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Jul 29

Jul 29

Demon’s Souls Pre-order Bonus Expands, Now Also Includes Full Soundtrack

Aram Jabbari's Avatar Posted by Manager of PR and Sales, ATLUS

Demon's Souls screenshot 1

Hey folks, AtlusA.R.A.M. here, and I’ve got some news to share regarding Demon’s Souls, the upcoming action RPG for PLAYSTATION 3.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with Demon’s Souls, getting up-to-speed should be as easy as checking out the blogs we’re featuring in the official game message boards, hitting up the game’s official website, and checking out the great PlayStation Eye chat we had with the incredibly awesome Jeff Rubenstein.

As you may already know, we’re offering fans who pre-order either version of the game (Standard or Deluxe, at participating retailers only) a full-color, 40-page art book featuring sketches, designs, and renders that wonderfully show off the game’s gritty medieval aesthetic.  On its own, this is a pretty nice bonus (says the publisher offering it), considering it is being thrown in at no additional cost to the customer, but we’ve recently decided to take things a step further:

Demon's Souls Pre-order

Resist, if you dare.

In addition to the art book, fans who pre-order will now ALSO receive the game’s FULL soundtrack CD.  That’s right, we’re going to throw 24 tracks (about 71 minutes) of music into the pre-order bonus as well.  And if you’ve ever heard the game in action, you likely know that the music is haunting, atmospheric, sweeping, and orchestral.  Don’t worry, people who have already pre-ordered: the music disc is secured on the back inside cover of the art book, so you won’t miss out!

So, whether you reserve (at participating retailers) the Standard edition of the game, which would net you the game, art book, and soundtrack CD, or whether you upgrade to the Deluxe edition, which gets you the game, a 150+ page strategy guide, a collectible slip case, the game’s complete musical score, and a premium art book, you’re going to be getting a heck of a deal.

Demon's Souls Strategy Guide Sample

Sample from Official Demon’s Souls Strategy Guide

Of course, these extras are in addition to all the changes and enhancements coming to the North American release of the gaming, such as:

  • All-new North American cover art
  • All-new North American online servers (which ensures a level playing field for newcomers)
  • An improved localization, which addresses many grammar/inaccuracy issues from the overseas version

Join us, won’t you, as we venture into the Kingdom of Boletaria on October 6th, 2009.  It’s going to be a tough battle to deliver the realm from evil, but hey, at least you’ll have a ton of free swag to comfort yourself if you happen to reserve your copy today.

Until next time, friends.

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JesseHaysFL said:

July 30th, 5:30 am

well Ive been on the fence on weither or not to import.

Preorder complete.

LokeSTL said:

July 30th, 5:49 am


Join us you must, young padawan.

GudX said:

July 30th, 6:38 am

I would be most grateful if someone could answer this question.

How import friendly for europeans is this game? Will this force me to play with americans (which might result in lag, since I don’t know how good the netcode is) and lock out any possibility of playing with europeans if they decide to release the game here.

Basically, is the US version of the game’s online play ‘region locked’?

hintonburg said:

July 30th, 6:44 am

I got a question – On I am seeing two different kinds of art books that comes as a bonus from pre-ordering this game. The one seen on this blog, and a second one which is described as “featuring designs from the game”. Can anyone clarify if the second book is an exclusive bonus from Gamestop?

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    July 30th, 9:31 am

    The image on GameStop is an earlier mock-up of the art book (they will likely update their image soon).

    What you\’re seeing here in this PlayStation blog post and at our own special page for the pre-order promotion——is much more representative of the final art book (in terms of wider dimension, cover, etc).

    Even these are still considered work-in-progress however, and subject to change between now and final manufacture.


HanSolo said:

July 30th, 6:46 am

ohhh maaannn this is the game im looking forward to the most this year, i cant wait any more, is there a chance you can send me a copy now? i really need it!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
this is my game of the year!!!!

SoopaMan2K said:

July 30th, 7:11 am

I just want to say this, because I always wanted to, but had no means to get it out to the guys at Atlus.

Thank you so much Atlus! It’s because of you guys and your hard work, I got to collect the best RPG’s around next to the Final Fantasy series. You guys are awesome and now you guys worked to get Demon’s Souls to the U.S.

Man, you guys deserve major credit for your hard work.

Thank You!

GibbShift said:

July 30th, 7:33 am

LMFAO! “Stop importing it” Edition, indeed. I was going to double dip (Asian version, US standard), but I’m just gonna pre-order the Deluxe Edition from

So much extra schwag. SO MUCH.

