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Jul 01

Jul 01

inFAMOUS Space Comes to PlayStation Home, Far Cry 2 Game Launching Support + Tons More!

Locust_Star's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Home Community Manager

inFAMOUS in PlayStation Home

Welcome back to your all-points BOLO bulletin wherein I give you, the beautiful people of the PlayStation Home community, a head’s up on what to keep your eyes open for in our next publishing update. This Thursday, you’ll see that we decided to start the 4th of July festivities a few days early – and with a serious bang – by shooting some truly explosive content your way.

Up first is the electrifying inFAMOUS game space: The Abandoned Docks of Empire City. This awesome space supports the next level of UGC (User-Generated Content) on the Home platform with its Graffiti Wall mini-game. Here, you can use our graffiti tools to design your own unique art to display to your friends. There’s also a voting feature so that you can give props to the creators of your favorite designs, and a feature that allows you to share your masterworks and check out your friends’ latest and greatest creations – be it simple scribbles or extravagant frescos.

inFAMOUS in PlayStation Home inFAMOUS in PlayStation Home

The Abandoned Docks of Empire City also marks a first for Home in that it will broadcast exclusive media developed by Sucker Punch, specifically for the hardcore inFAMOUS fans. And to top it all off, we also managed to squeeze an extra mini-game into the space – a scrolling shooter-type button-masher called Reaper Shock that lets the community compete for high scores on the built-in global leaderboard (and rewards the most highly skilled with some rad reward items to decorate your avatar and your personal space with). For a full walk-through on the new space, check out the story on IGN.

In other news: Ubisoft continues to deliver by patching their hit title Far Cry 2 to support game launching in Home. So be sure to visit the Far Cry 2 space to meet up with new people to launch into the multiplayer version of this groundbreaking FPS, and keep your eye on the official PlayStation Home Clubs and Events forums at for more details about the special Far Cry 2 game-launching events we have planned for later this week.

Those of you that participated in the epic Hamsters vs. Humans battle a few weekends back will be rewarded with your free aviator helmets (for the guys) and fedoras (for the girls) for doing your part in helping keep Home pro-Human…for the time being at least. We’ll also be making available some limited Independence Day-themed goods, some basketball and hockey gear for you sports fanatics, free G-Force shirts, and assorted other apparel. So be sure to check out the Mall for updates to our stores come Thursday morning.

On top of all this, we’ve managed to work out a few pesky bugs that you have reported to us over at the official PlayStation Home Support sub-forum at You’ll notice that your Ghostbusters Firehouse and Loot Sound Stage personal spaces can now support Picture Frames (and that the latter has been patched for voice chat capabilities). As always, we thank you for your patience while we work to optimize your Home experience and encourage you to continue to report any bugs to us using the aforementioned Support sub-forum.

See you all in Home!

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littlebabyangel said:

July 8th, 3:32 pm

they should add more personal spaces and add the amount of furniture you can hold in your houses!!
ps. i would like 2 see more furniture!!!!!!:)

EliteCobra718 said:

July 9th, 7:45 am

Good Morning PSB, the Infamous home space is definitely a good add. how about a Modern Warfare 2 Home space, Marvel Vs Capcom Home space, and Tekken Home space. keep up the good work on Playstation Home Sony.

colton_grilus said:

July 10th, 10:04 pm

There should be a littlebigplanet home space, and once you enter for the first time you get a sack boy costume!!! Also you could get personal space items like the items in the game, it would be like your right in the game!!

Thabeso said:

July 12th, 10:32 am

hey locust great update any updates for my ghostbusters pad any time soon ? and on my copy of skate 2 it says playstation home does that mean game launching? will there be lpb game launching any time soon? keep up the good work

go1991 said:

July 14th, 6:44 am


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