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Jul 09

Jul 09

An Introduction to Trine, Coming Soon to PSN

Olivier Vermeille's Avatar Posted by Product Manager, Nobilis

Hi everyone,

My name is Olivier; I work for Nobilis, a publishing company which is based in Lyon, France. I’m a Product Manager and I’m here to tell you about an exciting new release for PlayStation Store: Trine.

Trine is a fantasy action and platform game that combines 2D gameplay with 3D graphics. The game is balanced between action and puzzle-solving sequences. Three heroes are bound to a mysterious device called the Trine in a quest to save the kingdom from evil, and the player can at any time freely choose whoever is best suited for the upcoming challenge or puzzle.

Trine, 1

Because physics is at the core of the gameplay, there is not just one solution for each puzzle; in fact you can even find a way the developers have never thought of!

You can control one of the three characters of the game and switch at any time to solve the puzzles in a different manner. Each character has a unique ability, so choose the one you think is best suited for the situation.

The Wizard can create and move objects around to build a bridge or crush his enemies with a box. The Thief uses her bow to attack and her grappling hook to move quickly and avoid dangerous traps. The Warrior is better suited for close combat and tends to hit before he thinks!

So you can play through the 16 levels of the game, switching from character to character, but you can also play with one or two friends in a cooperative mode. Play the whole adventure together and find new solutions by combining your characters’ powers.

Trine, 2

How about asking the Wizard to create a box so the Thief can use it with her grappling hook? Or why don’t you make the Wizard levitate you, while you, The Warrior, destroy your enemies that were too high to reach in the first place?

With 3 players, the range of options widens: ask the Thief to use her bow to fire at your enemies, while the Warrior protects her with his shield and the Wizards creates boxes on top of the skeletons’ heads to crush them!

Possibilities are huge and this trailer will show you what sort of things you can do in Trine.

Coming soon to the PlayStation Store for PS3. For sure…you’ll love it!

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fuego9520 said:

July 11th, 7:24 pm

man i love that this games involves teamwork
i really think psn needs more games like these
And this game looks fantastic!

midnightshade said:

July 11th, 10:32 pm

Why are a lot of you guys so damn cheap? $20 isn’t that much for a game like this! it has a platiumn and is 7-8 hours of content maybe more. We pay $60 for disc games..Did people whine this bad in ps2 gen? Seriously are you all unemployed or just kids? I don’t get it.. I buy every psn release that looks good, demo or not, and sure i have been disapointed (ragdoll kunfu looking at you)..but so what, i am glad i put the moeny down for new games. I work hard, and enjoy spending money on games. Why do half of you epect everthing to be $5 or free… i don’t get it at all. this games looks awesome and you should want to spend your $20 on it. Its cheaper than the pc version even…come on stop whining!

viru6at said:

July 12th, 11:36 am

i think it’s just a copy of LittleBig Planet. very easy to create a game this way

Aleezy18 said:

July 12th, 12:52 pm

Is there going to be online co-op?

ultraman1219 said:

July 13th, 12:20 am

Please.Hurry up! We want “TRINE”.From June to
July.I didn’t see this game on PSN.

cKat609 said:

July 13th, 9:44 am

End of the month? No specific date?

cKat609 said:

July 13th, 9:45 am

I wish they would make a patch for online co-op… then this would be worth the $20!

NeCrom-X said:

July 13th, 10:43 am

Can you say The Lost Vikings!!! lol

EvilZeus said:

July 13th, 2:26 pm

At the price point of 20$ this game would have to have Online co-op with voice chat. Also, a demo on the store. This game fails. Next.

Kirkpad said:

July 13th, 6:30 pm

Everyone bashing the price is dumb. The game is $30 on PC, so be happy the PSN is getting supported by good titles. Every game that sells badly on the PSN means less developers will want to risk putting their titles on the PS3. The testing period for the PS3 costs Nobilis money, so if it doesn’t sell good enough they’ll be less inclined to recommend the PSN to other developers.

