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Jul 27

Jul 27

Sackboy @ Comic-Con: A MARVEL-ous announcement!!!

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Marketing Manager, SCEA

Its official, the Comic-Con hangover is in full effect. The past 5 days was a rush of comic culture, movie panels, toys, cosplay and of course, video games – I still can’t believe how many people were at Wednesday Nights “Preview Night.” The crowds on hand were tremendous and want to thank everyone who came down to check out the PlayStation booth and visit our LittleBigPlanet staff. You guys had lots of great ideas, LittleBigStories, and we promise there will be some cool new merchandise in the VERY near future…

And in case you missed it, yesterday, we we’re pleased to announce a LittleBigPartnership with our amazing friends at Marvel. Check out the pic below from the Marvel Video Games panel and a sneak peek of a few DLC costumes in the works.

LBP Marvel @ Comic-Con 2009

LBP Marvel @ Comic-Con 2009LBP Marvel @ Comic-Con 2009

Here’s the official release for more detail:

Iron Man, Wolverine and Captain America Invade LittleBigPlanet; Marvel Partnership Announced at Comic-Con.

July 27 – Sony Computer Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment officially announced that they will be collaborating to create original LittleBigPlanet content based on the Marvel Universe. The news was revealed yesterday at Comic-Con International in San Diego during Marvel’s panel discussion highlighting the next generation of Marvel video games. To help illustrate what might be in store for fans, concept art of possible costumes were shown incorporating Iron Man, Wolverine and Captain America, however other characters will be considered.

With “Play, Create and Share”, LittleBigPlanet has established the Creative Gaming genre and the game continues to grow and evolve, helped by partnerships with marquee brands such as Disney and now Marvel. The customizable nature of the unique PlayStation title allows players to alter characters and build entirely new objects and levels; then share and play them online as part of the LittleBigPlanet community. In fact, the sharing nature of the game has become so embraced, it has attracted fans to publish more than one million levels to the PlayStation Network since the award-winning game launched last October. Put another way, one new level has been published roughly every 21 seconds since LittleBigPlanet hit shelves.

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ZAANOS said:

July 27th, 10:20 am

This is great news! I’ve been reading the latest X-Force and Cable comics. Wish they had the entire cast in LBP. A marvel dedicated LBP game? Would throw my wallet for something like that. I have dreams that a Star Wars LBP existed and I wake up only to find it’s not true. :(

Hopefully the august announcement is for LBP 2 featuring Sackboy/Sackgirl combat,weapons and improved and deeper creation tools.

FoolKiller79 said:

July 27th, 10:23 am

I have to admit I was on an LBP add-on drought for months, but this and Ghostbusters has caught my attention.

I’m curious if this will be tying into upcoming movies or Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Hopefully, Marvel vs. Capcom as the next Marvel movies aren’t out until next year.

And did I read merchandise VERY soon? Did I just get pre-empted? :)

ADR143 said:

July 27th, 10:34 am

they need more level packs

xaos said:

July 27th, 10:34 am

By the way, Thor and Galactus each seem like awesome choices for future Marvel costumes. If this was being done a year ago, I’m sure we’d also get SkrullBoy :P

D-Squad3 said:

July 27th, 10:42 am

Want Spider-Man and Dead Pool! And btw, now people don’t have to make them since they’re gonna be official.

Dravonic said:

July 27th, 10:43 am

I kinda few sad that I sold my LBP game. Oh well I wasn’t gonna play it anymore either way. This costumes look really good though.

jqtaxpayer said:

July 27th, 10:49 am

Great skins, but I can’t help but wonder what sort of revenue you’re getting from character skins.

I could see the value in buying a skin or two — in fact, I did purchase the Ape Escape skin. But I can’t help but wonder who is plopping down several dollars a week to have their Sackboy look like a character from another franchise of some sort.

With the ease with which one can create LBP levels, I likewise can’t help but wonder why we’ve only seen 1 level pack since the game released nearly a year ago, with the only proposed level add-on being the possibility of a Seaside level that was previously not deemed good enough to be in the original game.

Sorry if these musings appear a little cynical — I realize that your studio is involved in several projects at once and substantial DLC may not be part of your earnings strategy, but it seems like the only downloadable support is tossed together character skins that don’t really add anything to the game rather than something akin to the MGS pack that addresses the brevity of the single player campaign.

