Enhanced PlayStation Network Trophies Online

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Hi Everyone,

You asked for it and later this week we’re delivering on it. We are making significant enhancements to the way you view your trophies online. Check out the walk-thru video so you can see these updates first hand.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do:

  • View detailed info on your trophies on
  • Compare your trophies with multiple friends and other PSN ID’s
  • Compare details on trophies within each game
  • Track your progress to the next level against friends
  • See what trophies you have and what you still need to unlock for each game
  • Use the sorting features to plan your game domination

In addition, the portable ID has been enhanced with trophy data so you’ll also be able to take your portable ID with you to official game sites, social networks and other third party sites making it easier to show off your trophies and gamer status with friends online. Your PlayStation Network Portable ID will link directly to your public trophy page on

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  • Nice

  • Nice. Great features.

  • Now all we need is for the Playstation 3 Slim to be announced August 18th.

  • BiezulbubBill69

    Awesome news Eric! But, WHAT’S UP ON the PS3’s next firmware update????

  • I already like it even though I haven’t even read what this is yet.

  • Will this fix the issues were we keep getting logged off I know I’m not the only one. Unexceptable

  • Awesome. Next up on the list? New avatars plz :)

  • ilikemonkeys

    Too bad the portable ID’s still look like a piece of junk. Seriously, you guys would be far better off letting developer’s have access to trophy stats and whatnot so they can make their own ID card services (much like

  • linebeginstoblur

    Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been quite the trophy hunter, especially lately. So this is pretty awesome. :)

  • sweet features!

  • how are they deciding who gets the MAG beta registration? i want in!!

  • Awesome!

  • evildude683

    Cool, Keep Up the good work!!!

  • highlanders2012

    Awesome!! Will this require a system update Eric?

  • CitizenInsane27

    Cool stuff Eric! I like the multi-friends compare feature. Very nice.

  • smokey_vols

    Great, this will make trophies feel like more of an accomplishment knowing that everyone will be able to see them. Nice job Sony, we’ve been waiting on this :) .

  • Meh…

  • CitizenInsane27

    @14 this is a feature, not a PS3 feature.

  • Cluster1990

    another great feature would be if we could check messages we get on PSN over the web.

  • MGSTigerFox

    That is pretty awesome! I’m glad to see that our gaming exploits will be better-known to the community and elsewhere! I am still excited about trophy integration into PlayStation HOME! That will be pretty awesome. =) Thanks for the work on the trophy system, guys, your hard effort and hours of toil are appreciated!

  • sweet!! though i’m on the site and i see the new trophies tab however i don’t see a button to compare trophies with friends. and when i went to look at my portable id it showed the old one without trophies

  • In the words of Mr. Burns, eeexxxcellent.

    Corny but it gets my point across.

  • Cool.

  • Awesome stuff. Now if we could just get a streamlined portable ID that wasn’t embarrassing to use. :-P

  • highlanders2012

    Hmmmm Sharing accounts? I thought I read something about this being against the rules somewhere :-P

  • @19
    I agree with you on this.
    It would be nice to check those messages anywhere.

    It would also be nice to send an email or message to a PS3.
    There are times when I know my friends are playing while I’m at work, and it would be great to send them a message.
    Especially since it shows a pop-up message when it’s received.

    Hopefully Sony can make this happen fairly soon.

  • it is about time dammit. So is the portable ID going to be automatically updated or do we have to update each time we get a new trophy?

  • Tr3p1dat10n

    Win! Thanks :D

  • shakedown1986

    Here are 100 other things you can work on:


    ^remove the asterix (*) after “http://”

  • nice….good step in the right direction….lol

  • Nice addition to the trophy compare.


  • What would be really nice is, if this feature makes to the PS3.

  • Great Job on the new trophy features. I’m not sure if this has been requested yet but, I think it would be better if when you look at your friend list in the XMB whoever’s name is highlighted will have their current trophy level and percentage to next level displayed as well.

  • DigitalHour

    Nice, Glad our buds at Sony are taking a step in the right direction!

  • Can i check my trophies on iTouch or iPhone??? as an application??

  • Awesome I’ve been waiting for a Trophy comparison page! Keep this features coming guys great work!

  • AWESOME, now we only need more avatars. Thanks to hear our request guys!

  • So…when is this going up exactly?

  • Nice. Now the Portable ID has caught up with the European PSN ID.

    Please add a great feature of checking messages and sending them. Even an email notification that I have received a message would be great. Along with the message and a link to go to the web to reply.

    A personal event calendar that I could plan and share with friends would be great.

  • Nice, i always felt my PSN ID so empty, now i can use it to post on PS forum :D

  • Hell yes! Thank you for listening to us! Now add more avatars to the PSN!

  • Very cool additions. Thanks!

  • Great, I’m glad you’re working on these things!

  • infamousXX87XX

    The last real FW update was in July of 2008…this is sad

  • great nice job eric now about the ability to send message to our PSN from

  • grumblybear

    I hope we can view our total throphy count/level among ALL of our friends at once, as we can on the European site. It’s nice to know how you rank trophy-wise among ALL of your friends.

    And the portable ID update is a step in the right direction, but it still has a long way to go. I’m rather disappointed that they decided to stick with that bulky black square. And no customizable options.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a welcome update. I’m glad we’re making progress. But don’t stop here!

  • Any word on making the trophy API available to developers?

  • IronFistedChamp

    Finally! Thank you. Now just add new avatars from that thread that has 1000+ Kudos on the PSN forum.

  • Pretty sweet featue. That’s going to help major with Trophy progression Threads in forums!! Keep up the good work.

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