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Jul 02

Jul 02

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Pre-Order Goodies

Cristian Cardona's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager, Software Marketing

Hi all,

We know a lot of you Ratchet & Clank fans are looking forward to the return of everyone’s favorite intergalactic duo this fall in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. As we gear up for launch, we wanted to fill you in on some pre-order programs for the game which kick off today! Here are some of the cool R&C goodies you’ll get when you pre-order Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time:

Discovery Package – Explore the Insomniac Moon, a special level that resembles the layout of the Insomniac Games’ offices! Scattered through this museum-like level, you will discover a moon’s worth of extra content that didn’t quite make it into the game.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - Discovery Package

Power Package –The Power package includes an exclusive weapon skin for one of Ratchet’s weapons. You will also start the game with extra hit points, and Ratchet’s brand new Cryo Mine Glove, a weapon that freezes enemies! (This pre-order program goes into effect over the next few weeks.)

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - Power Package

Bolt Package – The thrifty gamer will find lots to love in this exclusive Bolt Package! Start the game with two of Ratchet’s most bolt-centric power-ups — the Bolt Magnetizer and Box Basher, and you will discover your galactic bank account has already loaded with 5,000 bolts when you start the game.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - Bolt Package

Space Package – The Space Package offers an exclusive hotrod skin for Ratchet’s ship, the Aphelion. You also will start with 5,000 bolts as well as an exclusive Ratchet & Clank PlayStation Home Avatar Skin!

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - Space Package

You can find these pre-order programs at retailers like, Best Buy, Game Crazy, GameStop and/or other participating retailers.

That’s it for now, but there’s plenty of Ratchet & Clank goodness coming your way the next few months. Next up for the Insomniac crew is Comic-Con, so stay tuned for a whole slew of new info and gameplay later this month!

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jncasanova said:

July 2nd, 11:12 am

The blog is sending me to an error page after submitting comments. It says:

502 Bad Gateway

AssassinHD said:

July 2nd, 11:13 am

Proof that I should read all of the developer comments before responding. Please ignore my previous post. I have faith that Insomniac will do right by us.

EspadaKiller said:

July 2nd, 11:16 am

Wow this is so not cool. I’m staying in Singapore and i have no way i can get all of these goodies. Why do you guys always think of only 1 region? Wtf man? First inFamous (HOME costume), now this? -_-

maxxy209 said:

July 2nd, 11:16 am

I feel so screwed over. D: I barely have enough for one PS3 game let alone pre ordering different packages just to enjoy the game right.

Grintoth said:

July 2nd, 11:16 am

I really miss multiplayer in the ratchet and clank series. Up your arsenal is still one of the greatest online games ever, in my eyes.

NESGamepro said:

July 2nd, 11:18 am

Retailers may be pushing for stuff like this but it’s pretty clear it’s not what gamers want. Must say I’m not a fan of it either.

Tabz- said:

July 2nd, 11:19 am

You guys are crazy.
They’re going to give you all of this eventually.If it was Activision or EA,they would’ve told you to get the hell out and not buy the game if you don’t like the goodies.

Draicus said:

July 2nd, 11:21 am

Could it be? The rebirth of the Insomniac Museum?!


JKC31 said:

July 2nd, 11:21 am

Do you guys really think we’d do that to you, our loyal fans?

You guys did f us over by changing the way R2 worked from R1. All to make it more appealing to people that would never play the damn game anyway.

So, yeah! I think you would.

Superstrokey1123 said:

July 2nd, 11:22 am

Is this Promo in Canada too? SO far the first one looks the best.

Superstrokey1123 said:

July 2nd, 11:23 am

Is this in Canada as well? The first one looks the best right now i think.

