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Aug 06

Aug 06

PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

UPDATE: We understand there are some issues with users accessing & downloading content from the PlayStation Store. We acknowledge this issue and are working on a solution. We hope to update you when the issue has been resolved.

Hi Everyone – It’s time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.


Qore Annual Subscription: August 2009 ($24.99)
Qore: Presented by the PlayStation Network is a high-definition monthly interactive video production covering the world of PlayStation. Qore provides its audience with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to upcoming titles from both the SCE Worldwide Studios and third-party developers across the globe.
File size: 1.55 GB

Qore Episode 15: August 2009 ($2.99)
Episode 15 of Qore: Presented by the PlayStation Network transports viewers to the massively multiplayer battlefields of MAG, jumps into Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, rolls on with Katamari Forever and gets its kicks with Tekken 6.
File size: 1.55 GB

Downloadable Games

Crystal Defenders ($9.99)
Crystal Defenders is a defensive strategy game in which players deploy popular jobs from FINAL FANTASY Tactics A2, such as Black Mages and Soldiers, to fend off encroaching enemy hordes and prevent them from stealing their party’s crystals.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 52 MB

TV Show King ($9.99)
Confront friends and family in a TV quiz game show! Try to answer fun and challenging trivia questions, from the classics to original stumpers, spanning history, geography, literature, science, sports, and entertainment! Make it to the finals and see who can win the greatest amount of cash in one final, deciding duel. TV Show King will challenge your brain!
ESRB Rated E
File size: 220 MB

Game Demos

Rag Doll Kung Fu Demo
All the puppets were kung fu fighting! Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic is a unique party fighting game featuring hilarious, customizable kung fu puppets that deliver a sharp jab to the funny bone!
Rated E10+
File size: 669 MB

Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo
Experience a twisted and gritty adventure that takes you to the depths of ARKHAM ASYLUM.
Rated T
File size: 1.01 GB

Crystal Defenders Demo
Crystal Defenders is a defensive strategy game in which players deploy popular jobs from FINAL FANTASY Tactics A2, such as Black Mages and Soldiers, to fend off encroaching enemy hordes and prevent them from stealing their party’s crystals.
Rated E
File size: 32 MB

Worms Demo
The Worms are coming to PLAYSTATION 3, and this time they mean war! Battle up to three other players offline or online on one of six landscape themes, utilising a selection of classic Worms weaponry: from the famed Bazooka to the devastating Banana Bomb. With a fine selection of single player battles and plenty of ways to customise your annelid army, it’s a package sky-high on entertainment!
Rated E10+
File size: 45 MB

Add-on Game Content

Savage Moon Waldgeist Add-On ($4.99)
This action-packed tower defense strategy game takes you to distant planets where you must defend mining facilities from relentless Insectocyte monsters. Build towers in strategic locations to fend off the attackers, then use funds from kills and mining to build, upgrade, or research new weapons and technologies to strengthen your defenses. It will take equal parts skill and strategy to survive in Savage Moon.
File size: 117 KB

LittleBigPlanet inFamous Costumes Pack ($1.99)
Check out this new Sackboy costume inspired by Cole from inFAMOUS!
File size: 1.04 MB

Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3 ($9.99)
Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3 further expands the COD multiplayer experience with four new maps. Fight for ocean territory in “Battery,” defend Russia’s resources in “Revolution,” and battle through the dense city streets of “Breach.” Zombies return in “Der Riese” (Zombie Factory), a Nazi research facility featuring the weapon upgrading Pack A Punch Machine, teleporters, and 10 Trophies.
File size: 894 MB

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Old West Map Pack ($9.99)
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Old West Map Pack continues to expand the addictive CoJ multiplayer experience with four new maps. Players fight through the bloody battlefields of “Little Bighorn”, relive a famous gold theft in “Vulture Mine”, and attempt to shoot their way out of prison in “Fort Smith” and “Elmira Prison Camp.”
File size: 268 MB

