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Jul 17

Jul 17

Fat Princess: Her Majesty Awaits…

Deborah Mars's Avatar Posted by Managing Producer, SCEA Santa Monica Studio

Hey Everyone,

This is Deb Mars, Managing Producer at SCEA Santa Monica Studio. We know many of you are anxiously awaiting the sweet PlayStation Network arrival of none other than Her Royal Highness: Fat Princess.

You have been very patient, and we really do appreciate all your support. Since E3 back in early June, we and the fantastic development team at Titan Studios have been working very hard to get the fine lady and her beloved subjects all ready for their much-anticipated debut.

So here’s the deal: We have tons of info to share with you, but we want to take this opportunity to let you all ask the questions. So, go ahead…ask us. Let us know what you want to know.

Post questions below in response to this blog entry, and then we’ll gather a bunch of them to put forth to Titan Studios. They will answer these questions directly during a PlayStation Eye video chat interview with our good pal, Jeff R, next week.

Enjoy some of the new screenshots, and we’ll be seeing you on the battlefield soon!

FatPrincess 1

FatPrincess 2

FatPrincess 3

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ShadOforce said:

July 17th, 1:22 pm

“we’ll be seeing you on the battlefield soon”
This part of the blog really caught my eye. “Soon” better mean by the end of this month, or early next month. I’ve been worried that it might not even come out this year.

NeoHumpty said:

July 17th, 1:23 pm

I will repeat what so many have already…

#1-Release Date?

#2-Will it support my music playlists?

McCullster said:

July 17th, 1:25 pm

How many players are going to be per side? Any chance for multiple players or only 1 vs. 1?

I’ve seen a few videos with a chicken running around the level from what I thought was the Mage casting a spell on an enemy player? How long will this spell last if you don’t have any Mage’s on your side?

Thanks for the update and can’t wait for the game! :D

vroomcat said:

July 17th, 1:28 pm

WHEN IS RELEASE!!!!!!!!!???????? HOW MUCH!!!!!!!!!!??????????

ski_bumm said:

July 17th, 1:32 pm

When can I give you my money, Titan Studios? :)

TX11 said:

July 17th, 1:34 pm

Will the game have an option to mute disrespectful players? Also will the game have an option to use push to talk or only open mic or could we have a choice of either like warhawk does? I hate open mic 90% of the time it sounds like people got something in there mouth when they talk or all you can hear is there game through the mic.

ShadOforce said:

July 17th, 1:36 pm


The effects of the chicken potion doesn’t last long. It’s just enough to render the enemy players harmless and make your escape or attack.

AngelMayLaugh said:

July 17th, 1:37 pm

Why do you guys like toying with my emotions?

Stinkinmushroom said:

July 17th, 1:41 pm

release date?

Will you make different princesses? I want a brunette one!

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

July 17th, 1:42 pm

Will there be a demo?

I wasn’t part of the beta and I’m on the fence about this, so I need a demo.

HackySackGuy said:

July 17th, 1:43 pm

lol all the peeps in the first page have already asked my questions XD


July 17th, 1:44 pm

What are the trophies for this game?

ShadOforce said:

July 17th, 1:44 pm



Take a look at the second screenshot one more time. Notice the icon with the Blue Team’s princess? She’s brunette.

LADIES_MAN_1 said:

July 17th, 1:48 pm

IT’S a awesome game . I bet any girl would like it, but not that many guys.lol

Otsego_Undead said:

July 17th, 1:49 pm

I too am curious about joining games with friends, and custom soundtracks.
Is there a way to TURN UP the blood? like an uber/gory splatterfest? Maybe as DLC? I’d love it.
Can we expect DLC? New classes? Unique uniforms? Gameplay modes (like, defend the princess? Or Princess HQ? Princess Domination?

Skater_Ricky said:

July 17th, 1:50 pm

I like to See HOME Game Launching Support.. Because as of right now I only See a handfull of gmaes that Uses the HOME game Launching Support and More developers need to imply it in there game ASAP!

It easy to meet up all in HOME and when all is Ready and deside what game they want to Launch into then all will Join in and Play :D

Steveo_W said:

July 17th, 1:51 pm

will there be any type of local play / split screen?

