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Jul 24

Jul 24

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – “Team Missions” Co-op (with video!) and More

Yosuke Hayashi's Avatar Posted by Team Ninja Producer

Hi readers, this is Hayashi from Team NINJA checking in again. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is coming along very well and I hope our Challenge in our previous post kept you busy while you wait for additional information on the game. Just in case you weren’t able to spot the differences, they are:


    1. The dagger with the iris is stuck on the bridge
    2. Team NINJA logo on the side of the flying vehicle (the left one)
    3. One less bump on the Buddha’s head


    1. A scar on the Buddha’s cheek (hammer attack by Rachel)
    2. Bullet cases on the bridge (instead of flower petals)
    3. Bullet holes on the handrail of the bridge


    1. A good luck charm on the handrail of the bridge
    2. Maple leaves (instead of flower petals)
    3. Ryu’s image (looks like a billboard advertisement) on the lower level of the red tower

In the previous post (and ever since we announced Sigma 2 back in March), there were many comments about the violence/gore level in this game compared to NGII, which we released over a year ago on the 360. As in our response, our goal is to create one of most challenging action games and we believe that can be achieved without all of attention going to the amount of blood that is used throughout the game. (Not to mention the fact that ESRB advertising guidelines do NOT allow decapitation in trailers even if the game is rated “M” for Mature, so we haven’t been able to include any footage of that in our trailers…dismemberment is allowed, but no decapitation.)

Going back to the playable characters in Sigma 2, we’re going to give them some flavor by throwing in some costumes! Ryu and Rachel will each have four unlockable costumes, while Ayane and Momiji will have two.

A sample of the costumes are:

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Ryu costume Falcon

Ryu: “Falcon” (from Ninja Gaiden II), clear the “Path of the Ninja” or “Path of the Warrior” once

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Ayane costume

Ayane: “Ninja Gaiden Sigma” (from Ninja Gaiden Sigma), clear the “Path of the Ninja” or “Path of the Warrior” once

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Momiji costume

Momiji: “Training” (from Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword), clear the “Path of the Ninja” or “Path of the Warrior” once

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Rachel costume

Rachel: “Long Flowing” (from Ninja Gaiden Sigma), clear the “Path of the Ninja” or “Path of the Warrior” once

Speaking of unlockables, there will be over 50 trophies to earn in Sigma 2: 38 bronze, 10 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum. And for those who played NGII, yes, there are new trophies in Sigma 2 which involve the new playable characters as well as the co-op mode.

Now, onto the all-new “Team Missions” co-op mode. We introduced “Mission Mode” in the original Sigma where the goal was to simply destroy all enemies in sight…but that was you playing alone. In TEAM Missions (no “I” in TEAM!), it’s all about teamwork (2 players; Online 1P+1P or Offline 1P+CPU) and how well you perform with another partner. There are more than 30 missions, categorized by difficulty level. Once you select your mission, you then select your character’s weapon, ninpo and costume. In Team Missions, you are prohibited from using items and may not change weapons. You will encounter situations that do not occur in Story Mode, such as facing multiple bosses at once!

The rule is simple: if one of the two players dies, it’s game over. Team up with your partner to execute an Ultimate Ninpo attack, where players, if timed right, can combine their Ninpo attacks for superior destructible power against the enemies. A warning will go off when your partner is low on health, so get closer and rescue them using the Critical Save command.

If you decide not to team up with another fellow Sigma 2 player, you can play alone, using an AI-controlled character. Partner up with a friend or other super ninjas around the world and take on the toughest challenges. Here’s a look at Team Missions in action:

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Co-op screenshot Mission Select

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Co-op screenshot 1

In Team Missions, you and your partner can select the same character, so it will be possible to play missions with two Ryus, two Ayanes and so on. Since there are different difficulty levels, I encourage everybody to beat them all for ultimate ninja bragging rights! To prove those bragging rights, you can view your playthrough in Ninja Cinema (available for Team Missions) and share it online. To view, you will be prompted to save the record at the end of each mission. Your Karma points and rankings will also be available to view online.