Berae said:

July 2nd, 11:23 am

i see a lot of angry people here

Bobflac said:

July 2nd, 11:23 am

what makes me mad is you just can’t buy the game and the whole game.its ether pre-order stuff or DLC’S we pay $60-65 $ then we can look forward the DLC’S .for once give us the game and nothing but the game this is getting soooooo old

Capt-Fury- said:

July 2nd, 11:25 am

JS! Whats the font used in “a crack in time”? it looks really cool

sde3456 said:

July 2nd, 11:25 am

internet rage subsiding…. Trust in insomniac returning, The love for Ratchet got to a lot of people thinking they were going to miss out on a part of a great game because of this preorder junk but your have alleviated my fears i will now go preorder at amazon can’t wait until November, I apologize for doubting the insomniacs

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    July 2nd, 11:30 am

    No worries. We know this is a new trend, and we could understand how you feel. :-) But we definitely strongly considered our fans while designing these packages.

Toke_Buddy said:

July 2nd, 11:25 am

I hated Resistance 2 it was a toy action game no quality some graphical mishaps. Im sure this game will be just the same and the story R&C is dead make Resistance 3 and take ure time dont release it next year.

maxxy209 said:

July 2nd, 11:26 am

:D Scratch what I said. I just remembered I really dont care for pre ordering bonuses. I’m just excited for the game. As long as it rocks I’m all good.

Capt-Fury- said:

July 2nd, 11:27 am

I hope is nto the Home ratchet costume from a few years ago….that thing was creppy

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    July 2nd, 11:39 am

    Yeah…no. This\’ll be a brand new skin =)

Wompdevil said:

July 2nd, 11:27 am

Chill out everyone. James has stated these things will either be unlockable in game or as free DLC (well he hinted last time it was free). The pre-order stuff is just a head start bonus in the game for pre-ordering. Calm down :)

Zonified said:

July 2nd, 11:28 am

Okay, now that I see that this stuff will be in the game, I take my original post back.

Can’t wait for the game!

mafecto said:

July 2nd, 11:30 am


I hate this practice, but I’m looking forward to the game.

I will not be preordering anywhere.

maxxy209 said:

July 2nd, 11:31 am

:D Scratch that I just remembered I dont care for the pre ordering bonuses. I just want to enjoy the game. As long as it rocks I’m all good. It will rock right?

FearMonkey said:

July 2nd, 11:32 am

@ James Stevenson:

Let me preface my comment (and retroactively my prior comment) by saying that Insomniac is by far my favorite U.S. developer. If I were a religious man I’d worship the ground you guys walk on. Seriously. I saw Ted Price walking around Disneyland one time and I froze in my tracks in shock. I’m that much of a fanboy.

If all of this content is available by playing the game, then I have no problem with this pre-order bonus. But in the future, pre-order bonuses should be things that other people have mentioned: action figures, art books, etc.

I also hope you understand that as a Ratchet fan, I don’t want to start the game with item(s) I don’t deserve. If you read my ToD save file and give me bonuses based on that, fine. I’ve earned those things by playing Tools of Destruction. So I’m going to skip all this pre-order business and just get my copy at Fry’s Electronics and play the game with what I deserve to start off with.

Thanks for making awesome games. :)

p.s. I’ll be at Comic-Con (I live in SD) so expect me to berate you some more when I’m there. :p

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    July 2nd, 11:45 am

    Here\’s the problem with action-figures/art books etc = we may order 100,000 of those items, and then, when a retailer runs out, they have 40,000 pre-orders. Where did the other 60,000 go? How much money did we burn to have them get handed out, swiped, etc?

    Plus it\’s hard to make something really cool that doesn\’t cost a lot of money, which sort of defeats the purpose. Retailers realize this, publishers realize this – and hence this new trend.

stlthriot said:

July 2nd, 11:33 am

I feel a bit better after seeing the replies.

I just want to be able to go to the Insomniac Moon even if I can’t get that preorder. :)

KickahaOta said:

July 2nd, 11:33 am

To respond to the “We’re Insomniac; do you really think we would do that to you?” comments: Speaking only for myself, the fact that you’re Insomniac is what got me to speak up in the first place. From most other developers, I’d just write this off as ‘typical preorder marketing crap’ and ignore it. But yes, you’re Insomniac, and no, you _don’t_ normally do this sort of stuff to the fans. Which is why I was so taken aback after reading the post.

If this content will not be available after release, then the fans will have to pick and choose what they want and be unable to access content which they might really like, which doesn’t sound like Insomniac.

