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Jul 13

Jul 13

Fallout 3 Downloadable Content on PSN

Ashley Cheng's Avatar Posted by Production Director, Bethesda Softworks

Hello PlayStation fans. I’m Ashley Cheng, a producer at Bethesda Game Studios, here to give everyone an update on when Fallout 3 DLC will be available via PlayStation Network.

Fallout 3 Anchorage PS3

We’re excited and eager to bring Fallout 3 DLC to PSN. Unfortunately, the content is going to be releasing later than originally expected. Our DLC expands on the original game tremendously — each DLC offering 4-6 hours of additional content — and is no trivial undertaking. Here’s a brief look at the DLC you’ll be able to play.

  • Operation: Anchorage (pictured above) – Enter a military simulation and fight in one of the greatest battles of the Fallout universe – the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska from its Chinese Communist invaders.
  • The Pitt (pictured below) – Journey to the industrial raider town called The Pitt, located in the remains of Pittsburgh and choose sides in the battle between the slaves and the slavers.
  • Broken Steel (pictured below) – Join the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel and rid the Capital Wasteland of the Enclave remnants once and for all. Continues the adventure past the main quest and raises the game’s level cap to 30.
  • Point Lookout – Explore a massive new swampland area filled with new quests and content.
  • Mothership Zeta – The aliens have returned, and they’re pissed. Experience an alien abduction first hand and find out if you’re tough enough to survive.

Fallout 3 Broken Steel PS3 Fallout 3 - Pitt PS3

What can you expect from our DLC?

  • More Fallout 3 Goodness – More weapons, more creatures, more armor and outfits, more characters to interact with, and more loot. You’ll find all of these within the unique new locations of Broken Steel, Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta.
  • DLC Trophies – Did I mention we’re supporting trophies in each DLC? This was a big priority for us and one of the reasons for the extra time needed. In the end, we think it’s worth the effort to bring trophies to the DLC.
  • Support for existing characters and saves – Once you’ve downloaded and installed the DLC, the content is accessible at anytime (once you leave Vault 101). You can play the DLC whenever you want — with one exception (see Broken Steel below).

So when can you expect Fallout 3 DLC? We are knee deep in testing at the moment, and we’re hoping to have the first DLC out by the end of September. That long? Keep in mind that not only do we need to test each DLC on PS3, we also need to test each DLC when used in conjunction with each of the other DLC, as well as all of them together, along with the entire original game.

I do have good news! We have decided that Broken Steel will be the first release since it is easily the most requested DLC from our fans. Broken Steel allows you to continue playing the game after completing the Main Quest, raises the level cap to 30, and includes 4-6 hours of additional gameplay. It is also the one DLC that requires you to finish the Main Quest from the game to play the new content. Regardless of whether you’ve completed the Main Quest, the level cap will already be raised and higher level characters will begin encountering some of the new enemies in the Capital Wasteland. For the release of Broken Steel and the other DLCs, we’ll release a new update for the game.

After Broken Steel, we’ll be releasing Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt shortly thereafter, probably at the same time – just to get them out to you as soon as we can. After that we’ll have Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta available as soon as we can, so that the wait between DLC is as short as possible. Once we release Broken Steel, we’ll have a better idea when the other DLC will be coming and will let you know specifics.

We hope you enjoy Fallout 3’s DLC. Thank you for your patience. They’ll be here before you know it.

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July 20th, 12:35 pm

I love the game but why is it taking longer to get these dlc’s on here than it did for the xbox and the pc? looking forward to continuing the game. its been 9 months since i beat it.

Spar_Multendor said:

July 20th, 3:04 pm

It won’t be out in September. They sad “in May” months ago. And the GOTY edition HA! Expect that next year. Do you really think with New Vegas, Mothership Zeta, the new Elder Scrolls and what ever else their up to that they are really concerned with us PS3 gamers? If they were, they’d have done this months ago instead of selling out. I’m playing it[FO3]on my PC and well guess how much I paid for it?;) I all ready paid sixty bucks for one worthless copy. The dlc/mods made by people who won’t sell out to big corporation are far better then anything your devs could make. You won’t see a single penny from me for any future releases made by Bethesda. I hope their money was worth your soul. *shaking my head in disappointment*

Loud_Introducton said:

July 21st, 2:02 am

Well all I can say is… YES I CAN FINALY GET THE CHINIESE STEALTH SUIT!!! Oh! And also the Predator! I think that’s how you spell it. =I

Spyderman_18 said:

July 21st, 10:07 am

well this blows now i gota w8 even longer 2 play fallout but im glad that broken steel is comin out first

Crucial123 said:

July 21st, 1:07 pm

Bethesda ROCKS!!!

First Oblivion and all the DLC’s + Shivering Isles.

