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Jul 30

Jul 30

DC Universe Online Comic-Con Walkthrough

Chris Morell's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

Practically arms distance from the PlayStation Comic-Con booth, SOE was stationed among the cosplay madness, showing off the latest build of DC Universe Online. It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with DCUO, so Jeff and I hopped over and found Senior Producer Wes Yanagi, who was kind enough to walk us through a solid five minutes of gameplay. If you haven’t seen much of the game, this is a good introduction to what you can expect from DCUO.

And head over to the DCUO MySpace and Facebook sites where there’s a video and blog entry featuring Executive Creative Director Jim Lee on the development of DCUO live.

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Happy_Spud said:

July 30th, 11:01 am

Can’t wait for this! The MMO that I’d want to play!

eTerral said:

July 30th, 11:02 am

Looks good!

Anubis80 said:

July 30th, 11:03 am

I want this.When is it releasing? Also will there be a monthly charge to play this?

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 30th, 1:34 pm

    They don\’t have a release date yet, but we\’ll bring them back to address all these questions once we\’re closer.

Delriach said:

July 30th, 11:04 am

It’s looking pretty good from what I’m seeing.

NightHawk17 said:

July 30th, 11:09 am

I can’t wait for this game; im really looking forward to paying some mmo’s :)

will wings be an option for customization?

PullusPardusUS said:

July 30th, 11:12 am

looking forward to The Agency actually =]
this looks cool!
btw when is Fat princess coming? im really waiting badly for it.

omgCRAZY said:

July 30th, 11:15 am

This looks interesting, I love how you get to play with and against actually villains/heroes, will make you feel much more immersed in each of the missions, like you are contributing to the overall story.

#6 – I’m waiting badly for it as well. UPDATE!!

TRIX_BOL said:

July 30th, 11:17 am

Yes, finally a walktthrough on DC Universe Online. So far the graphics are nice and solid!

Could you guys ask the developers a question besides a release date?
I would like to know if there is going be any sort of unlockable items, characters, or costumes?

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    DebySue Wolfcale said:

    August 4th, 10:01 am

    Definitely, as you progress through the game you will gain access to cooler items and costume options; one of our goals is to offer players the ability to create their own very customized DC styled super heroes and villains and this is a big part of that process.


July 30th, 11:17 am

Can you tell me if it will be released this year?

And if will support In-Game XMB Music?

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    DebySue Wolfcale said:

    August 4th, 10:01 am

    No, the game won\’t come out in 2009 and it won\’t support XMB Music at launch.

THE_LIGHT_05 said:

July 30th, 11:25 am

Will it contain every famous DC characters made?
Oh! And is it JUST online?

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    DebySue Wolfcale said:

    August 4th, 10:02 am

    It will contain most of the really famous DC Comics characters, I cannot think of any well known character we don’t have in the game and then some. And yes, it is just online.

THE_LIGHT_05 said:

July 30th, 11:26 am

I know it says it in the name “online”,but just askin’.

CBdaQB said:

July 30th, 11:27 am

wow i heard about this game 2 years ago and i totally forgot about it awesome!

Direxnipe said:

July 30th, 11:37 am

it looks better than i was expecting it to look. i might actually want to play this. of course the question of will we have to pay to play it comes to mind, and if we do how much?

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    DebySue Wolfcale said:

    August 4th, 10:02 am

    No decision on business model yet.

Ftwrthtx said:

July 30th, 11:38 am

Thanks for the video.

TRIX_BOL said:

July 30th, 11:38 am

@ Every one who are asking for a release date.

If you watch the video completely, you will notice or hear Wes Yanagi said; “We don’t have any ship date yet, but stay tune”.

Awsaim said:

July 30th, 11:39 am

Every in the corner is staring at him lol.

Loki_d20 said:

July 30th, 11:46 am

After watching this, I’m very confused as to why Game Informer would say this doesn’t have much potential for an MMO. The interactive combat and world physics is a good combo of MMO gaming and adventure gaming, IMHO.

Can’t wait to see this on my PS3.

fan1310 said:

July 30th, 11:57 am

The video restart if the mouse coursor is over it.

I am running the latest version of Firefox

Lokiroo420 said:

July 30th, 11:58 am

Still no comment on Trine being completely broken and delayed with no release in sight, come on!

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 30th, 1:35 pm

    We\’re neither the developer nor the publisher of this game!

Nigglesmckraken said:

July 30th, 11:59 am

@6 Fat Princess comes out TODAY in the store update. Just wait. Should roll out by 5pm.

Livius said:

July 30th, 12:02 pm

I hope customization is top notch,
not only in appearance but in powers too.
Cant wait.

@Jeff: Any plans on Video interview or conference with them about this game?

THE_LIGHT_05 said:

July 30th, 12:03 pm

(2day?) (2day)

nickert0n said:

July 30th, 12:09 pm

Does this game have a monthly subscription?


Hell yea! I just bought a $50 PSN card to buy it today!!! Cant wait to feed the princess!

