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Jul 03

Jul 03

Create a Comic, Get into our Exclusive Comic-Con Events (And Score Some Schwag!)

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

You know that one of our goals here at the PlayStation.Blog is to grant you access to all things PlayStation. Usually that means access to speak with a developer in a live chat or a Q&A, or, in the case of E3, access to some of our special events.

With San Diego Comic-Con coming up, we’ve got room for both. Sure, we’ll be hitting you up for your burning questions, and then getting them answered on camera. But how would you like access to a couple of sweet PlayStation VIP events? We’ve got your back – but you’ll have to earn your way in.

RCF: ACIT Ratchet Wrench

In conjunction with Comic-Con, on Wednesday, July 22, Insomniac Games and SCEA are planning to host a community event, co-sponsored with G4, to unveil the winner of the “Captain Qwark’s My Blaster Runs Hot” weapons contest and present them with a real-life replica of the weapon they created. In addition to the contest winner unveil, there will be a special reveal and maybe you’ll be cool enough to be one of the first to go hands-on with new Clank gameplay.

The next night, you’ll be one of the few with access into an exclusive PlayStation event where you’ll get to go hands-on with some of our biggest upcoming PS3, PSP and PSN titles.

Space is extremely limited, so how do we decide who gets in? Well it *is* Comic-Con, so we want to see your comic strip creation skills. You don’t necessarily have to be a Penny Arcade-caliber comic creator (though this strip was definitely an inspiration!), we just want to see how creative you are.

Using the template below, create your own Ratchet & Clank comic based on “time.” Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time features all-new Clank gameplay and special “time” abilities that bring meaning to “past selves.” So where will Clank go? What happens when we meets his “past selves?” Well, that’s up to you.

You can print out the template and draw the comic by hand, or do it all digitally, just make sure you send it to rcfcomiccon@gmail.com by 11:59pm (Pacific) next Friday, July 10th. Please include your name, address, and indicate whether or not you’ll be in the San Diego area on July 22nd.

Use the .jpeg template below, or if you’d like a higher-res version, download the .pdf template here.

RCF Comics Template

Once we receive and process all of the comic strips, we’ll be putting them all into a Flickr folder on Monday, July 13th. The comics with the most views received from July 13th – July 17th will be granted access to PlayStation events on July 22nd and 23rd in San Diego, along with a guest.

“But hey,” you interject, “I’m not going to Saint Diego for this Convention of Comics.” Ah yes, we foresaw that. Send in your comics anyway, and the top rated (again by page view) artists will receive a Comic-Con Schwag Bag, including a bad-ass Ratchet item. After the contest is over, we’ll be tossing shout outs to our favorite submissions, so what do you have to lose? Get cracking!

And please, check out the official rules here. Must be a US resident 18 or older to win.

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Axecution said:

July 3rd, 12:04 pm

Damn, too bad i have zero art skills. >.>

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 3rd, 12:26 pm

    It\’s not all about the art, it\’s about the writing. Well, both. Either way, you\’ve got a week – no harm in trying!

Tommy-Cronin said:

July 3rd, 12:07 pm


thefoxymoron said:

July 3rd, 12:11 pm

Can we enter more than once? Or should we just send (email) you one single strip?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 3rd, 12:20 pm

    You may enter as many times as you like!

MegaClank said:

July 3rd, 12:11 pm

*Sends in inFamous strips*


MegaClank said:

July 3rd, 12:12 pm

*sends in an inFamous strip*


TRIX_BOL said:

July 3rd, 12:24 pm

Does it has to be only *Ratchet & Clank*?

I was looking to get more opportunities!
Such as Cole, Kratos, Drake, etc…

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 3rd, 12:26 pm

    in this instance, yes. If we get a good response, maybe we\’ll do it again with a different theme.

TRIX_BOL said:

July 3rd, 12:37 pm

Could you please be specific of what you’re asking? I’m a little confused… :(

Besides more of this comic-drawing contest will be well appreciated. Specially if you guys make a God of War III one before the game releases!

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 3rd, 12:46 pm

    Using the template below, create your own Ratchet & Clank comic based on “time.”

DangerDanceBoy said:

July 3rd, 12:39 pm

You say “No Harm In Trying”, but the last time I tried anything, a guy in a mask kicked my dog, and said, “Hey, fella. That’s what you get.”

And I said, “For what?”

And he said, “For trying.” Then he made out with my mom.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 3rd, 12:47 pm

    Then clearly, we\’re going to be of limited help here :-)

TRIX_BOL said:

July 3rd, 12:47 pm

“Using the template below, create your own Ratchet & Clank comic based on “time.” Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time features all-new Clank gameplay and special “time” abilities that bring meaning to “past selves.” So where will Clank go? What happens when we meets his “past selves?” Well, that’s up to you.”

What do we excactly have to do?

NeoUltima said:

July 3rd, 12:49 pm

Speaking of schwag, I won one of those e3 Uncharted schwag bags last month, but I still haven’t received it yet :(. It’s been 3 weeks, the email said it would take 1-2 weeks.