So, when will all of this be available, you ask? September 29. Not only that, but we also have a GameStop-exclusive pre-order costume that will be available to download via PSN at the time of launch, as well as a special Collector’s Edition package! The Collector’s Edition package will include an 80-page book featuring a “Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Prologue” comic, a mini-strategy guide and an art gallery. The comic, written and designed by Team NINJA’s artist, is actually a printed form of the digital comic that has been integrated into the game. Here’s a peek:

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Prologue Comic tease

We’ll be sharing details on a few more new features next time, so stay tuned!

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CuePhoenix said:

July 25th, 9:48 pm

The blog post mentions that a pre-order at GameStop will get you a costume DLC code. There is no mention of this on the GameStop website as of today – is this real, or a mis-quote, since some of the Japanese versions of NGS2 include a costume code?

    Yosuke Hayashi's Avatar

    aviray said:

    July 30th, 3:38 pm

    Yes, it\’s confirmed that GameStop will have a costume DLC code with pre-order.

orihsmiT said:

July 25th, 11:02 pm

will there be a normal mission mode, where you just play alone like in NG, NGS and NG2?

mohsin117 said:

July 26th, 4:10 am

@ Vueguy
maybe i could have worded it a bit better but what i was trying to say is NG2 came out it was broken and NGS2 comes out and its fixed my point is why didn’t NGS2 come out the first time why did i have to play a broken game before the full game. This has nothing to do with the console it’s on and i wasn’t trying to say that NG should stay exclusive to the 360 that’s far from what it if anything NG2 should have been released on both platforms as a fixed game and there should be no need for and NGS2 cos what i feel that NGS2 is what NG2 should have been and that’s where i feel ripped off may be is cos i own NG2 and i will be buy in NGS2 despite the lack of blood and limbs but 70% of NGS2 iv already played Hayashi himself said that 30% of NGS2 is new content so in essence I’m going to be paying around £40 for what should have been in NG2 or at least released as DLC, looking back at the comment i made maybe i could have worded it a bit better but i still do feel little ripped off and i did say “I” not everyone feels ripped off and if you look around different forums you’d see that 360 only owners do want the extra content ok they don’t want to by the hole game again.

deafwing said:

July 26th, 6:05 am

now that’s what I’m talking ’bout right there.

deafwing said:

July 26th, 6:10 am

oh yea … What’s a 360 owner O_o <==dumb look.

Blackxino said:

July 26th, 7:00 am

Moshin stop overreacting please!

How can they come up with Sigma 2 when the fiend Itagaki was still reigning as king of Team NINJA? “Making NG2 for PS3 will be a loss of face for everyone involved in the game’s making”. Why should they release Sigma 2 when Team NINJA cannot predict the sales of NG2? You are just jealous, because I know what you are trying to say there. Trying to say they should release Sigma 2 with NG2, so the broken game and bugs will also be in Sigma 2. Then what is the point of making a game? and Tecmo motto being “100% Games”? They are reviving their motto now for Sigma 2!

As VueGuy said, if you want the original, broken, bloody version, play NG2 on Xbox 360. If you want the cooler, more added content, play Sigma 2. PS3 Users would have gotten the SAME details NG2 had but with fixed bugs, camera and glitches. But then it would be known as a port, how many people would buy it if it was a port just like Sigma 1? So Team NINJA used the opportunity to add extra content, since the game is a remake, they might as well add tons of sh*t to make it feel like a new game.