Cross Edge Latest Technology Pack ($1.99)
Pick up this pack and outfit yourself with the latest gear!
File size: 111 KB

Cross Edge Pretty Little Pack ($1.99)
Pick up this pack and outfit yourself with the latest gear!
File size: 111 KB

Cross Edge Trial Edition Pack (free)
2500G, 500EP, 50PP, and 100TP MIGHT just help you survive Hard Mode.
File size: 111 KB

Cross Edge Additional Dungeon 4 (free)
Extend your adventure with this bonus dungeon!
File size: 111 KB

Cross Edge Enigma Synth Pack (2) (free)
Add a few extra items to your inventory with this free pack!
File size: 111 KB

Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires: Additional Music Set 3 (free)
Add these additional “Dynasty Warriors” music tracks to the game’s BGM Select screen.
File size: 18 MB

GTI Club Plus ($1.99)
Add four exciting new cars to the high speed arcade racer GTI Club+. The Abarth 500, the BMW Mini Cooper, the Peugeot 207 GT and the VW Polo GTI are four modern classics that suit the narrow, winding streets of the Cote D’Azure perfectly.
File size: 11 MB

Guitar Hero World Tour
For all song credits please visit

  • “Camel’s Night Out” by Eric Johnson ($1.99)

File size: 50 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “America”— Spinal Tap ($1.99)
  • “Big Bottom”— Spinal Tap ($1.99)
  • “Cups and Cakes”— Spinal Tap ($1.99)
  • “(Funky) Sex Farm”— Spinal Tap ($1.99)
  • “Gimme Some Money”— Spinal Tap ($1.99)
  • “Heavy Duty”— Spinal Tap ($1.99)
  • “Hell Hole”— Spinal Tap ($1.99)
  • “(Listen to the) Flower People (Reggae Stylee)”— Spinal Tap ($1.99)
  • “Rock ‘n’ Roll Creation”— Spinal Tap ($1.99)
  • “Stonehenge”— Spinal Tap ($1.99)
  • “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight”— Spinal Tap ($1.99)
  • Spinal Tap’s TAP TEN – ($17.99) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track pack: Spinal Tap’s TAP TEN. This pack includes “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight,” “Stonehenge,” “Rock ‘n’ Roll Creation,” “Cups & Cakes,” “Gimme Some Money,” “Hell Hole,” “America,” “Heavy Duty,” “Big Bottom,” “(Listen to the) Flower People (Reggae Stylee),” and “(Funky) Sex Farm” by Spinal Tap

File sizes: 11 MB – 36 MB (singles), 292 MB (track pack)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 Cog Hill Golf & CC ($4.99)
Play like a pro on the course where the PGA’s Western Open is hosted every year. The signature hole is number 6, a long par 3 with a two-tiered green that slopes toward the front and is surrounded by six deep sand bunkers. Cog Hill has something to offer players at every level.
File size: 195 MB

Game Videos (free)

TV Show King Trailer (English, French and Spanish versions)
File sizes: 8.49 MB – 9.38 MB (SD)

Watchmen The End Is Nigh Part 2 Launch Trailer
File size: 63 MB (1080)

Watchmen The End Is Nigh Part 2 The Complete Experience Launch Trailer
File size: 69 MB (1080)

G Force The Video Game Trailer
File size: 88 MB (1080)

Mini Ninjas Futo Gameplay Trailer
File size: 50 MB (HD)

Mini Ninjas Futo Vignette
File size: 62 MB (HD

Mini Ninjas Shun Vignette
File size: 67 MB (HD)

Unbound Saga Between the Panels Issue 2
File size: 19 MB (SD)


College Football Themes (x5) (Arkansas, Clemson, Colorado, Illinois and Missouri) ($1.99 each)
File sizes: 4.61 MB – 5.28 MB