Folkenhellfang said:

July 30th, 7:35 am

Late to the party, but I have been following this game since Play Magazine did a feature on it a few months ago. I am so glad that this game is making it to the American market, and I just want to say thanks to Atlus and all their hard work.

Azruelli said:

July 30th, 7:53 am

Hey, Aram, I’ve got a question, but if I pre-order this from newegg (The deluxe edition) do I get the pre-order goodies, too?

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    July 30th, 9:26 am

    It would be advisible to wait until the pre-order bonus is clearly listed on a retailer\’s product page before placing an order.

    We are trying to make the pre-order bonuses available to any retail partners who are interested in participating in the promotion. The list of participating stores will hopefully expand between now and launch, so it is possible they would offer the bonus items at some point if they are not offering them presently.

Novan_Leon said:

July 30th, 9:08 am

I imported this game several months ago and it is definitely awesome. I’ve run through the game several times and I still haven’t found everything there is to find.

ChiTownBoi said:

July 30th, 11:12 am

ok so quick question if ya dont mind, u say u can be in your own world and when u die u can join into another persons game. Is it possible to just be playing online with other ppl instead of having to die 1st?

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    July 31st, 9:38 am


    It is not so much that you join other games as a result of dying, but rather, when you die, you are reduced to spirit form, which means you are at half health permanently until you revive yourself.

    It is only in spirit form that you can offer your help to others or break into other players\’ games. Likewise, you MUST be alive in order to SUMMON players who are offering assistance or to have your game broken into.

    So, yes, you can play with others alive or in spirit form, it is just that the context behind your interaction is different.

    I hope that makes sense, because it sure didn\’t feel coherent as I wrote it :)

RaCpram12 said:

July 30th, 11:38 am

Hey Aram/Nich,

I have a question. Do you guys have an idea as to what the ESRB rating will be? If it’s ‘M’, I can’t get it. I heard there was a blood filter in the Asian version and there was no bad content other than the violence.

Hopefully it will be rated ‘T’. Then I can pre-order it! Hopefully you can answer my question.


    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    July 31st, 8:51 am

    We currently anticipate the game will receive an \”M\” for Mature rating from the ESRB, but a \”T\” for Teen is not outside the realm of possibility.

    We\’ll likely know the final rating in the next few weeks.

    Thanks for the question!

venneer said:

July 30th, 3:56 pm

As much as I find all the pre-order bonus stuff amazing, the selected retailers part is infuriating for me (as someone that doesn’t live in the United States).

I’m a long time fan of Atlus and will buy the deluxe edition no matter what, but I will be obligated to pass on the pre-order bonus because Amazon won’t ship games to my country, and when other stores do, they charge almost as much as the game price itself…
I would gladly pay a few bucks more on the deluxe edition to have it come with all the pre-order bonuses.

If you could extpand the list of participating retailers to CD Universe(dot)com, the only decent online store that has yet to rape me on taxes and shipping, I would be forever grateful (even more than I already am for the mere existence of Persona 3)

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    July 31st, 9:14 am


    There is no process by which we select/exclude retailers for such a promotion.

    We make the pre-order goods available to any retailer who is capable of accepting pre-orders and is willing to handle what is a small additional logistical challenge.

    The current list of participating retailers is by no means final. Hopefully, a retailer that can service your region will be interested in joining the promotion.

RyanMcBainDOTcom said:

July 30th, 8:24 pm

Can you answer this please??!?!?

Why is there no voice chat? Will there be a patch to put it in later? That is a huge deal breaker for me. If and when the PS3 gets cross game chat, will it work then?

Silent_Gig said:

July 30th, 11:43 pm

@164 Voice chat isnt a feature that Demons Souls needs, it has a gesture system which clearly gets your points across and using the PS3’s Text Chat feature you can also talk with your friend while you play the game. Since the people you meet show up on the Players Met section on your PS3.

Its not hard to actually play with friends in this game, all you have to do is be the same Soul Level and youll be able to see thier soul sign in the game. So there is a way to play with your friends.

lukeb4dunk said:

July 31st, 2:13 am

I hope I’m not too late to answer this for people like blooodycow, but I’ll give it a shot.

As a person who has 300+ hours in the game and have the platinum (the latter is irrelevant, just tooting my own horn), I can honestly say that there is no way someone can come in a ruin your experience. You may get a person that is less skilled and help very little, but they can not cause a headache.

