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Jul 06

Jul 06

Again, we ask…

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Who ya gonna call?

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ArPhaXad124 said:

July 6th, 4:09 pm

For those of you wanting to play a new MM level, try out the Monster Pack, It comes with a full level designed by MM and you get like 120+ new items.

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    Chuck Lacson said:

    July 6th, 5:11 pm

    True dat. Plus, there are a gazillion dope User Genereated Levels already online peoples. :)

starBlinky01 said:

July 6th, 5:00 pm


Vex_Doppel said:

July 6th, 5:41 pm

I agree Chuck, I think we have plenty of levels. I’d like to see something that gives new gameplay elements(ala Paintanator)
A grappling device could be used in so many ways. Wrangling ghosts for one. Could also be used to swing. Only certain object coulb be grappled.
Just an idea you could pass along. (maybe?)

lowhonor said:

July 6th, 5:43 pm

its not that we want level packs its that we don’t want costume packs. they do nothing to enhance the game.

we know the user created levels are amazing, however, as the mgs level pack has shown a level pack comes with a new addition to the game.

we need more additions such as the paintinator with each level pack. i understand companies are all about making a quick buck with easy to release things such as costumes, but if you want people to buy packs or come back to the game provide interesting content like new game changing tools and official level packs.

dont let us down mm. we need to support great games like this and not the constant stream of generic predictable shooters

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    Chuck Lacson said:

    July 6th, 6:19 pm

    Trust Mm is on task to support the LBP community as best they can. More good things in the future!

Ausohoj said:

July 6th, 5:43 pm

Wait, so there is a proton pack? And i won’t come on thursday? And we do get the red sign with the ghost costume? and there is a slimer costume? And we should never cross the beams? And at some point there might be blades of chaos as DLC at some point? And this comments is full of nothing but questions?

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    Chuck Lacson said:

    July 6th, 6:13 pm

    This whole post is is a question, wrapped in a puzzle, contained in an enigma. :)

    More info to come friends!

Vex_Doppel said:

July 6th, 6:35 pm

BTW, I’m a huge supporter of DLC. I have everything except the Day one T-shirt, (was at basic training), The christmas DLC (at AIT) and the Crown. (I have no excuse.)
And I would have gotten away with them too, if it wasn’t for those pesky kids and their dog.

CloudStorm87 said:

July 6th, 6:54 pm


That doesn’t sound right.

GumbaBoat said:

July 6th, 6:55 pm

The only costume pack i am gonna buy for this game is the FF7 costumes, but if this is a level pack i just might have to look twice at this.

MaterialBoy said:

July 6th, 7:00 pm

I hope it’s a level pack with new trophies too. I’d happily pay twice what the MGS pack cost for that, I personally thought the MGS level pack was worth more considering what it costs for costumes.

Mm you are Gods at what you do but I payed so much for costumes that LBP is slowly turning into a game that is costing the same as 3 brand new games just with a whole lot of costumes. I don’t really get anything out of them.

I also know that LBP is supposed to be about the user created content but let’s face it the users can’t invest the time to make levels of the quality the developers can and only the developers can get the copyright jazz sorted out and designers to make levels that are amazing. I mean, they are the guys who design for a living not us.

MaterialBoy said:

July 6th, 7:04 pm

Oh and also I’d like to add that if anyone from the team ever does read these comments. Uncharted Drake’s Fortune. UNCHARTED!!

LBP combined with Uncharted DLC = All my dreams come true in one moment. I’d quite happily bow and kiss a few feet for that.

Sekoku said:

July 6th, 7:15 pm

>> yes…you and a ton of other folks. All I can say is patience, he (and possibly some of his friends) will be coming when the time is right. Till then, we got some intersting

When would that be? MM missed having a good themed launch with the FF7 PSN release.

Maybe FF13? In a year?

BZKlint said:

July 6th, 8:16 pm

Some old school arcade game levels/costumes would be sweet :D

Gringo234 said:

July 6th, 8:23 pm

Solid Snake?

coastermaniac said:

July 6th, 8:25 pm

lol. that poster is ****ing awesome

MikotheSicko666 said:

July 6th, 9:27 pm

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Band2eto said:

July 6th, 9:36 pm

Please keep up the great work guys (Sony and Media Molecule)!

Please ignore the haters (they are just a bunch of pathetic Xbots no doubt). Loyal Sony fans truly appreciate the near endless content released for LBP.