PlayStation Store for PSP

Downloadable Games

Dynasty Warriors ($14.99) (also available from PS3 storefront)
Dynasty Warriors transports you to the virtual battlefields of Ancient China to experience the thrill of fighting legions of ruthless enemy soldiers. Choose up to 42 characters, each wielding powerful weapons and lethal fighting skills.
ESRB Rated T
File size: 115 MB

Add-on Game Content

Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show Musicians Wardrobe Add-On (free) (also available from PS3 storefront)
Style your musicians with cool new wardrobe pieces in this download pack. Get 5 new items to create more unique looks for the ultimate style for your dancers.
File size: 1.08 MB

Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show Moment Maker Special Effects Add-On (free) (also available from PS3 storefront)
Pump-up your performance with new special effects for your Rock star Moments with this download pack. Get 5 new special effects to create even more cool Moments for your performances.
File size: 1.18 MB

Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show Stage Prop Add-On (free) (also available from PS3 storefront)
Enhance your selection of rock star stage props with this download pack. Get 4 new stage pieces to create more custom looks and rock the stage for your fans.
File size: 1.05 MB

Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show Fashions Add-On (free) (also available from PS3 storefront)
Expand your wardrobe with exciting new looks in this download pack. Get 5 new fashions for Hannah and create even more rock star looks for the stage.
File size: 1.05 MB

Rock Band Unplugged (also available from PS3 storefront)
Build your Rock Band Unplugged library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Had a Dad”— Jane’s Addiction ($1.99)
  • “Renegade”— Styx ($1.99)

File sizes: 17 MB – 18 MB

Game Videos (free)

Unbound Saga: Between the Panels Issue 2
File size: 9.72 MB

Add Your Own

zombie_56 said:

August 6th, 4:24 pm


MrBeatdown said:

August 6th, 4:31 pm

A Rag Doll Kung Fu demo? C’mon. How about a Fat Princess demo. Why is it these demos always come months late?

mixedkidbx said:

August 6th, 4:37 pm

Savage Moon patch 2.01 breaks the game SONY. something about Copyright Protection. you can no longer play savage moon

sfgdfds said:

August 6th, 4:45 pm

Savage Moon problems: same here.

ruberman said:

August 6th, 4:46 pm

ok, batman demo is nice, but where the hell is

LordChocoSlime said:

August 6th, 4:51 pm

[This post ONLY refers to this week’s PS Store for PSP Update.]

Sadly, none of the stuff from this week’s PS Store for PSP update interests me. Thanks for the update nonetheless.

darth_sappy23 said:

August 6th, 5:01 pm

sony wth is up with the savage moon dlc? i bought it and it dont work… what is the point of pushing the release date back when it doesnt work……. thanks in advance for some ANSWERS!!

darth_sappy23 said:

August 6th, 5:03 pm

oh and since im p/o about the whole SM thing, i have this question to ask as well, why is that i have to log into the then have to log in AGAIN to make comments on here??? whats the point in that?? why cant i just log in ONCE!!

recon_unleashed said:

August 6th, 5:19 pm

when will the bzb dlc come out? and wheres zombie apocalypse

dehumanizer_666 said:

August 6th, 5:46 pm

Dang, i was hoping to see TMNT Turtles in time re-shelled in the update, ohwell i downloaded the batman demo and now i’m thinking whether i should buy the game when it comes out.

kingmuscle said:

August 6th, 5:48 pm

you guys dont really hear this but i want to say thank you to sony and the blog for all of your hard work! i really apretiate all of the things you guys do!


stinvila said:

August 6th, 5:53 pm

Nice job Guys i am gunna b Geting a PS3 realy sooon and i have a PSP when is da next Update for the PSP and Woot cant w8 2 c little big planet on there =] gunna buy that first day!!
Go sony Batman all day lol

maximilianoo said:

August 6th, 5:57 pm

No Trine? Until next Thursday then.