And as for the Black Phantoms (people invading your game), you don’t have to worry about super-leveled people coming in and one-hit killing you either. The game is set up where only players within a certain level of yours can join, invade and what have you.

I know that all this sounds quite odd and making some feel unsure about getting this game, but please don’t let it deter you playing this game. If you like the old-school dungeon crawlers, this is a game for you. Hell, if you like challenging action RPGs, this is also a must buy. A fun, CHALENGING game that I feel every action RPG lovers should own.

I am not exaggerating when I say that this game is by far in my top 3 PS3 games thus far. Not 2009, 2008 or whatever. I mean out of all the PS3 games I’ve played (which is a lot), Demon’s Souls is in the top three.

Tragic_Nightmare said:

July 31st, 4:11 am

Hey Aram,

I purchased the imported version some time ago. I’m glad to see it coming to the US fairly soon, I’ll most likely pre-order within the next few weeks.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to ask a simple question. In the over seas version there was a ‘level up glitch’ if you made 2 saves and killed yourself and went to go pick up your souls in the other game than continuously repeat the process till you see fit. I was wondering if you guys removed this, as I was hopping it would be. It was a huge game breaker.

Hope to hear from you soon.

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    July 31st, 9:23 am


    To my knowledge, that issue was corrected in a recent patch. Try starting the game while connected to the internet and see if you have the latest update.

TheKbob said:

July 31st, 3:24 pm

Hey Atlus Reps,

This is my first comment on the PS Blog (Have heard about the Famous Jeff R. from Podcast BEYOND!) and I’m a new PS3 owner. This title is one of the deciding factors in my purchase of the PS3 and the great customer service you are showing on this site amazes me!

I work for one of your “Major Retail Partners” for a part time during college semesters and I will do my damn. I put my $5 down ASAP with my store. The fact I’m getting and artbook and a soundtrack CD is pretty awesome! I know the Soundtrack will punctuate a D&D game or two as we like to do with video game soundtracks; a great bonus when not in front of the screen.

I’m on edge on deciding to upgrade to the Deluxe edition, but as a college student, I should prob not go all out. This game will be one of the few titles I will purchase this coming semester (in with Left 4 Dead 2 and possibly Dragon Age: Origins) and I hope you find folks at Atlus take pride in another customer making a decision to invest in one of your titles!

I’m working through Devil Survivor, now and am looking forward to Persona PSP, as well. Keep on postin’, much respect, I’ll pimp your game as best I can, and finally:



    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    July 31st, 4:44 pm

    Thanks for your support and kind words (and sorry if the game affects your performance on midterms and finals).


TheKbob said:

July 31st, 3:29 pm

PS: I never proof read; I should fix that.

Can’t wait for October 6th!

NeoBiggs said:

July 31st, 3:34 pm

Well for anyone wanting the game now. I have a full english version available here….
Im in the states so I will save you the hassle of importing it and you will get it for less! This game was super fun, I have my platinum so now its someone elses turn.

Tragic_Nightmare said:

July 31st, 5:00 pm

I was unaware of the patch. I haven’t played it since April, but thanks for the info! I pre-ordered the deluxe edition after work today! :) Can’t wait for October and venture through the game again!

ChiTownBoi said:

July 31st, 6:34 pm

cool thanks for replying Aram that does answer my question now to reserve my D.E. copy of the game :D

Gamer_Matt27 said:

July 31st, 7:04 pm

I don’t get it. Can I still get the strategy book from the retail verson?


August 1st, 2:50 pm

Play N Trade has the preorder bonus as well as the retailer listed in your email right? Maybe you could have them added to the list of participating stores?

DeeperKyo said:

August 1st, 10:25 pm

i’ll be getting this game for sure but i’m a little piss that the deluxe edition cost $79.99 here in canada and $69.99 in US. Why is that?

marter1 said:

August 2nd, 7:19 am

Having never pre-ordered a game before, this game will be the first. I just need to get this straight. In Canada, the normal version will be 69.99 and the deluxe version will be 79.99? Thanks.

RaCpram12 said:

August 3rd, 12:01 am

Hey Aram/Nich

I have another question :P regarding the same matter.

So let’s say the ESRB gave it a ‘M’ rating (shame on them), do you think there are ways to convince my dad to get it ex. filters. Can you guys please reply because I’m not completely sure about the filters and hopefully you can fill me in on the filters. PLEASE PLEASE RESPOND. I really want to pre-order this.

Thanks! (By the way, I’m kinda promoting this game on my blog at IGN! Already got like 350 views!!)

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