Then Fallout 3 with Broken Steel, Operation Anchorage and The Pitt. DLC’s ETC…

jstuke12 said:

July 21st, 9:18 pm

I don’t think I read it write but broken steel will be the first released, so would you be able to play the others after you beat broken steel on the same game?

themeathead said:

July 21st, 9:53 pm

yes, how much memory will each of these take

Hylas13 said:

July 21st, 11:16 pm

Does all Europe can get the Dlc`s?…If not I reckon it is terrible!I am from Malta..tks.

DarioByron said:

July 22nd, 5:31 am

Bethesda gave me a great first impression when I bought TES IV: Oblivion GotY Edition.

It was a 2007 game, so trophies didnt exist yet.
But something pissed me off: the fact that the plugins/addons were included on the X360, and downloadable on the PC, but NOT on the PS3!

Have they been Gaysoft-lovers all the time?

i’m pretty sure that the loss of sales when ps3 owners start rejecting bethesda will be much more worth than the Microsoft paycheck.

too bad, bethesda.. u could have been one of my favourite gaming companies, and other ps3 users’ as well, but you blew it..

swamps said:

July 22nd, 6:14 am

you should have tried to stick to your june release date instead of september i was ready to start buying the dlc then but now my money is gonna be used for buying the MW2 collectors edition……

since you announced a late september date as i see it there is no point in buying one dlc pack then pushing the game to one side to play MW2 and as for the other dlc to be released after its just pointless there are far too many good game’s coming out around the same time if not after the release of the dlc…..

Lynx-VIII said:

July 22nd, 7:17 am

On the ‘game of the year’ edition will ps3 users be able to use their old saves off the original Fallout 3 game?

bods1ruk said:

July 22nd, 8:09 am

Will there be a fix for BLUS 30234 Canadian Version ? I really want trophies but have been waiting patiently for a fix prior to playing Fallout 3. Would like fix prior to DLC !

tylerrg said:

July 22nd, 11:46 am

Why did you guys just release Fallout 3 for xbox360 first?? Makes no sense to leave Ps3 out, you angered many fans including me! I’m glad you guys have decided to release it for Ps3!, but I’m still confused of why you would do that? Makes no sense

icwnd said:

July 22nd, 1:32 pm

Well, I have some serious pain in my stomach due to the increasing amount of vermin I have growing inside because I want to play this game so much, but I’m waiting patiently for this GOTY edition. I would like to know if is it still scheduled for October and if it would worth the wait. Otherwise I’d buy the standard right now and get rid of all these vermin.

EuanMcA said:

July 23rd, 3:26 am

I’m so sick of the bull bethsda if u r bias 4 the 360 and take MS’s money to make it exclusive flow thougth and don’t just come back to PS3 when the money runs out 2 milk us and what is the deal with September that is nearly 1 year after the 360 and the only reson I pick Fallout 3 was because of the DLC’s.

Went every I talk 2 my friends who has the 360 and he has most of the DLC and his dosn’t jump wrong. I jumped from Vault 101 to Rivit City but I end up at GNR and then after fighting the Behemoth at level 3 with a
only a 32. pistol and 10mm pistol and then before getting the xp it froze and then when I put it back on my save was gone.Sorry Bethsda the only way I will give u my hard earned money is if u make it like 2.99 and if u add might your only care about the money and say u will be fair 2 the PS3 owner’s from now on

Pr0cy0n_L0t0r said:

July 23rd, 8:39 am

I have to buy BS to get rid of this stupid level cap? Just to get another cap of level 30?? Hellllooo???

Bring us free update with bug fixes and unlock this crappy level cap! ASAP! Not in September 20xx!

my 2 cents…

pyro_syco said:

July 23rd, 12:07 pm

what a supprise they didnt say why it was delayed. MS probably gave them a check at the last moment just as one last kick in the head

creativekillz said:

July 23rd, 9:52 pm

hey ashley i have a very important question
there is a glitch to get the col.autumn laser pistol if i have did that to get it and did not finish the (take it back) quest and download broken steel will it mess up the broken steel add on and also why did they make it like a normal psitol after you beat broken steel?


July 23rd, 10:01 pm

wow… so your giving us the finnger again huh? i bought fallout 3 because im a fan of the originals, but you people treat us like crap. So.. you make a game on 360,PC and PS3, then after that you make DLC for 2 platforms, but forgett the other… WTF is the point of that??Did Microshi* run out of money??? What happened to “late june”??? You people were just sooo exited about Mothership ZETA or whatever its called so you can make more $. I think I remember a guy from bethesda saying ” well, we think 360 and PC owners are more comfortable buying the DLC.” Yeah but sorry, i am be playing better games then fallout.like bioshock and Infamous.