SkyNet003 said:

August 6th, 6:01 pm

ha ha ha ha ha

starBlinky01 said:

August 6th, 6:07 pm

yeaah hanna montana!!!

PSWii2008 said:

August 6th, 6:07 pm

Finally! A demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum, and for Worms! Too bad I didn’t bring my PS3 on vacation (It’s so heavy!)! Also, it’s too bad I don’t have a PSP to download the demos! Guess I’ll have to wait until late Saturday night or sometime Sunday. And I’m really tempted to get the inFamous costumes for LBP, even though I have a bunch of inFamous outfits I got free for Home.

SkyNet003 said:

August 6th, 6:12 pm

“Dang, i was hoping to see TMNT Turtles in time re-shelled in the update”

As far as I know, you’re not missing anything.

jelly_bean said:

August 6th, 6:13 pm

Can somebody tell me if this game TV Show King is any good? And do you know if you can use the buzz buzzers to play with it? Thanks ;)

Critios said:

August 6th, 6:26 pm

hmm interesting.

almighty-slayer said:

August 6th, 6:34 pm

You guys think you have it bad with PSOne and PSP games. We’re yet to see RE1 and MGS1 here in Europe. And the PSP offerings get more abysmal each week (if they bother to give us anything).

It will be truely embarassing when the “PSP “Go away!” launches in october, unless Sony steps their game up

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

August 6th, 6:38 pm

is it me or is the batman camera angel horrible..its like a side shoulder view..its anoying..i PRAY TO GOD the game developers fix this..although i doubt this game is a nogo for me..sorry..i just cant deal wit a horrible camera view..and no options to change it!!!!!!!!


August 6th, 6:45 pm

Can u please add a Penn St theme next week? I’ve been waiting forever and everyweek i keep seeing other teams but no Penn St. Please add them

DJ_DTM said:

August 6th, 6:57 pm

Monday morning I downloaded three things for Home. as soon as it was done downloading my system beeped three times and shut off. now I have the yellow light of death and have no PS3. I wish I knew about this serious issue you are having before I downloaded anything to my now dead PS3.

NixofNine said:

August 6th, 7:08 pm

Batman doesn’t show up in my store. Is that because i’m in Canada?

roadrunner79 said:

August 6th, 7:13 pm

I would also like a Penn State theme added to the Playstation Store. How can you not have a Penn State football theme. They won the Big 10 last year!

MrBeatdown said:

August 6th, 7:24 pm


The yellow light has nothing to do with anything you downloaded. Just a coincidence.

Your PS3’s fried. 60GB right? Happened to me too. $150 for repairs if it’s out of warranty. Call Sony.

DemonOfRazgriz07 said:

August 6th, 7:32 pm

how does TV Show King sound anything like Fat Princess..? Fat Princess is a strategy game, TV Show King is a trivia game. no similarities

DJ_DTM said:

August 6th, 7:37 pm

first gen 80 Gig, Sony said they will not repair any unit or send the game back that was inside it, they only send out a referb unit $199 to Canada.
I found a solid third party repair depo fixing her for $60 Canadian. I’m told I’ll have her back at home- all files intact- in 5 days.
**fingers crossed**

CloudStrife2009 said:

August 6th, 7:41 pm

soooo, i guess all those PS1 classics and other Capcom games are gonna come all in one day during the summer, cauze summer is going to eventually end! And I’m pretty sure you guys said throught the summer, well…….w/e.

AniZeke said:

August 6th, 7:49 pm

Did PSN get gipped out on another release. I was hoping to get turtles in time today even if it’s just a simple beat em up.
Or is it that you guys didn’t want it to get in the way of Fat Princess sales o-0.

Thrasher20 said:

August 6th, 8:04 pm


Duck_Turkin said:

August 6th, 8:04 pm

I bought the Savage Moon DLC and it converted my game into Trial Mode only (and yes, I had bought the game previously).

