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Aug 07

Aug 07

Fat Princess: Multiplayer Connections Improved

Chris Millar's Avatar Posted by CEO, Fun Bits Interactive

Greetings PS Blog Fans,

First off, we want to thank all of you for playing and supporting Fat Princess with all of your suggestions and responses on the boards. You have given us a ton of very valuable information which has helped us to track down the majority of the connection issues.

We’re happy to announce that we’re releasing a patch late tonight, Friday August 7, to help fix some of these connection issues. This will be released for N. America region, with patches for Europe and Asia to follow as soon as possible.

We’re also going to be tweaking some of the point balances and classes based on fan feedback. Several of you have also been asking about the player ranks. Here’s an explanation:

Rankings are awarded as you accrue the following points:

  • Squire – 500-599
  • Private – 600-699
  • Corporal – 700-799
  • Sergeant – 800-899
  • Ensign – 900-999
  • Lieutenant – 1000-1249
  • Captain – 1250-1499
  • General – 1500-1749
  • Warlord – 1750-1999
  • Sir (Dame) – 2000-2249
  • Baron (Baroness) – 2250-2499
  • Earl (Countess) -2500-2999
  • Duke (Duchess) – 3000-3499
  • Lord (Lady) – 3500-3999
  • Prince (Princess) – 4000-4499
  • King (Queen) – 4500+

Please keep pinging us and posting to the Fat Princess forum on PS.com with your suggestions and ideas. We mean it when we say that we’re really glad to have such a great fan base.

After the patch goes live, we’ll be jumping into some games with all of you to see how things are going and continue to address any major issues that crop up. For detailed information from the development team, check out Titan Studios.

This is just the beginning of Fat Princess and we hope to continue to support our fans.

The Fat Princess team

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GregAshlin said:

August 9th, 7:33 pm

4. I’ve been running into problems with doors and catapults. I’ll be playing as a worker and notice that the door has taken a bit of damage. Can even see a few chunks on the ol’ health circle are missing. However it won’t let me target and fix the door. I pretty much have to wait until it’s broken down and just rebuild it.

Catapults are pretty hit or miss too. A lot of the time I’ll go to jump on them and NOTHING HAPPENS. Then I’ll be jumping on it with a few others and they’ll go flying but I won’t, or vice-versa. And then there’s the time the catapult didn’t throw me, so I launched it again, and then I got double-launched right off the map. The thing is like Russian Roulette. I’m almost to the point where the game may be better without it, because it’s so buggy.

Anyway, I really love the game (when it works), but I’d love to be able to say that without the parenthesis! At least I can get in and play now, though, so that’s a start! Just KEEP WORKING!

Keebzerz said:

August 9th, 8:36 pm

I might consider picking this up now. Will watch the reaction to the patch and how much it improved things first. Trine is coming soon and I’m done buying broken games so hopefully this fixes it.

Keebzerz said:

August 9th, 8:37 pm

Hopefully you’ll do something to not make so many games end in 50 minute stalemates too.

StalkingSilence said:

August 10th, 7:20 am

Great game thanks for the continued support!

Apple_Taco said:

August 10th, 9:55 am

please Custom MUSIC or at least add more soundtrack to the game lol

Teazer said:

August 10th, 10:56 pm

not being able to invite my friend to a party is lame!! i hate this game cuz it isnt multiplayer friendly. cant really set up to play with friends.
and that darn screen that pops up when a host leaves??
i dont even know if im playing with bots or not.

almcchesney said:

August 11th, 7:40 am

im glad to see they are trying to keep up with bugs and glitches, perfect balance will be near impossible though, i would also like to see some more centralized servers though hosting is becoming a bit of an issue when it reconnects to a new host after one leaves it gets buggy as hell

Baym-n said:

August 11th, 4:09 pm

We should get points for the amount of time/distance we carry the princess!

SogeKing said:

August 11th, 5:47 pm

MUCH better now. Thanks a ton. Working great!

SugarTittsMcGee said:

August 12th, 9:25 am

If you really want to know how to make this sicktacular game even sweeter, add the option to play at least two players online from one console. That alone would leave this game close to perfect!

juko2 said:

August 12th, 4:48 pm

good patch guys!
but something that happens but not too frequent is the princess disappearance! its funny to see every one trying to look for her but you know makes it impossible to win the game!
thanks though

Rai_11 said:

August 12th, 7:26 pm

I still cannot for the life of me connect. I know it’s not my connection as I can play every other game I own online, including accessing the store and PS HOME.

My connection even is NAT Type 2, UPNP, and DMZ’d… sigh…

HAVOC___________ said:

August 13th, 9:59 am

I dont know where to post this so that titan studio can hear me. so ill start here, Im really enjoying the game alot so far. But i want to make a suggestion to you, I would love to see how many kills/deaths for that game after its over. Also to see everyones kill death ratio so that i know if i was the best in that match. I play Team Deathmatch alot and this seems like a no brainer to me. Thanks for a great game

djsifer said:

August 13th, 12:11 pm

I love Fat Princess, its a great game and i will support what ever you guys do. I have a question, will there be DLC for this game and more trophies?

parabyte said:

August 18th, 10:57 am

@Rai_11 I am having the same problems as you it sounds. I can connect for approx 30 secs and then I’m booted again. After the patch, things were fine for a bit, but now it’s incredibly frustrating and I can’t play online at all (even if I create the game). HELP!

bbHAGEN said:

August 26th, 1:42 pm

i love the game, but feeding the princess isnt even worth it. she loses the weight way too fast. need to get on that.

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