TRIX_BOL said:

July 3rd, 12:49 pm

It will take more of this templates to create a whole Ratchet & Clank comic. Probably more than 10. lol

mastrofallz said:

July 3rd, 12:56 pm


Hahah, that made me laugh. :)

Jeigh said:

July 3rd, 1:00 pm

Agh! Why!? Now that you’ve opened the flood-gates, fan-fics will be going up left and right. >.< Ratchet’ll be making out and going on dates with Blargian-whatzamahoozits, arguing over the phone bill, appeasing his wife’s crazy whims and any other number of degrading things. What… have you… DONE!? Close the flood-gates now! *Governator impersonation* Get out of here! Get to the dams! Go!

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    July 6th, 9:47 am

    Uh, yes…no furry love…please. o_O

MistaTricksta said:

July 3rd, 1:20 pm


HAHAHAHAHAHAH you are an awesome dude.

i think im gonna give this a shot. ratchet swag should be dope.

CEK111 said:

July 3rd, 1:35 pm


Im not a US resident, but if i managed to get over there myself, will my entry be counted? Or is there any prizes for anyone not in the states ?

Please Reply ;)

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 3rd, 2:06 pm

    If you\’re going to be at SDCC, and your entry is one of the top 25 voted, I don\’t see any problems.

    However, as for those *not* going to be at SDCC, where we\’d be sending prizes, yeah, US only, I\’m afraid.

SKeRJ said:

July 3rd, 1:35 pm

I will start my one man campaign of awesome and dreams that will guarantee the new Ratchet release unlimited success. If. ..and only they change the name back to Clock Blocker. Come on it was an awesome name!! A Crack In Time!? Sounds like something they came up with in 12 seconds after someone (an idiot) dissed Clock Blocker. Shame, shame I say!!

bigmac237 said:

July 3rd, 1:37 pm

Sweet, I have a great idea. I’m definately not going to be in SD, so what’s in the swag bag?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 3rd, 2:07 pm

    They\’re planning something really cool – but I can\’t show it yet.

    But I want one ;-)

starBlinky01 said:

July 3rd, 1:37 pm

Jeff can you invite me to comic con? Cuz i know your going

CEK111 said:

July 3rd, 1:38 pm

My messages are’nt coming up !

Pound_lb003 said:

July 3rd, 1:43 pm

I need to go to the EU blog huh?

I wish they were cooler over there. Maybe it takes a while to get into the swing of things, how easy was it when you first started Jeff?

CEK111 said:

July 3rd, 1:45 pm

I take it captions are needed to, right?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 3rd, 2:08 pm

    Not necessarily. The Penny Arcade comic we linked had nary a word of dialog.

CEK111 said:

July 3rd, 1:46 pm

Ummm, do we need to use the templates? Cause i got a imanginative story, but im no good at drawing on my computer, only real. And i dont have a printer !

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 3rd, 2:09 pm

    As long as it\’s on 1 \’sheet\’, and it\’s under 3 MB, then we\’ll take it.

StargamerX said:

July 3rd, 1:52 pm

Hey Jeff,

Does the strip need to be only 3 panels, or can we have more?

Plus, can you make it so there are more winners? There are a LOT of Ratchet fans… :)

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 3rd, 2:10 pm

    See @22, we\’ll be lenient on the template.

    We can only guarantee a set number of winners, but if we get some really awesome entries after the fact, maybe I\’ll sort through my schwag stash ;-)

TwiztedR3DHead said:

July 3rd, 2:12 pm

wow comics? it should be interesting

ADR143 said:

July 3rd, 2:20 pm

GL to all participating

DangerDanceBoy said:

July 3rd, 2:23 pm

For the record, the Ratchet and Clank series has been a favorite of mine since I was a wee little lad. I bought the PS3 just so I could continue playing the franchise, and as long as the games keep getting released, I’ll keep buying them. As it stands, I have over 50+ PS3 games, and I would own none of them if it were not for Insomniac getting me to buy a PS3.

It’s a pretty high recommendation. Someone asked me if I really paid $500 for a PS3, and I just said, “No. I paid $560 for the new Ratchet game.”

And you know what? It was worth every penny. Not to the game store, because I did pay in pennies. They were less than pleased.

CEK111 said:

July 3rd, 2:33 pm

Thanks Jeff, well is there any point of me entering?

Heck, maybe i’ll make someone laugh, maybe Jeff, Just Maybe. It’ll be you !

Daimomaru said:

July 3rd, 2:41 pm

Jeff…I’m a manga artist, can I do it black and white with screen tones?…that’s my forte…^__^.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 4th, 12:44 am

    Oh, of course! Curious to see a manga Ratchet. Don\’t forget the eyebrows!

Zonified said:

July 3rd, 2:43 pm

MUHAHAHA! This is perfect! I’ve drawn lots of R&C comics! :D

Ausohoj said:

July 3rd, 2:46 pm

Can there be some other type of contest we can enter? Because i suck as Drawing, and printshop, and writing funny comics, and pretty much anything that has to do with art. And i really want the swag bag, and i could pass on the booth tour, but i really wnat a swag bag. Please? Some other contest?