If this content _will_ be able after release, then by using the word “exclusive” so many times in describing the preorder content, well, you’re certainly making it _sound_ like it won’t be. So if these “exclusives” aren’t really exclusive, well, that sounds a lot like whoever wrote this was being deliberately misleading. And that doesn’t sound like Insomniac either.

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    July 2nd, 11:54 am

    Thanks for the well thought out response, KickahaOta.

    It\’s \”exclusive\”, because each retailer is offering these packages through their stores and nowhere else. So, technically, it\’s exclusive through them. It was never our intention to mislead.


krae_man said:

July 2nd, 11:34 am

I’ll preorder for the Moon. I dont have time to fully upgrade every weapon and get every skill point, and every plat bolt anymore.

But Then I remembered I live in Canada and SCEA pretends Canada doesn’t exist and SCEC doest pick up the slack.

Seriously why does SCEC exist? Scrap them and have SCEA handle both the US and Canada and treat them the same.

GraffitiSkies said:

July 2nd, 11:35 am

i really need to buy the next gen ratchet games… im surprised I haven’t already. Ill pick up TOD and QFB this weekend

Sekoku said:

July 2nd, 11:35 am

Lame, the only cool one is the Insomniac office one and you can’t even guarantee that people will get that.

I remember back in the day that pre-orders meant EVERYONE that preordered the game NO MATTER THE STORE got these items.

So lame. At least these are better than “HERP DEMO FOR PRE-ORDERS.”

NeoHumpty said:

July 2nd, 11:36 am

Wow. I can’t believe what a bunch of crying b****es there are on here. Pick a freebie and enjoy. It’s not that hard, and missing one will not ruin the game. Get a life. Thanks, Insomniac. I’m getting the bolt package for sure. I’m greedy like that.

lowhonor said:

July 2nd, 11:42 am

insomniac you guys are really going downhill since resistance 2

DeviantBoi said:

July 2nd, 11:42 am

Sorry, but this is about the stupidest thing ever! I freaking hate this trend! Whoever is negotiating this with the retailers needs to be told that gamers don’t like it and that you’re pissing them off!

I need to choose between a planet and a weapon? What if the only retailer we can buy from is not offering what I want?

Seriously, people. You lose points with this. I thought Insomniac was cooler than this!

EVanHelsing said:

July 2nd, 11:44 am

As much as I like R&C (I really do, I bought the previous game), why release three PS3 R&C games (counting the downloadable one) before we have even one PS3 Sly Cooper game? What gives?

FearMonkey said:

July 2nd, 11:54 am

“James Stevenson replied on July 2, 2009 at 11:45 am

Here’s the problem with action-figures/art books etc = we may order 100,000 of those items, and then, when a retailer runs out, they have 40,000 pre-orders. Where did the other 60,000 go? How much money did we burn to have them get handed out, swiped, etc?”

I’d buy extra goodies if I could. :p

Korbei83 said:

July 2nd, 11:56 am

I never preorder anything under any circumstance! I don’t care what I don’t get. I’d rather support the small indie shops that you’ll never give these advantages to over anyone of those big box dill holes you mentioned in the offer.

Thanks though.

Tredogg14TK said:

July 2nd, 11:57 am

o well dey probably jus gunna put this stuff on da PS STORE 4 a price wen da game releases… if dey do i wouldn’t mind payin 4 it

Maguss said:

July 2nd, 11:58 am

Well I was pretty pissed after reading the blog post, I hate this BS pre order stuff. I can normally get the Gamestop ones pretty easily, but now there are multiple stores?!! I’m glad to hear some of this stuff will be available in the game.

SteveMcQwark said:

July 2nd, 11:59 am

Don’t know what everyone’s problem is. I want it all too, but most of it has to be in game anyways:

I honestly don’t know whether this will be available outside the deal (hope it is for all those non-SCEA fans)

* Insomniac Moon

These will be available later in the game for sure, once you’ve found/earned it:

* Start with Cryo-mine Glove
* Start with extra hit points
* Start with Bolt Magnatizer
* Start with Box Basher
* Start with 5,000 bolts
* Start with 5,000 bolts (again)

Might be cool, but potentially available later for free/cheap

* Hotrod Skin for Aphelion
* PSHome avatar skin
* Weapon Skin (undisclosed weapon)

I’m pretty sure, by exclusive, they mean from the retailers perspective that they are the only ones offering that particular one as a pre-order goody.

