MLB 09 The Show Online Tournament – Register Now to Compete for Big Money and Sony Gear!

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MLB 09 The Show All-Star Championship

Hey there, it’s Jason from San Diego Studio. On behalf of Major League Gaming (MLG) and SCEA, the MLB 09 The Show dev team is extremely excited to publicly announce the MLB ’09 The Show All-Star Championship. The promotions team has just unveiled the details to those attending FanFest and other All-Star Week activities at Busch Stadium in St. Louis (see Jeff’s video and images from the ballpark). What we know is that you can register now here to queue up for a single player ladder which begins on August 3. The top 128 players from the ladder will be seeded into a single elimination bracketed tournament which begins on September 1.

There are two highly important points that make this a no-brainer for MLB ’09 The Show fans:

1. Prize package is massive — grand prize $10,000 cash and running up with $2,000 in Sony gear, and

2. My team has been working with SCEA, Foster City and MLG, New York to integrate game data on the backend, so participants will not have to report scores manually. This is the first time any tournament ladder on Gamebattles will offer such auto-reporting functions!

This is the first MLB The Show tournament of this size and everyone involved with the game is ecstatic about the opportunity. Don’t miss out on being among the first to be involved with The Show All-Star Championship.

Enjoy All-Star Week and don’t forget to sign up for the MLB ’09 The Show All Star Championship ASAP!

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  • Sounds like fun!

  • $10,000 CASH!!!

  • This is freakin awesome…I am winning first prize baby …..

  • Sounds like an awesome contest. All tourney games should have auto-reporting and I’m glas you added that to this tourney.

  • It’s a bummer that I’m horrible at this online. Oh well.

  • If people do decide to sign up, what will be the schedule and times for the games played?

  • Nice, too bad I do not have the game.

  • Sounds like a lot of fun, too bad i dont like sports games very much. I would love to see this type of thing done with other games, shooters, racing games etc…. Hell having a PAIN tournament would even be pretty sweet.

  • StalkingSilence

    Are you in the commercial?

  • StalkingSilence

    Don’t have the game, but love the automatic score reporting. Kudos!

  • wow 10000, wish i had this game and was good at it lol

  • It would be nice if that gamebattles site worked properly. I activated my account…but now it won’t let me login. And when I ask it to email me my password, it says no account has been registered under that email. Ugh.

  • Incredible !

    Sign up !

    You gotta be in it to win it !

  • Nevermind…just took like 10 mins for the account to REALLY be activated.

  • oh and jeff (if ur listening) why do i get a error when ever i post from my ps3…. i hit submit and then i get (error 404 -not found) but it still posts, just kinda annoying and wanted to know why lol thanks man

  • …but you can’t join the ladder yet…

  • nice gl to all competitors

  • i would love to play but unfortunately mlb the show turned my ps3 blu ray disc drive into a unplayable drive. the constant freezing of the game was a real turn off and i love the series a whole lot. GL to everyone in the tourny.

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
    i would do it but i dont think the mets would get verry far

  • Wish I have gotten MLB ’09 The Show instead of MLB ’08 The Show.

    Definetly this will be one of the best tournament ever!

  • Ugh. Baseball. Yawn.

  • blackmajic13

    Damn it, I’m horrible at this game. I might sign up though anyway.

  • Stop posting sport game posts theres so many on the blog this week get to the good stuff. Wheres the Home update at??

  • Yeah, that website doesn’t work. GG…

  • @ 23 | Toke_Buddy

    Wait a minute, who annaunced a Home update this week? when? 0_0

    Probably I missed it…

  • ok yea thats great can u release the Home content update info like soon or now?

  • Jeeves_Tremor

    “3. Eligibility and Limitations. All participants must be legal residents of the United States”
    This isn’t even funny anymore. I was actually thinking of buying this game so I could compete. SCEA kicking Canada in the jewels yet again.

    Please guys, I know it’s seems like a lot to ask, but can you please elaborate on the rules and eligibility of your competitions IN THE BLOG POST, so people like me don’t have to wade through 14 pages of rules and reg’s to find out I can’t compete.

  • EnigmaNemesis

    Awesome game. As real as it gets.

    But sadly it’s online is sketchy and sub-par when you roll the dice for a lag free game.

    Something I hope gets better in 2010.

  • I can’t wait for this! $10,000? Jesus.. It’s going to be awesome.

  • tryitsniperz

    Awesome! This is a Great tourney, How can you beat 10k prize??? even 2k for runner up! gotta do itttt!

  • Commander_Fox

    DUDE that’s sweet. I am all for it now. I want that money

  • Queen_of_Combat

    Looks like a lot of fun and u can win that amount of cash?? Looks good to me!! :) MLB 09 The Show is a real good game too

  • This tournament sounds really amazing especially with the great prize payout!

  • Sportster91

    Sounds like a fun event with a lot to offer / win. Who doesn’t enjoy watching a good ball game? lol

  • yes sir am all over it!!! sign me up lets see whose the best…………

  • Jump online because of the tourney and played my first game in a long time since i got the game . I love the franchise and rtts and play it religiously .( single player – head to head rocks ) Thought things have changed online …hell no..same lag azz server when your playing east vs west coast at 130 am…

  • COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FKDpioneers82

    how do i enter??

  • im down 4 that where i go to sign up

  • TapouTAssassin92

    I’m in! And I’m gonna destroy! I’ve played this game non-stop for like 2 months now

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