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Jul 31

Jul 31

Sack it to Me: The “Back from Comic-Con” Edition

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

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We are back and almost recovered from the insanity that was San Diego Comic-Con. Hugs to all the LBP fans who came and visited us, with special props to the DIY Sackboy Costumes!

Check out the pics and a nice recap below, see another game where Sackboy is kicking butt, and who is visiting LBP next!


On top of the MARVEL-ous announcement on Sunday, the PlayStation booth had much LBP love with LittleBigPlanet PSP available to play and a ton of awesome user-generated levels for players to dive into. As a special treat Lucas Sparks (Darknessbear) and David Dino (gevurah22) were on site to meet fellow LBP creators to exchange tips and to hand out sweet LBP schwag!

But don’t take our word for it; here is a message from the fellas themselves:

LBP @ Comic-Con 4

(Lucas giving some tips)

Message from Lucas Sparks:

Comic-Con. Was. Epic. Thanks to all that came by and to those that knew me and my levels. It was a great time meeting some of the great fans of LBP and the lovers of the PS3. It was a blast giving away those fancy LBP tshirts (to those that won one in the four player competitions!) and it was even more fun hearing what everyone had to say about LBP as well as the PS3. Thank you all! And hope to see some more of you at future events.

LBP @ Comic-Con 3

Thanks, Luke (DarknessBear). Oh and kudos to the girl dressed as Sack Girl – best costume ever.

LBP @ Comic-Con 2

Message from David Dino:

Comic-con 2009 was definitely a time to remember for LBP fans who attended. Aside from the awesome news that LBP has teamed up with Marvel to create some future content many fans were hoping for, this weekend really shined when interacting with other fans of Media Molecule’s hit video game. From children to adults, I had the satisfying experience of playing, creating, and sharing with them face to face. For some, they just wanted to run around in user generated content that made them laugh over and over again such as the Unfair Platformer 2. Others who came by the booth were wowed by the excellent visuals from levels such as the Sci-Fi World series.

It was especially entertaining to see attendees get hyped over some of our contests which involved multiplayer games and the spoils (usually some form of LBP swag) going to the winner.

LBP @ Comic-Con 1

This weekend was also a chance to test some new things I’ve been working on and seeing first hand how players would react to it. It’s amazing how much you learn simply by watching other players’ reactions to what you have created in person at such an event. I had LBP novices and experts run through my work and provide excellent critiques on how they’d like to see it flourish. As hard as would be to recreate the same situation, I urge other creators out there to pull anyone you know regardless of their LBP experience to help test your levels aside from your usual “go-to” guys. There was even an industry veteran who came by the booth and we spoke about the addictive nature of LBP’s create mode and how it could be used to help teach people about game design in a classroom setting. We even created a level (albeit short) at Comic-con in one day, adding pictures of staff and attendees who had participated in its creation!

It really is amazing how this game has captured such a wide array of ages and backgrounds while still pushing on with added content throughout a relatively short time. It really is a testament to Media Molecule’s passion to create a game that can provide such fun on so many levels. Again, a big thanks to Mm and Sony for giving me and many others the opportunity to play, create, and share with each other at Comic-con 2009. I hope to see you guys at the next big event!


Rad Doll Kung Fu Sackboy!

For those of you who don’t know, SACKBOY has been kicking butt on Rag Doll Kung Fu for a while now as an unlockable character. But now with and new pack releasing for the game, you can get him instantly!



Next week LBP gets a shock…

LBP DLC??? 2

Don’t worry…


Be Happy!

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skynidas said:

July 31st, 12:00 pm

Nice, go LBP! Im waiting for the announcement on August 18th

TwinDad said:

July 31st, 12:02 pm

I wonder what August 18th will bring. Nice information about the level makers.

MeltTech said:

July 31st, 12:04 pm

Lots of awesome new stuff. Wish my PS3 wasn’t dead.

Heavenly_king said:

July 31st, 12:08 pm

I WANT INFAMOUS LEVELS IN LBP. Instead of the paintinator you should be able to use the SPARK BALL. And if you add trophies that add-on would sell A LOT.

But looks like SONY doesnt want to do it for some reason :(

SirTrigalot said:

July 31st, 12:09 pm

Cole Sack Boy looks awesome

maxxy209 said:

July 31st, 12:10 pm

O_o I want that Infamous costume, levels or not it looks awesome.

Delriach said:

July 31st, 12:20 pm

Sackiroth… I want it. It’s been such a long time…

Berae said:

July 31st, 12:26 pm

I hope infamous costumes come with new levels and possibly new things like be able to shoot lightning lol or something

LokeSTL said:

July 31st, 12:26 pm

Awesome! Now could you guys lower the MSRP so more people will join the community? Thanks.

depward said:

July 31st, 12:41 pm

Mark, SORT OF off-topic but not really: I remember seeing a video (I believe it was on the PS Blog) of a band that does a song about LittleBigPlanet. The chorus went like,

“Welcome to the Little Big Planet”

I’ve been scouring the blog, using the tags you guys use for LBP posts and can’t find it. Maybe you can recall what it was and where I can find it?

cleversignin said:

July 31st, 12:43 pm

@1 Ratchet and Clank level pack?

QCVic said:

July 31st, 12:45 pm

Yeah I’m grabing that Cole outfit. What about a inFamous Reaper costume?

depward said:

July 31st, 12:47 pm

nvm, found it… this song rocks!

