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Jul 13

Jul 13

Fallout 3 Downloadable Content on PSN

Ashley Cheng's Avatar Posted by Production Director, Bethesda Softworks

Hello PlayStation fans. I’m Ashley Cheng, a producer at Bethesda Game Studios, here to give everyone an update on when Fallout 3 DLC will be available via PlayStation Network.

Fallout 3 Anchorage PS3

We’re excited and eager to bring Fallout 3 DLC to PSN. Unfortunately, the content is going to be releasing later than originally expected. Our DLC expands on the original game tremendously — each DLC offering 4-6 hours of additional content — and is no trivial undertaking. Here’s a brief look at the DLC you’ll be able to play.

  • Operation: Anchorage (pictured above) – Enter a military simulation and fight in one of the greatest battles of the Fallout universe – the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska from its Chinese Communist invaders.
  • The Pitt (pictured below) – Journey to the industrial raider town called The Pitt, located in the remains of Pittsburgh and choose sides in the battle between the slaves and the slavers.
  • Broken Steel (pictured below) – Join the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel and rid the Capital Wasteland of the Enclave remnants once and for all. Continues the adventure past the main quest and raises the game’s level cap to 30.
  • Point Lookout – Explore a massive new swampland area filled with new quests and content.
  • Mothership Zeta – The aliens have returned, and they’re pissed. Experience an alien abduction first hand and find out if you’re tough enough to survive.

Fallout 3 Broken Steel PS3 Fallout 3 - Pitt PS3

What can you expect from our DLC?

  • More Fallout 3 Goodness – More weapons, more creatures, more armor and outfits, more characters to interact with, and more loot. You’ll find all of these within the unique new locations of Broken Steel, Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta.
  • DLC Trophies – Did I mention we’re supporting trophies in each DLC? This was a big priority for us and one of the reasons for the extra time needed. In the end, we think it’s worth the effort to bring trophies to the DLC.
  • Support for existing characters and saves – Once you’ve downloaded and installed the DLC, the content is accessible at anytime (once you leave Vault 101). You can play the DLC whenever you want — with one exception (see Broken Steel below).

So when can you expect Fallout 3 DLC? We are knee deep in testing at the moment, and we’re hoping to have the first DLC out by the end of September. That long? Keep in mind that not only do we need to test each DLC on PS3, we also need to test each DLC when used in conjunction with each of the other DLC, as well as all of them together, along with the entire original game.

I do have good news! We have decided that Broken Steel will be the first release since it is easily the most requested DLC from our fans. Broken Steel allows you to continue playing the game after completing the Main Quest, raises the level cap to 30, and includes 4-6 hours of additional gameplay. It is also the one DLC that requires you to finish the Main Quest from the game to play the new content. Regardless of whether you’ve completed the Main Quest, the level cap will already be raised and higher level characters will begin encountering some of the new enemies in the Capital Wasteland. For the release of Broken Steel and the other DLCs, we’ll release a new update for the game.

After Broken Steel, we’ll be releasing Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt shortly thereafter, probably at the same time – just to get them out to you as soon as we can. After that we’ll have Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta available as soon as we can, so that the wait between DLC is as short as possible. Once we release Broken Steel, we’ll have a better idea when the other DLC will be coming and will let you know specifics.

We hope you enjoy Fallout 3’s DLC. Thank you for your patience. They’ll be here before you know it.

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roranthehunted said:

August 8th, 4:41 pm

I will not be buying this, along with most of the people who feel betrayed by you.
Have a little honor next time.

jonixdo said:

August 8th, 7:04 pm

what the heck ever happenend to ashley?
did she run off when she saw all the backlash that was posted against bethesda?

djkoz78 said:

August 9th, 6:20 am

@ cjgrimmreaper no no no they arent supporting us now because they feel bad its cuz the money from their dlc on the xbox is drying up do to everyone who bought the game on the xbox and dlc have it already and now that that’s happening they’re wanting the consumers on the ps3 that supported their game and bought and then they shoved a huge D*CK in by not supporting us they want us to support them now by lining their pockets with more money by purchasing the DLC. Well from most of the comments on the blog Bethesda has another thing coming. At least I hope everyone feels as cheated and betrayed as i do for first getting an inferior product even though we paid the same price and then not getting any of the dlc until a year later. Thanks but no f-ing thanks.

djkoz78 said:

August 9th, 7:00 am

@ clupula668 you say that if we dont buy the dlc the bethesda will stop making games for the ps3 right? Well here is an example that contradicts your valid example. Nintendo decided to not put the blood in the the first Mortal Kombat port on the SNES and guess what lost millions in sells needless to say Mortal Kombat II had the blood in it.Even though your point makes sense Bethesda I thinks is more willing to learn from their mistakes rather than just stop making games for the ps3 b/c they now they can make millions but not if they keep screwing over the PS3 consumers.

djkoz78 said:

August 9th, 7:48 am

BTW the sept. release date is not in stone so it may be pushed back again and for those who keep saying I glad to hear bethesda is taking the time to test the dlc unlike the game. you have to take that with a huge grain of salt it may or may not be true who knows why its taking so long.. my personal belief they want to get all the dlc out for the xbox first then concentrate on trying to milk the ps3 consumers a year later with dlc that is a year old full price and still not completely tested. Also the goty ver that everyone keeps saying is going to be released soon they may be true for the xbox but not for the ps3 owners come on now look @ their track record more like 2011 for the ps3 owners.

totalwarrior6780 said:

August 9th, 9:55 am

this is unfair they just treat us liek dirt and want us to buy stuff

monoliet said:

August 9th, 1:29 pm

i monoliet wil wait for every game from Bethesda Softworks untile goty edition + price drop .very disapontement from belgium !!! ps3 = 24 mil. sold ! 0/10 falout 3 . oblivion = 9/10

jonixdo said:

August 9th, 2:28 pm

Bethesda is just trying to milk us ps3 owners because they spended all the money from the deal they had with microsoft and the sales they got from the dlc. If they screw ps3 owners then they might as well kiss alot of ps3’s owners money goodbye!

djkoz78 said:

August 10th, 4:21 am

This is what I put up on the official fallout 3 website. lol

Everybody on here must be xbox owners the way you guys praise Bethesda. Well this one is definately not praise for now trying to get more money out of the ps3 owners by now finally releasing dlc instead of a year ago. When ps3 owners got a inferior buggy port of fallout 3 that froze every 5 minutes. Well I hope actually i know cuz if you go to the blog on the link you’ll see how there are many angry ps3 owners who want you to just keep your dlc its a waste since we want to spend our money on the games that support their consumers and not go for greed. thanks and Im sure this will get deleted just like all the angry comments from the playstation community.

Left by Jason on Your comment is awaiting moderation. August 10th, 2009

megs1120 said:

August 11th, 8:51 am

Good lord, you people are insane. If you hate Bethesda and Fallout 3 so much why d you care so much about them?

megs1120 said:

August 11th, 8:54 am

Bethesda is a PC game developer that ports their games to xbox systems. We should consider ourselves lucky to be getting their games at all, not flipping out because we didn’t get the best version. The rampant sense of entitlement here is ridiculous.

megs1120 said:

August 11th, 8:54 am

Also, for the hundredth time, Ashley Cheng is a man. Ashley is a unisex name.

djkoz78 said:

August 11th, 12:33 pm

continued^^^ Have the right to express how they feel and boycott bethesda if they want. It’s a free country. Hopefully this might show Bethesda that ps3 gamers and their money is just as good as the xbox owners and learn from their mistakes to basically treat us like bastard children.

djkoz78 said:

August 11th, 12:40 pm

Oh and the Ashley being a man it’s a B**TCH name to only answer the questions of non angry gamers

methcakes said:

August 11th, 1:03 pm

i already played all the add ons on xbox and i guess its kind of worth the wait because i love fallout
but still thats kind of a [DELETED] move

BroodingCastle said:

August 11th, 2:23 pm

Seems like every time a good game comes out all the downloads come out on Xbox360 first.
Makes me not want be buy any games for the PS3 unless their PS3 exclusive.
My friend has FallOut 3 on xbox I’M going to borrow his tired of waiting.

Angel_Fenriz said:

August 11th, 2:51 pm

I left ps2 for x box then got a 360 launch console. Needless to say after FIVE red rings of death and M$ trying to screw me over after the last one I came back to Sony getting a ps3 the only reason I did was because Oblivion and Fallout 3 was on the ps3 as well.
First game I got back was Oblivion and I was horrified when all the dlc that was available was shivering isles which I got the GOATY so I already had it. I came to the realization and excepted the fact quickly that ps3 owners usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to DLC :(
I would have been angry if I had to wait so long but I just recently got fallout 3 back, so a month or to isn’t so bad. I do feel that you should treat all platforms equally and you should EXPECT angry reactions when you do things this way (YES I’M TALKING TO YOU BETHESDA)
Although I would like to say thanks because of the great games you have made. Oblivion ans F3 are my favorite titles to date, but do try to not do the Microbucks exclusives anymore it’s just a lame thing to do.