Blackxino said:

July 26th, 7:04 am

Microsoft have the right to Ninja Gaiden games, once again you are speaking out of envy. Why did you think they came up with Ninja Gaiden Sigma in the first place? Sigma was used because of the new engine they built for NG.
Microsoft published NG2, and if you want Sigma 2 download content, you’ll have to ask Microsoft. Also if they released Sigma 2 content on 360 as DLC, then Sigma 2 will be the inferior version. Basically NG2 will have all the contents of Sigma 2 with blood!
Hayashi doesn’t feel that anybody was ripped off, you are just being selfish. Sigma 2 isn’t made for you, it was made for PS users, PS users haven’t played no_2 but you have! If you are not a fanboy of a particular console, you wouldn’t complain.
I hated NG2, I sold the game as soon as I got 1000/1000. Now I’ll get Sigma 2, I’ve beta tested it so Team NINJA could address the problem in this definite edition.
Hayashi isn’t forcing you to buy Sigma 2, it’s only for PS users. If you are a TRUE fan of Ninja Gaiden (whereas others claim to be), you wouldn’t complain.

Blackxino said:

July 26th, 7:06 am

I mean you’ve spent countless hours on NG2, what’s stopping you from keep playing? You’ve shelled out $60 for a broken game and don’t want to shell out $60 for the definite edition. But may I ask you….did you also shell out money for the Mission mode DLC??? If you did, then there’s no point in complaining about Sigma 2

I wonder how you felt when they released NG2 on 360, you didn’t complain for it not being on PS3 did you? If Team NINJA didn’t announce Sigma 2 but DOA5, you still wouldn’t complain for NG2 not being on PS3. Like I said before, it’s out of envy and selfishness!

Sorry if I come off as being rude, but I’m trying to set something straight that is misunderstanding!

SkyNet003 said:

July 26th, 10:12 am

Woo hoo

mohsin117 said:

July 26th, 1:13 pm

i think people are missing the point was trying to make first let me just say again this has nothing to do with what console it’s on, this is about NG2 and NGS2 and im just a little pissed that i have to buy the game again. I know people could say “you don’t like it don’t buy it” but i do like it and i will be buying it and i even said in my first comment “you know what it doesn’t matter”. Was just posting my thoughts and they want directed at you guys so I don’t need answers form you guys.
Like I said I have both consoles and I really couldn’t give a [DELETED] about what platform it comes out on
@ Blackxino im jealous of what? And what would I achieve if NGS2 and NG2 were released at the same time cos ill probably end up baying both copies of the game and then I would have 2 broken games, and you keep making it sound like I want only the 360 to have NG2 but I have both consoles so it doesn’t matter to me.
(my comments 1)

mohsin117 said:

July 26th, 1:13 pm

Look at it from my point of view I consider both my consoles to be one thing, so I by NG2 its grate game but its broken then a year later they release the same game but its fixed now im pissed cos iv been playing a broken game all this time and now I have to pay another £40 for what’s essentially the same game. See where im coming from, and as for fighting for NG2 to be on the PS3 on I didn’t I mean why should I do I have any reason to do, but let’s just say Team NINJA announces DOA5 only on the PS3 ill be like “yes DOA5” again im not bothered what console it’s on, but DOA5 turns out to be a little buggy and Team NINJA fix the game and add some content on it and release it on the 360 named DOA5 Hardcore now im pissed cos im going o have to go out and buy the same game again.
(my comments 2)

mohsin117 said:

July 26th, 1:14 pm

Now I might be wrong but im assuming that most of you only have a PS3 now if Team NINJA happened to release a buggy DOA5 on the PS3 and then fix it and made all the improvements subjected by the PS3 owners and then releasing the fixed game on the 360, you telling me that you wouldn’t be pissed. Cos if that wouldn’t bother you you’re a bigger man then me cos id be really pissed off cos the problem in owning just a PS3 in that situation is that most would never play the fixed version.
The only difference with that situation and the situation that im in now is that im just not as pissed of cos I have both consoles so I have the ability to play both games
(my comments 3)

mohsin117 said:

July 26th, 1:15 pm

It sounds like your fine with buy in the game again after playing NG2 and im fine with buying it agin too but im just slightly unhappy about it being the same game but I’ve gotten over it and my comment were to let Team NINJA know that I wasn’t happy on the announcement. like I said my original comment weren’t meant for you guys and I just want ted Team NINJA to know that I was disappointed and I a lot of things i said in my first post was about the loss of blood co im getting the fixed and content but im having to give up the blood one of the things I liked most about the game but that’s a discussion for a another time and looking back at that first comment I could have worded it a bit better and may be even left it out considering that this is a PS3 related blog.
(my comments 5)

mohsin117 said:

July 26th, 1:16 pm

@ Blackxino I hope what I said justifies the reason for my post and I was in no way trying to say that NG should be PS3 only i think most my disappointment was directed at the loss of limbs which I feel is a bad thing a I feel that im sort of trading off having blood and limbs for new content which im not happy about cos I don’t want to trade off I want both!