ThatNice5 said:

August 6th, 8:08 pm

what???? please step your game up psn. no tmnt reshelled or marvel vs. capcom?? im getting quite tired of xbox live getting the games that sholud be on psn. please guys ps3 is way better than xbox360 lets just get some more arcade classics like x-men or the simpsons. i mean c’mon we still dont have a tmnt arcade game yet?

DJ_DTM said:

August 6th, 9:01 pm

Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

Roverxk9 said:

August 6th, 9:02 pm

Excited about the Batman demo, its not often a demo of a game comes out before the release it seems….or at all sometimes, cant wait!

blog crew: great job with the blog, i like how often you guys update and seeing the store updates here are always awsome, I look forward to thursdays even if there isnt something i want. (its almost like my strange obsession of reading patch notes…)

acerazer1 said:

August 6th, 9:06 pm

Good thing I’ve downloaded everything seven hours ago.

mkdj011 said:

August 6th, 9:21 pm

Savage Moon patch = coypright protection error… why?


August 6th, 9:55 pm

Sweet update. Especially batman.

redknight4 said:

August 6th, 9:59 pm

crystal defenders better late than never.
been wanting the batman demo since I saw it on store demo ps3s whis there was a way to transfer demos from the store unit to a retail ps3 via pen drive. would like to know how the lbp demo works on retail systems or is it just the beta with a few tweeks.

crystal defenders was on the ps3 in japan prior to the iphone version. and it was in full english.

in japan numblast is called qruton(which sounds a lot better than what scee called it) play both the jp and uk demos the same and the game doesn’t seem good enough to even come stateside imho.

Sponge-worthy said:

August 6th, 10:00 pm

Batman demo is awesome. The only thing is, when you land a 3-hit combo on an enemy, it makes a VERY corny, de-pressurizing-type sound…makes no sense and is quite distracting.

TheDemonAwakens said:

August 6th, 10:23 pm

can’t wait for Batman man the game is awesome

foodude said:

August 6th, 10:32 pm

the batman demo should be good. i’m really hoping PSN will look into seeing how they can improve their services to compete with other consoles online stores. It’s bad enough they get sweet games first, (like turtles and monkey island) but the fact that not all games are available on all regions suck. Sony NEEDS to raise their game!

les15snc said:

August 6th, 10:44 pm

Great Update…too bad im in vegas without my ps3 until the 14th

Frostquake said:

August 6th, 11:39 pm

Even after Downloading Qore…When accessing Qore content the downloading screen takes about 20-50 seconds before content starts playing, unlike other Qore episodes!

LordChocoSlime said:

August 6th, 11:44 pm

That’s pretty much what I was thinking. Granted, there might have been some unknown factors behind this week’s PS Store for PSP update, but if SCEA plans on having plenty of downloadable PSP and PSone games ready for the PSPgo’s launch, then now isn’t a good time to release such small updates.

The_Punisher111 said:

August 6th, 11:47 pm

@121 nycfreewill

You cry too much about every little thing.
Go cry somewhere else

sNsKid said:

August 7th, 12:36 am

I didn’t have any problems downloading anything.

I agree with you The_Punisher111. The camera wasn’t that bad. Besides the right stick conrols the camera anyway.

Ares-25 said:

August 7th, 1:20 am

Yeah, so I am trying to get the Qore episode 15 and well… can’t… I know you said that some stuff you wont be able to download, and this is one of them i guess, and it is really driving me crazy! when will it be fixed? I want to get this before i go to bed so it can download wile i sleep, but it aint even there, so here i am up at 1 in the morning waiting on it… can you tell me if I should just wait till tomorrow, or later today i guess? I just want to know if i should go to bed or not…

Ares-25 said:

August 7th, 1:24 am

this just kind of suck because this is the only thing i really wanted to download… and its the only thing not working…

why me?…

NeoUltima said:

August 7th, 2:02 am

The Batman demo is the shiznit

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