TranzCoder said:

August 11th, 4:06 pm

Geez, ligthen up. Who cares whos fault it is? If you can build a better game put in your resume! It’s all about money, and I got some to spend on DLC. Fallout 3 rocks! I would buy a crappy WII if I could get more FO3 content. I for one am gratefull to Bethseda Studios for one of the most engrossing games I have in my collection. However, if there is blame to be placed, it should be on Sony from making the engine so hard to program. But I just don’t give a crap, PS3 still rules! Just try to play a BD on your XboX, or WII. Nuff said!

Just my 2 cents,

megs1120 said:

August 11th, 4:21 pm

err, didn’t mean to have babies in the second paragraph, I mean to include another b word, in reference to an above post.

Commander00001 said:

August 11th, 5:34 pm

lets hope goty comes by christmas

Commander00001 said:

August 11th, 5:36 pm

if fallout 3 had online and local multiplayer that would be sweet

Commander00001 said:

August 11th, 5:42 pm

bethesda should’ve made dlc for ps3 xbox 360 and pc at the same time they have bad timing like the release of pc version

Commander00001 said:

August 11th, 5:48 pm

also how come pc users get 2 use Garden of Eden Creation Kit to make their own dlc the ps3 is built like a computer and an advanced ps2 combined much better than pc so how come pc users get2 use geck and we dont i’d say there should be answers fron “Ashley Cheng” itself right now

Commander00001 said:

August 11th, 5:53 pm

a revolution should be for rights so why shouldnt we revolutionize the ps3’s rights some1 tell me what is Ashley Cheng’s emailso no 1 would dare go against the ps3 not even bill gates

Commander00001 said:

August 11th, 5:58 pm

we the ps3 owners will now have a chance at getting our rights to have every game, dlc, everything released with our evil xbox counterparts

warning this data might cause ww3

crazyhobo2 said:

August 11th, 7:27 pm

im glad you guys are finaly releasing the dlc’s for fallout 3 on the ps3 but i still do not get why their coming out at a much later date than the game, as well as the 360 and pc’s dlc’s. i mean i buy the game so i can play it and then beat it only to find that the 360 and pc are getting the dlc’s and we have to wait about 3 more months. to me that sounds pretty unfair.

Commander00001 said:

August 11th, 7:33 pm

i just got an anonymous tip saying that fallout 3 was announced GameOfTheYear today
look on the official website

Commander00001 said:

August 11th, 7:36 pm

i must no whether the goty will come at december or 2010 plz send any tip

megs1120 said:

August 11th, 8:18 pm

dlc is a right???

djkoz78 said:

August 12th, 1:18 am

@ Commander00001 I read 2 seperate articles one saying that there is a possibility that the GOTY edition will be Delayed again due to the fact that it would be better business sense that releasing the dlc first would net them more money 10 a pop same as Xbox even though they’ve had it for almost a year now. The other article said that it wouldn’t affect the release date of the GOTY but it’s not set in stone that it would have the DLC on the disc but you would be able to sign into the psn and dl from there instead when it became available to the ps3 owners. I personally believe the former b/c its all about money not supporting the ps3 owners after we were told to suck it up by Howard.

djkoz78 said:

August 12th, 1:26 am

Also for everyone telling us not to be angry is letting companies continue to treat any gaming system like this. Is unfair bad business practices imo. No matter what system you have this shouldn’t be aloud to happen. We all paid the same price for the game did we not? But only the PS3 owners were told sorry guys looks like you’ll just have to suck it up. Then they were like those PS3 owners are so stupid we’ll pretend we’re doing them a favor by now a year later(also not set in stone for Sept)giving them the dlc @ the same price. Those morons will be so happy that we’re actually bringing it to their system they won’t even question that we told them to shove it. and a lot of people are like that sadly.

Commander00001 said:

August 12th, 6:34 am

Ive now just recieved some info about goty. it will be released on October 13 2009 if u dont believe me look it up on:

yoyoguy said:

September 14th, 9:35 pm

I’ve played Fallout 3 160 hours without the DLC as it is, I’m like a walking strategy guide with platinum trophy. I’ve been waiting for the DLC since it was released for Microsoft and now that it’s mid-september and broken steel is close, i’m freaking ebulient (if I spelled that right). Can’t freaking wait, you made the best game of all time! And is there going to be patches to update the freezing along with the one to allow DLC to be downloaded and played?

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