Lokiroo420 said:

July 30th, 12:12 pm


Trine is not being released, it is broken and no release is in the forseeable future.

emiru69 said:

July 30th, 12:16 pm


About the monthly subscription is not clear yet. Maybe SOE gives us the same option than in Free Realm (I hope so): Free to play but with the option of $ 5 if you want premium membership.

ADR143 said:

July 30th, 12:25 pm

cool cant w8

tomissic said:

July 30th, 12:27 pm


    Chris Morell's Avatar

    DebySue Wolfcale said:

    August 4th, 10:03 am

    Not quite ready yet. We will definitely announce our plans on the, DC Universe Online – The Official Game page on Facebook and sites as soon as we know the timing. So, stay tuned for more info.

recon_unleashed said:

July 30th, 12:30 pm

hey, this is random but i went on burn zombie burn today and there was a update and it added in the screen where it says burn zombie burn and press start the option to change to in space and it says coming soon does this mean dlc is coming?

emiru69 said:

July 30th, 12:41 pm

In Wikipedia says April 2010 is that true?

SlashZaku said:

July 30th, 12:50 pm

Loved the video but it doesn’t help make the wait any easier :D

Can’t wait to try this out.

bballsports said:

July 30th, 1:00 pm

@ Recon_unleashed

Yes, DLC is coming for Burn Zombie Burn

Calendaros said:

July 30th, 1:14 pm

That game looks awful. What a waste of money and time.

chaosgrid said:

July 30th, 1:29 pm

there seems to be something wrong with the ps blog site because the videos have not been playing right lately. I always have to go directly to to play your vids. a bit annoying.

freakzilla149 said:

July 30th, 1:47 pm

What’s the community side of things like? Voice, chat text chat, guilds, parties, trading, crafting etc.

Can we get a little on info on these aspects of the game?

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    DebySue Wolfcale said:

    August 4th, 10:03 am

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes… we\’ll be releasing more details on those systems in the coming months.

ZAANOS said:

July 30th, 1:55 pm

The game looks fun and I plan to buy it. I really really really really really really really really really hope all of the character animations improve. They look worse than Korean grinding MMOs.

But since you say it’s still pre-Alpha. I’ll give you my patience.

ShadowTalyis said:

July 30th, 1:56 pm

This game won’t be out until 2011 and come on Sony What ever happened to Killing Day, The Getaway, Eight Days and Endless Saga? Also the rumored Angel Rings game I was hoping it really was the sequel to Legend of Dragoon? What happened to all our JRPG’s?

niall077 said:

July 30th, 1:59 pm

Any word on the ps3 version of Free Realms?

Ghettocarpenter said:

July 30th, 2:42 pm

I doubt if this or the agency is coming out in 2010…2011 wouldn’t surprise me.

onlineatron said:

July 30th, 3:31 pm

I really love to feel like a super-hero, be it through my own inferiority complex or some other psycho-babble… I just love it!

I also love MMOs….

Unfortunately when a ‘certain’ superhero MMO released it failed to satisfy my need to feel super. The game felt more like a standard MMO in a comic book skin than a true superhero game.

However, whilst I had my reservations at first, DC:UO looks dead-on. Enough of a blend between MMO elements and action game-play.

Thanks SOE!!

(oh and thanks Google Chrome for your in-built spell checker =D)

dam6655 said:

July 30th, 4:14 pm

This is one of my most anticipated games. I just can’t wait to play it, because it looks great.

HanSolo said:

July 30th, 4:31 pm

will this game be on the ps3 or on the ps4?
if you wait a little longer to release it…why not make it for the ps5?

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

July 30th, 6:11 pm


poweredbyzen said:

July 30th, 7:09 pm

i’d love to snag a code for a free demo – i’ll even sleep with you guys! :\

Lokiroo420 said:

July 30th, 8:12 pm

Your not the publisher or developer of the game, so what platform is it coming out on, is it the ps3, you have nothing to do with that, what a pathetic response to a valid comment, like I have said before have some pride, be honest and let us know, how is that something that is difficult to undestand, keep acting like there is nothing that you can report and keep acting like this is not a big deal, it shows the lack of responsibility and awareness on your part, and to use an exclamation in yopur response show the lack of integrity and patience that someone in your position should have, hold your head in shame. The fact that you think that it is exceptable to answer in such a fashion shows your professionlism and pedigree, good to know it does not take much to maintain your current job status, good luck in the future!!!!

SoopaMan2K said:

July 30th, 8:21 pm

Man, theyu really need to push this game out sooner than 2010!

TakiFuGu said:

July 30th, 9:26 pm

I know it’s pre alpha but the game’s animation looks stiff.

katsuo7171 said:

July 30th, 9:30 pm

@46 NO!!!! People should stop asking devs to push games out. ?Do you want a glitch ridden buggy, lag infested, sub-par game. Be patient, get a good game and be happy with it. It is destined to come out.

Silent_Gig said:

July 30th, 11:46 pm

Hopefully this game is comin this year or at least a beta or something. I just wanna get my hands on this game and MAG

Thrasher20 said:

July 31st, 1:17 am

This game looks legit

noammature said:

July 31st, 9:17 am

i hpe this game ca compete with the new marvel unleashed game coming out, which i hate to say but looks like a really good game.

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