ZAANOS said:

July 27th, 11:07 am

Hope Sony and Marvel sign a deal for premium costumes in Playstation Home. I’d love to see Golden Age, Jim Lee era and the modern costumes for X-men.

ManicThunder said:

July 27th, 11:10 am

Pretty cool, but I wish they would do a level pack for this. If they do maybe they could add special power-ups like Spiderman’s web shooters or Wolverine’s claws.

KwietStorm said:

July 27th, 11:21 am

I knew it. So THAT’S why Marvel was so anal about the costumes people have already made in the game. Of course these looks better, but that’s expected.

Enforcer_X said:

July 27th, 11:32 am

Totally buying these!


LiQuiZoN said:

July 27th, 11:32 am




2D or 3D MMO with customizable Sock Puppets. Its got “SELL ME” and “MARKET ME” written all over it.

Did I mention its also Stylized!! Which a HOME avatar is NOT.

I’m 27yrs old and LBP is much more appealing in style then HOME.

TwiztedR3DHead said:

July 27th, 12:16 pm

yes wolverine

Chrysus said:

July 27th, 12:43 pm

I hope this doesn’t sound like an over-stated comment but; This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen :D

liketoski said:

July 27th, 1:14 pm

Where is the FF-VII content? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

liketoski said:

July 27th, 1:19 pm

HOME should be an MMO, but I have patience with SONY for it. They are now trying to gain lost profit by having other companies and develpers make spaces and communicate with us.
P.S. They need a Square Enix space, majorly.
P.S.S. LBP FF-VII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ajritchie said:

July 27th, 1:27 pm

Great news, but I will only buy these if they come with new levels. No more DLC purchases unless they include level packs!

Seiven said:

July 27th, 1:46 pm


poweredbyzen said:

July 27th, 3:17 pm

hope to see sackboy’s lasso turn into spider-web! it’s good to be a gamer – ’nuff said!

Berae said:

July 27th, 3:20 pm

with levels it would be awesome

Miles514 said:

July 27th, 3:51 pm

Heh these are better than our user created ones…

wolfzero1 said:

July 27th, 3:59 pm

it would be really cool if some levels were included instead of more overpriced costumes & stickers


July 27th, 4:06 pm

omg i just figured it out! maybe just maybe were supposed to make the levels ourselves?! if you cant make 1 then private message that guy in japan. they amke all the really good levels anyways….. a durh!

billabongdude said:

July 27th, 4:36 pm

Hmmm all this marvel stuff… AWESOME… now we need marvel level packs!

halperia369 said:

July 27th, 5:11 pm

hey MM look at this one!!!
hey im a 360 fan along with the ps3 so i’ve seen on the internet master chief costumes so are you making one or planning on it? hopefully it will end the fued. :D

alaM0000 said:

July 27th, 9:15 pm


Sekoku said:

July 28th, 7:09 am

Ironman looks awesome. Wolverine… not so much.

I wish there was more developer levels coming than the onslaught of costumes, though. I’ve pretty much stopped playing since the user levels are no where near the level of MM made levels (IMO).

DONNYxMC said:

July 28th, 11:32 am

socom DLC update please? why do you ignore and hate your socom community

mrlenard12 said:

July 28th, 12:31 pm

when i go to the psp boom mark on my psp It says Access playstion network derectly from your psp enyone else have this problem

Wafi24 said:

July 29th, 5:33 pm

lol yeah i love how this dlc helps sony and mm but i really like lvl packs

jvmedina said:

July 30th, 11:47 am

wow thats awesome!!! i hope that they release it before school starts!!!

jvmedina said:

July 30th, 12:17 pm

wow, i wonder how ratchet n clark lvl pack is gonna b!!

DJMcKay said:

August 1st, 1:17 am

Gods yes! I will buy this if Spider-Man is available and if we can have some LEVELS to go with it! Loved the MGS levels and was disappointed when Ghostbusters didn’t have any… :( Come on MM, we love your work! Play, Share, Create is great and all but people have already made Wolverine and Iron Man costumes… It’s gonna take levels to draw us in now. Like a survival challenge room with a giant Sentinel blasting at us… say, that’s not such a bad idea…


August 2nd, 6:36 pm

I love lbp, i love PSN dlc especially when it’s free, is giving away battlefield 1943 for the psn this weekend. check it out before it’s all gone.

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