Otsego_Undead said:

July 17th, 1:52 pm

@ Ladies_man_1
are you serious? do you know anything about the game? This is very much a dude’s game. Did you see the blood?
How many of you even know what this game actually is? Can you at least find out before you post?

choEfrownz said:

July 17th, 1:54 pm

over it.

but it’s okay i still love you PSN.

haran_elessar said:

July 17th, 1:55 pm

My top concern is how well does the game plays online? Does it have its own servers or does it run on the other players’ connection?

The reason I ask is because I have a very unstable and slow internet connection. The only games I’ve been able to play with no lag are those that use Sony servers such as Resistance, Warhawk and the Uncharted 2 beta to name a few. I’m not sure how Wipeout HD works but I haven’t had problems with it online nor with Burnout Paradise.

Those game ran completely lag free. On the other hand, I’ve never been able to play LittleBigPlanet online since as I recall it’s P2P. I really want to buy this game but if it uses the same P2P system as LBP I won’t be buying it since I won’t be able to play it online.

so…will I be able to play it as smoothly as Warhawk (which feels like a single player game) or will I be treated to a photo slideshow of the game (as in LBP)?

btw I love LBP! I’m just sad I can’t play it with my friends online…

shwing889 said:

July 17th, 1:55 pm

If it’s going to be a while until release, will there be another beta?

Also, will this game have full 31/51 trophy support, or will it just be a 12 trophy title?

Tony_Nibbles said:

July 17th, 2:03 pm

Who screwed up and is it fixed yet? :p

Can’t wait for it, hope you sort it all out soon.

Tikicobra said:

July 17th, 2:05 pm

Do you have any plans for DLC?

Do you know/are you ready to announce the price?

How many maps will there be?

Will there be a story mode?

nabs said:

July 17th, 2:05 pm

When is the game coming out?
Is there gonna be any Local Multi-player? Split Screen Co-Op?

Am I gonna love it?

Viglin said:

July 17th, 2:05 pm

As posted by so many, there really is only 3 questions;
-Release Date
-Demo before realse

LiquidJ said:

July 17th, 2:09 pm

If I don’t have a mic or my teammates don’t have a mic how can I/they coordinate with each other to perform as a good team?

Is their going to be clan support?

Can we game launch from Home?

Clay10713 said:

July 17th, 2:09 pm

Shout out to Jeff for those awesome interviews

Will Fat Princess support custom soundtracks?

Fluidshine said:

July 17th, 2:10 pm

All I want to know is if there will be split-screen multiplayer/ any type of local multiplayer so I can play with my friends sitting next to me. Other then that the game is perfect!

ghamdikh1 said:

July 17th, 2:12 pm

YO Jeff here,s my questions for Titan Studios:

Q1-Does this game HAVE SOME support for Sixaxis motion controller?

Q2-Does this game HAVE Remote Play SUPPORT?

Q3-will this game support in game custom sound track?

Q4-Will THIS GAME HAVE SOME support FOR Home service(Home game launching-HOME AWARDS)

Q5-will this game HAVE In-game Screenshots SUPPORT.

Q6-will this game SUPPORT youtube uploading.

Q7-IS there any chance that Titan Studios develop exclusively for PlayStation platforms (PS3-PSP-PSN)

ADR143 said:

July 17th, 2:13 pm

90% of the question are

when will it be release?

how much will it cost?

“we’ll be seeing you on the battlefield soon!”

is this mean where getting taste of Fat Princess in few weeks?

Dogofthunder said:

July 17th, 2:13 pm

Before my questions, I would like to offer some constructive feedback. At one point, I was more excited for this game than any other release this year. The game was heavily hyped (perhaps over-hyped) earlier this year. The Blog repeatedly said that information was coming. Weeks passed with no news. When information was finally released, it was a contest for a beta that non one who worked during the day had a chance to enter. It was also suggested that those who were truly looking forward to the game would have a found a way to enter (that was a tad insulting. Needless, to say, I’m not as excited as I once was for this game. Anyway, thanks for listening. I know it’s a game, but it’s the games that help us escape from work, bills and stress!

So, my questions:

1. Help me get excited for the game again! What do ya got?

2. I noticed that you can choose the skin color of your toon. Any other physical traits we can choose, such as pointy ears, tusks, horns or face paint?

3. Any special guest-stars planned (i.e. Kratos, Nariko, etc.)?

4. How heavy of a fantasy setting is this set in? We know magic exists – how about dragons, elves and goblins?

john_ecko said:

July 17th, 2:20 pm

The #1 question is obviously when the game will actually be released. I say you guys answer that one right now if there’s an official date already.