StevenI said:

July 31st, 12:48 pm


I think this is the video that you’re looking for:

maxxy209 said:

July 31st, 1:02 pm


You do realize that MM makes the levels and costumes and level packs not sony right ?

liinz said:

July 31st, 1:03 pm

Him? I want Bionic Commando.

CruiznSD said:

July 31st, 1:15 pm

That’s me on the left side in the group pic with David. Sweet!

THE_LIGHT_05 said:

July 31st, 1:22 pm

Nice, Cole looks way cool.

Ruffday said:

July 31st, 1:27 pm

Love the sackgirl outfit !!!

superstewie said:

July 31st, 1:49 pm

is that a PC LBP is playing on?

Cobra1 said:

July 31st, 1:58 pm

Out of curiosity, will you all be attending PAX 2009 up here in Seattle? Any hints on what games will be at the show?

nickert0n said:

July 31st, 2:09 pm


poodude said:

July 31st, 2:12 pm

Infamous costume looks cool!!! I should probably check out the game soon, too bad I don’t have $70. I here you guys are working on content that would “make fans happy”. Does that mean new levels? I don’t really care wether or not we get new levels I just want some trophies! Oh and good job on LBP, looks like you guys were pretty successful with it.

piro_z said:

July 31st, 3:05 pm

wait I’m confused… what’s happening august 18?

Ultranium said:

July 31st, 3:08 pm

The costumes don’t really add anything to the game. We want level packs.

TubaDude49 said:

July 31st, 3:34 pm

How do you get the sackboy normally in fists of plastic?

jdude95 said:

July 31st, 3:35 pm

if there’s apparently an announcement on august 18th…it could be online co op create mode for lbp…i know that its been in a closed beta since early may…so maybe thats it

wolfzero1 said:

July 31st, 3:59 pm

oh joy, another overpriced costume that looks cool but doesn’t add anything to the game

big-gunns said:

July 31st, 4:27 pm

Ah! Cole sackboy looks great!

katsuo7171 said:

July 31st, 4:28 pm

Is that inFAMOUS costume free, I just spent my last cents on BF:1943, and Fat Princess.

Kenshin71 said:

July 31st, 4:55 pm

I hope there is a Top 5 in the Search Options that showcases the best user made levels announced on Aug. 18th.

poweredbyzen said:

July 31st, 5:13 pm

LITTLE BIG PLANET is one game that’ll be legendary! he’s the icon of next-gen consoles!

poweredbyzen said:

July 31st, 5:16 pm

he = Sackboy

poweredbyzen said:

July 31st, 5:17 pm

next-gen = new-gen; console = PS3

poweredbyzen said:

July 31st, 5:22 pm

i’ve never seen a game that’s well received by consumers even by other game developers such as konami, re: metal gear solid pack, ninja theory, re: heavenly sword costume, now marvel and sucker punch! i love little big planet! can’t wait for it on the psp go!

ajritchie said:

July 31st, 5:29 pm

Costumes are nice, but level packs are the way to get into my wallet. Want my money? Focus on level packs first, costumes second. I will not spend another $ on LBP DLC unless it also includes a level pack.

This is the same thing that gets said by the majority of people who post whenever new costumes are announced. Are Sony and MM even listening?

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

July 31st, 5:41 pm


Thrasher20 said:

July 31st, 5:45 pm

That level from LBP Sci-Fi world looks awesome. I also think that the Rag Doll Sack Boy looks so funny!

LBP always delivers son! Thanks for the info guys!

maxxy209 said:

July 31st, 5:46 pm

O_o I want the game, but can’t go to gamestop today.

Either this or TOD or W@W or MW.

Rhez said:

July 31st, 6:00 pm

AAAAHHH!! It’s Sack McGrath! I’m such a sucker for cute costumes. Mm and Sony are going to make me go broke a couple of bucks at a time.

Mm, you guys (and gals) are great! By far the best PS3 game yet! Apologies to Insomniac and Naughty Dog…and Bethesda. Hehe.

I really try not to buy duplicate games for my PSP…..but…..I probably can’t stop myself from getting LBP.

CantaloupeKing said:

July 31st, 11:56 pm

Sick. Cool to have another videogame hero like Cole in LBP. I just might pick that up.

And for everyone whining about level packs, I’m sure MM has heard you. Maybe instead of costumes, it’s YOU who aren’t contributing anything to the game. I wish a ton more games had HALF the support LBP is still getting this long after launch.

zombie_56 said:

August 1st, 12:03 am

jeff tell sony to have a chat with the retailers in canada charging 80bucks for a new game it’s messing up sony’s sales lot’s of my friends buy used cause they just dont want to pay 80bucks for a game

darthlego said:

August 1st, 7:46 am

I went to Comic-Con. I think I can see my hair in one of the pictures. I also won a LBP shirt and a pencil holder, and got to play LBP PSP and play on the PSP go. It was great, but I was dissapointed that the Comic-Con Sackboy toy that the Comic-Con Magazine said would be there did not show up. Does anyone know why it was not there?

Ejsponge61 said:

August 1st, 9:29 am

nice ragdoll kill at the end, died from his own fire ball :)

HawkEyes1 said:

August 1st, 12:24 pm

LOL cool How about a Marty Mcfly Sackboy Costume?..lolI hope you guys release that Help Patch where your friends can help you at the same time create a level?.Or Beat the Expert Tutorial Levels?…Xmen rocks for Sackboy lol.. How about DLC?..Nice work! Keep it up! =)

javi2hotty said:

August 1st, 7:14 pm

Nice im looking forward to the Cole costume! I will be the one buying!

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