffiti tools to design your own unique art to display to your friends. There’s also a voting feature so that you can give props to the creators of your favorite designs, and a feature that allows you to share your masterworks and check out your friends’ latest and greatest creations – be it simple scribbles or extravagant frescos.

inFAMOUS in PlayStation Home inFAMOUS in PlayStation Home

The Abandoned Docks of Empire City also marks a first for Home in that it will broadcast exclusive media developed by Sucker Punch, specifically for the hardcore inFAMOUS fans. And to top it all off, we also managed to squeeze an extra mini-game into the space – a scrolling shooter-type button-masher called Reaper Shock that lets the community compete for high scores on the built-in global leaderboard (and rewards the most highly skilled with some rad reward items to decorate your avatar and your personal space with). For a full walk-through on the new space, check out the story on IGN.

In other news: Ubisoft continues to deliver by patching their hit title Far Cry 2 to support game launching in Home. So be sure to visit the Far Cry 2 space to meet up with new people to launch into the multiplayer version of this groundbreaking FPS, and keep your eye on the official PlayStation Home Clubs and Events forums at for more details about the special Far Cry 2 game-launching events we have planned for later this week.

Those of you that participated in the epic Hamsters vs. Humans battle a few weekends back will be rewarded with your free aviator helmets (for the guys) and fedoras (for the girls) for doing your part in helping keep Home pro-Human…for the time being at least. We’ll also be making available some limited Independence Day-themed goods, some basketball and hockey gear for you sports fanatics, free G-Force shirts, and assorted other apparel. So be sure to check out the Mall for updates to our stores come Thursday morning.

On top of all this, we’ve managed to work out a few pesky bugs that you have reported to us over at the official PlayStation Home Support sub-forum at You’ll notice that your Ghostbusters Firehouse and Loot Sound Stage personal spaces can now support Picture Frames (and that the latter has been patched for voice chat capabilities). As always, we thank you for your patience while we work to optimize your Home experience and encourage you to continue to report any bugs to us using the aforementioned Support sub-forum.

See you all in Home!

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WestSiide said:

July 1st, 11:22 am

Do people really use HOME?

Darth-Krayt said:

July 1st, 11:23 am

Thanks to the PSBlog crew for making it so I (we) can post here from PS3 browser again. It was driving me crazy.

Locust, Motorstorm Pacific Rift has now been updated to support Home launching, but unfortunately Home itself doesn’t support Pacific Rift’s game launching yet. Any chance you could let me know when this is coming? Am I just going to have top wait for the official Home space?

TRIX_BOL said:

July 1st, 11:30 am

Hey Locust_Star, what about Buzz! Game Space?
Are you guys still working on those bugs that it had?

PullusPardusUS said:

July 1st, 11:34 am

Locust_Star / Chris / Jeff

can anyone ask when is Socom space getting game launching? , cause the Tactical Map thing is useless without Gamelaunching

much thanks

PshycoNinja said:

July 1st, 11:36 am

Hey Locust

I just wanted to know if you guys are working on getting us the Killzone 2 space “soon”? Also GG have been very supportive of Home with spaces, clothing, ect. Are you guys working on game lauching for Killzone 2?

Oh and tell the team thanks for all of their hard work. Without them Home wouldnt have become the social media HUB its become.

DemonOfRazgriz07 said:

July 1st, 11:38 am

i really wish they’d quit focusing on these Home “spaces” and actually improve the gameplay of Home i.e. features, network stability

KILLZONE79 said:

July 1st, 11:38 am

Awesome update locust_star

Ftwrthtx said:

July 1st, 11:39 am

Any updated on the SingStar reward items for North America?

Chaos_Bladez said:

July 1st, 11:46 am

This actually looks cool. Home needs stuff like this.
Oh Far Cry 2… that game was good but very frustrating. It also had a lot of bugs in it.

VenomXv said:

July 1st, 12:09 pm

Awesome. Looks like I’ll be re-buying Far Cry 2 ; )

readytorelease said:

July 1st, 12:12 pm

I always thought that the sign on the back of the game box saying home capibilty that meant unlockables, game launching, etc., am I wrong?

footballrule said:

July 1st, 12:22 pm

Thanks for the update Locust_Star!

Jeyr2009 said:

July 1st, 12:26 pm

looks like alot of fun finally i been waitin for this

King0fHearts2007 said:

July 1st, 12:45 pm

So looks like we are not getting the fireworks that everone was asking for on the forums.

That sticks.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

July 1st, 12:45 pm

WoW..PsHoMe just keep gettin BETTER and BETTER..I for one do appreciate all this and help support the HoMe team by purchasing some stuff..although i would love for the speed of prograss to speed up but patients is a virtue in the GeMe WoRlD we live in..and im glad SoNy know how to give back to US Ps HoMe FaNs for waiting..if anything i would LoVe it if you guys would open up the chat again..or be able to add more than one person to chat with..becu i sure am gettin tired of texting to all my HoMies..:p

King0fHearts2007 said:

July 1st, 12:47 pm

So it looks like we are not getting the fireworks that eveyone has been asking for on the forums for the 4 of July.

That sticks!

Conrad_Max said:

July 1st, 1:01 pm

Great stuff. The inFamous space looks really exciting and challenging. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. As each game developer sees the new game spaces in Home, they will be encourage, challenged, to better than the last developer. This is proving to be the case.

And, congradulations to the Humans for winning the HvH contest. Most of us had a blast. Thank you Locust Star. You are a star!

Blkant said:

July 1st, 1:07 pm

So, nothing special for the 4th of july….. no night time lobby with fire works or anything like that as a special addition…. I mean seriously Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast could even do that from three gens ago. This is one of the biggest reasons I simply don’t have the patience for home, nothing special! That and everything feels clunky and forced.