I really hope that people don’t think im a xbot and looking at your post it seems like you feel that im an xbot but im not im just a gamer that got no money and any way I think having both consoles cements the fact that a person’s not a fan boy.

I hope that I haven’t upset any one with my original post cos it’s not what I intended and like iv said the post was meant for Team NINJA and not far you guys.
(my comments 6)

Blackxino said:

July 26th, 2:03 pm

I’m not going to say anything, since you said it’s for the developers not us.

Anyway, Aviray or Mr Hayashi, if you are reading this, can you please answer this simple question.
If we can only choose our desired weapons, what about the Long Range weapons such as the Bow, Shuriken, Rocket Launcher, Windmill Shurikens etc can we also choose from them?
Or will the Team Missions requirements select a long range weapon for us during certain missions?

mohsin117 said:

July 26th, 2:08 pm

thank u

stevesap said:

July 26th, 4:58 pm

I guess I gotta buy this game too.lol. I have every ps3 exclusive so far in the US.

come check out my game reviews:

and follow me on twitter:

and of course check out Q.uic C.ash:

MooseCan said:

July 27th, 6:01 am

co-op only? interesting

Vueguy said:

July 27th, 7:15 am

please give the other female characters some extra weapons as well, it would be more fun that way than only 1 weapon for them and Ryu have a lot which is not fair.
so give the females some weapons as well.

    Yosuke Hayashi's Avatar

    aviray said:

    July 30th, 3:48 pm

    Weapons can be unlocked and upgraded throughout story mode for every character and when unlocked, they are able to be used in Team Missions mode.

Vueguy said:

July 27th, 7:19 am

Moshin, most people disappoint as well, but if they are gone to make nGS2 run smoother and faster and no slowdown then i am fine.
i never really look at NG2 blood and gore that much, when i play i just want to past the damn fight and move on and this was on PoTMN as well. since the mode is damn cheap, i just want to move on lol, i never bother looking back at those gore and blood anyway.

Vueguy said:

July 27th, 7:22 am

anyway, i do kind of agree w/ u about the blood and gore look better in NG2 than NGS2, but there is always NG2 on X360, if u like the bloodier version, just pop NG2 on your X360 and its done.
if u want to play the version w/ new stuffs add to it, pop in NGS2 in your PS3 and enjoy, easy and simple.

all i really care abot is NG3, hope no purple mist again. black mist or red mist would have been better.

deafwing said:

July 27th, 1:28 pm

All valid points .. understand your pain Moshin, I felt that way, way back when they released a version of Onimusha on XBox that had so many bells and whistles that it made the first release look down right shameful.

As for Vueguy’s point, he’s right but VueGuy not a lot of users can own so many consoles and keep shelling out cash like that (unless is Moshin is that guy). In that case, Moshin, you should just buy the new game and enjoy it because developers will continue to do this for long time, so get used to it.

mohsin117 said:

July 27th, 4:33 pm

Its nice to see that people have under stood what i was saying
People have said to me before “if you want to blood play NG2 if u wants smooth frame rate play NGS2”
well the thing with that is NG2 has the blood but has a broken frame rate and NGS2 has a fixed frame rate but doesn’t have blood so im in a situation where i have to choose between the two but i don’t want to choose, and i consider the new content to be a sprat thing so even if i choose to play NG2 i can’t play the new content, some would say it’s a trade off blood and limbs for frame rate and content but i don’t want to trade off I WANT BOTH! lol but yeh im still wondering why they took out the blood in the first place and like iv said i feel that Team NINJA haven’t given a valid excuse for the loss of blood, and no offence to Team NINJA in any way but some of the reasons that they’ve given just don’t make sense there’s one i seen on this very site i can’t find the link or i would have posted it.
Ill still be buying this game even if i don’t agree with the loss of blood and i recommend everyone to do the same cos if NGS2 is half the game that NG2 was its going to be amazing

