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Jul 13

Jul 13

Vote for Your Favorite Ratchet & Clank Comic!

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If you’ve been keeping up, you already know that Friday was the submission deadline for the Comic-Con Ratchet & Clank Create-a-Comic contest. So now it’s time to vote!

We’ve created a Flickr folder with all the great entries here (a super-mega thanks to all who participated!). And now we need your help to determine the winners — it’s time to get in there and vote up your favorites. Just like MLB All-Star voting, there aren’t any specific rules. All you have to do is view one of the photos, and that counts as a vote. If you like it, rack up the page views, get your friends to view it, etc. — we don’t care how it happens.

The comics with the most views from today until noon on July 17, will be picked as winners. Specifically, the top 25 will be receiving an awesome Schwag Bag, and the top comic creators that will be in San Diego area, will be granted access to the July 22 Insomniac Games and SCEA Comic-Con community event, as well as the July 23 exclusive PlayStation event where you’ll go hands-on with some of our biggest upcoming titles.

So get voting because the clock’s ticking! All details and rules are here.


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Jeigh said:

July 13th, 12:02 pm

Instant Five-Star, just because you guys rock. :)

Full Moon Show this week?

ghamdikh1 said:

July 13th, 12:03 pm

Ratchet & Clank RULES.


July 13th, 12:09 pm

I hope a crack in time supports In-GAME XMB Music!

I know you’ll have great music but having that OPTION is very nice.

Darkos87 said:

July 13th, 12:18 pm

tell me which one is worth looking at. The only one I found funny was Nick C.

LokeSTL said:

July 13th, 12:19 pm

Please add trophies to R&CF:ToD & R&CF:QfB. Thanks! :)

Darkos87 said:

July 13th, 12:19 pm

alec m is awesome :)

JoeDuke4 said:

July 13th, 12:20 pm

Sweet. Insomniac are amazing, just take your time on it.

StargamerX said:

July 13th, 12:21 pm

The first picture is getting an unfair amount of attention! :P

Also, there’s about a 50% chance of winning, so if I lose… lol

acertainkid said:

July 13th, 12:27 pm

I like the Matt W. one the best

ProSoldier14 said:

July 13th, 12:37 pm

The Gerardo L. one is cool.

StargamerX said:

July 13th, 12:39 pm

Hey Chris, if there are 50 entries, and the Top 25 win for both being at Comic-Con and not being there, wouldn’t that make everyone a winner?

Gamer_Matt27 said:

July 13th, 12:43 pm

I justthoughtof theperfect idea for the comic script. To bad the contest is over, I’m Canadian and I’m under 18…

Zonified said:

July 13th, 12:43 pm

There are 51 entries so if there are 25 from each catagory, then one person would lose…that would stink! >.<

I agree. lol

StargamerX said:

July 13th, 12:47 pm

@12, you responded to me twice, lol

And the last photo is all of the others put together, not an actual entry (I would think…)

Zonified said:

July 13th, 12:52 pm

@13, I did? lol

I didn’t think about the last one. So, maybe everyone did win…maybe.

BlooodyCow said:

July 13th, 12:52 pm

The voting system is kind lame. Couldn’t you guys just create a poll on the blog or the playstation forums with all the entry? Some entry are over look because they have crappy art. Or what you guys could have done what let up find the ones we want, and post the link in our comment as a vote.

That said, I think the one by Josue A. is my favorite and I vote for that.
here is the link *http://www.flickr.com/photos/playstationblog/3717438372/sizes/l/in/set-72157621392384464/

remove the “*”

CEK111 said:

July 13th, 12:59 pm

Im gonna have a wee look at them now.

Curse Ireland not getting into these competitions….

xplosneer said:

July 13th, 1:00 pm

I agree with bloodycow, this voting system is somewhat unfair as people may only click on the first one or whatever. Vote system necessary.

DARK_JAK_911 said:

July 13th, 1:07 pm

Some of these look very good, but the majority of them are extremely hard to read.

inFAMOUS_1234 said:

July 13th, 1:07 pm

Xoonaka said:

July 13th, 1:07 pm

I’ve read the first 8-10 or so… and so far, it’s a pretty poor showing overall. I’m sad I voted for those comics. Some of them don’t even make sense.