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    July 2nd, 12:07 pm

    This is a good post to read. Well-reasoned and thought out.

SteveMcQwark said:

July 2nd, 12:00 pm

And does this extend to Canadian outlets???

Griffins22 said:

July 2nd, 12:02 pm

Hey, can we have a Collector’s Edition for this game? I’ve been asking this for weeks so I’d appreciate an answer.

CondorMcG said:

July 2nd, 12:04 pm

First Resistance 2 now this! LAME!

Naughty Dog > Insomniac

How the tables have turned.

Ghost_Shrimp said:

July 2nd, 12:05 pm

What the hell? I don’t want to start the game with early money and upgrades, that just takes some of the fun out. This kind of makes me not want to pre-order.

Maybe I’ll just try for the discovery package. Also the Home avatar should come with every copy of the game…

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    July 2nd, 12:09 pm

    If you don\’t want an early cheat – the discovery package is a great deal and should be really cool for our longtime fans who love the museum.

Luillin said:

July 2nd, 12:05 pm

-_-! I’m from Mexico and I cant pre-order, I hate when this things happends I want the moon and the weapon =(

AwRy108 said:

July 2nd, 12:06 pm

Just pre-ordered my copy @ Amazon! (no sales tax, free shipping, 10% off with ECA Membership)

So freekin’ excited for this game. Thanks for being so great, Insomniac: some of my favorite gaming moments stem from the R&C series, especially Up Your Arsenal.

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    July 2nd, 12:09 pm

    Thanks! That\’s awesome, glad to hear it.

footballrule said:

July 2nd, 12:06 pm

When can i preorder the game and get the Home skin? I only see the other bonus. And when does this game come out?

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    July 2nd, 1:00 pm

    You can pre-order the game now at the retailers listed above (except the Power Package- that\’ll be in a few weeks).

    We\’ll be releasing this Fall- and will have a specific date in the coming weeks!

Griffins22 said:

July 2nd, 12:09 pm

Don’t understand all the whining. Let’s just think logically about this. The discovery pack is probably the best. It gives you a free level. The bolt package just gives you 2 things you’ll get later in the game. The power package gives you a weapon skin and a weapon you’ll get later anyway. And the space package gives you a ship skin and Home skin that might become avaiable as DLC. Just pick whichever one’s best and don’t complain.

LilZay14 said:

July 2nd, 12:10 pm

Can you tell us which pre-order bonus is available for which retailer?

I want the INSOMNIAC Moon, but I don’t know which store it is =(


NewYork214 said:

July 2nd, 12:13 pm

Loved RaC:ToD. after uncharted 2, this is my most wanted game for 2009. I hope you guys start releasing games every other year. and have the North Carolina studio do the same. so you release a game every year but get 2 full years of development on each title. R2 was great but could of been a lot better I think.

Sarges24 said:

July 2nd, 12:19 pm

this is complete BS. I’ve said it time and time again. These STUPID pre-order bonuses HAVE TO STOP. It’s absolutely absurd. Go to X retailer to get this one, Y retailer for that, and Z or W to get these goodies. Offer one stupid thing to ALL retailers. I don’t want to choose which retailer to go to based off these stupid offerings. Furthermore, amazon always gets some crap while ebgames/gamestop always gets the best. This is complete crap… So my plea to all developers, knock this crap off!! We as gamers and fans of your games deserve more than this. We don’t want to buy 4 copies of the game to get some trivial gOOdies. We want a single gOOdie for our pre-order.

Atomika14 said:

July 2nd, 12:41 pm

I already pre-ordered at Gamestop a few weeks ago when I sold my Wii…

I’m so glad that’s finally out of the house.

But, I agree with many of the comments here. I can’t understand why you guys would do this…

Seiven said:

July 2nd, 12:42 pm


why Insomniac…why?…now I have to pre-order it (or grab the preorder codes and goodies) at each location.

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