Blackxino said:

July 27th, 5:00 pm

Well they are tired of the same blood+gore. It’s true, every developers are now showing off how their own bloo+gore looks like in their own way, the gruesome. Wolverine’s Origin to me as the best blood+gore.

The blood+gore is getting old, so Team NINJA are taking a new approach. I love this new approach, so other developers wouldn’t focus so much on the same cliche blood+gore.

It’s the same way Quantic Dreams are coming up with innovative features for Heavy Rain, so this should encourage other develoeprs to do the same. Rather than making the same old used mechanics: Slow mo, QTE, etc

Azure-Edge said:

July 27th, 5:04 pm

Awesome, I just hope that the amount of enemies you fight has been reduced. I played the original at a friends house during this summer and I loved the intensity of it all. (Not referring to the blood, but just the aggressiveness of the enemies and sheer amounts of them)

chriscowboyd said:

July 27th, 5:28 pm

I’ve read that Hayashi is going to be producing Ninja Gaiden 3. Well looking at how he’s destroying Ninja Gaiden 2, I fear for the future of Ninja Gaiden. I really can’t wait to see Itagaki come back and show how a game is really made. Not going to buy your watered down, infantile port Hayashi when the real version is $40 less. Maybe if you learned how to make games for people that like blood geysers I would be interested. Come back soon Itagaki.

tosun01 said:

July 27th, 5:54 pm

OH God.. they`re really serious about taking the gore out.
Bad decision. Really bad.
TEAM Ninja taking steps backwards!
Aren`t they listening to the fans?

Blackxino said:

July 27th, 6:55 pm

Hayashi, if you are to answer some of our questions in the next blog.

This is a question I needed to be answered.

In Ninja Gaiden Sigma, when Ryu was battling the Emperor, what did Ryu say (yelled) when the Emperor rose out of the lava?:P

BillTheBungler said:

July 27th, 7:23 pm

I’m not sure if anyone has asked this yet, but during co-op mode will the essence hanging around from defeated enemies randomly track to the nearest player or will it be entirely based on who killed each enemy? It would be very difficult to initiate an instant ultimate technique upon landing if someone keeps absorbing all of my essence.

Blackxino said:

July 28th, 8:13 am

BillTheBungler, essence goes to who ever goes near it. If the player who killed an enemy is holding Block button and his/her partner moves closer to the essence, the partner will get the essence.

Vueguy said:

July 28th, 9:37 am

moshin117, i think let’s all just be friends instead of fanboy.
i used to be a PS3 fanboy back last year, but when i got my X360, i stop being fanboy to either console, i love both consoles.

what i feel why Team Ninja tone down the gore and blood was to make the game run smooth on all occasion, that’s is what they are trying to do.

remember only like 20% old members work on NGS2, the rest went out w/ Itagaki.
the new members might not have much experience yet so Hayashi is still teaching them (most of the new members) by this time to make the game better, and for future NG games.

Vueguy said:

July 28th, 9:38 am

Itagaki want more violence because he think violence was the selling point and make the game more glory. as always state by a hero, violent doesn’t saw a problem, so NGS2 can have all the gore and blood NG2 have, but then the same issues gonna happen to NGS2 as well.
its like Goku never really like violent, but Vegeta is just the kill and kill and don’t care about anyone, even his wife and kid, he never really care about them.