Ruffday said:

July 17th, 2:24 pm

Will you open a Home space ?

Mr_Undisclosed said:

July 17th, 2:25 pm

#120 by p2p did you mean pay to play?

Main things everyone wants to know:

1. Release Date?
2. Price?
3. Custom Soundtrack?

ynp7 said:

July 17th, 2:27 pm

Three questions:

1) Has some sort of squad-chat system been implemented? In the beta there was a big problem with people getting cut out when they were talking at the same time, even with only 3 or 4 people mic’d on a team.

2) Will there be a way to form a party with people on your friends list so that when you join a game together you all end up on the same team? Sort of related, but is there going to be a way to set a preferred starting team?

3) Are we going to see additional maps or other add-ons released on a regular basis? Will they be free or for pay? Other than maps what additional content, if any, is currently in the works? Even if the game were only shipping with the one map from the beta it’d last a good while, but a little refresh every few months wouldn’t be bad and I’m sure I’m not the only person who would love to throw some more money at you guys.

ScribeTheTaru said:

July 17th, 2:33 pm

Is it possible for 2 players on one console to play Fat princess online at the same time? Like Warhawk?

GameOverGreggy said:

July 17th, 2:37 pm

When is it coming out?

Ztnepres said:

July 17th, 2:39 pm

Thank for this opportunity.
my questions are:
Is there a limit to how fast the princess becomes big? Does she eat while she is being carried by the opponent?

Given that upgrades will increase the abilities of classes, does damage very get increased? If damage is increased, is there a counter measure to prevent quick deaths? i.e. increased health as well

What is the time limit for each map/mode? Is there a prince mode where a player is a VIP and can only be the one carrying the princess back or has an increased carrying/running speed.

Do PSP and PS3 players interact in online matches?

Is there a limit the number of players using a class an any given time?

Is voice chat available? Is a Fat Princess home space or future DLCs yet planned?

thank you

xX0mnislasherXx said:

July 17th, 2:44 pm

Has there been a set price for the game? If so how much?

Ztnepres said:

July 17th, 2:47 pm

If theres any game currently on the PSN, it would be Fat princess that can successfully thrive as a subscription either monthly or quarterly or what ever. Is this a direction that might be looked into?

There hasn’t been any subscription services for any psn game. However, would the additional capitol help speed up dlc, increase number or servers, a sequel, etc or does Sony have everything covered. GIven the recent problems of Battlefield `1943, what are the chances Fat Princess will be troubled during its debut?

Xrapids said:

July 17th, 2:51 pm

Hi thank you for this opportunity I was wondering if you can compare and contrast the psp version and the ps3 version of the game also will both versions be available at the same time?

MixPix72 said:

July 17th, 2:54 pm

2 questions.
1. When?
2. How much?

Gr00v3r06 said:

July 17th, 2:57 pm

When is the game coming out? I loved the beta. I want the rest. Also will you fix the hit detection with the workers and the trees and rocks.

Anti-Dentite said:

July 17th, 3:07 pm

So are you going to answer any of the 140+ questions or do you not care about the people who have been wanting information pertaining to this game?

Carcomar said:

July 17th, 3:09 pm

Is it still slated for summer or should we expect it for fall? I don’t mind waiting for a good game to get ironed out, but I would like to know when I could expect it. If not a date, then at least the month? :[

Also, I’ve noticed a lot of tearing in the dev blogs. Is that something that’s being worked on?

Artificialheart said:

July 17th, 3:13 pm

Will this game support voice chat ?

MAST83 said:

July 17th, 3:16 pm

Will there be any split-screen support? This is a game that my wife would love to play with me, at the same time. So i’m hoping for some sort of split-screen for online play.

How many maps will there be at launch?

Will there be any sort of persistent leveling up, or stat tracking? (IE. Call of Duty style)

Will there be a party system? I obviously want to be able to play game after game with a friend without having to send him an invite every time.

This is a game that is going to revolve around voice communication. Are you guys working hard on voice-chat, so that it works extremely well, and can be heard clearly?

Artificialheart said:

July 17th, 3:16 pm

Fat Princess on PSP ? May be an 8v8 for Infrastructure?

Calendaros said:

July 17th, 3:23 pm

Delaystation 3 continues to deliver.

moonlooped1 said:

July 17th, 3:37 pm

Will there be ingame clan support?

Will there be DLC to customize your character?

Any chance for user created levels that can be shared online?

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