ActionManNI said:

July 23rd, 11:23 pm

i don’t understand
i want the down-loadable content so bad im a adamant fallout player

i should just buy fallout 3 for xbox 360 instead of waiting another month and a half for this crap

Jeffro_92 said:

July 24th, 5:11 am

Soo the first DLC will be BS. That’s nice, but why do we have to wait another 3 months?

I don’t think MS is a software company anymore. It’s more like a bribing company to me. And Bethesda I think you just got bribed!

DARKGRIM80 said:

July 24th, 8:14 am

Can,t wait for MOTHERSHIP ZETA and the other DLC,s but it s a long time but i can wait.

Commanda12 said:

July 24th, 6:23 pm

Really looking fowar to the DLC I still think Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games and can’t wait for Broken steel.
All though i am @#$!? that it took so long but once it come it will rock.

marcs73 said:

July 25th, 9:15 am

Just to let anyone who wants to know apparantly 800 microsoft points equates to £6.80 I hope that helps and Ashley will you be releasing the dlc packs at a reduced price, as us playstation fans have had to wait this long???

TheJusticeMan said:

July 25th, 8:45 pm

if anyone didnt know,

its been confirmed by bethesda that the ps3 GOTY wont be delayed and will come out at the same time as PC and 360….

I have Fallout 3 for 360 so i already know what their like, but i want them on ps3 because I have 3 level 20’s that are just sitting there, not being able to travel to the pitt or get rid of the enclave and shoot the tesla cannon

Im a little disappointed at bethesda, but i guess only time will tell…. until they delay it again!

DeadMan_101 said:

July 26th, 8:15 am

When are the DLC coming to the PS3 i have been looking on PSN every day

when are thay coming?

louisvejmola said:

July 26th, 12:50 pm

I’m pleased at the idea that the DLC is coming to PSN (F@@@ xbox) and i’m exited that broken steel will be first. But i must say, with the utmost sincerity, that i’m pissed at the fact that bethesda gave the impression that the dlc will be released in late july. I’m pissed that it wont be released until september. I you knew that the contract with microsoft was going to be abolished after the release of broken steel, so you guys should have prepared the dlc’s for the ps3 much sooner. Now what is the point of releasing dlc’s when there is going to be a collector’s edition for fallout 3, or is that not coming to ps3…

MiggityMike22 said:

July 26th, 1:12 pm

will there be a bungle pack for all of the new content or what?

CRaftsman1459 said:

July 26th, 9:23 pm

Well now that I know that the GOTY will be compatible with the regular version, I must now go find every unique object, clothing, and weapon that way I’ll be ready to start the DLC right away…cuz I’m a Fallout bamf like that.

BakedMoose said:

July 27th, 10:25 am

Hey Ashlley hope u read this…..But you guys had a full 6 months to do all teasting and all of the other things tht needed to be done to bring the DLC to PS3…Now we have to wait even longer for it because basically you (Bethesda) droped the ball….thats not Fair at all to US PS3 owners.( who dont own a CRAPBOX)..

BakedMoose said:

July 27th, 10:28 am

(pushed wrong button) to end that comment …Bethesda u owe all PS3 Fanboys something than a longer waiting time..

PS3 4 life

wygoldprospector said:

July 27th, 10:55 am

I’m so mad a Bethseda about the DLC for Fallout 3 PS3 platform. I have been waiting since the first release of the DLC for the Xbox 360 & PC and with no DLC avail for the PS3 still, that I went ahead and sold all of my Fallout 3 merchandise. Sorry Bethseda, I’d rather spend my money on other Devs. than wait for something you guys promise and never comply with. As trying to be a loyal costumer that I have spent almost $4,000.00 on all fallout 3 items and even decked out my ps3 just for you Bethseda…. With waiting for this DLC to be avail, I even went ahead and pre-ordered the Fallout 3 GoTY and even the new Fallout New Vegas, now I stoped my pre-orders and asked for a refund. Sorry Bethseda, I just wait for ever and ever, rather give my money the the local charity than spend on u Bethseda ever again.

mopar560 said:

July 27th, 1:24 pm

I love Fallout, and I love oblivion, but lately youve in turned to complete corporate world d-bags, in reference to you SELLING OUT to microsoft, and LYING about your release date. I wouldnt care if you actually had the slightest clue when your DLC was coming out rather than releasing total BS in the first place.
Enjoy spending you microsoft money on those butt beads daddy wouldnt let you get.

Darkness5678 said:

July 27th, 4:03 pm

Bethesda please hear me out. I think it’s outrageous that you make us loyal consumers of your amazing games to suffer from waiting for more downloadable content. It’s very hurtful especially to me because about 1 million PS3 owners bought this game and it would have been right to release all the DLC at the same time.

Tell me if I”m right or not. Did Microsoft PAY YOU OFF? Just so they can make our version of PS3 seem inferior? That’s a bad news on your part Bethesda. Although I do respect you it has gone down and you WILL lose more fans if you keep treating the PS3 owners like trash. :(

Looking forward to GOTY edition will it cost 60 bucks or less?