Vueguy said:

July 28th, 9:38 am

also Hayashi try to make the game more appealing to his own Japanese people unlike Itagaki who only care more about white people instead of his own people. Also i don’t think Momiji and Ayane will look good if we got all those gore and blood like NG2 for them, not really appealing to suit for cute ninja girls.
remember Ayane and Momiji are not even 18 yet, they are still underage, and if they become a blood thirsty killing spreed like Ryu, it wouldn’t look good and might get ban from some countries like NG2.

let NGS2 have its own strength and weakness, NG2 also have its own strength and weakness.

and maybe we won’t see purple mist in NG3 again so don’t worry, once the new member got the experience they need, NG3 will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hayashi and the new team can make it come true for sure.

Vueguy said:

July 28th, 9:52 am

chriscowboyd | July 27th, 2009 at 5:28 pm

I’ve read that Hayashi is going to be producing Ninja Gaiden 3. Well looking at how he’s destroying Ninja Gaiden 2, I fear for the future of Ninja Gaiden. I really can’t wait to see Itagaki come back and show how a game is really made. Not going to buy your watered down, infantile port Hayashi when the real version is $40 less. Maybe if you learned how to make games for people that like blood geysers I would be interested. Come back soon Itagaki.

that’s why we call white people can’t make any good action games instead relying on Japanese people.
American people can never topple Japanese people in term of action games, Japanese know anime style while American know crap style.

compare American cartoon w/ Japanese anime, Japanese just dominate American cartoon like nothing.

@ chriscowboyd, NG2 is the version u want, just take what u get. if u can’t mean u’re a white dude who know nothing about gaming and stop relying on Japanese and go make your own cap action games nobody want to play. Hayashi pink finger can make a way better game than your whole body and mind combine.

Vueguy said:

July 28th, 10:07 am

also chriscowboyd, u’re a disrespectful fool too, Hayashi was also working on NG2 w/ Itagaki, only that Itagaki was the director and producer, see how they both work on NGDS?
Hayashi directed and produced NGDS, Itagaki was the executive producer.

NGDS was a damn good game on the DS handheld system, so with or without Itagaki, NG3 will be great anyway.

if u don’t like Hayashi, go make your own games and play your own people made games, we don’t care. nobody want your dirty hands to touch Momiji and Ayane.

Sponge-worthy said:

July 28th, 2:22 pm

Unfortunately, the toned-down, less-gore, blue-bloodied, whatever you want to call it, nature of NGS2 really does de-prioritize the game for me in terms of if/when I will purchase it.

There are so many games coming out this fall/winter that are competing for my gaming dollars. As such, I am less able to just impulse-buy games. Rather, I research, rent, etc. carefully. Also, I really look to the ‘little things’ in each game to see whether it deserves a permanent space on my shelf.

So, what might have been a day-one buy (loved NGS) for me now looks more and more like a rental or something I might consider later down the road, used, etc. Sorry Team Ninja, but a PG-13 Ninja Gaiden just doesn’t excite me nearly as much.

Primeval_Demon said:

July 28th, 2:32 pm

Can I point out something to the people criticising the lack of gore? Every NG has lost something. Yes, its true. I’ve played every NG game since the xbox relanch, even some classics, and since your criticising blood loss, you should criticise the following.

NG black has no ninja of the future costume.
Sigma looses the doa throwback, hotsuma and classic games.
Dragon sword has only one weapon, and 2 didn’t have an extra playable character so I say double meh.

Every game lost something but each game also has something different. This is how games are deveoped. To skip the game because there isn’t gore also says you should have skipped 2 because there wasn’t an extra character, you should have skipped sigma because there is a lack of costumes.

Sponge-worthy said:

July 28th, 4:09 pm


Your assertion presumes that all of the features in a game are created equal, or all are of equal significance. Whereas, the community’s emphasis on the blood/gore factor would seem to indicate otherwise.

Your premise dismisses the view that a lack of blood/gore detracts from the game by minimalizing that feature to a lowest common denominator alongside every other conceivable feature that might be unique to a particular title. The flipside to your argument is that every conceivable feature would enhance a gameplay experience equally.

The obvious argument against your assertion is that the presentation of ‘deaths’ throughout the entire game impacts the experience far more profoundly than does, say, the existence of an alternate costume.