Pound_lb003 said:

July 3rd, 2:54 pm

Okay, I am sure it’s difficult as hell, but does it get easier? :D

I just still prefer the personalities on the US blog, and I am familiar with it.

I am a gamer, I am obviously scared of change.

D-Squad3 said:

July 3rd, 3:09 pm

Wow that’s BS, you have to be 18? Way to take out a dedicated artist like me…I would have loved to participate.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 4th, 12:44 am

    You can still participate, but unfortunately, laws are laws.

Griffins22 said:

July 3rd, 3:16 pm

Damn. There’s no hope of me winning this. I’m 13 and have no artistic talent.

D-Squad3 said:

July 3rd, 3:17 pm

Btw Jeff, you said that people can enter as much as they want but the official rules say only one per person, just pointing that out.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 4th, 12:45 am

    You can enter multiple times, but you can only win once.

Azira013 said:

July 3rd, 3:37 pm

Haha, great Penny Arcade strip!

Too bad I’m in Canada…

plaidfluff said:

July 3rd, 3:57 pm

Yet another contest I’m ineligible for because of who I work for. Oh well.

katsuo7171 said:

July 3rd, 4:09 pm

Um talking about Schwag bags, I recieved an E-mail regarding the Uncharted 2 Schwag Bag, and it said I wil recieve it in 1 to 2 weeks. Well it’s been over 2 weeks and I don’t have anything.

Who do I contact about it SCEA or Naughty Dog?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 4th, 12:45 am

    Not all have been sent out yet – I\’m thinking everyone will have theirs a week from today.

Maguss said:

July 3rd, 4:16 pm

Hey Jeff, speaking of schwag I still haven’t received my prize from that Uncharted 2 contest, do you know if they got delayed or something? Sorry to bug : (.

blaqkaudio_fan said:

July 3rd, 4:20 pm

i know wrong place but i bring WIN you paying attention jeff UNCHARTED 2 trophies list:
first treasure-find 1 treasure
beginner fortune hunter-find five treasures
novice treasure hunter-find ten treasures
enthusiast fortune hunter-find 15 treasures
intermediate fortune hunter-find 20 treasures
thats all for now more later maybe not though depends on how i feel

Jeigh said:

July 3rd, 4:41 pm

Hey, that guy above wrote “Please respond” and Jeff did! Maybe I should do that too!

Please respond! XP

(Sorry, I’m having a little too much fun, methinks.)

Sereal_Killer said:

July 3rd, 5:08 pm

well im in the EU but ill try and make one just to see if i have talent in this area :P i also wanna try my new bamboo tablet that the GF got me :D

juanpipe said:

July 3rd, 5:34 pm

Damn, I hate when this type of events are US only… Wait a second everything is only on the US! So unfair to Colombia.

S-E-G said:

July 3rd, 6:36 pm

will there be a canadian playstation blog soon?
i’m tired of getting shafted
i’m surprised canadians are not running an older version of the ps3 firmware, everything is different in every country, nobody has the same features or special events, i’m starting to wonder why i ever bought a ps3 in the fist place, thank god i still have the xbox 360, maybe i can still sell this brick before the price drop kicks in and get the maximum cash back for it. but honestly i might be stuck with it, sales aren’t to hot for ps3 anyway. i’ll keep it untill i get a new firmware update and if i don’t get what every ps3 owner has been demanding for the past 3 years, i’m putting a sledge hammer through it

link4lyfe said:

July 3rd, 6:49 pm

So a clank meeting a past self? Is the strip supper to be funny, serious, sad? Or classic funny?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 4th, 12:46 am

    Really, can be whatever you like.

DFogz said:

July 3rd, 6:52 pm

Speaking of schwag…what ever happened with the Uncharted 2 schwag? I got the e-mail saying I won and that I should get it in 1-2 weeks…but that was on the 9th…it’s just about a month and I don’t even know what I won!

Irishmandkg said:

July 3rd, 7:08 pm

could we perhaps work with someone on this? writer and artist?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 4th, 12:47 am

    indeed, though you\’ll have to split the winnings.

MadmanEU said:

July 3rd, 8:28 pm

Why does this blog even exist as the “North American” PSBlog?

It’s quite obviously the “USA” PSBlog. It should be rebranded as such, so I can stop coming expecting to see anything at all relevant to Canada.

For God’s sake, there is NO reason why these contests can’t be open to Canada…you’re just all ignorant, Canada hating Americans!

I’m so sick of this. Perhaps my console allegiances are best served with a company that actually gives a damn about anything in Canada. Like on time content delivery, a video store, and contests open to Canadian residents…like Xbox. Think about what you’re doing with these shoddy US only contests and features Sony, and everyone at the PSBlog.

Ftwrthtx said:

July 3rd, 9:36 pm

I may have to give this a shot.

Cobra1 said:

July 3rd, 11:47 pm

Jeff, on June 8th you promised interviews with Kazunori Yamauchi and Naughty Dog. We saw the ND interview (and loved it) but we’re still waiting for the interview with Yamauchi-san.

What gives?


gettinmoney662 said:

July 4th, 1:02 am

@47, look at the URL of this blog.

I might give this contest a try even though I suck at drawing.

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