DuNbMaD said:

July 27th, 4:08 pm

September… I’m tired of waiting for the DLC. I’m jus gonna buy it for xbox.
They don’t even give us a set date.

kwark89 said:

July 28th, 9:01 pm

i really am suprised it is finally being released. When i first heard about any DLC it was only for the not so great XBOX. I even emailed someone at BEthesda on the Fallout team to ask if it was ever coming to PS3, the answer was no and look now DLC for PS3. You guys sure are some tricksters.

MonkeyOfFear said:

July 29th, 2:32 am

PS3 is alot better than X box microsoft bribing bethesda not to release DLC’s for the PS3 is proof dont blame bethesda blame those poor sports at microsoft

MonkeyOfFear said:

July 29th, 2:38 am

by the way when is GOTY coming out and is it in a collecteers edition with the lunchbox and bobblehead please answer

pauliusmax said:

July 29th, 10:07 am

I am a big fan of 2% milk. Can we expect some milk or other fine dairy products in the dlc? Also, there’s a couple of kids I’d like to kill. Would you please make that possible…in the game, of course.

d_razaq said:

July 29th, 6:25 pm

Thank you, you have no idea how long I have been waiting. All my friends were making fun of me for not having these dlcs and them having the dlcs due to them playing on 360. Please don’t do this again, the PC & 360 were being treated right while the PS3 was left in the dark.

shayner666 said:

July 30th, 5:58 am

k i read that u guys may use the game of the year edition as a ticket to download the updates on the playstation store i was wondering if this was true please tell me u guys will put it on the game of the year disc wat about the ppl without internet or ppl who dont want to wait 2 days to download one update from the store plus the memory that would take up on the ps3 it would ruin my hopes and dreams for this game

andrew549 said:

July 30th, 11:53 am

Do we have a set date on which these will be available?


July 30th, 1:07 pm

I am glad to hear broken steel will be the first dlc for fallout 3 i read about the release coing in late july and started to get worried thx

toasterlove said:

July 30th, 6:01 pm

Hi When I was playing fallout 3 I tryed to save but it didnt let me I tryed to save by sleeping and by waiting but it did not let me I was not in my pipboy or anything like that I was doing Big trouble in big town is there something wrong with my playstation or a glitch in the game please answer back…


July 30th, 7:19 pm

i have both a 360 and a ps3, but i cant play any of the fallout 3 content on my 360 because after i take it home from my friends house it says the content is damaged, ive downloaded it like 5 times at least, and i literally cant wait for the ps3 dlc because i go to marine corp basic in a month or so lol

Spar_Multendor said:

July 30th, 7:21 pm

Do any of you really think the PS3 GOTY edtion will come out in October with the Xbox and pc version? They “plan” to release the dlc on the PS3 in late September (hmmm.. that sounds familiar) then release a GOTY edition in October. Come on get real! We aren’t going to see a GOTY Fallot 3 until next year. If they do, why buy the dlc when you could just buy a brand new copy with the dlc already on it? Think about it…


July 30th, 7:24 pm

and im not complaining, i just hate my 360, i want to pick it up and shake it, violently. lol. but seriously, you guys are doing great work bethesda, if someone doesnt like the wait time they can play another game.

TrixsR4kids said:

July 31st, 8:51 am

dear Ashley Cheng pleas don’t let some of the playstation fans scare you away or change your mind for bring DLC to PS3for fallout 3 1.)i am a big fan of fallout 3 and when i herd about DLC i was excited but when what i heard it was only for PC,360 i was disappointed. Then almost a year later a friend told me about DLC’s for fallout 3 was coming out i told him it was for 360,PC only then he told me it comes out for PS3 in June I was puzzeled at first but doing my research on the computer now I am starting to believe about DLC’s for the PS3 so now I’m saving money and see another side and story to this world Bethesda has made for the world of games so please do not listen to the one’s that threaten you or call you names I am a fan since morrow wind and oblivion……….. But if you did change your mind i will try and understand and wait for the G.O.T.Y gets on the PS3 thanks for reading and keep up the good work i would like to see new story and adventures that Bethesda makes. your fan IKE see you later

limesour said:

July 31st, 9:00 am

Guys there is something you have to understand… MONEY TALKS.. That’s 2 gaming platforms that Microsoft owns against 1 and Bethesda was paid very well to cater to the Microsoft community. When a developer gets money waved at their faces that’s all they care about, they dont’ care about the consumer or platforms.. They just want you to show them the money.

lone_wolf_55 said:

July 31st, 10:19 am

yea hopefully the DLC not as buggy as the original game. can barely even walk around without the damn thing freezin up.

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