Agreed, feature-sets in games change. But it looks like Team Ninja has watered-down the spirit of Ninja Gaiden overall. The same would be said if Sony ‘cleaned up’ a God of War title. Fans would be legitimately angry–regardless of what unlockable costumes are available for Kratos in the title.

Blackxino said:

July 28th, 5:19 pm

VueGuy you make me laugh “white people” AHHAHAHAHAHHA.

People saying blood made the game slow down in NG2 are wrong. Blood doesn’t do that, it’s just an effect that goes on when it’s supposed to happen. The reason why the game slow down was the amount of enemies on screen and dismemberment lying on floor. That’s the reason you don’t see sliced off arms and legs on ground in Sigma 2.

It’s like a computer, you open up Word, you are working on Doc 1, you minimise it and start working on Doc 2, minimise that, working on doc 3 etc. Basically unused programs such as DOC 1,2,3,4 etc will be using up the RAM’s space. So the PC starts slowing down. That’s exactly how NG2 worked.

So much body parts on the ground+ enemies on screen= LAG!

Primeval_Demon said:

July 28th, 11:34 pm


I see what your saying. But just take a think about it. Most of the problems we had with NG2 have been addressed in this.

Hayashi-san seems to be adding the costumes we know and love rather than some animal skin. The lag and stuff is being addressed.

My initial point is that, every NG has lost and gained features. In this its blood. But this looks to be the game NG2 should have been. Reguardless of blood it will still be a great game and this would be no different. There are so many extra features being added, surely playing this solid game with friends more than makes up for gore? Especially when you can choose to be Ayane.

cheeseguy55 said:

July 29th, 5:41 am

Can’t wait for the game, but I am very disappointed with the lack of offline co-op. Some people have friends in real life, you know.

Vueguy said:

July 29th, 8:14 am

cheeseguy55 | July 29th, 2009 at 5:41 am

Can’t wait for the game, but I am very disappointed with the lack of offline co-op. Some people have friends in real life, you know.

yeah i know, i want to have 2 players offline co-op so me and my brothers and cousin all can pummel the enemies together.
Team Ninja, u guys should add 2 players co-op split-screen, many people want to play 2 players with their friends/brothers/cousins.

Vueguy said:

July 29th, 8:17 am

@ Blackxino, yeah i know that, i have NG2 and i have test, and i know that the limbs and enemies is what cause the game to lag in slowdowns.

Blackxino said:

July 29th, 5:16 pm

If you know, good, but blood doesn’t causes slow downs.

Blood is just over used and is getting old, Team NINJA want to try something new.

I recently watched Dead Fantasy 5, how Monty tried adding blood to his own series. Just felt was old and over used, nothing new or unique.

I hope with this haze effect, other developers will want to try something new apart from blood+gore. Just like how Quantic Dreams come up with innovative features for Heavy Rain.

mohsin117 said:

July 30th, 5:44 am

Im beginning to think that their not going to reply to any of the comments made after the 24th, maybe i should just stop checking back and wait until the next blog

mohsin117 said:

July 30th, 3:52 pm

emm…. didn’t get any replays to my comments.
ahh well its fine

Moeeed said:

July 30th, 6:13 pm

will the game run at constant framerate without any screen tearing ?

Bigalski said:

July 30th, 6:24 pm

I just wish someone with Team Ninja/Tecmo would address my concerns about the exploits, glitches, and crappy leaderboards. Did they fix all of that on this version? It’s really going to be upsetting if you see someone with 99 million after only a few hours of play on warrior.

Frienever said:

July 30th, 11:32 pm

Hi Hayashi

Do you think having these new characters takes away Ryu Hayabusa’s man?

Ryu Hayabusa used to be a badass one man army.

Now other people helping him, it’s like he’s not a man anymore, he is becoming a wimp.

What will you do about that?

Ryu Hayabusa is supposed to be the most badass powerful character in the Ninja Gaiden world.

Please make cutscenes or something to show that Ryu Hayabusa is still an unstopable badass, like Dante from Devil May Cry and Kratos from God of War.

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