Thank you!

*Give Jack Tretton a raise!* XD

afrosheen said:

July 6th, 10:13 pm

Props to Chuck for venturing onto the 4th comment page. You have bravely gone where no official commenter has gone before.

lonewolf1994 said:

July 6th, 10:59 pm


alaM0000 said:

July 7th, 12:51 am


acmilanboy said:

July 7th, 1:04 am

Ghost busters make me feel goood!

DTS_MAN said:

July 7th, 2:06 am

118 :)

trey4li4e17 said:

July 7th, 4:39 am

Wonder if its a level pack and if so It’ld have new trophies wouldn’t it :)How about fire the proton pack 100 times within 5 seconds… yay :P. If there are trophies and if there are levels please let there be no firing so much in such a little time I had to use my forehead with it and it still hurts :D. Anyways I can’t wait I love little big planet… theres only one thing I love better than it. The PS3 :)

papolatte said:

July 7th, 6:24 am

I’m super excited. For some reason, I’m thinking this is more than just costumes and stickers. Even if it isn’t then I’ll still buy it. I love all the DLC Mm has released so far. Just wished I didn’t miss the launch or the halloween ones. Stupid internet was down those days.

Either way, super super excited to see this DLC.

Daimomaru said:

July 7th, 8:30 am

Guys…I have a question, are we ever gonna see another special sackboy character with his own looks and attributes like the one and only YELLOW HEAD costume?. It would be amazing. OH please, and give us the Katamari costume you showed in a video just before the game was even out…^__^.

Scrith said:

July 7th, 10:39 am

Am I the only one who finds the term “sackbuster” somewhat uncomfortable? :)

LukeinDeidre said:

July 7th, 12:05 pm

SHHHHHHH! You smell that?

Best line in the movie.

warlock7 said:

July 7th, 12:23 pm

So, why is it that the users can’t make their own sackboy costumes?

firegod793 said:

July 7th, 1:00 pm

i want my sackboy to have THAT kind of surprised emotion! can there be a new futuristic pack?

darkzack21 said:

July 7th, 1:50 pm

That is very much awesome.


July 7th, 3:26 pm

Will there be a Stay Puft Marshmellow Man costume. Cause that would be awesome! Cant wait till Thursday!

BPink said:

July 7th, 3:31 pm

Hey, not to be picky or anything, but the Sackbusters Logo image is backwards.

I fixed it for you. ;P

BPink said:

July 7th, 3:35 pm

Hahaha, oops, guess not… man I need a nap.

cpaige123 said:

July 7th, 7:25 pm

so is the game just basicly on the movie?

BPink said:

July 7th, 9:55 pm

No, the game is like a sequel to the movie. It takes place two years after the second film and should lead into the 3rd movie nicely.

It’s awesome, but it’s not Little Big Planet Awesome.

cpaige123 said:

July 8th, 8:05 am

sorry i am not an expert on this but is there a third movie or is there going to be one?

BPink said:

July 8th, 1:00 pm

Going to be one.

boredpnoy said:

July 9th, 2:25 pm

i thought this would be available today =(

BPink said:

July 9th, 2:31 pm

DLC is usually Thursdays, however sometimes it’s about a half a day or full day late, but its’ also always after noon. At least that’s been my experience.

cpaige123 said:

July 9th, 3:28 pm


cpaige123 said:

July 9th, 3:29 pm

so it is based on the third movie that is coming out?

BPink said:

July 9th, 7:49 pm

The game? No, the Ghostbusters Game takes place two years after the second movie. It’s an in between adventure that you get to take part in as a rookie with the Ghostbusters. The pots is that Gozer the Gozarian is back and the Ghostbusters have to stop him and figure out how he came back in the first place. The next movie is still being written but is expected to begin filming sometime next year. Everyone from the first two films and this game is back for this new film and it should be exciting as they introduce some new Ghostbusters and a whole new adventure.

VincentVendetta said:

July 10th, 4:43 pm

Who ya gonna call? CRITERION!

No? Too late?

IZY2091 said:

July 12th, 1:15 am

stay puff?

xpopxkidx110 said:

July 12th, 6:25 am

Pretty cool. Thanks Chuck for actually reading these comments! Any who, I’m pretty sure it will be a level pack seeing as the previous LBP update was HUGE! So, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a level pack (I still would crap myself though)=P

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