ADR143 said:

July 1st, 1:08 pm

cool update

tearsofash said:

July 1st, 1:27 pm

Will at any point the viking gear make it into Home?

WheelchairMan1 said:

July 1st, 1:31 pm

Good Job Play Station keep It Coming

WheelchairMan1 said:

July 1st, 1:32 pm


MadmanEU said:

July 1st, 2:09 pm

If this is the North American blog, why is there no Canada Day love from PSBlog or Home? You should change the region title to SCEUSA, it would make this blog suck less for hating Canada so damn much.

dotCody said:

July 1st, 2:19 pm

Fedoras are for Females only and Aviator head wear is for males only? You gotta be kidding me! What chicks wore fedoras!? How are male avatars supposed to get their 1930’s gangster look on without a fedora!?

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

July 1st, 2:24 pm

Ok for those who want some thing “SPECIAL” on home besides that FACT that this is the BEST system that has a BETTER use with avatars…or the fact that its a COMMUNITY SPACE for you to MEET new people and PLAY mini games with them for FREE…you COMPLAINERS need to STOP COMPLAINING! ok fireworks would sound neet on the PsHOME but seriously..if u at home playing HOME on the 4th of july..this means u SERIOUSLY NEED TO GO OUT! heck we are getin an inFAMOUS space less then 5 months b4 the game came BE GREATEFULL and not HATEFULL!..#68!

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

July 1st, 2:32 pm


gus_xl said:

July 1st, 2:38 pm

What happened to the ‘Buzz’ Home Space? Is that up yet?

DevIsStating said:

July 1st, 2:56 pm

Bring back the Buzz Space, I have been waiting forever for it to return and make a Killzone Space…. for god sakes, the game came out in February.

ZAANOS said:

July 1st, 2:58 pm

Anyone else remember the video from 2007 where Phil showed Home spaces with LCD TVs, PS3 and a stereo system?

When will we see that???

And please make it free. I already own an Sony Bravia LCD TV , a PS3 and a stereo system.

Jisatsu_Kiddo said:

July 1st, 3:12 pm

great males with skincaps and no fedora… i think this is actual my first sony complaint ever sense the psx and ehhh as they say crap happens.

TheGuardianFID said:

July 1st, 3:45 pm

Great stuff Locust, thanks, I’ll definitely be checking it out!!! :D

Akibara12 said:

July 1st, 6:23 pm

This is awesome but when will Killzone 2 have their space?

DigitalDevilSaga said:

July 1st, 6:23 pm

Sweet! Can’t wait to check it out. I love me some mini-games. not sure if there are infamous trophies for playstation home yet or not, but this would be another opportunity =)

Akibara12 said:

July 1st, 6:25 pm

This great but when will Killzone 2 have their space in home?

Akibara12 said:

July 1st, 6:26 pm

Whoops! sorry for the double post >~<

sigjuice said:

July 1st, 9:04 pm

Please pardon my ignorance, but Is the inFAMOUS space only for people who own inFamous?

Akibara12 said:

July 1st, 10:31 pm

@ 86

Nope. You can go into the infamous space even if you don’t have the game :) I’ve tried it and it works just fine.

Mobstylez said:

July 2nd, 12:14 am

I’m glad inFAMOUS gets its own space.

Jakeman14 said:

July 2nd, 2:14 am

cool update just one problem i cant i get in im not old enough! sony please lower age limit!

poweredbyzen said:

July 2nd, 2:20 am

this is awesome – inFamous game space! you guys rock!

JPMCH said:

July 2nd, 2:21 am

I can´t get into Home I’ve downloaded the new patch v01.22.3 and a message appears “The connection to the server was lost D5027” maybe the are giving some manintenance?

JPMCH said:

July 2nd, 2:23 am

I have a problem “The connection to the server was lost D5027” I was trying to access to HOME with the new patch v01.22.3 and I can´t have access.

RozeEagle said:

July 2nd, 5:37 am

Hello Locust, I am happy to see that this awesome space will debut in North American Home today. I can’t wait! I have a question though:

The EU Home received an update today as well which included the Killzone 2 apartment and an amazing Medic Helghast costume. Now I love Killzone 2 and the only clothes on Home that I would actually spend my money on is a kick-ass Helghast costume because Killzone 2 is simply amazing. So my question is: Will North American Home ever get a Helghast costume in the threads store? EU already has it, so will North America ever get it? Will this Helghast Costume debut with the Killzone 2 apartment, just like in EU Home, in North American Home?

PLEASE answer this question, thank you.

remanutd5 said:

July 2nd, 6:36 am

i second 45, 46 posts , thats a great idea, i’ll check the inFAMOUS and Killzone home game spaces in a couple of hours , playstation Home and even this blog and Pulse need to be integrated to the xmb

gold818 said:

July 2nd, 12:49 pm

thank you sony for the FC2 game-launching

DigitalDevilSaga said:

July 2nd, 1:20 pm

So i checked out the graffiti game, sat there and created a masterpiece, then went to upload it, sat there for about 20 minutes, especially since i didnt want to lose all that hard work, and it just never uploaded. Just wanted to share that with my fellow beta testers.

KevCity89 said:

July 2nd, 3:20 pm

Where is Marvel Vs Capcom 2?

KevCity89 said:

July 2nd, 3:21 pm

Where is Marvel Vs Capcom 2? They said it was coming out July 2. Well, today is the day so pass the goods already?

RUSH4ME said:

July 7th, 4:35 am

Nice! but sucker punch hook us up with downloadable content to keep your powers an go through the game for replay value.

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