The PC version also didn’t have online co-op or voice chat. Would you rather huddle around a monitor, or around a TV screen?

NeCrom-X said:

July 14th, 10:42 am

Yea Kirkpad for people that could afford the system it seems like no one can afford games unless they are 5 bucks lol. I have a feeling a lot of people complaining had mommy and daddy buy them the system. Any adult with an average job can afford anything on PSN. Hell when I was 16 I made like 200 – 300 a week how broke are kids now a days???

cKat609 said:

July 14th, 12:58 pm

It’s not about the money… It’s about a game that already has co-op built in because it makes sense… so why not take it online. It’s precisely because a lot of us aren’t around the house when mommy is baking cookies for our little friends who are staying over for the night, that online co-op makes sense. We do have jobs and families so it’s not always an option to have friends over for a gaming session.

NeCrom-X said:

July 15th, 9:13 am

Maybe not for you but 90% of what people are complaining about every time they announce a game that is over 5 bucks is the price if you didn’t notice not just on this posting.

Sorry you live so far apart from your fiends but my friends also have families and jobs and they still make time to be my friend. I’m 27 now. I have people over for at least a few hours everyday and we play PS3 most of the time.

You have no idea how programming works if your asking why can’t it be taken online. Some games have heavy physics engines or stuff that would never work right online. Look at pixeljunk eden it doesn’t have online multiplayer because it would never run smoothly and correctly (they talked about that in a previous blog posting about why it wasn’t possible)so they didn’t make it online. Where there are games they gave online to just to shut people up and they suck online because of that. If it was possible for this game they would of done it on the PC version first.

cKat609 said:

July 15th, 3:21 pm

Whatever… I’m getting it anyway. I was just saying it makes sense.

HawkEyes1 said:

July 17th, 3:30 am

TRINE is a must have game for the Summer of 09!!! Please release it next week Sony =)

sunnyb said:

July 19th, 12:31 am

Picked up the game for Pc via Steam after good E3 articles.

This game lives up to the hype. Addictive old school gameplay. Switching between characters makes things interesting. Only problem is the Steam version tends to crash.

I’m picking up the PSN version as well. This game is well worth the price, at whatever level. I just want to play with a controller instead of hearing the tapping noise of WASD on my keyboard.

BELCH said:

July 21st, 6:48 pm

Just played the demo… the one on steam, and HOLY CR@P!! I cant wait for this game to hit psn. I was really sad that when i checked it wasnt cuz i really want to get this but i honestly dont think i can wait till the end of the month… its too much fun!!

TuxBobble said:

July 27th, 9:53 pm

I really wish this game had online play. Honestly, if it did, this game would be $20 in a heartbeat. Heck, I’d spend $30 without thinking too hard about it. But without online, it’s a much tougher decision. The game looks great, but if I’m only getting single player out of it (the people I play games with aren’t my local friends, unfortunately) then I’m only getting “half the package” really…If I had another way of playing multiplayer, it’d be no question–wish I could have it all sometimes…

Maakasukage said:

July 27th, 10:28 pm

lol will this game come out this Thursday? 30th?, I was wondering cause if so, i’ll have to prepare. Im already getting Fat Princess! So I was just wondering when Trine is coming.

THE_LIGHT_05 said:

July 29th, 10:34 am

Please tell me this will be supported like “Pain”. You know, DLC. A game this awesome surely deserves DLC like more levels, power-ups, etc.

THE_LIGHT_05 said:

July 31st, 2:36 am

I thought end of july. not second week of august!! WHY OH WHY!! I WAS GONNA GET THIS FIRST THING RIGHT BEFORE FAT PRINCESS!!

Fogel25 said:

August 8th, 5:34 am

Hi, I guess this game won’t be hitting PSN anytime soon then? A real shame too, both my gf and I were looking forward to playing it this weekend on ps3. Guess Steam gets our money again.

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