TUSTIN1 said:

July 13th, 1:14 pm

All you Canucks – be sure to vote for Canadian Clank! I think it’s the last comic…

TUSTIN1 said:

July 13th, 1:14 pm

…make that the first one on the last row…

almighty-slayer said:

July 13th, 1:28 pm

Dustin S. FTW

No that’s not me. But that comic make me laugh :D

koalafrappe said:

July 13th, 1:39 pm

To everyone saying that they don’t make sense, it is hard to incorperate the theme of time into a comic when you are limited to one page. The only easy way to do this is quick jokes. Anyhow, just saying, don’t be too harsh. Also, I agree that the voting is flawed, but it isn’t that big of a deal, right? ;D

Xoonaka said:

July 13th, 1:43 pm

Alright, now I’ve read all of them… and none of them meet all the criteria in my mind. There are a couple ok ones… but the best ones generally ignored the theme of “Rachet and Clank meet themselves in a different time”.

That said, I think I’m going to vote for the one with the PS3 Rachet talking to PS1 Rachet about all the advancements. Even though it breaks the fourth wall a bit, it’s kind of funny and is far more cohesive then many of the others, plus it sticks to theme.

kingmuscle said:

July 13th, 2:03 pm

lol, at keith. B

what the eff was i thinking???? lol

the sad part is, i acctually thouhgt it was funny when i wrote it, lol

Xoonaka said:

July 13th, 2:04 pm

To be more explicit, here’s where my votes are going:


almighty-slayer said:

July 13th, 2:06 pm

i can’t even read most of them.

No doubt the ones with the best art will win, not the best comics

hoofrog said:

July 13th, 2:30 pm

I thought we had to use the template given. Several comics had way more than three panes. What’s the deal? I thought the challenge was only using the three panes to tell a story. Oh well, here’s my entry:


Daimomaru said:

July 13th, 2:48 pm

Hi guys, is great to see my three pages there but I wanted to say that the third page is the first and the first is the third…can you fixt the order…^__^ thanks! Mine is the Josue A one.

Dolten said:

July 13th, 2:50 pm

Oh hell yes R&C has been my fav since the first DONT STOP the R&C greatness!!!!!

Daimomaru said:

July 13th, 2:58 pm

Here’s mine BTW…check it out guys, thanks again! http://www.flickr.com/photos/playstationblog/3717438372/in/set-72157621392384464/

Dolten said:

July 13th, 3:06 pm

boss fights were never toooo hard just a hell of a lot of fun

oneangrymob464 said:

July 13th, 3:14 pm

i never got the schwag bag from the uncharted competition :-(

Xoonaka said:

July 13th, 3:22 pm


To be honest, I didn’t play the first games. I just like the sentiment of the comic. It’s easily read, the art is decent, and it follows the criteria of Rachet meeting a past self.

Like I said, I wish the creator had avoided the fourth wall, but I still think this one did the best job of following all the rules… so it should be rewarded.

Azira013 said:

July 13th, 3:23 pm

I like the ones by Travis F and Jeff T

The Canadian shwag Clank wears gets my vote!

BlooodyCow said:

July 13th, 3:46 pm

@Jeff Rubenstein
I think people want to forget about that “issue” :)

tveye363 said:

July 13th, 4:08 pm

I don’t see anything in the rules about them having to meet their past selves. It just says the comic has to be about time. That past selves thing just seemed like a chance for inspiration…

Anyways, mine is the very first one. Lemme know what you guys think of it :D

Nomik2 said:

July 13th, 4:20 pm

What if someone just spams a comic for page views?

My Fav: http://www.flickr.com/photos/playstationblog/3717439576/sizes/l/in/set-72157621392384464/

Negarro said:

July 13th, 4:43 pm

TUSTIN1 said:

July 13th, 4:47 pm

@41 – apparently it’s ok, as they say they don’t care how you get the votes.


Go Canada!

soldierone said:

July 13th, 5:20 pm

Haha people like my comic thats an awesome feeling! There are some really amazing ones though too! Next time you guys should open up the layout a bit more, like how someone did a full 3 pager haha, didnt know we were aloud to do that. Vote for this one though! :) Awesome contest! http://www.flickr.com/photos/playstationblog/3716643107/in/set-72157621392384464/

D-Squad3 said:

July 13th, 5:32 pm

Wish I could’ve joined.

NewYork214 said:

July 13th, 5:33 pm

kinda sucks how you have to vote since you cant read any of them without clicking on them lol. to bad you couldnt show us like 10 at a time and we pick the one we like best until we are just down to 1.

waffman11 said:

July 13th, 6:14 pm

Dylan S.’s is the best, although I could tell what the ending was from the first panel.

invader_alec said:

July 13th, 7:03 pm


Glad you like it so much!!
But the 4th wall doesn’t apply to comics, now does it? :)

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